31 October, 2008

Sarah Palin - before and after

I guess the US politicians are not free from exercising their power in either right or wrong way. It seems someone else decides what is right and wrong for them. Personally, I do not understand why people including the US congress women to ask an investigation for the 911 conspiracy.(I wanna add one more conspiracy: international level search of the Mid-Eastan-looking guy sat next to Timothy McVeigh in the Reyders ban at the site of the Oklahoma Bombing.)

Well, let's hope too many politicians and authorities get tired of the real abuse of power from the covert investigation to make up conspiracy against them by the FBI, military, intelligence agencies, local police departments. These "We-are-the-law" guys try to work for certain people and trying to take out everyone on the way.

"Palin abused power, probe finds" on October 11, 2008.

"Sarah Palin supports new 9/11 investigation" on October 28, 2008.

29 October, 2008

The FBI informant plotting the atack are protected in the US - who are the terrorist, huh?

The below is the article in New York Post. I wonder why the immigrants plotting an attack are paid well from the government while the regular American citizens are having problem of increased living costs and loss of jobs. I think the reform of the CIA, NSA, FBI, and other facilities would make the US economy back to healthy. They got too many business intelligence spying each others companies.

I am not sure why the US government likes terrorists and giving away the green cards and citizenships. What the definition of terrorism these days? Maybe the jobless immigrants in the US would plot something for terrorism, they might get paid if they are approved by the FBI.

I think the situation is same in Switzerland as the refugees making a plot to claim me mentally ill are drinking alcohol almost everyday and hanging around with nice clothes. They supposed to get 10CHF per day for their living. How about exposing the informants making a plot to claim false accusation on others? Isn't it people call crime prevention? How about the people planning a terrorist attack? Aren't they just a bunch of terrorist rather than FBI informants?

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October 28, 2008
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October 28, 2008

CAMDEN, NJ - Being an informant for the FBI in the Fort Dix terror investigation has paid well, a witness explained to jurors yesterday.

John Stermel, an investigator assigned to an FBI counterterrorism task force, spent yesterday morning on the stand detailing the role of informant Mahmoud Omar, who wore a wire for 16 months in the investigation of five men accused of planning to shoot soldiers at the Army base.

Defense lawyers say it was Omar who tried to plot an attack - not their clients.

For his help, authorities will recommend that immigration officials, who once were considering deporting Omar, offer him legal-resident status or perhaps even citizenship, Stermel testified.

By year's end, Omar will have received nearly $240,000 for his help - $185,000 in payments plus reimbursement for $25,000 in expenses and nearly $29,000 in rent.

Weekly payments of $1,500 began in August 2006, the month Omar went with one of the defendants, Mohamad Shnewer, to check out Fort Dix.

Anticipating defense attacks on Omar's credibility, a prosecutor asked Stermel about Omar's missteps.

Among them: He tested positive for marijuana once while on probation; he admitted selling a Social Security number and was caught in a bank-fraud case for which he has not been prosecuted.

Besides Shnewer, the defendants are Serdar Tatar and brothers Dritan, Eljvir and Shain Duka.

26 October, 2008

Shamanism and electronic harassment and organized stalking.

I think shamanism is a key to bring the society's sense back from the madness of extreme surveillance and mind controlled civilians. The harassers are trying to drop the reputation of the target and claim him or her as either criminal or mentally ill. By claiming the target mentally ill, they tend to build credibility on their claims.

In a common sense, when someone say he believes UFO or ghosts, others may not think the person as mentally unstable. UFOs, angels, ghosts, elves, etc. People know these issues are not yet proven the existence. But these terms are well known in our culture, people do not think someone believing them crazy. How about kids believing in St. Clause giving them gifts? Are they diagnosed as retarded or be introduced to psychiatrists?

The electronic harassment and organized stalking issues have one problem; the harassers try to go straight forward to state the target as mentally sick. They have the opinion first, and they cannot back up the facts. Because of the mind control, organized stalking and other types of harassment going on for 24/7, the target may experience the mental break down. In that case, the harassments are the cause of the psychiatric injury. Now, just compare this situation with the above UFO example. Guess what is the difference for claiming someone with mental problem?

In the ancient human society, shamans were able to treat the “difference” of the society member. They would make folk medicines and brought the member to go through ceremonies to cure the disease. What shamans do is to cure the problem. This is the difference of Western treatment on human mind. Psychiatrists would diagnose the patients as specific disease and feed medications. How many patients are actually get cured by the psychiatrists? And how the diagnosis is done? Psychiatrists would bring their bible, DSM-VI, to claim their belief system as right. But how about is someone has different belief system like believing a supernatural thing that is not exist? Science is just a belief system just like philosophy and other studies. Great scientists in the past made mistakes like believing the Earth as the center of the universe. Were they mad scientists? No, they did not know the proper knowledge and research method at that period. Moreover, they were strongly influenced from their cultural common sense.

The problem of the harassers is the total complete denial of the target's voice. They put their judgment on the target whatever they can think of. If this happens by the psychiatrists, they misdiagnose their patients. This is the culture of organized stalkers who are involved in electronic harassments and mind control. It is much reliable to believe some people stalking others while we must be aware of terrorist attacks. The FBI use the similar tricks to their suspects or persons of interests. Cult members would stalk people for recruiting new followers. In Japan, Aum-Shinrikyo followers kidnapped some citizens. If someone hired private investigators to check the person of interest, the target would be followed by several investigators. There are more reasons and situations to claim the stalking of multiple strangers than the claim of siting an UFO in the sky. Unlike psychiatrists who cannot understand what is not written in their bible, shamans can cure the problem as they are able to see something unknown by their intuition.

