30 April, 2008

I hope I can move to a new place in few weeks.

Still I am making Besichtgungstermine (room checking appointment) to find an apartment. I visited the one above the post office in Reinach AG. It comes with bunch of strage areas like the storage room next to the room, and the basement.

And today I visit the one in Kolbinz near the border with Germany and the one in Aarau. These apartments are not availabe for few months, but if I can find another place like "room for rent" then I can stay somewhere for short term and hopefully move into the assured apartment later.
It seems there is a shortage of apartment availabe from next month but some are availabe later like from July. I just checking as many places as possible so that I can at least assure some stable place to stay in future. Room for rent sounds OK, but you never know when the other renters decides to move out from the apartment. If I rent the place by my own, then it will be less risk for such thing unless the owner want to sell the apartment to someone else.
Reinach AG to Aarau is connected by train and I found out that I could use Internet while I was on board. SBB may advertising the Wifi in 1st class ride, but the local train actually is able to do so without extra fee. If someone thinking to move to villages near train stations, they might have previlage of using "Take Away" modem for extra research time on board. I will add the movie when I have time to edit the whole 30min ride film. It is really amazing to see Yahoo! News while on train. Some people buy newspapers for the same price people pay for daily net access. I am not threatening the local Kiosk sales, but it is for the environmental issue.

28 April, 2008

Hello, can you hear me now? Hier ist T-Mobile Deutschland! Oooops..

Last Saturday, I visited Rheinfelden near the border to Germany to check the apartment. I took a bus to Frick and then took train to get there. While I was in Frick train station, I tried to connect Internet. No signal at the train station as you can see my picture below. It might be because the train station locates somewhat far from the city center which is about one or one and half a mile away.

At Rheinfelden, I visited the flat which is like an attic room. Place was good beside the disadvantage of the size of room and no lift. It was cool to see Germany across from the river. According to Wikipedia, the city of Rheinfelden was separated by Napoleon yet two cities continued to have strong ties for a long time. That sounds good to me as I was considered as a German spy by stupid SJSU linguistics major students who did not even know how to pronounce “S” of a word's first letter in German. Student, Stadt, später, these words have different pronunciation for “S” and that what I learned in Switzerland. At Aarau, I do not know why I have seen some “Fuck Nazis” grafties around but if gang stalkers there think someone like Germany is equivalence to the supporter of Nazis, then it is a bit off from what I expect to see in a neighboring country of Germany. The FBI supports Neo-Nazi movement, and when I sent an email with the link to an article showing how the FBI involved in the Neo-Nazi parade to Chancellor Merkel (or BND.. I might not sure which address I sent), the article was deleted. And the funny thing is that I have seen the FBI logo clothes among the local gang stalkers. Say, who is on the side of Neo-Nazis?

Anyway, at the Rheinfelden, I found my modem pick up the signal from T-Mobile Deutschland. I tried it at the restaurant along the river and at the center of old city near the apartment I checked out. In both place, there is only “T-Mobile D” was available and it could not go through after authorizing process of connection. Well, this probably means a good thing for the Germans who just visit the city for whatever the reason. Or, if Swiss side Rheinfelden is considered as part of a whole city just across from the river, the residents in Rheinfelden may get special offer from T-Mobile Deutschland. So far, I am not sure if T-Mobile is available in Switzerland. I have seen Swisscom, Sunrise, Orange as the major mobile companies here.

Ok, here is the view of the city and Germany!

26 April, 2008

Hello. Can you hear me now? Good. - At Wettingen.

I visited a room for rent in Wettingen today. The place was a bit surprise as it was just middle of Wettingen train station and Baden train station. The room had a huge but very low ceiling strage room. The living space was small but the bathroom was good at least. If I moved into that one, I might put the sleeping bag in the strage room during the day. Well, I mean, the room had a kitchen and bathroom and some closet in the middle and no more space for a bed. 660CHF for that. It would be a good choice for someone trying to get a job in Zürich to Baden. Well, I might submit the contract since it is two blocks from a catholic church, but it would be on next week to figure out how my application to Lenzburg and Aarau one goes.

After visiting the room, I tried the Wifi connection outside of the apartment. It worked extremely well - five bars from that location!

I got Pizza anchoring and Kebab thing today. I walked into a restaurant and ordered day's special. The clerk asked me if I want a bread, and I nodded. Then, four young people walked in to the restaurant and one of them ordered a kebab and other three ordered pizza. Then Indian couple wearing black top and blue jeans, very similar to the one I saw on surveillance when I visited the apartment in Baden, walked in and got seat near the entrance. There were one guy drinking beer on the table and a woman sat on another seat. These two did not go out even after I left, by the way. The young people's pizza came first and then later the clerk brought me my poulet curry with the bread (the one for kebab).

I have not cooking meal because of the harassers in the residents. And I guess this is the good opportunity for the gang stalkers to feed me radioactive contaminated (or hyper-irradiated) foods. I know it would be a coincidence if the clerk forgot bringing me food for 30 minutes and the bread was just like the one for kebab.

But I have seen gang stalkers surrounding me for almost 24hours. When I wake up, I saw some in the residence. When I travel by train, I ride with some perps. When I check the room for rent, I saw the room with the perps!!! In such a situation, I feel like it is normal to doubt any strange thing happens around me.

It was Friday afternoon and there were few reasonable price restaurants open after 6pm. And the perps have network in everywhere. After I went in to the restaurant, I saw the young people looking at me from the outside. And they ordered pizza. Then, the bread thing was something obvious to me. I ordered a plate of curry and will it come with bread? If stalkers thought me order kebab, they would use the bread for whatever the poisoning or causing high risk of cancer by irradiation. Yesterday, I ordered ram kebab with a wrapper.

When I ordered farafel in the restarurant I visited yesterday, the clerk gave me a regular kebab instead. I know Interdiscount is working for gang stalking, and there are some stalking members in Migros and COOP as well.

In such situation, it is hard to think anything funny as a coincidence.

The good thing is that because of the mobbing by the residents, I can actually claim them for giving me psychological damage an dtrauma. The definition of mobbing actually states about the possiblity of psychological damage on the victim. Hey, that means if I really pixxed off and wanted to expose everything, I guess I can do so without hesitation! I contacted HEK, the Department für Gesundheit unt Soziele, the Kantonspolizei, lawyers. I did everything I could do and they just left these harassers around me. If they claim me of mental problem, then I can actually claim it was caused by the mobbing and stalking by these residents and their extremist friends!!! I reported some of them to the police, and I am the VICTIM.

How about gathering everything that perps said to me and show their identities in one list? It can tell how many actually suggested me to go to hospital streight forward. Too bad, I studied phychology and I know what is good for keeping my mental health. Instead of visiting a hospital, I can just spread everything to feel better under the stress and psychological pressuer from the harassment, and then I can explain how that happened and why spreading works well to reflesh myself. I learned this from Zen Buddhism, part of eastern philosophy class knowledge.

If you want to see how the real stalker look like, check the film below. One of the most significant stalking evidence. I was filming the view from the train and when I got back to Aarau trainstation, I saw ex-resident (White Cap Guy, a friend of Abukr and Mara Alpha) standing outside of the window!!!

23 April, 2008

Now I need to fix my digital camera.

I do not know what really happened to my old camera. It was working until last September or October, then it had problem on the monitor. It was completely blank and white out. When I took pictures, and diaphragm was not working. I figured out the monitor was OK several months after I bought a new camera.

Well, I do not know what happened to the current one since the way back from Brugg. It was working until I filmed the view from the train up to Rappersville. After that I found out the camera got some vibration on the monitor and seemed having trouble focusing things.

It was a funny day, indeed.

First, I found another contivercial ad (SVP) on the billboard. Then, I traveled to Brugg to see the apartment. I saw another guy showed up to check the place out and took picture with flashes. I was taking the picture of NGO group office in front of the apartment when I saw the immo agent walk down the street toward me. When I met the agent, another man showed up and they talked in German. We went into the apartment, and found out the room was on renovation. The guy took pictures of several areas of the room. I took film of him doing so as I think I saw him working on gang stalking before in Aarau. The guy made a joke about "jail" and the repairman commented that where the real "jail" is. I am not sure how gang stalkers are actually using the excuse of refugees as criminals who commited crime in their country and they ran away to another country. (In my case, I exposed CIA agents' names to authorities in several countries including Syria and Iran. If the agencies did not kidnapped me, I did not see the agents at all. It was not my fault. They approached me first.) I heard that explanation from the Japanese translator I hired to talk to the lawyer. Well, for more information about the skit happened in the room, check out the film below. Yesterday, I visited a room in Aarau Bahnhofstrasse 92, and I saw a couple - the woman wore a yellow jacket with Russian logo on the corner. And they had a typical car which perps usually own for brighting.

