30 June, 2008

Spain won 1-0 against Germany.

Euro 2008 ist Ende. Spanien hat gewonnen.
Spanien war in der Einnahme des Balls von Deutschland so gut. Ich denke das Verwenden Jansen war eine gute Wahl, wie sich Lahm auf das Zielen der Absicht lieber konzentrieren möchte. Irgendwie war das gutes Spiel mit nur wenigen Fehlern.

Ich glaube, es ist die Zeit zum zurückzugehen zu studieren. Ich dachte nie, dass hatte ich EURO CUP gesehen nach diesem deutsche Agent Konspration und anderer Belästigung die geforderten auf ich Vereinigten Staaten beobachten konnte. Ich kann nicht glauben, wie dumm die amerikanischen Studenten sind. Ich wusste nicht sogar, wie man 'Stadt' auf Deutsch aussprach, als ich plante, Deutschland zu besuchen, um Weltmeistermannschaft 2006 zu beobachten. Jetzt habe ich Gelegenheit, Deutsch zu studieren und EURO CUP (statt VM) zu beobachten. Ich glaube, dass ich wirklich Glück haben muss. Was ich brauche, ist ein wenig mehr Glaube, wie Überfluss weitere Indolenz und Wünsche verursachen wird.

EURO CUP is over. It's time to go back to my study and creating films. Well, I'm planning to enroll in online university to rebuild my carrer. I am not sure how SJSU gave my grade after they worked all their efforts to interrupt the investigation by the Equal Opportunity Service and hiring people to claim me for mentally ill. Well, how about my phone talk voice recording with Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen which I was asking why she said I must withdrow the investigation. She kept stating me student harassment was illusion while I told her that I asked them to start investigation to know if it is just my illusion or not. If my claim was only illusion, then how come Sgt. John Laws and others claimed me "suicidal and dangerous to others?" What I did was contacted the Homeland Security in San Jose that day. Say, if gang stalking is a criminal activity done by the anti-governmental groups, then guess what and how they are still engaged in the crimes. It is nice to see an article about Sgt. John Laws harassing a dance instructor. I know pretty much of the "darty jobs" by the anthroplogists. The secret of Silicon Valley project is... well, I might have chance to explain what I learned during the classroom. Some projects at SJSU was due to figure out Communist influence among the immigrant workers.

Well, I am not sure what happened to my grade or my status at SJSU after I started to be stalked by the Department of Defense people. If there are many disappearence from the school, I am telling the truth. Gang stalkers are working to expell certain people including instructers from SJSU.

26 June, 2008

Here is the leak about Wikileaks!!!

Few weeks ago, I decided to send information to the Wikileaks. What I did was just fowarded the mails I wrote or received from the people I contacted about SJSU harassment. I got two replies from the editor (or editors?). It was funny that they decided to leak my information and said so in the first reply. Then an hour or so, they again wrote me back to claim me having schizophrenia. Well, I think situation is very similar to what happens to the gang stalking victims even with the concrete documents or the evidences.

I wrote them back a short reply asking them if they know the difference of schizophrenia and psychiatric injury. When I was visiting the gnositc church in Palo Alto, I was contacted with the gang stalking couple, John Edwards and his wife living in Mountain View, CA. At that time, John told me that he knows a guy own a website for free publication in Santa Cruz. He said that they are for freedom of speach. How about Wikileaks? I know that Chinese dissidents often traveled to the US for medical problems. I am not sure how much leaks they can do from the United States when I leak the issue about the US. Moreover, Chinese immigrants are the part of my stalking members at San Jose area.

How do I figure out their second letter stinky? That is easy. They know how to reply and how to explain the mental condition without giving any professional explanation about psychology or pychiatry. I decided to make a film from the linguistic student talking about the German spy issue and put their reply at the end. Say, that would bring much attention for the conspiracy theory, isn't it?

Here is the replies. Please notice the time they sent and how they changed their point of view so soon. One hour is enough for the gang stalkers to contact them and pursade them to drop the issue. For the victims of gang stalking, we all know how people start turn down against what the victims say.

1st reply:
Re: Fw: RE: Your Case
Thursday, June 12, 2008 1:46 PM
"editor@sunshinepress.org" editor@sunshinepress.org

Hi Goto. We just do leaked confidential docs and recordings. Do you have some?Best wishes,Editor

2nd reply:
Re: Fw: Re: German Spy matter (Update)
Thursday, June 12, 2008 2:54 PM

Dear Miyoko Goto,You seem (from your writing) to have some type of schizophrenia. That said, there's no doubt, like many people who have mental problems, you've been treated poorly as well. Unfortunately we can't work how much of what you're saying is a result of your psychological state and how much is as a result of reality. For that reason, I'd suggest fixing your psychological state first. Perhaps go sailing? Do something completely different and physical for a while and then com back to us.

On Thu, Jun 12, 2008 at 10:26:09PM +0100,

miyokogoto@xxxxx.com wrote:> This is what I supposed to be received on October 16th 2006. > When I was heading to Dr. Meniketti's class on 6pm that day, Dr. English-Lueck asked me to have a small talk in her office, and then I was handcuffed by the SJSU UPD and was sent to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Psychiatric Services. The police officers said that I was suicidal and dangerous to others.> > At the SCVMCPS, the psychiatrist said that I supposed to stop making gossip of Dr. Weiss. And the cause stalkers there in the lobby were talking about my mental health record would prevent the law suit against the university. Moreover, the security guard took my 10-beads rosary as it would harm myself! > > Thanks,> Miyoko Goto

25 June, 2008

If I knew they were at Basel, I defenetly joined to watch the match at the stadium.

Today's game was a good one. Turkei got first goal with the help of the goal post, then Germany made the debt zero in ten minutes or so. Turkei got on, then Germany got another. Germany then got one, and that was it.

Here is the capture of what I saw during the game. Seriously, Euro Cup is more than a fun event for the folks, but the people on their specialities. The theme of this year's Euro Cup is "against racism." The funny thing is that during the game, a guy wearing Tibet logo clothe ran into the field and was captured by the securities. It happened right after Germany got point to be equal with Turkei. I wonder who need to speak out about Tibetans in Euro Cup??? None of the countries are target of opressing Tibet. Some frustrated people like enjoying blaiming others to forget about their frustration would use something for their problems. Gang stalkers often do so by blaming the target for their failure in their lives. It is like someone listening to death metal started to kill people as the lyrics says or how they understood them. Charles Manson family might got inspiration from the songs of the Beatles. Seriously, it is up to the individual how to behave or how to understand something. Anyway, if they want to say free Tibet, they could do it at the games or other events where China is present.