Shamanism for electronic harassment. Yes, this is what I found out the most effective way to treat the mind control and electronic harassment damages. I am not talking about joining a specific religious group or cultural group. Instead, I am making a proposal to let victims think in analog and more human way. If the electronic harassment devices are created by the governments, it would be impossible to fully understand how the devices function and how to prevent their effects. The harassers may take this victims' lack of knowledge and credibility as their advantage. The harassers may use it for claiming the absurdity of the victims like what happened to the UFO believers in the past. What people believe is up to the individual unless it is hazardous to others. We got thought police these days to fix our thought preferable to the authorities. Bernard Berenson once said, “Miracles happen to those who believe in them.” It is up to the individual to believe in certain things. If people are not allowed to bring out their own conspiracy theories of certain issues, probably, Fox Molder would be sent to the psychiatric ward before the X-Files started the first session.

When people face unknown phenomenon, they try to solve the problem with what they know as their reality, common sense, culture, knowledge, etc. Shamans are able to do such things in their cultural sphere. Some victims try to build a shelters as they believe that would work. Others might discuss what they learned from the observation and experiences. Westernization of thoughts would swallow such struggles in the name of absurdity. Sometimes, trial and error works. The victims are still free of mind as they are able to keep the creativity and imagination to solve the problems. No scientists are ever free from mistakes, so do the victims. To understand unknown phenomenon, humans try to learn it from what they know. Shamans are suited for such jobs.

21 October, 2008

Secret of hypnosis on mind control exposed and solved

The area 46 of frontal lobe judges the the human actions. If that area is not working, the human will be vulnerable for the commands from outside. However, if the command is much harsh and serious like murder and suicide, Amygdala will halt the command. So, the first barrier is at the area 46 of the frontal lobe and the last barrier is amygdala. If both systems do not function to stop the command from the outside, it means that the individual is capable to become a killing machine or a suicide bomber.

I found several websites that may be helpful for understanding the above information. The below pages are of Japanese TV programs (one is FarEast Research). They explains how hypnosis works.

Mobbing and other form of psychiatric injury can cause damage to amygdala.

My guess is that the perps would behave like sociopath because they have serious damage on amygdala. It is still a guess, though. And I think this is same for the TIs who have gone through continuous harassments. By the way, if the gang stalking leaves physical damage on the target's brain, then suppose to have some criminal charges against such activities.

Try to protect and train the area 46 in frontal lobe and amygdala in the brain to prevent becoming "zombies." I will explain how to stay away from hypnosis and how to prevent following the commands later. One good strategy is give the V2K speaker the counter-hypnosis! ;)

P.S. for more interesting brain researches broadcasted in Japan, check out this website.

18 October, 2008

The TI's Culture-bound syndrome.

I am aware that defining the culture-bound syndrome shared by the TIs would be a quite dangerous. The perps may use the same strategy to characterize how TIs are having specific mental problem for the people who belive in the o/s and the e/h. However, I would like to categorize the symptoms like Hypervigilance and other psychic injuries as well as the impact from the e/h as a culture-bound syndrome. That way, it is easy to recognize and analyze the specific symptoms of what TIs share. Having a specific categorize for the psychological problem that TIs might face would be beneficial to solve the problem using the information borrowed from medical anthropology field. The use of folk medicines and “culture-based” cures should be available for the TIs. For example, the Hypervigilance caused by the perps' NLP and gaslighting strategies are specific for the TIs. If we categorized the specific symptoms that frequently occur and how the degree of symptoms happen related with the severeness of the “influence from the perps' culture,” then we could easily derive a technique that makes TIs less volunable in our situation.

I define the TI's culture-bound syndrome happens because of the conflict between the TIs' frame of reference (the sphere of their own lives) and the perps. In this case, I added perps as a part of the TI's culture as perps invade the life of the TIs. I think this view can apply in any local area where TIs lives with perps.

Actually, I came up with this culture-bound syndrome view because I found problems defining the treatment for the Hypervigilance and psychiatric injury of the TIs. The mental health of the TIs depends on how they can negotiate with the specific types of symptoms caused by the o/s and the e/h. For gaslighting, there are books about them. Hypervigilance would be the same. Unlike these strategies that cause phychiatric injuries in a natural setting, the TIs ones are brought from an artificial setting created by the perps including the psyop experts. Usually, an individual would experience the HVS or gaslighting, but they will not include the impacts from the e/h. I thought it is easier to combine the symptoms for analysis. It is like if you got flu and suffer from high fever and running nose, you would take the medicine that is specialized in these symptoms. If a TI wants to treat one's psychiatric injury from the o/s and the e/h, then he or she could pick the style that would work for his or her symptoms. Psychiatry and modern Western medical care may ignore the TIs psychiatric injuries as the experts works as the perps and they are more likely to call the TIs paranoia and ignore whatever they say. I think these psychiatrists can call pigs paranoia also without hesitation. They might do it for the trees if they are getting paid for that.

In ancient culture, if someone got problem, the people often called shamans. Shamans were capable to cure the problems of the member of their culture because they knew how to do so. For the mental health, I think shamans work better to treat the people inside of the culture. Unlike psychiatrists, shamans do not ask their patients to visit them in weekly or monthly basis. They just do it at one meeting or in one ceremony. What I am suggesting is a rapid cure is capable for the TIs if they are able to understand the cultural background and the cause of their symptoms. Believe or not, my research is about 75% done for that part. I just have no time to type them up. Do not worry, Catholics have their own Exorcism experts as a part of their culture. What I am talking is something similar for the TIs. Sharmans would be strongly related with the religion of their culture, but I am not adding anything from Christianity.

What I do not know? What degree and what point the TIs get their symptoms impact more or less. The e/h influence is unknown and I cannot figure out that part except for the hypnosis. Their hypnosis has two levels, and if you can keep your consciousness and self criticism all the time, you are able to break the hypnosis. Hypnosis will let the TIs do something that will try to pass one's consciousness, but it can be stopped if the one is aware of one's action all the time. If you have a strong sense of “I,” you are likely to master this one.