I am not sure how much my life is controled. Say, my PC monitor got damage from somewhat wierd way. It reminds me of the complaiants of Mr. Friedman in Sonoma. It was about 2:30pm after I visited the room. I tried to glab some meal for today. I walked around the city to pick a rundom place to get meal. I found a place seemed serve pizza. Then I walked in and sat, and figured out it was "Cafe Piazza." Well, I walked out since they did not have food except ice cream or drinks. Then I visited the Restaurant Brasserie Gambrinus in the basement. If you see the picture, you can see I checked that they serve pizza from 11 o'clock. It was about 4:30pm. When I went in and asked the clerk for the menu, she told me that they serve pizza from 6 0'clock. So, I left the place as there was only drinks available at that moment. Why pizza? I guess that is what I saw on the ground floor of the apartment in Aarau yesterday. I took picture of the restaurant and the sign to make sure they open from 11:00 Uhr.

Because of this incident, I thought to travel to Zuerich to get some good meal for today's trouble. I submitted the application for yesterday's place to make sure I am not waiting only one answer from the apartment in Lenzburg. And because of the stresses, I thought having a good meal would work as a stress reducer in my case. But when I was at the train station, I got stomack problem. It usually happen at night at the refugee residence and usually there is some residents at the entrance or in the bathroom for synchronizing even around 3:00 am or 4:00 am.

I decided not to visit Zuerich for only having a meal. The gang stalkers at Brugg probalby made up making report that I entered a bar for a drink (it was for lunch and I went out) and having masturvasion at the bathroom (again, I had sudden stomack problem).

Then, on my way back, my camera suddenly got problem. I know the perps got nervous since I filmed a good camera skit today. If the restaurant or the man was working for the gang stalking, then I can understand why they wants to "tamper" my camera and PC. But my camera got some problem and it is a fact for today.

22 April, 2008

Hello. Can you hear me now? Good. - at Lenzburg

I visited Lenzburg yesterday to see the apartment. It was pretty quiet place except for the construction going on across from the building. After the meeting with the owner, I ate my late meal (yeah, meal for today) at Migros Restaurant in the shopping mall. It was my first time to try their buffet. Somewhat the place was crowded with middle age to elderly customers. I think that would be for either gang stalkers or people hanging around for rainy day. The food was pretty good. In Switzerland, foods are somewhat expensive, so the price for 18.00 CHF would be reasonable for this meal. One main course, one dessert, a small glass of juice. I know I can save a lot of money when I can get a place to stay and can cook without gaslighting. 1kg of pasta is about 2.00 CHF. 1kg of rice is about 1.25CHF. Add these carbs in my diet with costly meats and veggies, it would be a lot cheaper for daily level. I skipped eating yesterday, I just got something good today.

After my meal, I tried to use Internet from the restaurant. My purpose was to see if I can play the “Verison Guy” role. Check the Internet connection from a rundom place and see if it works or not.
At Migros Restaurant in Lenzburg, it worked pretty good. If you got Wifi modem, you can hook your PC up anywhere in Switzerland. I tried it from outside, and it worked pretty well for the first time. And the above is the pictures.

18 April, 2008

Got Internet access from home.

I bought Sunrise wireless "Take A Way" modem few day ago. I made some deposit and had some problem of transaction of the money to the activation of the modem.

However, when I tried to check the network, it worked! I was expecting to visit the Sunrise shop tomorrow again, but it is good that I can keep the Aarau Kanton librarians away from working with the gang stalkers harassing me.

The modem is fast enough like the regular Wifi on train station or hotels. Aarau Kanton Bibiothek has much faster connection, but I think it is an exception.

I do not know how Silicon Valley folks use Internet. Some places like that Sony amusement park in San Francisco have free Internet connection for guests. But heere in Switzerland, you can get 30 min. free net surfing at McDonald's and 1 hour free at big train stations. For travelers, I think this information is useful as they can just turn on their PC in these areas rather than looking for Internet or Telecom shop in German/French/Italian language.

Now, check out what I got for my Wifi Modem. It's small enough to say like the size of USB memory device. The clerk said that it can be used above the mountain but might have problem with the connection. I am not interested to try this on the Swiss mountains, but I am curious if someone really try that famous "Hello? Can you hear me now?" Verizon Wireless guy's role.

So far, if something happens in this refugee residence and I have time before police arrives, I could upload evidences while waiting them. I hope the drunks living in the neighborhood really do not end up dead in my room after try to vandalize my room again. Yeah, this is the possibility and I am aware of the importance of my self defence.

Abkur Dalow Absir with Police (Nov 17th 2007)

Last year, I have seen residents and the chef, Mr. Thomas Kunz, talking with police officer visiting Casa Torfeld I frequently. It was the reason I doubt about COINTELPRO on my case. Well, I have studied how the neighb ors are involved in the mobbing with the residents of Casa Torfeld I and II nowadays.
I have seen a fake police car parked on the apartment on Gartensweg 19, so I think I should contact with the Kanton police to check out if they are real police officers or not.

17 April, 2008

Mara Alpha stood on my path at Casa Torfeld I

This afternoon, I saw Mara Alpha stood in front of my way and started harassing me on taking picture. Say, I am and I have been collecting the evidence of their mobbing. You can see in my film that I only shoot them when they are working on some kinds of skits or I saw them in funny places like in the library or trainstation as if they followed me. How often people like these residents show up in my life? Becasuse I quit using kitchen, they now have limited places like bathroom and shower room for harassment. I saw some ex-residents at Aarau Kanton library and the train station. Abkur and Mara Alpha actually came to the train station sometimes to harass me. I was there while they showed up later.

If they think I was taking pictures of them for no reason, they should not visit the place where I was. Stalking is the exact word what htey are doing.

And here is the film about today. You can see the kids are slso working for these gangs.








This Japanese writing is about how I started this blog and why I am writing in English rather than my native language. Ja, that is about it.

16 April, 2008

My Meals 3

This video shows what I ate from February to yesterday. Due to the mobbing in the kitchen, I quit using there even I paid for the facility.

Somaliian Guy lives in Gartensweg 19

It seems Abukr moved out from Casa Torfeld II. But he now lives in the top floor of the apartment next to Casa Torfeld I.
Well, the police may say he moved out from Casa Torfeld II. How about the neighbors and the residents of Casa Torfeld I helping his hate crime activities like mobbing and stalking?
Check this video. The neighbors use Abukr's girl friend's Daihatsu black SUV. And you can see how the residents of Casa Torfeld I are communicating with Abukr when I go out. You know, I have no room key and these guys can do whatever they want while I am out.
Also the neighbors, they can do any false testimony in return to the help from Abukr's gang group.

By the way, I received reply from Graf. Morena, the Aargau Kantonspolizei officer in Aarau. She wrote that she has to interview Abukr. Well, the first time I called police about the vandalism in my room was the end of February. And they started more agressive skits and damaged my PC. It was after I contacted with police.
Because of no improvement in my situation, I started exposing names of the people involved in the mobbing. I talked with the adviser(lawyer) at HEK, and hired a lawyer, and the police now made a report. Now what?

When do you purchase an alcohol?

I do not know why a gang stalker sat next to me yesterday at the Aarau train station and put the beer can near me and left the place after his surveillance. I saw a man sat next to me. When I left the scene I saw a man suddenly showed up from the entrance and tried to settle on the seat where I sat. When I was observing him rather than leaving the building, he saw me and hesitated to sit down. I am not sure what the perps are doing. They might want to back up Abkur's statement of seeing me drinking at the train station. I really have no idea why the residents at Casa Torfeld I started alcoholic claim from when I moved to there. I heard that it is a typical claim for the CIA to take some agents away from further promotion. Other tactics are like claiming hyper-sexual (funny but they arrow some agents to be so for being sex agents, and this case they are unpunished at all), abusive, having mental problem. Let me give some examples, Abkur and others were in Casa Torfeld I from the beginning. Zoa Collete, thick-build black woman, received a free beer from a resident. It was the time I saw most residents smoking and drinking and watching TV whole day. I actually stayed in my room and was studying German using the textbook I rented from the Stadt Bibliothek. I saw the residents put chairs outside of my room window. There is a path between the window and them, but it was close enough to say as surveillance. They were drinking beer and smoking while talking continuously. At the first few months, I saw the bottom shelves of the refrigerators were full of beer bottles. While I cooked and consumed my meal at the dining table in the kitchen, I saw the residents came in and took beer bottles or cans from the fridge and waked away. It seemed that no body really asked for whose possession they are but took one or two to the lounge and shared it with others.

