13 April, 2008

Entire Community working for claiming Mental Problem.

This is an evidence of how people including strangers claiming me "crazy" and they wish me to be sent to hospital by police. Police officers at SJSU claimed me suicidal while I had no idea I was on my way to my class with my homework done.. But I think I need to share this information in public in order to show how people in Casa Torfeld I and neighbors are working on mobbing since last May for psychological torture. There might be expecting me commiting suicide from their continuous 24/7/365 mobbing and interrupting me in no-key room.

If there is real Nazis going on, you can see the peopel around me talking about POLIZEI. If they really send me to hospital believing these residents working on mobbing, then they are the second generation of Stasi Polizei in Europe. I just want to get the case record I filed for these harassers and I want to have a quiet place to stay and study. Right now, I am paying rent and have only few chance to access to the kitchen and shower room because of their presence and their harassment. I started filming, but they usudally do something before I turn on my camera.

The same video is posted at YouTube.



blank said...

Have peace in mind all the time. Don't think of negative issues. Take control of your mind by think nothing. The easiest way to change your world is to change yourself(your mind). Your will be totally fine if you do what I am saying here.
Otherwise I would sadly say you might be really mentally ill. Trust me, I am under the same process as you are. I would like to help you survive as many as I can. Change your force to other issue rather than gang stalking. Again by do not think of it, you will change your world.