I am busy for my classes and preparing for submitting more crucial information about Abkur Dalow Abshir case, it will take me really long time for typing these information up. But, actually, these issues are what I am planning to write a book in Japanese. Surely, I am so dangerous for the USA and Japan since I am able to decode their mind control programs. But when the citizens are getting slaves of privileged people and the countries are loosing the spirit their founders had and hoped, what else should we do? I am a patriot who have Jeffersonian ethics and learned the spirit of Lincoln in the United States. Our government should never forget the foundation of their country – without freedom and human rights for people, no democracy.

17 October, 2008

The evidence of how perps will get benefit from their network.

The below is the scanned receipt of my car renting at Hertz rental car at San Francisco air port. The second trip to the United States was a friendly one as the half of the perps seemed to agree to make me to be the insider. The perps were planning to make me to work for Japanese Self Defense Force. At Hertz, I was thinking to rent a collora class car for the moving. The female clark got a phone call while I was choosing the car. Then the clerk told me that all the collora class was out they could give me a free upgrade to SUV instead. Actually, it was parked at "gold member" section and was just washed for the use. The window and the body was a bit wet. I checked the receipt and found that it comes Class C for Equinox 2 weel drive. If you check "class C" on the web, it is the size for intermediate cars like collora. If this evidence is collect, then it tells how Hertz was able to switch the cars without getting extra fee for the rental.

Here is the page explaining about Hertz car class list.
Imagine how many perps out there are using their company's properties and products for organized stalking purpose and harassment. I guess that is what people need to stop to prevent the further economic corruption. In my research, I found out that the foreign and domestic intelligence are causing companies to go to bankrepcy. Why? The companies got business intelligence and they are using the faculty for their own "double agent" operations.

16 October, 2008

How to negotiate with Hypervigilance and Psychiatric Injury from the e/h and the o/s. part 3

2. Desensitization to regain one's perception to normal level (to cure hypervigilance).

The strategies for 1 and 3 are little bit complicated, so I would like to tell about them later (I haven't analyzed the stuffs yet). I might write about other parts in future if I am not so lazy. The purpose of desensitization is to heal hypervigilance, or so called the HVS. The HVS is a state that the individual has too aware of one's surroundings. If you are a TI, you know you might often see the people wearing a T-shirt with some logos that seems a message to you on the street. Every time you see it on street, you would be aware and expect to see similar thing again. NLP anchoring does the same trick. The perps showing off particular things often, and the TI would be aware of seeing the same pattern – e.g. a person with a coke bottle – every time the one goes out. The continuous message is imprinted as a trauma. It is harmful for one's mental health. Experiencing a traumatized issues frequently would cause serious mental problems for sure. To prevent it, the one must know how to desensitize one's trauma. There would be many way to treat the trauma, but I address some stuffs that I came up with for both individual level and group level. It is better for a TI to do self-study to cure one's hyper sensitivity against o/s and e/h effect. But I think the group method would also effective as it can make the one to heal one's internal wounds with others who has the same injury. The group therapy is like the one that veterans go through to heal their traumatic experience during their duties. Anyway here is the sample treating plans. You might find professional help books on the shelf. I just had no chance to get one – the books around me are written in German now and too expensive to buy from the UK or the US.

  1. Individual session.
    1. Identify and analyze what causes sensitization. Write down what makes the one upset, and think about how it causes the one to be upset.
    2. NLP SWISH – denouncing the subject of sensitization to something normal. SWISH is to change the “subject” into something positive, so it can be used to erase the negative impact from seeing/experiencing the subject.
    3. Pause period from the subject of sensitization.
    4. Evaluation of how the one's sensitivity toward the subject has changed.
  2. Group session
    Reevaluation counseling (RC) – this technique will not give any gaslighting to the individuals. Basically, it can be done in a group with minimum of two persons. While the one speaks up about one's experience for a certain period such as 30 minutes, others will remain silent and just try to listen to the speaker. None of the listeners will give comments to the speaker. Therefore, the speaker will never betrayed or upset from the response and it can strengthen the speaker's motivation, thought, perception. The listeners will gain knowledge and struggles of others who are having similar problems.

How to negotiate with Hypervigilance and Psychiatric Injury from the e/h and the o/s. part 1

Theoretically, I think it is possible to be aware of mind control in our everyday life. It is like an AI capable of treating its own failure and manage how to treat the problem. Human brain is capable more than a CPU with an OS. Our brains can evolve to fix the problem that it could not do in the past, and that process is the part of our strength to be human. If we can find a pattern of the failure, then we could figure out the failure after that. The “mind-control” virus might be deadly like the computer virus that delete certain files and manipulate the functions. However, I think we are able to find how to find out how the virus caused damage to our mental wellness and physical being. It would be a long research, so I would stop talking about this. I am still having problem to figure out some structures for this one.

Another issue that TIs might need to overcome would be the maintenance of their mental health. I think we need to have a therapy which can be easily done by the TI individual level or group level to treat their Hypervigilance and Psychiatric injury caused by the g/s and the o/s. TIs understand that mind control would ruin their communication with others as well as others misunderstanding them. From my experience, I learned that the mind control works efficiently when the subject is either confused or upset. It is the state that the person is seeking a new information or trying to gather a new idea. Therefore, induced thought would be easily implanted on the individual without the one to notice. It is impossible to be upset when the one is under 24/7 surveillance by the harassers using NLP techniques and electronic devices. Probably the core concept of prevention for mind control is to avoid reduce of one's perception. To keep one's perception as a normal person, the one must know what is one's normal perception and how to be aware of own psychiatric injury. The one need to know how his or her regular perception in his or her life before and how senstization from the o/s and the e/h changed one's perception. If the individual can keep own perception well, the effect from the o/s and the e/h would be minimum. There would be other factors like social and economic changes from being a TI would effect other part of the person's life though.
There are few things a TI can do to maintain one's perception.