One time, a female resident was looking for something at the kitchen. She told me if I have a liquor. I said no as I did not have one for cooking soups or spagetti. Abukr and others sometimes offered me some liquors like they just sat in front of me when I was eating food. I have a nice example of Abukr drinking beer every time he talked with me in my video collection. One time, he put a whisky bottle and opened on the kitchen table.

I really have no idea why these small claims by the real alcoholics matters for gang stalking. While the refugees or gang stalking members drinking beers at the train staion, they are making claims how they see me drinking beer. Let's see what I should do to prevent this kind of claims? I better expose the people who are drinking beer next to me and leaving the beer bottles near me.

I do not know how many alcoholics do not understand the use of alcoholic beverage for another uses. (Not about Molotov Cocktails come with a newspaper stuffed on the mouth!) You know, alcohols can kill your brain cells. These alcoholics would have lost too much cells to make a critical thinking already. But for the real wine and beer lovers, it is important to know how the same beverages can entertain ones' appetite as well as consuming directory. That is one of what I learned from making pilgrimages to California wine counties.

In my opinion, the wines that is said to go with particular dishes actually the best to use in the cooking of the dishes. For example, if you cook beef stew, it is good to use cab. (Merlot is ok, but it does not give you spicy secret flavor, while cabs often contain some spices like black pepper.) A hint of zin could make your cheese burger pretty tasty. For fruit punch, some white wines can give more punch than what the name says. Seriously, this is my opinion and just a common sense.

I do not know if adding beer would make doughs for Bretzels or Pretzels any good. I know that the beer can be used to cook chicken or for flied chickens. If you use alcohol on meat, it makes meat milder. That very reason, I used to put some Vodka on beef when I cook Japanese curry. If you want to keep the dish less stained from the taste of the liquor, Vodka is the best.

So, what should I do now? I do like to keep a small bottle of red wine for personal communion. Since I cannot go to a church to have one, I alternate the ritual using wine and bread sometimes to remind myself to keep the bible study and my faith in the religion.

If I move out, I do cook some good meals as I am pretty good at cooking. Well, I might have to share my meals on my blog to show how I used alcohol if I buy some in future. I personally love consuming liquor in this way. If it is cooked, I do not have to worry about losing too much brain cells from consuming them.

13 April, 2008

Entire Community working for claiming Mental Problem.

This is an evidence of how people including strangers claiming me "crazy" and they wish me to be sent to hospital by police. Police officers at SJSU claimed me suicidal while I had no idea I was on my way to my class with my homework done.. But I think I need to share this information in public in order to show how people in Casa Torfeld I and neighbors are working on mobbing since last May for psychological torture. There might be expecting me commiting suicide from their continuous 24/7/365 mobbing and interrupting me in no-key room.

If there is real Nazis going on, you can see the peopel around me talking about POLIZEI. If they really send me to hospital believing these residents working on mobbing, then they are the second generation of Stasi Polizei in Europe. I just want to get the case record I filed for these harassers and I want to have a quiet place to stay and study. Right now, I am paying rent and have only few chance to access to the kitchen and shower room because of their presence and their harassment. I started filming, but they usudally do something before I turn on my camera.

The same video is posted at YouTube.


How a targeted refugee's life in Aarau area, Switzerland

Since the residents in Casa Torfeld I, II and the people living near Gartensweg in Buchs AG are working on character assasination against me. I have been hearing strangers talking about how they justify their stalking or harassment. How often a person see a bunch of young teens talking shouting about the city name like “Aarau” and working on harassment toward a stranger? The kids bullying at McDonald's were shouting like “This is my McDonald's” and was interrupting my Internet research to find a lawyer. The people often working on mobbing or street level surveillance on me in Aarau area often have city flags or other specific objects like WindBaum or rosary on the rear view mirror. They might be told to work on surveillance against me because they are told that I am criminal, sex-offender, child molester, shoplifter, or something unsuitable for the neighborhood.

At Casa Torfeld I, I have been experiencing the residents working on psychological abuse written in David Lawson's Cause Stalking, and other anti-gang stalking websites. The residents have been frequently interrupt my study at my room. They knocked my door and suddenly start accusation like they accused me of stealing the oil they put on the hallway or toilet mess. Non-residents are even shouted at me for accusing stealing her boots. I have no idea why she was cooking at the kitchen or bringing an extra shoes to visit Casa Torfeld I. At the Aarau Kanton Bibliothek, the ex-resident who is a friend of Abukar Dalow Abshir, the Somali refugee, working on taking picture skit with his friends. The woman who wore a broken rosary on Christmas last year stated herself as Christian in my recording. When I talked with the Kantonspolizei Aargau officer Mr. Benjamin Finsterwald, he told me the possibility of her as “Voodoo.” At that first meeting, he told me that I must talk with the chef before file a report. It was like I must come to the police with the chef to file the case. Actually, the ex-chef, Mr. Thomas Kunz, left the job in the middle of February and some others showed up in the manager's office after that. When I talked about the difficulty of catching a chef to talk with at Casa Torfeld I, Mr. Finsterwald said that Mr. Kunz would return to his job in next week. I do not know why Mr. Finsterwald knew the name of Mr. Kunz, though.

After the meeting with the lawyer with an interpreter for German communication, I visited Aargau Kantonspolizei building with the interpreter. This time, the police officer, Ms. Morena, typed up the case and I signed several papers. Then she told me not to talk about the reporting to anybody and said that the people might do the revenge on me if they knew I filed them for charges. She also said that the police cannot help me once I went out from the building.

In InterDiscount, a clerk told me that I can talke to the police about “Versicheung (insurance)” for the damage caused by Hara Alpha, the Guinean refugee who is originally started calling me “One Bottle.” The clerk also told me that when someone file a report to a police, he or she would get a copy of it. When I filed the report with Ms. Morena, she asked me to sign my name in Alphabet rather than in Japanese. I am not sure what is going on in Kantonpolizei, but I got enough evidence that people working around me are following the theories of both COINTELPRO and “Cause Stalkers.”

If my nicknaming of the gang stalkers in Casa Torfeld I and other places made them to use “One Bottle” for harassing me, I do not mind calling them in their real names in my evidences. I was trying to protect their identities but if that is something they did not like, I guess I should respect them to call their names in my films. To back up my statements, I have the films. I filmed them in the public places and the area that stalkers are using camera for their skits. If they want to claim me filming them, then I can say that they actually did the same in the places like Aargau Kanton Bibliothek, Aarau Bahnhof, and so on. You can see my name and my address on my profile, so they cannot blame me hiding my names or something. For documentary films and showing the real community based COINTELPRO-like operation in the 21st century, I think it is using real names sounds better. If they did not harass me and if the police officers are acting somewhat strange, I do not have to share more information with others. I have been proving what is discussed in many anti-gang stalking websites and some books.

I have been surrounded by the people blaming me for something they are told or deluded to believe. What is written in the “Self Defence,” the famous Swiss book? It teaches people to be aware of listening to propaganda and lies others' giving them to believe. The gang stalkers are often too deluded to believe in the crime they commited as if their target person did. Hara Alpha actually tried to steal my food one day while I was dining at the kitchen, then he offered folks and dishes to other residents like the Sli Lankan refugee, Rajanoram Chitranneni? (or Rajaratnam K.). And later Hara Alpha came and said to others that he saw me stealing food. I do not even using the shelves and the refrigerator since someone changed the contents of my Napolitan pasta source to tomato puree. It happened around July or August.