If that silly fake protester was a gang stalking member, I hope he was not in my video collection...

23 June, 2008

Cause Stalking Exists! part 1

The video below is to prove the existance of cause stalkers described by the P.I., David Lawson in his book, Cause Stalking.
To avoid explaining too much from his book, I tried to simply put evidences from my videos and classified how Lawson categorize their actions in his book. The easiest way to understand what their actions or motivation means, you need to read his book.

22 June, 2008

What kind of mental problem the gang stalking victiom would get?

I have less time for doing research on gang stalking and related issues like the NWO, but I think the problem should be easy to determine. COINTELPRO started in the 60s in last century. China's revolutionary-countermeasure program is also started in last century. Say, this is a political aspect of the problem, but such programs should be illegal in democratic nations where individuals have rights to be free from any kinds of discrimination and unleasnable threats.

I am doing fine as I got out the refugee residence where everyone were working for the surveillance and harassment against me. Now, I can manage my time to make a schedule for what to study on that day, and have less worry about my stuffs being damaged. It was just insane to stay in the place where no key after someone vandalized my room and were stalking me almost everyday to the library and Aarau train station. I am not sure if they are really hired by the police to work on bullying. But as the outcome of what happened after I contacted with police, I think that would be a reasonable explanation.

While I was doing research on bullying and the relationship with cyberbullying, I found a useful web page. There is a chart to show the differences of mental illness and Hypervigilance or the psychiatric injury. They discusses what makes psychiatric injury (mental injury compare to physical one) different from paranoia. Gang stalking victims are often claimed as mentally ill. So, this chart would bring the people some insight to see how the victims received mental problem from particular people, stalking bullies, rather than they developed the illness personally.

So, if the stalking victims would have "phychiatric injuries" as the result of mobbing and bullying by the stalkers, the psychiatrist who cannot understand "psychiatric injuries" would end up in medical malpractice. Then, who would have chance to investigate "psychiatric injuries?" Police will not do so as they might be on the side of harasser or. Private Investigators would cost a lot and they would be good friends of the local corrupted police department. Then, who will take care bullying victims? There are some websites and NGOs helping victims of bullying and mobbing. Some are specialized in workplace or school mobbing or bullying. These place might be an alternatives for the stalking victims to get help since bullying often includes stalking to control the victims life and try to continue threatening him or her as much as possible.

The correct explanation of gang stalking victims' mental problem (if any) must be called as "phychiatric injury."

Now, let me go back to watch the Spain-Italy match. They are doing pretty good. Last two matches were long enough, one ended after the penalties and the another one after the extra time. I am trying to increase my endurance while watching the game :)

19 June, 2008


以下は今日のmixiの日記への書き込みです。一部追加してます。The below is about another Japanese victim who was sent to mental hospital after she became the whistle blower of the university. I am not sure how her Jewish origin relates with the incident and how she could get away from the persecusion or even get master degree after the initial incident and joining the group that is anti-North Korea. It sounds like she had a green card as she mention in her comment that she could get "American citizenship." Everyone knows that getting citizenship require a period of being a green card holders for at least. The most funny thing is that she claims that people working at the university lost their jobs. I guess this is something other TIs must know. In my case, the harassment continues just like the other victims claim they are tortured for their lifetime.

2008年06月19日 15:27
JBさん、 私は、アメリカには複数の勢力があると思っています。日本も同様です。本当に、JBさんは、日本に帰国したら危ない立場なのでしょうか? その時の恐怖から、そのように結論付けてしまったようにも感じます。 「どのような書簡を書いたのか?」分かりませんが、こちらには大したことの無い内容でも、採る人によっては、大したことにされてしまう。だから、政治活動的なことであれ、ネットでの予告であれ、やらないほうが良いです。 「誰が、どの勢力に属するか?」は、不透明ですけどね。アメリカ軍であろうと、公平に考える人達が必ず存在している。私は、公平に考えてくれて、私に普通の生活をさせてくれる人達なら、アメリカ軍でもウェルカムです。 私も、学校の内部告発をして、同じような目に遭いましたよ。私も精神病院送りになりました。でも、こちらもコネを駆使して、正常に機能している集団に、実情を伝えました。これは、学校役員総辞職に繋がって行った。 お金こそ余計に必要でしたが、他の大学院に転校して、そこも卒業しました。 今は、日本ですよ。普通です。自衛隊も、警察も、いつも通り。医者も、精神科に行くことを強制なんて、していません。 ああ、付け加えておくと、私は、北朝鮮と北朝鮮に友好的な国には、入れません。ここまで、北朝のお嫌いな人達と仲が良かったら、入国したら出国できない、命が無くなるでしょうね。 でも、「日本が、そこまでのことをするか?」と考えると。。。 個人を守るとの点では、「アメリカがどうであれ、日本は日本」ってスタンスがありますよ。「アメリカ以上に、アナタの自由を保障します。普通に生活は出来るはずです。アメリカ永住権なんて考えず、日本人で居てください」とまで、言われたことがありますから。 先ず、普通に、活動なんてせずに、静かに生きるのが賢明かと思います。何年掛かっても良いですが、精神的に落ち着いたら、再考してみてください。 

Video: Individual Gang Stalker Analysis - Louisiana Guy (1)

The below video is about the Iraqi man lives 9 years in Switzerland and lived in Casa Torfeld I for gang stalking. During the video you can learn that he stays in the refugee residence as police said so, and you can also learn that he has a house somewhere else. He learned English in Switzerland and living for 9 years would be pretty long enough to get on his way own from the refugee support. I am not sure why he was working on organized stalking group.

18 June, 2008

Time for accusing the War Criminal GWB Jr.!!!