  1. Aware of one's perception and how it has been changing in daily life.
  2. Desensitization to regain one's perception to normal level. (to cure hypervigilance)
  3. Avoid contacting anything that manipulate one's perception.

Evidence of Abkur Dalow Abshir's sexual harassment and stalking activities.

In Switzerland, there are laws to state stalking as crime. The below is the quatation from the Wikileaks.org about Rudolf Elmer vs. Bank Julius Baer at ECHR.

Coercion via stalking
Bank Julius Baer has engaged German and Swiss private
investigators to raise the pressure on my family. My daughter and I both needed
professional help to cope with this. Coercion via stalking is a criminal action
in Switzerland according to federal ruling BGE 129,IV,262 from 2003 but my
complaint of June 2005 got procrastinated and finally rejected on March 13th
2007 by the prosecutor of Zurich-Sihl. See evidence 40.
Evidence 07 Legal
notice of denial in relation to threatening/stalking, 11.12.2007
Evidence 33
Letter re Observation/Stalking by so-called „Private Investigators“ from April
2004 to Nov 2005 in Freienbach signed by witnesses.
Evidence 35 Swiss
federal ruling of 2003, qualifying stalking as coercion (129,IV,262) 26.08.2003
Evidence 40 Prosecutor of [Canton] Schwyz acknowledges on 17. January 2007 that the complaint had been submitted via police rapport to police command Zurich on 30th of June 2005.


You can see how Casa Torfeld I residents and others have been involved in stalking. Say, if they are paid by the FBI or the CIA agents to engaged in criminal action, then I have a right to share the evidences as Kanton police seems not interested to take care. I am not paying for lawyer to make the police to file the case.
Since Abkur Dalow Abshir has been involved in gang stalking very agressively, he left too much evidences to be an individual stalker who also acted in sexual harassment asking me to have sex with him and trying to hug me then started hitting me when I rejected. Is't it much sounds like a sex offender does? It is very funny that the gang stalkers often claim the target as so while they are much like sex offenders and criminals by their attitudes and behaviors.

15 October, 2008

Too much evidences are left on my organized stalking experience

Since I need to ask to open a panel for Abkur Dalow Abshir's harassment case, and I was checking my evidences. Then I realized that they left too much evidences of discriminatioin. The below is the list I made.

  1. Police officers were contacting residents around Nov 2007. They stop visting Casa Torfeld I after I started filiming.
  2. Some refugee residents were stalking me and used NLP anchoring to make me sensitized on certain objects such as knife, rosary, Coke bottle.
  3. Abkar Dalow Abshir has been stalking me since I moved into Casa Torfeld I in April 2007. In November 2007, I asked him not to stalk me while filming. He just said shut up and switched the subject and started claiming me drinking in the train station. Actually, he was the one drinking beer there while he sat near me with his friends.
  4. Residents have been harassing me; making false accusation of the toilet damage and stealing. What I got in my film is that Mara Alpha tried to steal my meal and encouraged others to perticipate, then he and other residents started claiming me of stealing food from the fridge. At that point, they did not even explain what food was missing, so it is clear that how they made up that lie.
  5. The residents had keys to their rooms while I was not allowed to get one even after someone vandalized my room. Abkar Dalow Abshir moved to Casa Torfeld II or the apartment on Gartenweg 19, but he opened my room door and tried to harass me.
  6. Securities did not do anything. The security who showed up on the night of the vandalism said that he would write a report, but it seems he might not do so as they did not do anything after all. They visit Casa Torfeld I, but they do not stay whole night. No room key, no phone to call police in emergency.
  7. Even after the vandalism of my room and the assault I filed to Kantonspolizei in Aarau, Abkur Dalow Abshir continued harassment and stalked me to Aarau train station and one time tried to hug me and then started hitting me. That happened outside of the train station and I stayed in the hotel for my safety that day.
  8. Kantonspolizei at Aarau did not file the case of Mara Alpha and Abkur Dalow Abshir's assault damaging my PC until I talked with a lawyer for a suggestion for my case. The lawyer said that Kantonspolizei should file the case when I visited there the first time. The police officers had been asking me to bring the manager of Casa Torfeld I first. At that point, no one, including the ex-manager Thomas Kunz, was in the manager's office for several days. This is clear that the police are protecting the residents working on harassment and stalking.
  9. In January, I contacted HEK in Aarau. They gave a free judicial advice on refugees. The lawyer told me that she cannot do about the case of residents' stalking. At that point, the lawyer wrote down my story about how I was sent to mental hospital on her notepad. I got evidence for this one as I knew HEK is infilterated by the perps.
  10. I visited bar assosiation in Aarau, but they did not help me to find a lawyer for my case.
  11. When Mara Alpha had been hitting the screen of my room window and it got damaged, the ex-manager Thomas Kunz did not do anything about the damage nor Kantonspolizei did not do anthying about it. This proves how Mara Alpha was protected by the local law enforcement and social aid.
  12. Residents often wear logos with specific names of American city names or NYPD tag. I asked for protection from "the United States" and "Japan," and such incidents can prove how I was under the threat even in the refugee residence. It seems I have a right to share who were participate in the harassment and stalking to prove my danger against the Bush Administration personels like Dick Cheney. What the Swiss law says about helping the countries to make a refugee threaten? Isn't it prohibited people get hired to harass the refugees for the benefit of the coutry which is the threat to the refugee??? Say, that is one stupidiest thing the FBI and others created about COINTELPRO and other covert operation. They teach one thing clear and the way is straight forward. But that operation does not consider the frame of reference the operation takes. I guess that is why the FBI failed to catch a suspect in the middle east at early morning. The white officers wearing white robes and standing outside of the hotel to wait the suspect is asleep. In that culture, people wake up early like 4 or 5 am, and the locals felt suspicious about the white males in their costume hanging around and started questioning them.. Because of the noise outside, the suspect escaped. I am not sure if that guy was a peace activist or something that with no "terrorist" relationship that the FBI clames. But, my evidences are much likely to be the one happened to the FBI. Local police did too much to help the US egency and left too much evidences. Is police activities in Switzerland include helping the countries to send their refugees back with mental problem caused by massive psychologicial operation???

