22 May, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 20-21, 2016

I saw some Muslims yesterday and today. I don't think so many Muslims in Bucharest, but that happened to me.

Also, some Asian men were around.

At the Italian church, I saw an Asian woman came after the mass alone and took photos around.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 18-19, 2016

On May 18th, I took a train to Bucharest. I had lunch at Burger King near Kileti train station in Budapest but I saw this Nippon Express transportation company jacket man there.

The strange thing was that no one took the 4 burgers and 1 apple pie on the top shelf at the counter. Customers were getting the burgers from the middle and the lower shelves. What was wrong with those burgers? Did they have something wrong in it? I guess Nippon Express jacket guy might know the clue like they brought the human sperm or urine from Japan for humiliating people who live or stay abroad. Scary Japanese companies exist for sure.

At Subway in Bucharest, one clerk had the Arabic tattoo on his right lower arm. He was talking with two men who later talked with a young man who ordered before me. They were talking about the franchise of Subway in the area and they said that the monthly cost is 4000€ there and 7% profit is done regular price.

I saw a German car near the entrance to Park Cisimigiu.

17 May, 2016

Mr. Pooh (Veh) of Vietnamese and his suicide

The V2K speakers sometimes told me about their side of story to spend some time for making me listening what they say. I wrote down such stories in a text file. I haven't publish them but I have quite a volume like over 20,000 words. It could be published in future as a book to sell. Well, some of them includes the stories of how the recruits were done by the Kyoto or Tokyo University student or medical examiners from these areas. It reminded me of the 731 and other various human experiments. The V2K perps told me that they are SDF Navy in Croatian area. Some of them say like they learn how to work in Islamic Law to punish women or their targets to submit to their will. They say they are funded by PKO. Well, here is one of the story they told me. The spell check is not yet done as I wrote down in a small editor which has nothing hidden for the sudden crash or something.