I don't know why Mr. Benjamin Finsterwald asked me to move to another refugee residence instead of finding an apartment on my own. When I talked with the Japanese interpreter, she also suggested to move to a refugee center with 24 hour level security. I lived in Vallorbe and Chiasso, so I know what 24hour secured place look like. In Vallorbe, the entrance door was locked. In Chiasso, we could go out in during certain period in morning and afternoon. They had check-in and check-out process and came with a body check at the entrance. Some belongings are restricted there. I got my digital camera and PC back on the day I was designed to transfer to kanton Aargau. Probably, letting me to willing to live in such place would be the best way for the gang stalkers to avoid further expose of their identities to the public. Without PC or camera, it would be hard for me to get the evidences. If the stalkers stop harassing me, then there is no need for me to expose them. Unfortunately, the cause stalkers are mostly mentally ill (like David Lawson says) and they cannot stop their obsession on the target. On YouTube videos, you can hear tSomali guy saying “I take your computer” and “I kill you.” This is one of the guy on loose in Aarau area. Yesterday, Hara Alpha was in the apartment on Gartensweg 19 and shouted “One Bottle.” Guess what is going on by the Aargau Kantonpsolizei. They just let these guys who assaulted me and working on mobbing in both public and at Casa Torfeld I keep doing that.

By the way, the police I had to call using a customer's mobile phone from the nearby Turkish restaurant was from Lenzburg. Two officers came and one of them is Graf. Ruhland. I do not know how many police officers are being bribed by the extremist groups not taking care of the gang stalking victims cases just like Sgt. John Laws of San Jose State University police department said, but I just keep everything clear here. The incident happened on the last Thursday of February. After the police officers left, Hara Alpha, the Guinean refugee lives in Casa Torfeld I, banged the screen of my room window. There are mobbing going on by the residents and they have been contacting with police several times. I do not know how I have been”boxed” by the anti-government extremist groups. If there are possibility of terrorists in Switzerland, then I guess these organized harassers protected by the police seems to be involved in. That is the reasonable explanation for why police cannot file them.

If cause stalking is a type of COITELPRO, then the police would wait until I get mental problem from the residents' and local gangs' mobbing, or wait for me to get too much frustration to commit a crime.

Well, if I am really frustrated, I would share more information about the CIA and the US secrets. How about the secret behind why SJSU hosting the US national Olympic team and someone teaching Chinese culture to the athletes? It is about someone who was in China while Tienanmen broke out. I would rather to hold this issue as the EU is on the support of Tibetans. I do care about the national interest of the country I live and “the countries” I like. And I hope there would be a second meeting between German chancellor Merkel and Dalai Lama in future. If gang stalkers want me to commit a crime, I would do something legal and make damage on the gang stalkers themselves. If the United States thinks EU nations as their allies, then they should let me be alone! :)

12 April, 2008

Is there any terrorist activities in Aarau, Switzerland?

This is for honest explanation about how I have been treated by the people who are under influence of the gang stalkers. It seems the people working on the gang stalking activity really do not understand how things look like from my side. If they are fueled by the American propagandists and getting treats like what Italians got from the Americans to change the favor of the first Italian erection result just after the WWII, then I just want to share my view to get the understanding of the whole situation. Propagandists always try to suppress the other side to justify their side. I hope I am being protected by both US and Swiss law that guaranteeing the freedom of press and expression.

In Interdiscout yesterday, I might had an incident of someone telling me about how to say “asshole” in German. I have been hearing security alarm suddenly starts when I walked into the store since last year. It is just like while I walk around the store, I hear some alarms from somewhere in the store frequently. There are two occasions I checked stuffs like mp3 player and a digital camera. The mp3 player on sale at the cart was on the display shelf. I picked it up to look closer and the security cord was unplugged and the alarm started. At that time, I bought the one not in the shelf but the clark was trying to check it in the cart and then he asked someone to find it on the locked closet. Another occasion was that when I was checking the digital camera. That was why I visited the InterDiscount in Zuerich to have better shopping experience. There, I had problem getting my PC as the clerk was busy on the phone while other clerks are hanging around. It would be too ridiculous to find one particular model of PC out of stock in two shops. And later, the clerk sent another one to check the stock and I got one with the box opened recently. It sounded like the gang stalkers at least wanted to know the serial number for whatever the reason. I talked with a gang staling member wearing a pink T-shirt with some paintinglike leak of inks there.

I know the gang stalkers working to spread rumors that I am a shoplifter or something. This is something that the Somali guy and others are working on. I do not think it is Inerdiscount policy to work on discrimination against a customer, I just mention it here. I don't know why their new credit card reader do not accept my Japanese Visa card, but I prefer to pay than stealing it from the shop. I think I need to explain about their treatment in order to stop others making rumors as if I have been treated like that from Interdiscount in Aarau as if I have a shoplifting record. If they need to target someone for shoplifting, they better do it for the residents of my heim who had a brand new digital camera with some stickers on it. I have seen some XBOX game control boxes and Sony digital camera blank box in the trashcan in my refugee residence. I do not know who threw them or owning them at all.

And I have no intention to buy another PC because of the damage done by the asalt from the Guinean. I know the stalkers want to use my new PC to claim me for having more PCs and to use their envy to justify their criminal activities. I am not such stupid enough to make a simple dicision like them.. I am just amazed to see how the gang stalkers in Aarau area is working on that cheap skit like saying “Believe me, I am a politcial science professor graduated from University of Zuerich..” to start a conversation to plan me to depressed. If I need to buy another PC for the damage done by the these cheap gang stalkers, I prefer to share more information about them to get donations to replace the cost. (yeah, everyone involved in the discrimination as each individual supposed to be discrimination free under the Swiss law).

Migro's. I don't know what happened yesterday. While I was waiting at the casher, the casher clerk on my line and the one behind of me exchanged several cashes. I have seen some people holding wallets around me quite often yesterday. I am just curious if these people are worked on the operation to expect me to steal their wallets. I have been learning that each individual level gang stalkers may work on something with the expectation rather than my personal situation. One out of fourth Swiss people may be a milliner and one out of fourth of the people showing off their wallet may contain some credit cards worth that much, but I am a Japanese and I have been paying my rent and living costs since last June. Yeah, I might need to fix my PC because of the Guinean refugee assaulted me from the behind at Casa Torfeld, but I prefer to find a way to pay the repairing cost rather than stealing their wallet. Well, I might thank them for doing such a skit whole day by different gang stalking members. Collecting that skits in my camera may give me a resource for donation to fix my PC. I have been targeted by the anti-extremists like them and such crucial evidences for one whole day would be a little off from the normal distribution for the everyday life experience seeing someone holding a wallet around the individual. G. W. Bush once said that if you support a terrorist, you are a terrorist. I don't know how Americans are criticizing about Swiss for Iran gas trading, but I think gang stalkers are type of terrorists because that is the expression I found in the books, “War at Home” and “Cause Stalkers.” (For Swiss people, if you do not understand my joke here, that is probably I am still learning Swiss jokes. Swiss culture is one of the toughest to learn for me than the ones I learned in anthropology and other social science studies. By the way, if you do not support gang stalking, I have time to study German and about Swiss, though.)

When I was using Internet at the bench outside of McDonald's, someone broke that bench eventually after some gang stalking members preoccupied the spot to distract my use of the bench. So, I had to use Internet inside of the McDonald's, then that infamous McDonald's kids incident happened and I just uploaded them on YouTube. I had no idea where those kids came from and shouting about “two burgers” and started bullying at me inside of the restaurant. Say, McDonald's is one of the biggest restaurant chain around the world and I thought it is important to share the incident with others to prevent further problem with these kids. If I know that Kanton Bibliothek has a free Internet access for the members, I would use that one instead than using the paid Boingo wifi to stay more than few hours. At least, I visited them in off-peak time, but the restaurant was full of customers with kids somehow. I have seen people with kids trying to sit next to me frequently, but I think I saw a pedophilia in there once putting a small girl on his lap. I have no idea why gang stalkers want to claim me for pedophilia while they are playing and getting close to bunch of kids.