If the gang stalking victims are considered to be out from the judicial system help, I got evidence here. Kantonspolizei, Hek, Caritas, Casa Torfeld I and II residents, Aarau Kanton Bibliothek, Aarau Stadt Bibliothek, Aarau Bahnhof, the local community of Buchs AG are engaged in and supporting organized stalking. I guess it is a time to speak up the fact of everyone engaged in the organized crime.

By the way, I am on my way for planning to make a protection from these extra-legal pressure on my refugee status. I got renew my permit next month, and I need to do something to make sure everything is exposed enough to keep my own security. Für deutsche Leser, wette ich, dass Sie genießen würden, was ich dabei bin zu tun!

13 October, 2008

Cyberbully - thegirl44

I am not sure why perps just love to comment on my videos in a short time and add something extra for misleading or trying to claim the perps are doing right. I did not even see or know someone who worked

In my opinion, I feel sorry for the department she is supevising.. I am not explain where but it was posted on her YouTube page. I wonder if she knows the possibility of job opportunity is related on their Internet activities. I guess she is quite good for gaslighting like trying to accuse others for what seemed to be critical. However, her accusation is always the ones that perps share. First of all, if she is not involved in "cause stalking," why did she have to brame me of filming people? It is not her business for accusation and she does not have to watch several videos and write comments for each one she watched. This is what I suspected her as a cyberbully. Cyberbullies are share the same traits; try to show their power to others and that is their desire to show how special than others. I think that is a typical for a management level perps giving too much pressure on the employees. I have seen similar one in SJSU. She was staying with others in my apartment to find fault of me and being proud of how she and others are doing good.

My argument for their typical responses are:

1. The residents of Casa Torfeld I might had the same status as mine, but they were treated differently. The ex-manager Thomas Kuntz and police officers often talked with them. They tried to harass me by making false claims like stealing something while they tried to do so. I observed other funny incidents like Mr. Kuntz talking about the Afghanistan man if he would be transfered to Honolulu. The people who had problem with their skits were able to be transfered to somewhere.

2. The residents showed up to where I was. It happened in Aarau train station, Aarau Kanton library, and the free German lesson in Aarau. I filmed their activities before I started to film them every day. While I had a reason to be their like using the Internet, these residents just hanged around or harassed me. In Kanton library, Tibetan and Afghanistan ex-residents in the lobby. Also, the room I stayed for studying had full of stalkers. Some occassions, the room was full and there were only few seats available. At that point, I saw the man sat next to me had the same PC cover. That is what I got as evidences. Coincidence? Not likely.

3. First of all, Swiss federal law protect freedom of speach and freedom of media just like the US law. What I corrected was is the gang stalking activities in where I lived and the public buildings (Caritas building might be an exception but it was incide of Catholic church property and the Eritreans were using the Our Lady of Guadalupe picture for harassment - the man who had the picture did not even know why he had the picture). Equality and human rights are also protected by the law. Coercive persuasion through stalking is a criminal activity recognized since 2003. If these residents had the same status as I am, then I could say that they have no rights to stalk or harass me. What I collected is the evidence of these "bad refugees" behaving wild in the public area and where they lived. Aarau train station had surveillance cameras, so it is able to show how these residents showed up if they want to bring the case to law suit against me to protect their stalking activity as their right. Also, Aarau kanton library should had security cameras to show how frequently the ex-residents showed up after I started visiting there. Moreover, this is like one vs. the entire refugee group. Too much psychological abuse is enough to prove the one for the violation of equality and human rights. I wonder if the bullies can sue their target to justify their abuses or not in Switzerland. Someone vandalized my room before and the residents got wild after that. No room key for me whose room got vandalized while other residents had keys. Enough evidences, huh? That is why I needed to film the funny things going on at Casa Torfeld I in Buchs AG.

4. TIs are not the ones doing stalking. They are the individuals who are "boxed" by the same stalker group. How many people have been kidnapped by North Korea in the past? Or how many cults are acting like kidnapping their possible recruits? I understand that it is hard to prove the stalking activity of unspecific people. However, their group share the same traints like contacting with others with some little gestures like what gangs do. David Lawson writes a book about "cause stalking" to explain their activities. There are many websites and forums discussing about gang stalking activities on the web, and this can prove the phenomenon.

I have seen Ford sold the office to SAAB after I found one of the perp's car parked outside.I think I covered pretty much of her claims. I hope other TIs may find this posting helpful to negotiate with the cyberbullies. I wonder if thegirl44 get problem like the popular research talks about how companies are considering their employee's public relationship.

The WP article cites a vault.com survey in which 82 percent of employers responded that negative information from an online profile would affect their decision to hire an applicant. Presumably a similar but likely small number would also consider negative online information in a decision to continue the employment of a current employee.