First of all, I think this is a good news for the innocent people living around the world. There is a hope for Americans to get their reputation back like the time before 911 and less terrorism against them. Read this article, "House voted 251 - 156 Kucinich's Impeachment Resolution, to the Judiciary Cmte". Sen. Ron Paul and others voted for bring a justice to the president George W. Bush. Every one on this planet must feel happy that the US army are (hopefully) reducing the amount of depleted uranium polution spreading around the world. No more casualities for innocent citizens, and less cost for the armos. But what if the CIA and other agencies get budget cut? The people recently joined for the CIA and the DOD special training proglams would get no longer their previlage to skip classes with an excuse of government jobs at the federal funded schools. No more children left for school? Yeah, the US government gave students jobs to work in the military or agencies while they signed to agree to have a lisk of death for the education. Is this a good way to give a child an opportunity to get educated? For a paper comes with the sign of the dean of the school, kids might be hired for acting as child agents for COINTELPRO. I have seen children among with gang stalkers as their one primary purpose to claim the target as a child-molester. Also, children are better cover for covert operations. I cannot recall where I read this story.. I would correct this one in later if I can remember the book name. During WWII, the US solders were in their bunker and a vietnamese boy holding a box full of coca-cola bottles showed up and asked if they wanted to buy some. The solders needed some refleshment and bought some. After the boy walked away from the bunker, he took out a grenade and pulled the pin and threw it toward the bunker he visited. How about the Iraq War? I led an article before that the Iraqi use baby and small children to stop the US vehicles. They put one or more babies on the middle of the road, so the cars must stop and move the babies if they do not want to run over them. This time, the US army was a bit smart than the last time. They learned it was the trap done by the enemy and ignored the casualty leaving the trails of blood after their tires. Since many journalists were killed in the Iraqi War, we do not know what happened to the students and other civilians who decided to join the agencies for their patolioticism to save their country from the evil terrorists. I hope they did not ended up used like these babies and boys in the war.

One thing I am afraid of is that what if Sen. Ron Paul win? There seems oposing group among the US military agency itself to criticize the pro-Israel US foreign policy. There was a news from Russian media before that the US Air force was sending nuke was missing because of internal conflict. This is the link to the news, but the original one was in Pravda. (Don't worry, there are more nukes missing these days. - click here for another news to make you relieve from the fact.)

I am not sure how German-Israel relationship will go in future, but if the US withdrow from backing up Israel now, it would makes me to fulfil one prophecy I saw or I did while I was being under the influence of NSA mind control. I thought it was just my imagination while I imagined driving I-1 the day before I left the United States. In that imagination, Frankfurt was the hope. Then, I did "psychic attack" - yeah, this sounds wierd but I pretend to be a psychic and made a preparation of several events. I really cannot say everything in details, but at least I can tell some part here. I know it sounds wierd but I was actually in the Frankfurt the day after as I ran away to Europe. I missed the airplane to go back to Japan and took the one going to Germany. I knew Lufthanza as I was planning to watch the WM 2006 match. I took the one available on the flight plan, and it was Frankfurt where I imagined the night before!!! (The NSA knows what I did aftewords, so I omit writing more about the further detail of this imaginally "psychic attack" thing for now.) I have seen something like a blight line vertically from the night sky strikes the White House and it caused the WWIII. I am hoping is that it would not related with the sign of assassination of the US president or something like that. I am skeptic but enjoy creativity. So, let's hope that won't happen. I got enough life story to tell after I made a vow to Mary Magdalen and prayed to the Virgin Mary statue where previous pope made a private prayer. If the Virgin Mary wanted to stress out the importance of "penetance," I think I already write a page about how I learned to follow saints to reach Jesus Christ. The writing is on my website. As I made a vow to Mary Magdalene, I learned how to find a mercy from the Lord and what is important to be the follower of Jesus. He wants followers who can carry the cross, not the ones who just stand and watch others persecuted. I know this story is a bit off from logical sense. But hey, when I was in Japan, I got intuition and the need to memorize rosary prayer in Laten. In the US, the V2K started, and I tried to focus on memorizing and repeating the rosary prayer. In Germany to England, I was almost praying rosary while I was awake so that I could avoid hearing the v2K voices. Doing so, I learned that I could pray rosary while making my own thinking. If someone see me chanting rosary in mourmoring voice and holding a rosary in my pocket, it does not make me look awkword. If someone look me with funny look, I had an option to take my rosary out from my pocket to check where I was at. MP3 players are better choice to get away with V2K, but I was too much abused at that point. I hope German-Israel relation won't against the US in future. That was one of the image I saw for the comming of next war. I post this funny incident with my extreme creativity or part of psychological abuse to avoid such real happening in future. I memorized Laten rosary prayer and met St. Bernadette and St. Catharine Laboure in France. Now I am attending the Italianisch speaking Catholic church, and learning Italian to understand the prayer and the mass. Honestly, I am not sure where I am heading. If John Paul II was great enough as people say, I can say that my first praying to the Virgin Mary at Mission Carmel in California reached to the soul of the previous pope and I could get miracle to have such a adventurous life and learning to be a real Christian. In real life, I just study Italian and Geraman, and watch EURO 2008. And I attend the mass and try to translate the panphlet I get at the church. I do pray rosary, but I am sure that my case is just being saved by saints and other Christian figures in spiritual level. I am not a type to be a saint. St. Bernadette would had opinion that the good stuffs like well-cooked hot chocolate is a sin and must avoid. I cannot resist such thing. Chocolate-flavored French Toast? That is one of my favorite breakfast dishes! I know asking or wanting too much would create internal conflict and break the balance of mental and phisical well-being of the indiviudal. But I cannot be so much stoic like those saints in the past.

If you want to see the saints I mentioned above, visit the church where their holy bodies are locates. They were living saints in glass show case. Their bodies are "physically" available there for the visitors. If I have a chance to see such wicked dream or other kind of superstitional work, I would like to make Croatian National Team gets the trophy than something about war or nasty things. Dutchs and Croatians are the best in EURO 2008, that's for sure.

17 June, 2008

Pro-pedophilila Activism? Who is behind of that movement, huh?

While I was doing some researches on the relationship of gang stalking and pedophilia characteristics, I found out that there is a pro-pedophilia movement going on since the 50s in last century. If you want to know what I am talking about, please check this wikipedia definition.

I was expecting to see the movement as the front-cover for gang stalkers. Well, the truth is not really seems to be so. There are some activists who are involved in deferent fields are criticized to be pedophilies. The wiki result shows there are some organizations suspended because of pedophilie members. At the grance, such cases seems the activists have been targeted for COINTELPRO or negative propaganda by the government agencies to destroy their organization and the targets. However, there are activists who are openly stating themselves as pedophilie and even creating pro-pedophilie websites.