Caritas. I do not know how much pressure they got from the gang stalkers. I have seen some teachers for free German lesson worked in gaslighting and other forms of PSYOP, which is well written in David Lawson's “Cause Stalking.” The Eritrean group made a anchoring with Our Lady of Guadalupe picture. That incident is the one I put as Religious Right Violation in YouTube. I know there are some Muslim religion abuses after 911, but I never hard people working against harassing against Christianity, especially the traditional Catholic. Our Lady of Guadalupe is a one form of the Virgin Mary. And it was too ridiculous to see an Eritrean putting the painting on his backpack as if showing it off to me. When I questioned about why he has the picture, he told me that his friend would answer. Then bunch of Eritreans came and switched the question to something like if I believe in God. None of them give me a reason why the guy had the picture. After that, I quite attending the Caritas free German lesson. I post it on YouTube in case if someone want to claim me for not studying German anymore. I just changed the way I study German. It is much healthier to study the language than people making fun of religious icons inside of a church property. I wonder what kind of people can make fun of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Unification church may deny the virginity of the VM. But how about the Islam fundamentalists who are supposed to be helping terrorism around the world? All I know is that these Eritreans are working on surveillance and their techniques are categorized as the onese of cause stalkers, who are anti-government extremists.

I have seen some others like youth groups hired by the Somali guy and other gang stalkers. I do not know how many residents of my refugee residence are involved in the gang activity. What I know is that they are drinking and smoking and watching TV and working on stalking and mobbing. The Somali guy and the Guinean guy followed me to the Aarau Bahnhof and harassing me there even after someone truned my bed upside down in my room. They actually damaged the window screen of my room by bunging it many times.

I did not really start filming them until last November when the ex-manager (chef) Mr. Thomas Kunz said that police brought a new roommate. I have seen police officers with the residents frequently in Casa Torfeld I, so I was curious how things are going. Everything was looked like a type of COINTELPRO operation and I know about Article 25 of the Swiss Constitution, I decided to film them. The lest is found as Organized Stalkers Around Me series on YouTube. The only exceptions are the two that are at the McDonald's and at the Caritas. It seemed everyone in my social frame is targeting me for claiming something, I decided to film the whole day for an evidence. The Somali guy recently stated “I kill you” and “I take your computer” and have been throwing rocks and a pet bottle from behind.

I have seen some nuts working on prostituion claim, too. Since I have no room key and I do not like the gang stalkers claiming me paying too much for clothes or stealing them from my room with the previous reaons with envy, I have minimum set of clothes. Yeah, that would make me look like a poor and likely to be a criminal, but I am not like those who easily moved by someone else's idea to work on organized crimes. Because I have no criminal record, the gang stalkers want to claim one to complete their job to take me out from Aarau area. I am just making fun of these people who are just claiming themselves as if police or detective or mafia and targeting an innocent individual. If they are really a police, then they should have a proper identification card. On the other hand, a terrorist group can hide their true identity for something else. What happened to Al Qaeda members around the world? I assume the US attacked Somalia for wiping out them from that country.

If you support the people taking like taking stuff from others or killing someone, you are some kinds of a criminal. If you support someone who seems to work on terrorism, you are a terrorist. (I changed the sentence slightly so that I do not have to quote G.W.B. Jr. here) Because these anti-government extremists do not stop their operation against me, I will continue to film them for crime prevention and terrorism prevention. It is funny that these people claiming themselves doing patrol and security while owning a fake American High Way Patrol Car which is able to make some foreigners familiar with American movies to pay traffic fine on the road. Making some money from fooling people with fake cop car is written in David Lawson's book, by the way.

Involvement of Caritas in my case.

Caritas is one of the organization helping asylum seekers and it is Christianity based. I have been seeing some funny incidents that gang stalkers claiming them being working for either Caritas or Police. I do not much about how this organization itself is involved in my case. But my guess is that the organization is infiltrated by the extremists just like other organizations used by the stalkers.

It's about 2:30am in morning. Since I decided to expose information of the real extremists around me, I have less time sleeping at night in my keyless room surrounded by the rooms with stalkers. There is some rap noises from the ceiling area, and Room 8 (across from mine) and Room 6 have lights on. I have seen their room lights from the dark hallway. I just wanted to mention how things has been changed. Now, the perps really want to damage my PC. Like Somali guy talking about stealing my PC, the residents put some oils on the bathroom so that I might drop my PC by slipping over it. When I called police about the vandlism in my room? It was the end of February!!! And still the residents and others are working on mobbing and the stuff. It is better to tell what actually happening so that more people would not get involved with this. For that purpose, I decided to make OSAM series again. Yesterday was about Tibetans. And there was a nice money showing and dropping skits at the Migro's cahser while one of the Tibetan perp stood behind of me at the casher line. How do I know which Tibetans working for surveillance? Because they were my ex-classmates at Caritas free German lesson!

You can see my picture for the detail of which Caritas I had been attended for about 6 months. From the beginning, Max, the teacher, was working on the gaslighting. I think he got the stuff like some CIA agents do. I mean, the wireless radio which can send and receive the information. This one can be used for V2K, for TIs. Good example of his involvement is that he led one of the Eritreans took his class after the Eritrean group worked on that Our Lady of Guadalupe anchoring at the entrance of Caritas building. The Eritrean guy who helped to answer my question and changed the topic of “why does his friend have the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe on his backpack for showing off.” I have not seen him in the class before and it was one and only time I saw this Eritrean man attended the class. Another case is like hunger anchoring and saving electricity. When I was eating my food like some bread and chips at the entrance table to prepare for the night class, Max came and said hello to me. Then he mentioned about the world hunger in the class. Another time was that when I was charging my PC for about half an hour before the class to use it in nearby Starbucks later, Max came and we made some small chat. Then he mentioned about the importance of saving power in the class and he turned off the room lights for the demonstration. I don't know how many TIs experienced gang stalking in classrooms, but I hope this one can show how gaslighting in classroom looks like.

I had several Turkish classmates as well as Tibetans including a boy. There are some others came with children and sat next to me or put the kid in front of me for letting him or her playing
there. Some of the residents came to the class also. I had Afghanistan guy who is already fluent in German sat next to me for several lessons. And the woman who is Tibetan couple with the boy in Room 11 was in Selita's class. She is fluent in French and said that she leaned it in Tibet. I do not know about others, but I have seen people like left-handed people like Portuguese woman and Turikan, the Chehenian who studied in England. I really do not understand why they tried to see if I have some kind of preference in the people who is left handed. I just trained myself to be able to be double-handed and use my left hand for some occasions for writing and other things. Actually, when I use my left hand, that is a bad sign for a teacher. When I got bored, I just use my left hand for taking notes to concentrate on improving my left hand use than the lecture.. Other occasion is like holding a pen on my right hand for taking notes while holding a highlighter on my left, so I do not have to put down one pen for working on notetaking.

One time, a man just walked into the Max's lecture and excused to open the closet in the room. At that point, he said to Max in English, “Police said, the refugee from Verlobe must leave.” At that time, the Turkish woman who lives in Terri said that she is from Basel. When I asked asylum in Genf, I was given the official government ticket to Verlobe, which is north west from there.

And if you watched the film the Sli Lankan woman shouting about herlsef as Korean and she got washingroom key from Caritas, you can see how these gang stalkers are abusing the name of the organization by using it as a good excuse for their cover.

At the asylum seeker meeting held on Tuesday and Thursday, I saw a mid-age woman who said she has the Green card and from Texas. I don't know why she was there in last June, but it is enough to concern about the pressure from some kinds of other organizations. The CIA often ask Americans living in the locals to do some favor for them including seducing a target. In “In Search of Enemies,” there is a good example of how American young couple asked to seduce a Russian in African country and later they got divorced from that issue.
Because of the local gang stalkers, I guess it is the same which German class I take lessons. What

I can do is to keep sharing the information about Eritrean extremists who once studied in Caritas and abused the image of the Virgin Mary inside of the Catholic church property. I have seen them again in other occasions.

11 April, 2008

A copy of some information.

Just in case I might need a dupricated copy of the residents list, I put it here for open resource concept.
My guess is that some of the people are not really refugees and just visited the place for skits.
I just keep it here for others who might be interested to see. That is something you can see if you visit my place and say hello just like the friends of the residents.
I have seen non-residents calling me "one bottle," so I guess this is something I can do to make it even to mock them back.
Let's see if they are really refugees or not!
For their individual skits and gang stalking activities, check out my YouTube films.

I sent email to the Aargau Kanton police officer to ask if I can get a copy of the report I made against the Somali guy and Guinean guy. When I talked with a clerk at Interdiscout in Aarau, she told me that the police should give me a copy of report. I don't know if they are ignoring all the order from the beginning, then you might put a COINTELPRO conspiracy on my case.
Guess what? Swiss Constitution Article 25 prevents illegal forced deportation. I don't know how things will turn out, but keeping Opean Resource Police would do some good on my case.