Mr. Pooh (Veh) of Vietnamese and his suicide
He did not join the anti-terrorism mafia network to help kicking the bad Muslim women's ass out. His intention was to make a small money from the community watch type small hand network job. The Japanese magazine company was looking for someone who can do the stunt job with the real name close to Pooh or Poor pronounciation type. So, a Vietnamese name, Veh, was accepted for taking the job. Mr. Veh was a small short man who were in the 30s with short mustache and short black hair with less age telling facial structure. He was a lucky one with an easy blow job to his penis as the part of the sex practioner certificate making. He first thought his role was to make a sex on their targeted woman who should be scold as a call girl by doing so. Also, he thought his official acceptance to the family member is just to tell my name as Pooh and to be a school kids' mascot of some sort for Japanese teenagers. That was a nice excuse for 200 dollar job instead of 250€ that was officially announced on the advertisement. It was reduced as if the call girl wanted to take some money off from you by the blow job technique she made. It must be excellent on you. That was the killer story telling to make the man to lose his face in Yakuza industry. Mr. Veh said he did not really like it at all but it was part of the routin of my job role. He said it openly without being a coword. So, he was chosen as a target for the alpha males who would be just pushing others to go crazy.
His name is Pooh. So, it was introduced as so after the blow job setting in an hour later. He was wearing a red short pants and a green kharki tanktop. It was vest looking. That was the best time in his job. He sat in front of the group of 5-10 women from his group and some other military friends network gathering more women from the revolutionally white from Northern Europe. This meeting happened at the hotel west from Nyugati train station. More males are gathered aside for the evidence making. If the girls love the man or not. So, it was collected as so. The call girl was asked to show up on the stage. She is a cannabis dealer and she cannot have baby anymore and decided to fall to the call girl position ever. The man was happily seeing her. He said that he did it already with her. Only by the mouth. The heart is not yet. It was like the old fashioned school boy's joke. Every girl from his group cheered about the news and maleness in the Europe. Asian males are just so, the girls thought it as the education. Nothing in virgin on the heart or brain. A girl thought so.
The host asked him how is his dick. He said only his sister can see it. Then he was decided as on the death penalty because of his not manly style. Scandinavian cops funded this kind of scandal making to the East Asians. The host said, "Pooh-san niwa shinde itadakimashou (Pooh needs to be dead)." Then the atomosphere of the room changed. Some women felt fear on the announcement as if imagining something like a murderer shows up to kill him in half. What happened was that he was suggested to be on the stretcher which is often used by the pregnant women for the delivery of a baby. The groin parts won't open till the patient stripped off. First was the handcuff after he stood up with two escourts on the right side. One behind of him handcuffed while he was anounced not manly enough to become a group learder of his group. Then he was asked to show the pocket contents on his short pants. He had some coins and only the transportation permit was brougtht with him for the safety in the meeting room. Anyone canbe a pickpocket and every one could be a volunteer for something. A credit card can be used as the door opener and could be cut in half for the magic making. While the escort was searching the pants pockets, his dick got erected while he was standing on the stage. The escort asked about how he felt. He said that he felt his stomach warm. Then he was asked to sit on the deliverly chair. Then there was a small table with a black curtain toward the spectaculers. So, everyone thought it as a joke of the man transformed into a man in front of women. And it was very torturing for the male victim but it was quite entertaining. The man's mother was evicted from the group to avoid any verbal abuse from the show.
There was a CCTV camera hidden on the box hiding his genital area from the audience on the stage. Mr. Veh did not know what was going on. First, he thought it was to make sure he is erected in front of the girls and hidding it and making him to shout some sexy words for the show. The doctors team from Ehime University came and young male medical student helped to put a codom on his penis. The medical student wore the latex gloves and it was much of the esamination process. First, the host asked Veh if he has someone who likes to make her to be his wife. Veh said no. Then the host said "good. let's enjoy seeing his ejection!" Then the stage top cover was taken and a big TV showed up above Mr. Veh on the stage. The TV screen was there hidden on white curtains. The CCTV was on and the latex poked up from the white male underwear with the latex glove hands around it. Veh did not know about the TV and thought somebody may be seeing from behind his chair when the girls growned together. The gloved hand made the condom up right and then made it down. Still the inside was stiff and the host said that "Veh-san wa bokki site irasshaimasune (Veh, you are erected)." Then host asked Veh if he has done mastervasion with his hands. Veh said that as if it is a natural thing for men and he said with anger that he did it with the cute girls pictures. Then the latex gloved hand touched like circulation way to the condom top. Veh did not say anything. He felt hot on his dick. It was like how the males feel on his genital sensitive part revealing to the women. Female friends of Veh was crying by seeing the side. Veh cannot stay in his neighborhood location anymore in this city. Girls thought. Then the latexed hand moved back and force while the host was asking about how the call girl did to him. Veh was saing oohh and aahs. Then said "mother.." in murmuring voice. "I did it." Veh learned that the girls were watching the large screen on top of him how the white condom was moving while the real part was hidden. Then he closed his eyes and just not thinking anything.
The host said "jyaa, honmono wo mite mimashou (then we see the real thing)." The latex glove moved to pull off the condom. And Veh shouted "stop!" and shaked his bandaged body on the deliverly chair. He moved up and down. this time, he was completely stripped off on the camera. his short was taken and his white underwear was removed by the scissoring method. It was a perfect way to see the male genital organ to the anus area on the deliverly chair with some adjustment on the CCTV camera position. The girls were watching this medical show after learning of the male get excited to the finish. It was more of the benefitial knowledge for the women as a group thought. Veh must be retired from this job to be a call girl's victim in future. That was accepted as a result of not manly enough gesturing. He could be a stripper in Netherlands, his brother figures thought. Still working as a sex worker would be good for his face keeping and even fame making from this first show modeling. Everything was possible in Europe. That was the male audience from his Yakuza connection cheering after the show.
Veh really hated the touch of the female call girl, another one, touching the top of his dick by the nail. It could be harmful to his dick, he said. Then his penis was used as the testing object to see the male sensitivility with various objects. He did not like the duck toy with the head part cut off. It was used to put some air pressure sensitization on his dick when it makes noise by squishing it. Veh did not really like the prastic part cut off and rubbed softly on his dick as if a ring of prastic. It was like the plastic ring moving made him saying "help me" with the sensation. It made the penis erected all the time by moving it a bit. So, it was the best self-torture program object for women to make a punishment on a male. Then his right hand was freed from the bandage but it was cuffed to the chair. Veh was asked to masterbate in front of the group to be released from the chair. Veh explained, "everybody does it. So, nothing scary."
After the second ejection, Veh was asked what is most shamefull to be seen by the women, even the call girl. Or which part of his male genital area is not welcomed to be seen by women. Veh said that of course the top spot hidden in the foreskin. Then he was aked to point it to the girls. He felt as if he became a ginea pig. "The urine hole, ahhh" He pointed it with his right hand and squished his body. Then he said that he did not like peeling the foreskin and he showed the spot which made it separated from the top area. "This area should be safe, and I don't want to show it off to any girl. Only this for you." He said to the call girl stood next to him. He did not have a confidence but he was annexious to be just a laughing show stock alone. Then he was asked to urinate a bit on a beaker on the camera. He felt vomiting better but he did it crying.
Then the host suggested to check the anus. Then he brought a dildo for the anus and the call girl helped to insert it into the anus. Veh shouted why do I have to do this in front of people? He did not want to do it even with his woman. The anus vibration only made him nervous and no excitiment on his dick. He said his stomach hurts a bit. At the end of the show, Veh was stripped off naked and a man held his hand and he was escorted off from the stage. The male audiences shouted to him that he did not look like a man enough.
He commited suicide before the whitsunday in Budapest area. He died after going through various humiliation by the Japanese style verbal and shame making toture program. He was continuously assaulted by the name calling "pooh-san" and was spoken like "pooh-san niwa yamete morai masu. (Mr. Pooh will quit)." It was the gesture of making him to become the targeted one instead of the joint investigating team.
The killing facter was this question by the torturer, "don't you feel ashamed your dirty part to be seen by everybody in the team?" It was like this. He thought his dick was not something shameful nor something really small thing. Mr. Vuh thought his genital is to make women to be excited by seeing it, especially the girl friend or something special. And what happened was the group torture program after the humiliation process of making him to be laughed on the monitor by the group of others. After that, he was something less human to others and others thought him as something not welcoming in their group. He went through this isolation process as if ending up becoming a sub-humanoid after joining the young workforce with the wannabe group team leader will making. He felt as if his precious genital area was damaged socially and he felt he has no more people to go out with in futuer without them looking at his groin area on his jeans or whatever he wears. So, the SDF cultural defense team learned that it was the social weakness as a Vietnamese male in futuere with such a humiliation process to make one's will to be taken.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 15th, 2016