My conclusion? I think this posting made one step back to make my blog banned by the Internet censorship because of the senstive words like "pedophilia" and "pedophilie." I wrote about something sensitive issue here and what now? Is this what people want to call as "posting about pedophilie"?? I am amusing some nuts making noise from fire crackers and fireworks around my apartment at wicked time. They seemed to use kids for claiming me something negative with child. Say, I had nothing to do with kids in my life. I had no intention to be with one or more of them as they are just the creatures making noises comes with above-animal-level reliability requirements. I am just amazed to hear someone talking about they invited kids to the church next to where I live. I am fine to be away from them as long as they making noises inside of a building somewhere else. The stupidiest thing I found out is during I was watching EURO 2008 matches, there were some kids playing football around the house (from the house to the West and from the church backyard). I was amazed to hear them continue kicking balls and trying to make noises while I was watching the match while studying. I quit filming evidences since I got enough to play with.

There is anti-pedophilie movement as the oppornent for the above one. I personally disagree to pedophilie because I think that is a type of power abuse. I am pro to say pedophilia is OK if the pedophilia is an under age child. A child being a pedophilia and having interest in another children? People can think and treat the kid as just being hypersexual rather than a pedophilia. But what if he grows up and will be still a pedophilia? Who can draw a line between just being a hypersexual kid or a pedophilia kid? In that sense, I think we can put an oxmoron on the movement, so the pro-pedophilia movement would go back to its origin in chaos.

14 June, 2008

V2K Ads are available

While I was checking FEDAME postings, I found this one interesting and wanted to share with other TIs who might not checked this article on Gawker.com.
The article is Schizophrenia Is The New Ad Gimmick, and it is about how the writer found out hearing woman's voice from the speaker on the building. There is a picture of the large hypersonic sound system on top of the building with the billboard for "Paranormal State."
This trick is worse than the regular submilinal banned commercial from the TV. If it is about submilinal message on CMs, the viewer can record them on their VCR. However, V2K type ads are impossible to record what they are saying or suggesting.

Just imagine ads like this: A horror movie ad comes with hypersonic music and shouting to the passerby "I kill you" and the gunshot sound after that. V2K voice ad saying "I wanna eat at McDonald's" during lunch time.

What we need to prevent ourselves from such doutable ads using voice to skull techonology? We need the voice recorder for that. And that is what the TIs need to prevent themselves being treated as mental illness hearing voices. We already have techonology to mimic the mental problem symptom. To be scientific evaluation of the patients, the psychiatrists and the public needs voice recorder for hyper sonic sounds.

If someone living in the building like the one in the article and complains about hearing woman's voice continuously speaking "Who's there?," do you think the person having mentally problem? In near future, we might have more mental patients hearing voices like "drink coke," "McDonald's I'm lovin' it," "Hyundai," "Toyota," and other repeated advertisements on their neighborhoods.

Anthropolgoists are hired in both advertisement industry (some say them as propagandanists) and the CIA. AAA is related with Coca-Cola since last year or so. Who wants to hire people for sending hypersonic sounds to target's skull to hear voices? If they moved into your neighborhood and pointed the speaker toward your home, they can send the voices directly to your skull while you are at home. How about a rival company hired group of people to settle down next to your company to send wierd noises to your workers to drop the production level? There is no limit for this kinds of advertisement or harassment while there is no way to record the evidences.

If someone make hypersound recorder, it would violate the national security as some agents/officers use it for communicating with coworkers avoinding to take lisks of using public lines. But that is what we need in future for our defence from massive advertisement attacks.

12 June, 2008

stormyguy110 @ YouTube

I posted a message from a Japanese Schizophrenie who thought me having the same mental problem as him. If he is really a Schzophrenie, then I can believe that he had a delusion to believe me having mental problem, ha-ha! Without a detailed psychoanalysis, it is impossible to claim someone for mental problem. Of cause, if people are from 'communist and other countries under strict dictorship,' anyone can be claimed for the favor of the dictator. Can we add the US for such after the Iraq's WMD was just a myth? So, I decided to post another good example of the writings of gang stalking member here. Unlike last time, I can explain it in English.

Suisse lost today's match, so I guess it is time to get back to my work helping others. They did pretty good defense while Alexander Frei was off for the injury on the first match. The weather was good for Sussie as the ground was wet enough for unpredictable play. Tomorrow would be a good day. I am hoping that Croatia does just as good as France for the match with Deutschland. Their strategy is good for defence, and Deutschland is doing well with everyone in their shapes.

The below is taken from the comment on my YouTube posting, Anthoropologist Lover Scandal.
The interesting thing is that this person try to turn down whatever he or she can think of. And the movie is only about SJSU lover thing with the ending comes with the information about CIA hiring SJSU students. The name, "stomyguy110," seems also an anchoring for me. 1. I have an email account with "tempest" (from the Shakespeare). 2. 110 is the number for Police Station in Japan. But checking the date s/he joined, it is easier to think someone asked him or her to do the job. I have seen someone driving Russian Embasy licence plate car to check me out in front of their consurate general in SF, so I guess they can ask common folks for favors comparing to that one.

stormyguy110 seems to believe the people blieving Christianity is retarded and trying to conclude me for mental problem and suggesting me to visit hospital. Yeah, American mental hospital thinks Christianity as a part of mental problem. I guess that is the reason why Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Psychiatric Services took my 10-beads rosary away when Sgt. John Laws' companion sent me there. Well, I should not make jokes from the beginning. This is a good example to show how perps are trained to deny everything about the TI. I have another good one to share from another stranger on YouTube. I hope "returding" means for the people who cannot understand the complexity of human being. Ignorance is a good symptom of returding as it will cut off anything possible for evolution and change. If stormyguy110 thinks the Pope retarded, then I would prefer to stand to be thought as returded with other Christian saints and Jesus himself.