And hey, actually the damage on my screen made me enough to motivate me to do all the work to complete individual lists and their activities and roles in my case since last December!!!
I have lost everything in the US and these drunk refugees have been working for the false accusation and found fault of me in the shape of mobbing since the beginning of last May when I moved to the current address.

If something happens to me, then you can imagine who is responsible for it from the list and my writings. I practiced Iaido, the way of Japanese Sword, but say a Swiss Army knife is a bit small for using my sword technique! :) But if something reallz happens, I know how to keep my soul noble as a Samurai. My grandma's family line is from warrier class...

Zeihen home was nice, but...

I visited a home in Zeihen which would give me a room to rent. If I was not in trouble from the gang stalkers, I definitely took the offer if the owner's son does not mind moving to another room.

There are one grocery store and Catholic church nearby. Also, post office and a bank are on the village. For a place to study, it was an ideal. But being a gang stalking victim, I wanted to make sure that the people there would be not part of the gang stalking supporters. The family offering a room was kind enough, but I wanted to make sure they are not inflamed or becoming the supporters of the criminals. There was another room available but someone is already interested in. Say, I had no idea if that person is not involved in the stalking and planed to move in for their purposes. Although another residents may not be a stalking member, his friend would visit the house and is able to do some works to flame something against me. It is hard to develop a communication with the disturbance from the gang stalkers. One whole family and an extra resident is too many to start a good communication from the beginning.

I checked out the room in Zofingen and that one was awesome. It comes with 2 rooms and kitchen and bathroom. I know I do not need an extra room, but it was just included in the price range. The good thing was that there is a private steps up to my room, so I can only put a webcam there to make sure nobody will walk into my room. The window there can show the cars passes the road, and that can make sure the camera is properly working while I am away. That way, I do not share my address on my blog to disturb other residents. I can share the previous videos, the OSAM series, if the residents start to work on gang stalking, so there would be a minimum damage between me and other residents. There is a church next to the house. I don't know what kind of church it is, but it sounds good. When I arrived at the house about 4:30pm, some people started leaving the church. I do not know what was going on, but I can probably check it out from their schedule. In Salinas, CA, I saw some people in a church, God of Assembly or something similar name, next to the American Best Value Inn. It was about 11pm, and I had no idea what was going on there.

The apartment is 700CHF for 2 rooms. The owner seems not caring about the place. He mentioned about the party thing happened in another apartment. As for me, it won't happen at all. His brother showed up also. I am not sure how much the gang stalkers are planning the next step. So far, Aarau train station is on renovetion. They took tout he red benches that gang stalkers sat often. And the famous statue is gone from the front. They would use noise problem for this apartment as the room is the top of the house.

I do not know what happened to the one in Oftringen. I applied for the place and the agent told me that they would tell me the result in this week. I do wait until next week and see if which of them, Oftringen one or Zofingen one, called me to agree to stay. If APK did not contact me, then I might get Zofingen apartment without problem. If APK contact me before the agent for Zofingen gives me a possitive answer, then I can take the Oftringen one and make an excuse for Zofingen one.

Another issue is the need to fix my PC. I must contact with Interdiscount and see if the damage is covered by their guaranty or I have to make another way to get money for the repaire. The police said that Hama Alpha is too poor to pay the fine. I guess they are not really want to give me a choice for getting money from somewher by creating the films about gang stalkers. If you watch it and thought they are useful, please send me some donation to my IBAN on my website. They caused the damage and they are still working for mobbing, I guess I have a right to use 'their' information to look for another way to get money. (and this is a good excuse for making individual level documentary films with a reasonable reason, right?) When I talked with a lawyer, he said that it is hard to get money from my evidences as my PC was not directly attacked but my backpack was. Yeah, I can contact with the police to submit them the movie Abukar Dalow Abshir speaking out 'I take your computeran' and ask the police if I have no way to get compensation to fix my PC instead of creating films about them for possible donation. Some victims spread their experience to get help from others, you know? What I do is just to get my PC fixed without spending more for lawyer or something else. Paying 185CHF for a lawyer and 420CHF for a translator was enough to get a police officer to write a report. If the gang stalkers like me to spend more for the struggle, I do have a right to make what they do turns out to be a resource for getting the loss back. You know what I mean. Then they will realize that more they do will make more opportunity for me to create documentary films about anti-governmental extremist groups in the local area. In the film, I am exposing their crimes, so it is less concern for the individual rights. If you watched the video about SJSU anthropology professors or Sgt. John Laws, you know it is important to reveal their ethically corrupted gang stalking works to prevent another innocent person to become their victim. In my film, what I am doing is to declare their activities and crime prevention. It can be count as terrorism prevention as an organized crime can be a type of terrorism in a micro level.

For fixing my PC, I do not know if it is counted as a profit under a Swiss taxation. I might have to ask at the immigration office. After I get a room, I will look for an online job or someway to get some money to help my life improved as well as my German knowledge.

Some rap noises and the white line on my PC screen.

Some rap noises and the white line on my PC screen.
There has been some rap noises at night in my room. I don't know where the source of the noise came from. But it is a typed high pitched noise that is like a small metal object hiting a metal surface. You can imagine it like a hiting a pot with a spoon.

The noise was actually from the ceiling. But when I heard the noise came from my PC – below the monitor, I found their was a white line appeared on my screen. And then I heard from the left side frame of the screen. This time there was no visible change on my PC.

I don't know what kind of weapon or tool caused the damage on my PC, but it is possible that the gang stalkers wanted to damage my PC again. Last one, I got crack on the monitor. And Abukar Dalow Abshir, the Somalian man, was threatening about stealing my PC at the Aarau Bahnhof. I have been heard the same computer stealing comment from Hara Alpha, the Guinean man who actually attacked my backpack and damaged the card slot on the side.

There are some 'revenge goods' to cause turn someone's stomach through the wall. I have been experiencing sudden need to go to bathroom at middle of night and often see synchronizing of another resident happened to be in the bathroom or visiting there. I do not know how the revenge item works. It might cause several rooms the stomach upseting effect. Or the perps simply do it to me after they prepared for their skit. Anyway, purchasing the 'revenge' item to see how it works would be interesting. I can become the gunia pig for the experiment (yup, just as usual for some of my psychology studies in the past). If the effect is the same, then I can conclude that the perps do have the similar device. Some e-harassment victims purchase devices like microwave detectors and other stuffs. But they do not buy the devices that would make the same effect like the e-harassment devices do. I will try it to myself and let others try it if they can afford to visit Switzerland for testing it by themselves. There are prenty of European victims. If they are interested to check how the device work, then they can do so for few costs for traveling. In my case, I do use it for my own and someone who is willing to try it to see how it works. So, there is no problem for blaming me using it to someone else for a revenge. If I want to make a revenge, I do use my rights and something legal. If you have seen my OSAM series and some analysis films about them, you know how I use my knowledge for doing research on the social problem. Attacking others and making false claims are something the people in my films do.

If I cannot purchase on online, then I must find a way to create it by my own, though. I found out some devices are not sold through EU nations to one another. For my Geiger counter, I could purchase it from the US company.

10 April, 2008

“Weltweite Kampagne gegen die Schweiz”

It was the title of an article on the top page of News, a free newspaper in Switzerland.
Because of the Swiss ex-president agreeing to make a gas contract with Iran, the Israel lobby criticized it as funding terrorism. From my point of view, it is a good action. Europe is depended too much on Russian oil and gas. And Nato is doing somewhat questionable for Russians, like the missiles in Poland. For having a balanced energy resources from multiple places, it will bring a good competition among the traders. I do not see the point why some countries making trading with several countries producing the products. This may not an American way, invading a country with some conspiracies and take the resources under American companies.

And what happened in 1953? The CIA and SAS threw the Iranian government which was nationalizing the oil company. This sounds more like an activity of terrorists to me than a Swiss politician officially making a contact with a foreign government. Do you know that Switzerland has been the negotiator between the US and Iran after the US diplomatic connection with Iran corrupted? It is same for Cuba.

Why Iran is important? We must show some respect to other countries which has an official regislature and political system. Accusing other countries do not create a good relationship with them but war and terrorism. Maybe Americans accused too many countries since the end of WWII and that caused more terrorism against them. The CIA would love funding and infiltrating these potential terrorists for keeping their budget fat and pleasing the military industrial complex.