Here is the video from yesterday. Nothing much happening in Budapest. Just some Belgrade cars, German cars, and so on.

Well, I found my keyboard sometimes skips spacing like this way "I found th ekey on the table." It's annoying to find the mistake and trying to fix it while my netbook reading HDD so often.

I've heard the V2K perps telling me "Amimono (knitting) cops" in Romania like Cluj Napoca area. They say these people are Japanese women interested in Islamic religion and working with the local Muslims.

07 May, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 4th, 2016

OSAM from May 4th, 2016.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 5th, 2016

Bosnian cars have been around in Vienna. And I encountered a group of Muslims at St. Stephan Cathedral.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 3rd 2016 part 2

OSAM from May 3rd, 2016 part 2.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 3rd, 2016 part 1

It was a busy day as I moved from Hotel Pension Astra to AO Hostel and ended up moving to Hotel Congress for safety from Bosnians and the porno making dorm room at the hostel.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 6th, 2016

It was a busy day yesterday. I thought of heading to Uninova Hostel in Bratislava but I ended up in Budapest. Actually, I found here safer with WIFI. No suspicious things so extreme like in Vienna nor Bratislava. I saw Baseball Japanese logo woman and Yakuza logo man and even a group of Japanese speaking Asian group at the Bratislava train station.

03 May, 2016

Gang Stalking Analysis - AO Hostel in Vienna on May 3rd, 2016

GSA. I encountered a hostel with a female dorm room with a double bed with 2 bunk beds. The double bed was the only bed made and others had no seats. When I arrived to the hostel, a Muslim was standing outside and some Muslim women sat at the lobby. But they later left with a man after talking with a guy at the counter in Croatian/Bosnian. I had problem with Muslim stalking me in Zagreb and had some room invasions at Taban Bar & Hostel and Youth Hostel. 
I encountered a double bed in a 6 room dorm in Hostel Meininger in Munich but I had a problem with 5 Chinese who complained about my staying as a stranger in the room despite of my stay was longer from past few days in a different room in the same hostel. The clerk at that time did not remember me at all and treated me as a stranger after 1am. This time, I canceled the room and moved to another hotel costing over 50€ pro night. Bad experience with a dorm room but avoided a room for the porno making by the Muslims and even the female hymen patched off to make it as the gift for the Saudi Arabian rich guys by selling that part.

I had problem of WIFI at AO Hostel and went to the local police nearby without this video of Muslims at AO Hostel. And my hotel got no WIFI because of some problem. So, I uploaded this at Starbucks paying 5€ for Cold Brew drink. Cancelling fee of AO Hostel was around 15€. SO, my loss was around 20€ for today. For 14 nights at AO Hostel and Pansion Astra, it could be 30€ per night average but it got higher ever from these harassment. I wish I can get the money refound for the compensation.

01 May, 2016

St. Stephan cathedral gang stalkers

There was an Asian man sat next to me.

I attended the mass at noon. There was a masked man sat to the left.

Also, a couple to the left held their hands during Our Father prayer during the mass. I have enough videos of people holding hands at the masses from Tirana, Zagreb Budapest, and even in Vienna. Should I make a GSA video?

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 1st, 2016

I found my credit card number written paper stolen from my side poach. I haven't use it after I booked to Hotel Pension Astra, so it could be stolen from 27th home invasion. Well, I'm gonna add that one to make notice with the missing 50€ bank note from my wallet to the police tomorrow. There are more Bosnian cars around near my hotel. Also, some Polish people are around. Last time it was stolen was at Villa 11 in Bucharest. I wrote down like anagram and that one was stolen. This time, I found it better just to report it to the police as the theft by the gang stalker. Also, I found my "Cause Stalking" book missing from my backpack. I kept it in the "Secret of Mary" book together always and put it with the DVD-ROM bag later when I visited the Anti-Human Trafficking NGOs. I'm going to contact the police tomorrow. I wish I didn't get sick on 27th, or I had one more day to handle some more things before moving to another accommodation in the city.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 30th, 2016

I saw many Muslim outside of my hotel but not much like the Walking Dead zombies. I saw a guy helped by the first aid man. At Votive church, I saw a Japanese couple. Last time I visit the church was the encounter with 2 Japanese women. Why this is happening to me? I guess I just list them as human traffickers from Japan. Also, I saw more Germans around and near the hotel. One BiH car and one Florida car.