Disinformation at はてなダイアリー

ふと思いついて私の名前で検索したんですが、すごい面白いこと書かれてたので紹介します。典型的な集団ストーキング賛成派の書き込みだと思うんですが、私がなぜかアメリカで精神病を発症してヨーロッパに移動して、そこで生活の記録を配信しているとかちょっと変な誤解をされてますね。以下に転載したものを載せますが。最初に言うと、私の場合はCIAが学生の雇用を薦めていたような場所です。私が難民になったから、もうCIAも諦めて現在は公然と宣伝をしてるみたいです。強制入院については、ホームランドセキュリティーのほうに、学生が私のアパートに別人の名前で入居してストーキングを続けていた証拠を持っていったその日に起きました。授業に向かう時に学部長に話があると言われて、学部に言ったら大学警官に自殺の恐れがある・他人に危害を与える恐れがあるとでっち上げられて精神病院に送られたわけで。その時の大学警官の一人John Law氏はダンス講師のHeather Cooperさんに乱暴を働いたとして、学校で抗議活動が起きたようです。

で、その後はBuchs AGにある難民施設に住んでたんですが、そこの住人が集団ストーカーで、カントン警察と連絡を取り合ってストーキングや精神的虐待を続けていました。聖母マリアの絵やロザリオでからかわれたので、その辺から日常をライフログ的に記録しようと思い立ったわけで。確かにガスライティングを行う人たちと鍵の無い部屋で過ごしてたから、神経過敏になっていたと思います。彼らのやっていることは、対象の認知力を破壊することなんで、それなりに成功してたんじゃないでしょうか。記録をし始めてわかったことは、住人ではない人々が施設にやってきてなぜか台所で食事を作ったりと言った感じです。確かに相手が日本人だと差別もしたくなるでしょうね。普通はよっぽどのことがないと難民になれませんし。例えばDODやNSAやCIAに雇われたと自慢してた学生がストーキングに参加してたとか、天安門事件でのCIA工作に関わった学部長のこととか。

下が私が発見した文章なんですが、作者はなんの心理学の知識もないようですし、動画といっても、OSAMのライフログとその解析の動画を別に作成してますから、解析のほうについては触れられていません。確かに情報工作としてはうまい説明のしかたを作者はされてると思います。まぁ、スイスでも精神病にでっち上げようと集団でのハラスメントに合いましたから、私に対しての日本での対応も似たようなもんでしょうね。どうせ自殺に見せかけて一家で殺害らしいですし。加害者はバカの一つ覚えみたいに「精神病」に仕立て上げようとしてますが、集団ストーキングの場合やハラスメントの場合は、確実な「神経過敏になる対象」がありますので総合失調症とは違って、hypervigilance (HVS)にあたります。その場合は、ストレスになる対象から離れることが出来れば回復します。例えば、職場いじめに遭った人が職場を移動すると精神的に安定すると言った感じです。私の場合は、集団ストーカーに執拗に付きまとわれて目に見える形での暴力(宗教的な嫌がらせ・盗みの未遂・部屋荒らし・暴行)などがスイス在の難民によって起きてましたので、確実に後者の場合です。実際、1人暮らしが出来るようになって、周囲の人間の嫌がらせも少なくなりましたので、日々の記録を取る必要性がなくなりました。


まぁ、家族を遠隔操作でロボットにして精神病にでっち上げられるのが法的に可能な国家だとやっぱり危険ですね。ブッシュ大統領に対する弾劾でも起きて、Ron Paul議員が大統領にでもなったら、それなりに「束縛」の別名としての「自由」ではなくて、民主主義の基本である人権を尊重するための「自由」のほうが一般的になるのでしょうが。私は北朝鮮に亡命した元公安情報提供者のように、顔の形が変わったり日本語をたどたどしく喋るような別人として日本に戻されるのは嫌なので、たぶん帰国は無いと思います。戦争に反対したり平和運動に参加したら自国の軍隊に見張られるなんてのは、どう見ても戦争を放棄した国のすることではないですし。911で亡くなられた消防士の方たちみたいに内部犯行で、やっぱり日本の集団ストーカーの人たちもテロや戦争勃発の時には犠牲になるんでしょうかね。まさか、精神病院や刑務所をテロの場所として選べるわけ無いでしょうから。中東の次はアジアらしいですから、騒乱の前から難民として日本の状況を見守ってます。


miyoko gotoという、現在スイスのアーラウで「亡命」生活を続ける日本人がいる。彼女米国留学中に発症し、一度は強制力をともなった医療措置がとられたが、一度帰国を果たすものの再訪した米国から欧州へ遁走し、現在スイスに在住している。彼女の活動は現在進行形blogyoutube上に記録され続けている。それはすでに文字通りの圧倒的な「ライフログ」としかいいようがないものだ。それらは我々にとって彼女の困難な生存以上の事実を伝えるものではない。だがこれほどに強烈な生の記録は、私にとってはあまり目にしたことがないものだった。

How often TIs commit suicide and how often the CIA and the FBI loves to use suicide for assassination?

According to the V2K Japanese peakers, it sounds the gang stalkers are planning to make me to act as if "paranoia" in Zofingen area. From my observation of the gang stalkers' tactics, I found out that they tried to sensitized me at one state, like I walk alone in the path while two "bad boys" type teens standing at one point. If you are the victim of gang stalking, you are sure to be alart even it is late afternoon, right? Then, another step is to show something that may cause senstization, like a woman pushing a baby cart as very loudly and heading to the target. Since I have been senstized by the baby cart as I was psychologically harassed by the perps in Casa Torfeld I at Buchs AG. They used to bring kids while they are engaged in gaslighting and stalking. That way, they are able to claim me as taking their kids' video or photo while I try to record their harassment. You know, Abkur Dalow Abshir brought neighbor's kid one day at his harassment in Aarau train station. Besides these skits used by the kids and perps with kids, I hate those small creatures hanging around me. I never had a chance to know about how to get along with kids, and I had no intention to be friends with them. I was in academia and they belongs to somewhere else. It took me a while to get courage to take evidences of the gang stalkers while trying to put their "decoy" kids into my video recording.