We all know that the US is targeting Iran. What if Europe and other countries make fair contract with Iran? The US would get careful looking for making an excuse for attacking Iran. They used “the weapons of mass destruction” conspiracy in Iraq and could not prove it. Then what the next propaganda will be. If the US allies are making fair trading with Iran, then it will delay or stop another bloody war.

Ms. Micheline Calmy-Rey has been in the Swiss politics for her whole life. She has been involved in most important decisions for Switzerland. It is not like a sloppy president just looking at resource from a 4 year college paper to believe Iraq had “WMS,” and start war against the country. While the US making the propaganda accusing Switzerland for supporting the terrorism, the US will have a presidential election. I am sure this accusation on Switzerland will stop the war against Iran during Bush regine. It is only half a year left for the election. If Ms. Calmy-Rey's action stop the possibility of American invasion on Iran, then some American would thank her for George W. Bush making another crime before his trial. To be a real neutral negotiator, it is crucial to stop a violence in some peaceful way. And I think that is what Switzerland is working about.

For the veil matter, I think it is a nice fasion for meeting with a president in a Middle-Eastern country. Some women love scarf and other head ornaments. Some Muslim women actually like covering their hair with some nice clothes. I heard that there is a fashion show for Muslim women clothes. I like Ms. Calmy-Rey's way of representing her hair in the white veil which is see-through. I just don't understand why some people cannot take it as a type of fasion rather than religious restriction. Nobody really claim a sister wearing veil in church at all, and why people only worry about Muslims? Or how about Indian men with their turbans?

I might write more about this topic later with some resources. But I got no time today as I am visiting Zofingen for another appointment I made to see the room for rent. When I called them last week, the owners weren't there and they offered me to make an appointment in this week. So, I am going out yesterday and today. Still no contact from the agency for Oftringen one. And the ad is still on homegate.ch. No reason why I have to look for another place and cancel that one. (and revealing which one I tried in here!)

09 April, 2008

Importance of identifying the stalking members

It is very important to get the information of the stalking members. In organized crimes, they often tend to find a scapegoat for their wrongdoing. Remember what happened to the aftermath of the Katalina incident, only Mike Brown of SOMA was blamed while others remained unpunished.

If you are sure that you are targeted by group of people for possible false accusations and false testimonies, you must consider to spread their plan for preventing their crime against you.
In one neighborhood, it is possible that some people might be bribed to work on false testimonies. Or in a workplace, the company might rewarded others for putting one worker for all the problems in that section. If you know there is mobbing going on, the best way to prevent further problem is to expose them to the public. If you are a black and targeted by whites or non-black folks, you may use “racial card” for your excuse on exposing the mobbing.
If the mobbers are civilized and educated folks, they should consider stop doing so. Otherwise, their further actions will be exposed continuously. This is what Black Panther members came up and protected themselves from the possible assassinations by the opponents invented by the FBI.

If you are a tough target and continue exposing the stalkers, you might notice the change of their attitudes. You might get the same stalkers in your evidences, you can sue the individual stalkers for the organized crime. Or you can report it to the police and share the information that they are the criminals.

For the gang stalking victims, it is important to share the information and identities of the stalking members. Organized crime must be considered seriously in our society. Since 911, everyone (except China) must be aware of terrorism. The allies of the United States must take organized crimes and gang activities more serious than regular individual level crimes. Why? Because, a large group would be hired by foreign terrorist easily than a single person. If a foreign terrorist group funds the gang group, they would not know where their money comes from and they may not consider about the orders their leader told them to do. Say, if someone asks several members to send boxes to several cities, they probably do so because traveling cities for extra bucks is a piece of cake. It is too late that these deliverers blew ones' body with hundreds of people in rush hours. Gang stalkers are bunch of gangs.

And think about how hard to make an individual to become a terrorist. For one individual person, he might question the contents of the box if a stranger asked him to deliver it to a city. There is no peer pressre, so he can question it without hesitation. Also, there is no competition like the group members have from each other. He can feel free to take a small job or not. If your friends get a offer of several hundred bucks for delivering a small box to certain place not far from where they are, you woud consider earning some money like your friends do, don't you? It does not matter how much the bit will be since the bit will never claimed by the deliverers who will be dead after the delivery.

What happened to the firefighters who supposed to clean up the mess in the WTC? Why the building blew up from the bottom right after they moved in with some devices? I am not talking about deadly delivery here. But I cannot stop thinking about the involvement of public officers like policemen and firefighters in gang stalking. If there was no bomb in the buildings before the airplanes clashed into them, then where were the bombs that engineers and architects are talking about for conspiracy?

Today, I'm gonna take a nice Postauto trip to Zeihen, a small village north of Aarau. Countryside may remind me of that fancy outskirt of Weimar where Goethe often took a walk. They have a Catholic church too, so I might have chance to pray.

By the way, I have been dining at McDonald's for the convenience of not meeting perps at the kitchen. These days, I found something funny going on there besides seeing the neighbor and other regular perps. I wonder why they now using someone resemble to I have a trauma of... At the counter, I had hard time keeping not to laugh at her... Well, this time, they really tried to find some one more resemble to ... well... anyway, I guess this is their third challenge finding someone like that after a left-handed Chechen German teacher(right hand disabled) and a refugee from Eastern Europe. I guess they really having problem claiming me for sex-offender or something similar. I hate kids and they now realized the impossibility of claiming me as a pedophilia. Yes, I did own a 14 year old girl's autopsy video in my PC when I stayed in San Jose, but that was not a porno. You could get one at UCB book store! Then now the perps are sticking to that hyper-sexual assistant professor's image. I was fucxxng scared after I was raped and being encountered with the CIA, so I agreed to marry with a woman. Otherwise, I am not into someone who sleep around to get an opportunity to blackmail them. Who wants to marry with a sex agent? Not me. Someone attending church on Sunday is not definitely a type to do so. I am wondering that if I put their pictures and that professor's together, it would show how much they improved to find much similar person in chronological order. What a fun from the perps..

08 April, 2008

Visiting the apartment and rooms to rent.

I heard that APK will reply me about my application for apartment in Oftringen this week. So far, I guess I have wait for some more time.
Tomorrow, I'm visiting a room for rent in a village... Yeah, they got one shop and post and bus stops. I am not sure about Internet connection. This is some exciting trip to use Postauto!

Then day after tomorrow, I will visit another apartment in Zofingen.

These are in case that my application turned down. They are for the alternatives.

I got Postcard this morning, the debt card for Swiss Post, not the one comes with picture of foreign country! They sent me 6 digit pin instead of 4 digit one. I don't know why the letter I had to pick up in the local post office was not sealed. Anyway, that was I got and this is what happened. The clerk at the Aarau post office said that I will get another letter separately.

07 April, 2008

Free language education on Podcast.

I have been studying German from podcasting. I bought an iPod to watch the broadcasting of the German chancellor. Swiss information site has podcasting of the day, but it would be cool to have more politicians working on expressing oneself in decent medias. I found some US politicians broadcasting their speeches and congress meetings on YouTube. I am not sure who is really handling the posting as we can assume that the politicians are too busy to upload files by themselves or learn how to trim the films. These days, so many politicians are thinking about their own circles than the folks voting them. They should keep some way to contact with the citizens like what German chancellor does. And it is good for Hochdeutsch learning, too!!! Ah, I am not talking about some “Republicans” who speak German as their native language, but it makes them to look intelligent if they make some broadcasting in several languages. They might not use their language ability so that they can make a bar between their domestic media and foreign media for censorship.

I have been listening to Stefan's http://german-podcast.blogspot.com. Then I figured out that it is a good challenge to make a few language course by my own. Well, too bad that my Egyptian hieroglyph dictionary is in my Japanese home, so I cannot make free Egyptian hieroglyph lessons on podcast. Without the dictionary, I cannot remember the pronunciations of the hieroglyphs.

Coptic is relatively new and gets some attention after that Dan Brown's DaVinci Code, but there is none speak Copt anymore and it is a bad choice for the language speech lesson. There would be Coptic churches in Egypt chanting in Copt but it is something off from language training.
Therefore, I might consider making something like 10 to 20 lesson sessions for Japanese. When I taught my friend taking Japanese in Foothill College, her score raised from C to A in few weeks! Anyway, if you are interested learning a bit of Japanese, you might be interested listening to the sessions. After I moved to another place, I would make full session as an introduction course. Anyway, it is free and good for me to keep my CV look better. Volunteer works count pretty much sometimes, right?