Anyway, I was not sure if he claimed me for being Christian to make the judgement on retarding and watching 300+ videos to think me being mentally ill. There is a big gap between claiming someone as "retarded" and "mentally ill." Moreover, is someone is crazy, the judgement must be done from the concept of DSM IV. The bad example is Dr. Peter Newsom at El Camino Hospital concluding me having delusion to be German spy after I talked about LING101 student taking Dr. Kelly Glover's class harassed me as such. Too bad the folks including the one I took Dr. Sams American Literature class talking about it on my recording.. It is on my list to share on the video later. And I think the retardity is something related with IQ rather than someone's belief system. You can find the definition and analysis on even in the introduction level psychology textobook. If you know these things, I think you can enjoy the following copy of the comment on my video. If I have over 130 IQ score, should I say people below it "retarded" based on me as the mediam?

stormguy110 (1 month ago) Show Hide
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What a deluded person you are??San Jose state fired you because you're a dummy. And now you're making a retarded false accusations.And fuck your IMAGINARY god. Christianity is forced upon Asian people. You got to be retarded!

gangstalkingwatcher (1 month ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
SJSU kicked me out after send me to mental hospital, and they the Judicial affairs office tried to arange a testimony by the students after that. They just want to make me a scapegoat for everything and hide the scandal. The professor teaching the study of humanity are not respecting it, you see.Did I talk anything about Christianity in the video? I know perps hate me being Christian and read Bible. I don't care stalkers' cults warship money instead of God.

stormguy110 (1 month ago) Show Hide
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I just watched almost all of your videos, and i conclude that you have some kind of mental illness. Again, i'm not trying to offend you, I mean all of us get sick at some time. Anyways, I think you should seek immediate help from doctors.

gangstalkingwatcher (1 month ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
So how many "hours" did you spend wathcing my over 300 videos? If you really do so to make a conclusion to believe me having mental problem, I suggest you to pay avisit to the hospital first as I believe you have "obsession problem."Stalkers often have obsession problems and cannot control themselves to keep normal distance from the target.

10 June, 2008

EURO 2008

I have been too busy spending so much time watching EURO 2008. Well, it is in French, so I am making a good excuse for leaning one of the official languages while I watch the matches.
I am a big fan of German and Croatian national teams. Say, I can not believe they will have the match once again like in the World Cup 2006.
Yesterday's Italiy was a bit awkward, but I liked the first goal by the Netherlands. That was just impossible for the goalkeeper to catch it.

The funny thing is the teams that wears the same uniforms like the mascots Trix and Flix lost their first match. It was just a good joke for the people drinking in Knaipe after they left the sports bars. Say, the red and white color is used for the simbol of the mascots and Poland, Switzerland, Austria lost their first game. What a tornament...

France and Germany are doing good as usual, and they have no serious injury of the players. The Netherlands would be pretty good in shape this time. Now there is a match of Sweden vs. Greece going on. If you wanna join me watching the European football games for free, click the website below. Do not forget to BYOB and a pack of Pretzels or Bretzels!!!

05 June, 2008

Following ups of the incidents (up to May 8th)

I am preparing a second letter to the International Criminal Court. This time, I am going to send the information of what the refugees living in Casa Torfeld I and II did as well as what happened with the Kanton police.
Say, if the refugees are the climinals in their own countries, then what will happen if their country is participating the procedures of the ICC? Too bad, the Americans cannot bring their current president to the court as the US is not joined. Say, this is pretty fun creating a nice letter with evidences to an official multinational organization with the proof of the abuse of a refugee in Switzerland. In such aspect, I think this is something rare that the court have been received.

The issue started from SJSU, but hey I think the time is good. There was another victim of the FBI informant at SJSU. Ms. Heather Cooper is a dance instructer who was abused by Sgt. John Laws. If you watch my film about how he and another police officer claimed me suicidal and dangerous to others, you can see what they are doing and what is their motivation. They opress people who SJSU management does not like. I am glad that she was only harassed and not be taken to a mental hospital like Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Psychiatric Services where there is nobody listen to the victim's claim but to lock her up for the benefit of SJSU. If she was so unfortunate, she would be ended up in the morge located on the same hospital where the SJSU forencic anthropologist works. I am not joking! I would be like that if I had not started to contact with Equal Opportunity Services!!! El Camino Hospital workers decided not to poison me to death becaue it seemed too obvioius to do it on that circumstance with a foreing student.
Do you want to know the truth about the "investigation?" Do not let the CIA to handle the case!!! If you watch the video about Sgt. John Laws, you know who were there!!! SJSU Anthropologists are not the friend of freedom and human rights but the opposite. They are well trained on "Double Think" just like someone doing the charge of Civil Right at SJSU while she hide her past of organizing the gang stalking group against me and was a part of the student who lived in my apartment. I did not take any class from Dr. Kampf, but that seems no difference. If he is not the top and the dean is opressing students, you know there is no hope to see the truth about the FBI informant. Sgt. John Laws was laughing when I was hand cuffed and was about to be sent to mental hospital to hide the anthropologists' scandal. He is the one talking about "Those guys (Homeland Security) are well paid.."

I am going to send the article about Ms. Heather Cooper to the ICC as well as other information. They have the incident with Sgt. John Laws in my case. And now I add some extra things. I can tell that if the ICC or other institution did something to these criminals in SJSU, there were no more disappearence of students (especially from the Campus Village) and harassment to the instructors. At least, Ms. Cooper was not harassed by Sgt. Laws if he was replaced. Alas, the United States love criminals to handle their country. COINTELPRO is favored and the power-crazy people opressing others with their professions (like psychiatrists killing students and their carrers).
It seems Ms. Heather Cooper is popular and the related people had protesting about the incident. If you are interested to support to protest against the police officer who is a member of gang stalking at SJSU, please contact with her. Ms. Cooper may not be a TI, but we should show what the gang stalkers doing is wrong by supporting another victim of the stalkers. And if you are unfortunate to be a SJSU student, please show respect and support to Ms. Cooper and her protesters as they are doing something good for the university which I could not do while I was a student.

By the way, the following long part is what I will going to send to the ICC as the chronological incidents. If you want to know how things went from seeing broken rosary on Christmas to mobbing by the residents, read it. The videos about these incidents are available on YouTube and other video sharing sites.