Go back to the topic. I think I got certain trauma from the psychological abuse of Casa Torfeld I residents. Because of their false accusation, I got a tendency to start filming the surrounding area to keep evidences to support my part. I am one of the refugee that got such trauma living in Switzerland with the refugees who are stalking me and spreading false rumors. Because of this tendency, I think the perps in Zofingen are trying to claim me for mental illness. Well, I decided to collect a man wearing a shirt with a logo of certain area in Ney York holding hand of the woman wearing Migros uniform heading to the south from in front of Migros store. Last time I visited Migros, a woman with Migros orange uniform stood next to me and showing off her purse. She did not have the name tag. I just wanted to record the back of them as the possible gang stalker. From my experience, the same people just shows up in somewhere particulary. I call my data "perp log."

Let me explain what happened from that three stages. First, I felt alart when I saw some teans in a lonely path. Then other stages of senstization caused me to get much alart about the surrounding. If this happened to a person with a weak will (like Max Heimgartner wished me as that type), he or she might get a mental break down or mental problem. In my case, I post everything as David Lawson says "Cause Stalking" is a never ending harassment. I simply add their activities to my data collection. Just imagine what a Jew was able to film the abuse during the Nazi time? Most Germans and others who supported the fascism surely get problem as regular citizens would be on the film. This is a digital age and the victims are able to get connected. I collect my information of the harassers as I hope they would help other victims in future. What if you are a Jew or bible believer targetd by a Nazis and able to film the evidence? Don't you think you want to film the evidences to leave it for other future victims? That is what I do as I am a humanist. I try to do the good for the people oppressed; that is what Jesus is respected.

Well, my renewal of parmit is comming, and I got do it in the beginning of next month. I am not sure how much Abkur Dalow Abshir and others effort went to the ear of the immigration authority. For the Kantonspolizei case, they seemed to be behind of Mara Alpha and Abkur Dalow Abshir's activity. Violation of Article 25 of the Swiss federal law, huh?
I got the letter from the Jugendanwalt. It sounds like I must contact with them for extension for new panel. I think I can share more evidences than the last time. I never thought Mara Alpha was under age as he was drinking with Abkur Dalow Abshir and other friends.
I made a plan to bring the case to ECHR. It would take one year or so for appeal. So, it is better to send the application to prepare for the worst.

I am not sure what the V2K Japansese speakers are planning, but it seems they want to kill me with my parents as a type of family suicide if I get back to Japan. I think they are really dumb for even planning that. The FBI tried that one when my parents visited San Jose right after I was discharged from El Camino Hospital. Mr. Inaki, the interpretor from San Francisco, supposed to be with my parents, but my parents had disappeared right after my mother called me from the entrance of Pavona Apartment on 760 N. 7th St. in San Jose. I understand Japanese stalkers has the trait that is similar to the one 731 unit had. How many politicians passed away recentry? And how many real "robots" in the shape of living pensioners they got for neghborhood watch? I know their plan is straight forward. The Japanese gang stalkers would kill me with my parents to erase my existance as what they have been doing to the possible dissidents ant the peace protesters who would be a threat to the US national interest. I denied myself to be suicidal while Dr. English-Lueck and Sgt. John Laws and one more SJSU police officers claimed so. They did not even listen to me at all. How many people are considered to commit suicide while they denied while they were alive? I do not want to be one of them. The US army might kill Iraqi civilians randomly and put armmo next to them to claim them as solders. What if the same technique is used in our own coutnry that the own national army or police kill citizens and put a will next to their bodies? I think that is the worst crime that patliots could do. The army is to protect the citizens in the democratic country. But I think it is still better crime than creating pensioniers into mind controlled robots for free surveillance handy worker. i do not want to be proud of such shameful nation at all.

If I am dead, then it is a murder rather than a suicide. I never wanted to commit suicide, and there is no reason for killing my parents. That is what the FBI tried to do, and I had to start this blog to share what was happened in the past and how I am preparing to prevent the same claim by the FBI and other NWO friendly people. Who will get benefit if I am dead? SJSU and other perps who I shared the information. But, if I am dead, you know who are responsible. Abkur Dalow Abshir, Mara Alpha, and other residents at Casa Torfeld I, and others who are involved in the international organized crime group. Because of the new perps working in Zofingen area, I am able to update the possible threat engaged in gang stalking. I asked safety to be a refugee, I maintain my safety by collecting data. Aarau train station is remodeled, COOP and Migros in Zofingen are remodeled. I am just concerning the possibilities.

12 October, 2008

Gang Stalker Analysis vol. 9 - Reward System

I think many victims of gang stalking might wonder why people in their community involve in the community based harassment system. Here is a good explanation comes with the evidence from the real gang stalkers, Abkur Dalow Abshir (and Mara Alpha). It is very interesting that the refugees having problem like alcoholism are supported in the community in Switzerland. In retrospect, I think the refugees I lived are fake ones. The people came from somewhere or the neighborhood stayed in the lounge of the refugee residence. These people were using the kitchen to cook their meals and watching TV whole day. One of the aggressive resident stated herself as "Mafia." Swiss refugee residences are infiltrated by the mafia. It makes sense why the Kantonspolizei knows them well but cannot do anything against them. The UNHCR is another organization which is powerless against these refugees working for the mafia. Which is worse that the refugees involved with the mafia or Al-Qaeda? I think both case is worse enough for the impact on the society. We should fight against the oppression from the mafia!