I might be able to make Latin version, but I am still in the beginner level. So, it is good to teach something I am fluent in.

From my experience, there are few tips that the language study increase better from the ear.
For the beginner level, tapes must have more vocabularies than complete sentences. And a word to word level translation and explanation work pretty good to memorize the meaning of the foreign word.

Some basic sentences for every day situation would be useful and worse memorizing them. Such sentences are usually in the tourist guide books.

Listening to the conversation would be good, but it is a bit hard to keep concentrating on someone else's conversation unless it is a type of listening test... like the one on TOEFL.
Poetry and small story would work good if the vocabulary translation and sentence to sentence level translation included in the lesson.

Let's see how my free lessons will be. Since I know what Introduction to Japanese looks like from teaching it to my friend. My aim is to make one set that can beat the semester level language course.

I am hoping that it would prove my Japanese knowledge and being a skilled teacher, which is a heritage from my family. My family members are mostly in education field – my grand grandpa was a principal of a secondary school, my grandpa was working at university speaking three or four languages including English and Russian, my uncle is a professor at Osaka University, another uncle is a high school teacher, my both parents were also teachers. I heard about the e-tutoring opportunity and translation job opportunities. It is worth to try something that would help others.

Oh, yeah, I have another project going on – a Latin proverb book. But it is good to keep something on my hand to make me busy. And studying Geman will balance up my time fully engaged in researches and study.

06 April, 2008

What if I speak up how others supporting the discrimination?

I know this is disturbing for the gang stalkers, but I prefer to do so since there is only way to make people not to support the gang stalking is to share how each individual working on group level discrimination. We all know that discrimination is bad, no matter how we justify the motivation.

My aim is that trying to make the individuals to have responsibility on what they do, no matter how they are forced to do so. If this is a Pilgrim type experiment, what I am sharing is the truth how people can ignore their responsibility on ethical issue for their actions. They can rationalize their motivation by pretending to do their jobs. If you are asked to murder certain number of people, you might do so after finishing the task for several times. If meat producers care about animal rights, they cannot process any meats at all. For the productivity and other motivations, people can justify their means.

More I share the information, more wild the gang stalkers start to act. But I think this is a good thing. In my videos, you can see certain people show up quite often, and they are from Casa Torfeld I and II. Sometimes, they are from the neighborhood. But what you see is the connection of gang stalkers. The people in Kanton library are another perps. However, you can see the residents from Casa Torfeld I actually showed up among the other perps. As a whole group, they can show certain characterisitcs; they use same skits over and over in whatever it is. They use camera, talk about hospital, try to disturb whatever I am doing, noise campaign, etc.
From my point of view, you can see the people have already organized in someway to do the accusation or surveillance.

Just think about the group of people claiming something. If you have to defend yourself from over 10 people claiming you as a murderer or a criminal, what you can do? In my case, a couple lived in room 8 or 12 claimed me of stealing oil in the hallway. Then, the Italian speaking woman and other residents, 5 to 6, knocked my room door and accused me of the toilet mess. And the non-resident cooking at the kitchen started accusation on me for stealing boots. This is just going on since when? I have to defend myself from these claimers for their crazy accusations. And someone vandalized my room in the end of February and I called police. And the Somali man and Guinean man have been assaulting me. There is a fake American Highway Patrol car parked in the neighborhood.

Say, if they want to believe as if they are private police, then let me put everything in public eye to balance out their one-sided view. The Somali man drinking and kicking me, yet he claimed me drinking. If such people are really hired by the police, then we can see how police is supporting the criminals. If criminals putting their crime to others and continue working on their criminal activities, then we know why we cannot reduce crimes and how the prison population gets high.
I am sure that there would be some victims before me. These stalkers are trained to work on certain activities. If other victims could notice their faces and claim what they have done to the victims, then it is a good point to reveil the organized crime.

03 April, 2008

So, what the anti-governmental extremists groups doing?

They are given the bread and circus. For the cheep entertainment, they are giving the victim to play with and even allowed to kill him or her without concern. They often use “suicide” claim to make the folks quiet about their murder. And often the victim chose that path by oneself. This is a favorite technique for FBI to oppress the opponents like MLK in the past, by the way.
The bread will be the property of the victim. If the victim ran away from their home, they can take the property and goods to clean up the place. This happened to my stuffs in my apartment in San Jose, CA. 760 N. 7th St. Rm 4219. San Jose CA 95112. I heard that the SJSU students took what I had in my room. The workers of the Pavona Apartment were working with the gang stalkers. They knew the kidnapping of my parents. Actually the parents disappeared after they visited the apartment. So, the gang stalkers would get some stuffs for their evil effort in return.
Why I want to share the information like this? Because, I think this is something against the humanity. Genocide is bad, everyone knows, right? How about discrimination on a powerless individual? That is something normal humang being who has sense of compassion would think. Gang stalkers are sociopath who loves torture and destruction. That is why they cannot achieve anthing except for getting reward for their inhumanity by their criminal bosses.

Be aware of the fake cops!!! I have seen gang stalkers claiming themselves police officers but they even not look like so. One example is the neighbor who comes to the refugee residence and eating with other refugees. What we can do to prevent being tricked by these fake cops is to get the evidences and ask for the ID. Pretending to be enforcement officers would violate some laws, you know.

02 April, 2008

Here is the list I tried to find a room.

This is the list that I called and was told that the someone already took the room. There are some more for the email contacts also, but I omit that in here. I'm in the Kanton Bibliothek and charging my PC since the network is down.

It was quite funny that when the network was down, I saw bunch of perps showed up around. One of them ate some food just like the last time I noticed a man sat on the same space and did so. There are the perps sat in the study room smoking outside. There were about 5 to 6 perps present, just as usual for their surveillance. At least, I got place to charge my PC for free with a good reason and type some stuffs up.

After I set up a new Internet connection from my new home, I might have better chance to work on Internet research and typing stuffs.

If people work in mobbing and trying to discriminate someone, then it is easy to show how things get worse around the individual because of the others. I can tell that what the perps do not want me to have is better improved life. So, they would work on destroying my Internet connection and vandalism. At least, I shared information about Bundes-Wehr in Germany and the Department of Defense in the USA, you know that the Big Brothers are claiming innocent normal people to be mentally ill. What I am doing is to share the information how things are going in my life to show how the certain people influence my life to fall in a negative spiral.

So, the below is the apartment list that the person I spoke said that the room is taken.

Oberdorfstraße/Tannenweg, 5703 Seon
Bruggerstraße 44, 5400 Baden
Stadtbachstraße 77, 5400 Baden
Gottfried-Keller-Straße 2, 4800 Zofingen
Stadtstraße 77, 5400 Baden
Am Tych 4c, 4663 Oftringen
Gerold Heimbstraße 7, Muri AG
Tramstraße 59, 5034 Suhr
Schleipfenstraße 5, 4802 Strangelbach

I finally submit one application form.

I thought Brumgarten one was a good choice but since I experienced the anchoring with the church bell, I decided to put it on the second in my list.

Yesterday, I visited the apartment in Oftringen and that was pretty good as it is a little off from the center of the town to be quiet enough and have a bus stop in front of the apartment.

I must find a way to commute to the shops from there either by bus or by a bike. The price is pretty cheaper than the one in Bremgarten, so the transportation fee would be not much problem to be a disappointment.

I am just curious how many people said the place is taken yet they still put the apartment for rent sign on the web. It would be the langage problem, but some of the response was quite funny. Like today, I called one apartment mieter and a woman answered. Then I asked if she can speak English in German, she switched with another woman. That woman kept asked me as if she cannot understand when I asked her if the apartment was available. Let's see how many perps are working with the renters.

For today's aaplication, I was told that I would get the result next week. The clerk said that they have to have some time in back ground check. I know my Ausweis with "N" made him some impression, but let's see how things go. At least, my form comes with certain people's name of the Department of Gesundheit und Sozieles. Maybe the next American erection would change this situation.

The picture is the fake Highway Patrol enforcement car parked in my neighborhood. The neighbors are involved in gang stalking against me. At least this proves that David Lawson says that the gang stalkers have hand made fake cop cars. I don't understand why Swiss gang stalkers love to decorate cars with American ones.