blem claiming activities. I added her picture in the evidence as well as the conversation above.
I visited near by Turkish restaurant and asked the clerk if he could help me to call police. He gave me the number 117 or 118. So, I asked around the customers if anyone could call police, then one family actually had a cell phone and helped to make a phone call. Then the Kanton Police from Lenzberg responded and they came to the outside of the restaurant. There were two police officers and I showed them the room. They told me to visit Aarau Stadt police since they were from different region. Actually they did not do anything including checking the finger prints.
February 28th 2008
The manager of the refugee residence did not show up. I found there were less people in Casa Torfeld I in morning. Also, I found a paper below of the official “Transfer” memo at the entrance. It says that,
Gotto Miyoko
transfert in
Hospital for crazy
people (Japan)”
When I was using the photo copy machine, a couple showed up and started contacting me there. The machine was not working.
Near the post office, I saw the black people working on surveillance.
Later, I visited the Aarau Kanton library and saw some other gang stalking members who have been hanging out with the residents.
Because no one was at the manager's office, I stayed in Hotel Argauerhof in Aarau.
February 29th 2008
I went back to Casa Torfeld I in afternoon. The residents said that he was there. While I was asking around the residents, the Iraqi guy who threatened me with the electric screwdriver on February 20th showed up and started claiming me filming. At that time, he started the gesture of showing his cell phone with camera function. It was something that the residents and other gang stalking members working on as anchoring. Around 3:32 in the film, you can hear the Iraqi man talking with the German speaking man as if he thought him as the manager. They communicated in German just like other residents who were capable of speaking one of the Swiss official languages.
Mr. Thomas Kunz, the official manager of Casa Torfeld I, did not show up that day. Probably, these residents did not want me to film the evidence that no body was in the manager's office the day after someone vandalized my room.
I saw several Japanese speakers around Aarau train station in afternoon. It was the time when I tried to contact with other Japanese living in Switzerland for help in the social network website, mixi.jp.
March 2nd 2008
When I was going out around 4:30pm, I saw one resident stood at the street near the mailbox. He was just standing there and I mentioned him not to stalk me. Then Mr. Alpha showed up and they harassed me. While I was on my way to Aarau train station for Internet, they followed me and started to shout me “One Bottle” from behind. At first, Mr. Alpha was on the street, but somehow another man catch up and started harassing me with Mr. Alpha. The man said that he will take my bag, also he said that he will kill me (052.mpg 0:03) and gestured punching me. I filmed the people who stalked me after I complained them not to stalk me as stalking is a criminal action (In Switzerland, they recognized stalking as a crime in 2003.)
While I was at the Aarau train station for Internet, Mr. Absir, Mr. Alpha, and a Chinese refugee who used to live in Casa Torfeld I showed up. If you watch the film about how Mr. Alpha saying “Why don't you go to hospital?” you can see how these refugees are working together to claim me to have psychological problem as the result of their tactics.
Mr. Absir sat in the bench next to mine inside of Aarau train station drinking beer. He seemed nothing to with the train station and it was right after he and others from Casa Torfeld I showe up to harass me.
March 3rd 2008
When I was at Aarau train station at night, Mr. Absir, Mr. Alpha and others showed up and started harass me. Mr. Alpha said that “Shut up before I kill you” and asked me “Do you wanna have sex with me?” Mr. Alpha was trying to steal my water bottle from the grocery bag. Then two women showed up and tried to persuade me not to film them. However, one of them sat on the bench when Mr. Absir started harassing me. Thus, if you watch the film, you can see how they “boxed” me and trying to persuade me not to film their organized stalking and mobbing activities.
March 4th 2008
I saw 2 Tibetan men (one lived in Casa Torfeld I, and another was ex-classmate of German lesson) in Aarau Kanton library.
March 7th 2008
When I was in Aarau Kanton library, there was a man wearing Japanese logo T-shirt. It seemed the study area was occupied by the gang stalkers as there was only one place I could settle down.
March 8th 2008
There was a suspicious man standing outside of Casa Torfeld I with a typical gesture.
March 13th 2008
When I was in Aarau train station in afternoon, Mr. Absir came and sat next to me and started harassing me. He said that “Asyl kaput (asylum corrupt)” and asked me if I want to talk to his friend on his cell phone. At the beginning of the conversation, he said that I can take photos.
After he left, a man with a lap top PC sat next to me.
March 14th 2008
At Aarau Kanton library, I saw some people I have seen on my surveillance using PCs near the entrance. And at the place where I used to sit for past couple of days, someone had the same PC case as I have for anchoring.
March 15th 2008
When I visited Casa Torfeld II to check the names of the harassers visiting Aarau train station after somene vandalized my room at the end of February, they attacked me from the behind. During that period since the vandalism, “David” the new manager was in Casa Torfeld I, but he did not know the names of these harassers nor he did not even wanted to do anything about the issue. But the most of the time, the manager's office was closed and no body was there.
I took the pictures of the residents' names as there was no manager in Casa Torfeld II because it was Saturday. I needed the name of the harasser for the purpose to contact with the lawyer on next Monday.
First, Mr. Absir showed up then he left the building and calling someone on his cell phone. I walked into the ground floor of the building and took the pictures of the name tags. After I finished filming, Mr. Absir came back to the room with Mr. Alpha and then Mr. Absir threw an empty pet bottle to my head from the behind while I was attempting to open the door to the entrance. I was a bit angry and turned my camera for recording and threw the pet bottle toward the middle of our distance on the hallway. At that point, another resident opened the door and was observing the scene. I then try to exit the place when Mr. Alpha assaulted me from the behind when I was opening the door. He either hit me or kicked me so hard that I was almost fall down. That incident actually damaged my laptop and I figured out the damage when I visited Aarau train station.
When I was uploading the information to Internet outside of Aarau Stadt Police, Mr. Absir and the neighbor who owns Daihastsu USV living on Gartensweg 19 showed up and started harass me.
Because of the damage on my property, I visited Aarau Stadt Police in front of the train station. Last time I visited there to report the issue about the vandalism in my room, the police officer at the counter said that they could not do because it was not my property. The things seemed to be damaged was my bed and which is part of Casa Torfeld I owned by the government or Kanton (I assume). This time, the officer told me that I must visit Kanton Police instead of Stadt one because it was the issue of refugees.
Then I visited the Kanton police in Aarau and talked with Mr. Gfr. Benjamin Finsterwald. He told me that I have to contact with the manager of Casa Torfeld I before filing the case. He also told me like Stadt police officer said that I have to visit the police station with the manager. At that point, there was no “official” manager in Casa Torfeld I. When I explained him that the ex-manager, Mr. Thomas Kunz, left the place since the middle of February, Mr. Finsterwald said that Mr. Kunz would return to the job and I would meet him on Monday. When I asked him that if I can file the case, he said I must contact with the manager first. So far, the vandalism of my room was not filed because of the same problem I had.