Ich denke, dass sich viele Opfer des Gangstalker fragen könnten, warum Leute in ihrer Gemeinschaft am beruhenden Belästigungssystem der Gemeinschaft einschließen. Hier ist eine gute Erklärung kommt mit den Beweisen aus den echten Bande-Pirschjägern, Abkur Dalow Abshir (und Mara Alpha). Es ist sehr interessant, dass die Flüchtlinge, die Problem wie Alkoholismus haben, in der Gemeinschaft in der Schweiz unterstützt werden. Im Rückblick denke ich die Flüchtlinge ich lebte sind unechte. Die Leute kamen irgendwo her, oder die Nachbarschaft blieb in der Halle des Flüchtlingswohnsitzes. Diese Leute verwendeten die Küche, um ihre Mahlzeiten zu kochen, und beobachteten Fernsehen ganzer Tag. Einer des aggressiven Einwohners setzte sich als 'Mafia' fest. Schweizerische Flüchtlingswohnsitze werden von der Mafia eindringen lassen. Es hat Sinn, warum der Kantonspolizei sie gut weiß aber nichts gegen sie tun kann. Das UNHCR ist eine andere Organisation, die Kraftloser gegen diese Flüchtlinge ist, die für die Mafia arbeiten. Welcher ist schlechter, den die Flüchtlinge mit der Mafia oder Al Kaeda einschloßen? Ich denke, dass beider Fall für den Einfluss auf die Gesellschaft schlechter genug ist. Wir sollten gegen die Beklemmung von der Mafia kämpfen!

Je crois que beaucoup de victimes de Gang Stalker pourraient se demander pourquoi les gens dans leur communauté impliquent dans le système d'harcèlement basé de la communauté. Voici une bonne explication vient avec l'évidence des fileurs de gang réels, Abkur Dalow Abshir (et l'Alpha Mara). Il est très intéressant que les réfugiés ayant le problème comme l'alcoolisme sont soutenus dans la communauté en Suisse. Rétrospectivement, je pense les réfugiés que j'ai vécus sont des faux. Les gens sont venus de quelque part ou le voisinage est resté dans le bar de la résidence de réfugié. Ces gens utilisaient la cuisine pour faire cuire leurs repas et regardaient le jour de tout de TV. Un du résident agressif s'est exposé comme 'la Mafia'. Les résidences de réfugié suisses sont infiltrées par la mafia. Il a du sens pourquoi le Kantonspolizei les sait bien, mais ne peut faire rien contre eux. L'HAUT COMMISSARIAT DES NATIONS UNIES POUR LES RÉFUGIÉS est une autre organisation qui est impuissante contre ces réfugiés travaillant pour la mafia. Qui est plus mauvais que les réfugiés ont impliqué avec la mafia ou Al-Qaeda ? Je crois que les deux cas est assez plus mauvais pour l'impact sur la société. Nous devrions lutter contre l'oppression de la mafia!

Penso che molte vittime di stalking banda potrebbe chiedersi il motivo per cui le persone nella loro comunità nel coinvolgere la comunità basata molestie sistema. Ecco una buona spiegazione viene fornita con le prove della reale Gang Stalker, Abkur Dalow Abshir (Alpha e Mara). E 'molto interessante il fatto che i rifugiati che hanno come problema di alcolismo sono supportati nella comunità in Svizzera. In retrospettiva, credo che i rifugiati ho vissuto sono quelli falsi. Le persone sono venute da qualche parte o il quartiere è rimasto in sala di soggiorno dei profughi. Queste persone sono state utilizzando la cucina per cucinare i pasti e guarda la televisione tutto il giorno. Uno dei residenti ha dichiarato aggressivo se stessa come 'mafia.' Svizzera rifugiato residenze sono infiltrati dalla mafia. E 'il motivo per cui il senso Kantonspolizei li conosce bene, ma non può fare nulla contro di loro. L'UNHCR è un'altra organizzazione che è impotente nei confronti di questi profughi che lavorano per la mafia. Che è peggio che i rifugiati coinvolti con la mafia o di Al-Qaeda? Penso che sia peggio caso è sufficiente per l'impatto sulla società. Dobbiamo lottare contro l'oppressione della mafia!

11 October, 2008

The letter from Jugendanwaltschaft, Kanton Aargau

Finally, I received the letter from the judge. It took me about half a year to receive something after I filed the case at Kantonspolizei at Aarau. I could have share more information on the residents who stalked me from Aarau Stadt to Buchs AG. It was a surprise to discover Mara Alpha was underage while he "was" drinking with Abkur Dalow Abshir and other refugees. Mara Alpha tried to steal my grocery bag when I was at the Aarau train station. Mara Alpha damaged the screan of my room window at Casa Torfeld II and shouting "one bottle." How much psychological damage did I received from these actions as well as the residents harassing me? They involved in mobbing and claiming me mentally ill. If I became sensitive enough to cause the hypervigilance, then it is clear who caused that. Because they tried character assassination of me, I exposed who were working on making false rumors.
I share my case as I know it would help other gang stalking victims to stand up against the illegal surveillance and psychological operation. I hope my information would help others for some way.

08 October, 2008

Internal Monitor Cleaner - name say it all.

I found a good monitor cleaner from the inside. It may not useful than a piece of a cloth to clean your monitor, I found it very humourous.

My class started and I have been struggling to learn totally new field, business and IT things. Not much time to write about. I had too much time spending for research.

05 October, 2008

Citizens Commision on Human Rights and their activitiy for psychiatry hoax

I found this organization while I was browsing the Web. The Citizens Commision on Human Rights (CCHR) is working for investigation and exposion of psychiatric abuses. I think I sent the abuse report to them several months ago. But this time, I found the organization's brochere.
The brochere is in non-English languages like Japanese, French, German, etc. But I think it is very useful to review what was behind the psychology and psychiatry fields.

For the Christian TIs, I found Jeremiah's Chapter 9, Corruption of People, is very interesting. I opened my Bible today and found that part. I sometimes just open the book and read some chapters. If you are a TI, you might nod what the book means about lying neighbors. Not much to say, as I am not in the mood for writing too much on the blog. I only have few more days to finish some researches before my class starts on next Tuesday.