I stayed in Hotel Aarauerhof till Monday morning.
March 17th 2008
On my way to Aarau city center, I saw Mr. Absir passed by on black Daihatsu neighbor's car.
I visited the lawyer's office with a Japanese Swiss translator at 3pm. At that time, the lawyer, Mr. Ralph Schiltknecht, said that the police must file the case when I visited there at the first time. The translator actually helped me to make sure that Kanton Police is responsible for refugee issues than the Stadt ones. The lawyer called the police and told me that I could visit there to file the report.
I revisited Kanton Police department in Aarau and talked with Ms. Graf Moreana and several others. The translator, Yoshiko Bannwart, helped me the communication with the police officers. However, I could explain the situation to Ms. Graf Morena as she understand English. I signed several papers but Ms. Graf Morena told me that I have to use non-Chinese character one as they cannot read my signature. I did not receive any copy of the incident. Also, at that time, the police told me that they cannot protect me once I leave the police department nor went back to Casa Torfeld I, where I have no way to call police.
I asked Ms. Graf Morana that if there is any way to call police when another incident happens at Casa Torfeld I, she told me that they supposed to have phone for the refugees. Actually, the phone in inside of the manager's office and it was closed most of the time after the vandalism. They have buttons for fire and amburance at the entrance in front of the manger's office, but there is no way to contact police. Also, it was funny that the local police officers from Buchs AG had been visiting Casa Torfeld I and were talking with Mr. Thomas Kunz and other residents quite often before I started filming their activities. They did not even visit the place after the vandalism of my room. Most of the residents of Casa Torfeld I and Casa Torfeld II seemed to own at least one cell phone, but no body seemed to rend me one in case of another assault or other crimes as they were working together for such activities against me.
March 19th 2008
When I was in Aarau train station, the neighbor living in the ground floor of the apartment on Gartensweg 19, Buchs AG, and the Iraqi man who harassed me with Italian speaking woman came. They were talking at the counter to travel to Lenzburg, but later they were walking around. The neighbor often stayed in the lounge of Casa Torfeld I. I think the video about this incident was a good example of how these harassers are connected.
March 20th 2008
When I was in Aarau train station, the residents of Casa Torfeld I showed up and started talking with the clerk. They actually stood in front of me and asking questions there for more than 5 minutes. Like the day before, they just showed up to where I was and started working on small skit for sensitizing me. One of them is Anita? from Columbia and she is a part of Moreno family who lived in the room above of mine at Casa Torfeld I.
March 22nd 2008
When I was eating my dinner at kitchen of Casa Torfeld I, Mr. Alpha showed up and harassed me there. Then he just walked away when I turned on my camera. He moved to Casa Torfeld II about the end of February or so.
Around that period, the residents have been engaged in playing football outside and often the ball was hit on the building wall. They were playing football up to 10pm at night. I think that was another example of how to sensitize the victim by the noise.
March 25th 2008
When I was in Aarau train station, I saw some people studying there. The day before was someone with Russian newspaper. Then a man with laptop showed up for NLP anchoring. I have seen the use of similar materials for psychological abuse on sensitization quite often.
March 29th 2008
When I was using Internet in Aarau train station, I saw three police officers showed up and contacted with clerks at the counter. Later, I found them on the train which I took to check the room for rent in another city.
March 30th 2008
The woman often showed up in the shower room came to the kitchen. I am not sure if she lives in Casa Torfeld I or not, but she sometimes came to the place to use the facility.
While I was eating, a woman started cleaning the kitchen in front of me. A good example of how the gang stalkers use cleaning for the psychological sensitization.
March 31st 2008
I met one of the woman who stayed in Casa Torfeld I on my way to COOP in Buchs AG.
April 1st 2008
When I was cooking in the kitchen. The resident including the Sli Lankan refugee living in room 3 showed up and one of them turned off the oven I was using. When I asked them why they did so, they said that the oven was not cleaned and mentioned about the smell. One of them came back to check the oven later while I was baking the pizza. After that, they all left the scene and was not in the lounge neither. Another example of “cleaning” NLP anchoring and the mobbing by the residents.
The kids in Casa Torfeld I were holding mops outside as if for “cleaning” NLP anchoring.
In Aarau Kanton library, there were Asian couple were on surveillance. I have seen them several occasion on the road, so I recognized them quite easily.
April 2nd 2008
When I was using Internet outside of Aarau train station. Mr. Absir came and started shouting slanders such as “mother fucker.” He later said “I take your computer.” That happened in the public.
April 4th 2008
I saw the same people I saw in the library standing outside of the building. Near the entrance, there was the Afghanistan ex-resident of Casa Torfeld I using the computer. Since I started using the library, I quite often saw the residents and ex-residents of the refugee residence there including the Tibetan man. Later, the Afghanistan man shouted from outside of the window why I was taking picture, then he left the scene.
Then three black men including the ex-resident of Casa Torfeld I who is a friend of Mr. Absir showed up in the room where I was using Internet in the library. They sat on the sofa as if to facing me. Then one them started taking picture using a new camera. It is just impossible if they are not reacting to what happened to the Afghanistan man. While the black men were at the library, two other men came and sat at the table I was using and started talking loudly.
April 5th 2008
The neighbor living in Gartensweg 19 Buchs AG and was often found in the lounge of Casa Torfeld I came to McDonald's in Aarau. He and two kids settled down pretty close to where I sat.
When I settled down to the sheet about 2 pm, the place was quite crowded, but the first film can show how the neighbor came right after I settled down for my late lunch there. A good example of stalking happened by the community members in Buchs AG.
April 8th 2008
When I was leaving Casa Torfeld I, I heard Mr. Alpha was somehow there. Nothing happened after I reported the incidents to the police, but they actually increase of harassment.
April 9th 2008
The bold resident of Casa Toreld I was walking with the German speaking man who used to live in the refugee residence.
April 12th 2008
When I was in Aarau train station, Tibetans came in for the surveillance. I have seen some from their connection with the Tibetans who became my classmate at the Caritas free German lesson which some Casa Torfeld I resident showed up also. Later, the Tiben man who was my classmate sat next to me on the bench.
April 13th 2008
While I was on may way, I saw the friend of Mr. Absir. He shouted me “one bottle,” so I filmed him and complained about what they are doing.
Around 10pm at night, I saw some new people talking at the entrance. I filmed their activities as they seemed suspicious. One of the man hold the oil bottle for NLP anchoring.
After I went to bathroom, I saw the same man standing at the entrance and showing the gesture of “picking up with the cleaning device” toward me. I was somewhat offended and I started the argument of what they do. As I stated in the film, I hope you receive the video for the purpose of filming this mobbing evidence!!!
April 14th 2008
When I headed to the shower room in the basement, I saw Alis cleaning the place using the gabage can to spread the water. She told me that I could use the shower. I am not sure how many people will see the situation as an offense but that was enough for me from what happened the night before at the entrance. She just continued cleaning the shower room for a while. This time, there was a man watching the cleaning schedule and Arcos Ordonez Alis Mary (Rm #22) was cleaning the right place.
When I was walking on the street, two men contacted me saying “china.” Probably these local people wanted to harass me with that “Free Tibet Protesting” by claiming me as Chinese. There are Chinese and Tibetan refugees working in their gang stalking.
More I was offended, more started I to film each incidents. Probably that is what the residents wanted to claim for what they were doing in groups. They seemed not to be offended of my filming of my activities because the Kanton police did not even do anything to Mr. Alpha nor Mr. Absir.
At the train station, I saw some gang stalkers there. Also, at Aarau Kanton library, one of the black men who were on surveillance there sat on the sofa like the last time when three of them took picture there. He walked to the outside but sat on the bench behind of me.
At night, some people were shouting outside. The residents of Casa Torfeld I seemed not like me reading Rouge State loud.
April 16th 2008
When I was in Aarau train station, I saw the Afghanistan ex-resident standing. I started filming him just like when I saw him in Aarau kanton library. He showed up like in the library and asked me why I was taking picture. I answered him I do not want to be stalked. Then he said “fuck you” and left the scene while making the gesture of pointing middle finger up. The resident, neighbors, and others I saw at Casa Torfeld I came to Aarau train station so frequently while I was there.
April 17th 2008
Mr. Absir showed up in Aarau transtation while he held a small kid. I am not sure where he got the child but it is possible that he wanted to claim me filming the girl he held for his claim on me as pedophilia or child molester that often the gang stalkers use for religious people.
After Mr. Absir left the station, a man showed up with a camcorder and started filming the hallway.
April 18th 2008
I found that the place where I was studying in Aarau Kanton library was occupied by the people. Also, I saw the same Asian man who was have been on my surveillance with others like the residents from Casa Torfeld I there. (He is the one who wore “Kaminari-Okoshi” yellow T-shirt on street later.)
April 21st 2008
The new resident opened my door and left. It was probably for interrupting me as well as for the pressure on insecurity.
April 24th 2008
When I was trying to take shower in the shower room, Hindi (the Room 8 and a friend of Mr. Absir) came to the shower room and started brushing her teeth. “Brushing her teeth” is a type of NLP anchoring the gang stalkers use since last year.
The new resident of Casa Torfeld I opened my room door suddenly and left without words.
April 25th 2008
When I checked an apartment room for rent in Wettingen and went back to Aarau train station, I saw the man who harassed me with Mr. Alpha and Mr. Absir stood at the platform. I saw him outside of my train window while I was filming the view from the train.
May 3rd 2008
I saw the Asian man who was on my surveillance at Aarau Kanton library wearing “Kaminari-Okoshi” yellow T-shirt on street. I saw the same T-shirt at Caritas German lesson, but another Asian man wore it. It seems these harassment groups have the pool of materials.
May 6th 2008
When I went out for dinner at the Turkish restaurant, I saw a Japanese-looking Asian man in there. I filmed him as I learned that some Japanese and other Asians have been working for organized stalking.
When I was in Aarau train station, a man with a camera showed up and started taking pictures right after I did in the exact spot where he stood later.
May 8th 2008
When I was leaving Casa Torfeld I, I saw bunch of the harassers standing near the entrance. If you watched the videos, you can see these are the ones who worked in mobbing and stalked me to Aarau train station or harassed me at the kitchen.
When I was eating my dinner at COOP restaurant, I saw the Asian man came to the restaurant and sat near me. He was in the Turkish restaurant where I had dinner two days ago.
When I walked back to near Casa Torfeld II, the strangers walked out from the building said “one bottle” to me. The Afghanistan ex-resident was in the lounge and when he noticed me filming him, he showed up and started asking me why I take picture. Through everything from the vandalism, assaults, and others, these criminals do not understand what they do in group is “MOBBING” and giving psychological and physical damage towards the victim, me. I think the people living in democratic countries should have rights to protect own properties and own rights.
If Swiss kanton police is involved in these residents and neighbors' mobbing, then it would be a violation of Article 25 Section 2 and 3 of the Swiss Constitution. Because the police cannot do against these local “mental problem claiming” and stalking groups, I think it is good to expose what they do to warn others not to involved in mobbing.
The damage of PC was about 1,800 CHF, and that was done by Mr. Mara Alpha, the Guinean refugee moved to Casa Torfeld II on Gartensweg 19, Buchs AG. The Kanton police officers in Aarau said that the refugees are too poor to pay the compensation. If the Swiss political party, SVP, stressing to expel the foreigners who are involved in crimes, then I think I can prove that there are some refugees working on criminal activities and are actually protected by the police.
When I moved out from Casa Torfeld I, Mr. Abkar Dalow Absir moved in to the apartment on Gartensweg 19, across from Casa Torfeld I. The apartment finished the remodeling of the first floor, so it seems the gang stalkers actually get their rewards for their dirty works. I am not sure what they actually achieved by damaging my PC and harassing me to claim me as mentally ill by the neighborhood level group, but this is what really happened and that is what I studied using the techniques I learned in my anthropological study.

02 June, 2008







差出人 : たのっち 日 付 : 2008年03月18日 22時51分
件 名 : こんばんは。

01 June, 2008

Countermeasures for Gang Stalking Part 1 - a video

I visited church in morning like last Sunday. Most followers are seniors and I did not see any Indian/Sli Lankan descent-like or African/Caribean descent-like or even kids during the Mass. Last one was better since I did not cry during the Mass. Well, I guess the song about the Virgin Mary was a bit too much for me today. Good thing that was the last session of the Mass... I wonder how I can handle not crying when I see her figure in the church. The good method I tried to be not sympathetic last time was imaging about the Swiss solders making a reunion and having nine out of ten wearing the Swiss military uniform, and the last one came in wearing the blue-yellow-red uniform thought to be designed by Michelangero.

Later, I went back and spent few hours for Italian study. Then I decided to create a film about gang stalking. I have not touch gang stalking stuffs for awhile as I was too busy for studying to improve myself. But there are more victims of gang stalking out there, why should I stop working on activism after my case get somewhat schrinked? The below is the film. Not much but good as an introduction one.