30 September, 2012

Gang Stalker Analysis vol. 4 - Gang stalkers in the Catholic church

Long waited GSA film is ready. So far, I created GSA volumes from 1 to 11, missing 7 as I accidentally made 8 instead. This volume is named 4 as that was also missing. I will make another GSA film with 7. Then I will make the translated version and upgrade my homepage with them to add more multimedia-type information.

29 September, 2012

Suspicous Japanese groups and one suspicious man from yesterday

Yesterday, I saw a suspicious man who exit at the metro station where I also exit. He looked suspicious as he sometimes looked at the poster and such to stop by while I was walking very slow to let him walk away. I saw him doing couple of times in the station and then on the street like checking the poster on the parking meter. When I tried to pass him, he saw me and asked me a question in German. I ignored, but it seems an interesting opportunity to fight back and started making a film of the gang stalker. Yesterday was Friday, and I saw many Arabic speaking people on the surveillance.

Today, I took a metro again to near Englisher Garten. The metro was not clouded as it's Saturday morning. I saw a Japanese family with kids stood near my sheet. The kids were noisy shouting in Japanese. These kids were talking about "Kati-kati yama (burning mountain, the famous Japanese old fairy tale)" to their father. They left at Münchener Freiheit station but they seemed to be standing there without leaving the train station. I thought they are perps, and luckily I filmed them from the metro. At the next station, I left and thought of going back to the area. There were two Asian women sat on the bench and I found out they were talking in Japanese. There should not be so many Japanese around, so I suspected them as the gang stalkers. It's just unusual to see so many Japanese in such a short period. I assumed them as they were expecting to be the perps on surveillance to check where I'm heading and such. I don't know if those local self-patrolling team got extra funding from the recent WWII bomb incident, but I have a conspiracy of that one as the insider job - seeing some NYPD logo people before in the area and the actual 911 or the common sense that the area with the gang stalking suddenly increases the crime rate, I can assume that there would be some extra funding for the security based on the increase of the incidents. Well, so far, I saw few Japanese and they seemed to be suspicious, I post them here. I wonder if they are related with those suspicious beeping alarm at the stores. I know the Japanese perps want me to go back to Japan and they could make up a mental disease claim more easily. Also, there are many trouble with Soka Gakkai, which is often claimed as the part of active gang stalking.


Karstadt & Perfetto @ München main train station - one alarm beeping result

Yesterday, I had the lunch time and visited Karstadt near München main train station. I wanted to make a video of randomly checking the security alarms this time. I tried to enter from near the S-Bahn entrance. The Perfetto, the supermarket, had the security alarm at the entrance and it beeped when I tried to enter. It's in front of the Kiosk. Then I just passed through the store as I wanted to get to street to the south east. I kept my camera on till the exit. The Karstadt security alarm at the exit did not beep.

Later, I went through from the same Karstadt security alarm and passed two more security alarms set at the two different exits. This time, none of them beeped. Then I revisited the Perfetto security alarm again, and it still beeped. Conclusion, the Perfetto security alarm near S-Bahn entrance got something wrong. I might try to visit there with my bag with less stuffs and check what was the cause. Perhaps, I can check if the netbook makes the alarm beep just like at the DM in Karlsplatz or not. If that happens, I can complain that these security models got some problems. I did not steal anything and only entering to the store makes it beep. It's so annoying. Maybe, there would be a possibility of activists to bring their netbooks and enter the store from that side in a group to make the alarm continuously beeping. That sounds fun and we can create an artistic protesting video.

But we still have the question; why DM at Karlsplatz got security alarm at the cashier that beeps while nothing around or the customer behind me got beeping when she passed through.

From yesterday's result shows that if someone made up a theft claim on me, I can tell that was a fake one as far as I filmed the conversation of the people who checked my bag at Tengelmann and DM at Karlsplatz. I will continue this research with the hope of better understanding of the security alarm behavior in München.

27 September, 2012

No beeping with my computer and the regular bag today

Yesterday was quite terrible. I got my bag searched just like in DM few days ago. I wanted to check the security alarm today with my large bag with my computer and other stuffs I carry as yesterday.
I did not have time to visit Karlsplatz, so I just checked at Müller and EDEKA at the München main train station. EDEKA has no security alarm at the cashier and I had no problem at the entrance as well. Maybe, I should buy things at EDEKA and small stores instead of DM and Tengelmann where they got alarms falsely using it for harassing the Targeted Individuals.

When I have time, I might try both alarms in DM and Tengelmann at Karlsplatz. If they complain if I just try to pass my bag around at the cashier from entering at the exit, I would just share this blog name and my almost complete purchase records from my spreadsheet keeping the purchase records at stores. I got quite good diary for backing up my visiting at these stores as well. It would be fun if I use these videos and my analysis on these stores for the Gang Stalking study on shoplifting claims. Anything counts for my study, you know? I love doing the research on social science fields. Maybe, I would ask some questions at the open forum for what causes the security alarms beeping, so it could give me the general understanding of what would be the regular cause of beeping. Well, DM's video shows that nothing around the alarm can still it makes beeping. I'm curious if they are actually remote-controlable or not.

For those blackhundreds-like perps who claim anything from their own make-up claims, I would like to share the video resources for the better evidence as open source files. They should have my camera model and the date and time of the film. It should make my study clear from making-up. They could say that I filmed it in different day or something. For the analysis, I would post the date of visit and such for the chronological evidence on my side. It seemed to be started from the day I visited Karstadt at Marianplatz(?) and bought a box of chocolate for my friend. I dropped my mechanical pencil after paying at the cashier and a woman stood next to me pointed it on the floor, and I put it back to my bag. There was no beeping at that time. I experienced the first beeping happened in Karstadt in Münchener Freiheit where I found the beeping happened when I was about to exit and there was a parent pushing a baby cart next to me was also leaving. I thought the beeping was from them as I never experienced such in München before. At DM near there, I found the beeping happened also and this time I filmed. And that was my first video of beeping recording. It did not beep when I picked up my camera and wanted to pass it. If you want to know the exact time, you can check my past tweets, as I posted there as soon as it happened. If the security guys at those places have the records, I can prove everything from my side. So, what happened at DM? I'm just curious to know how they make it run from the entrance and exit. Now, I think the police would be very interested to check how far those security officer related harassment might be going on in the city.

München is not that dangerous despite of famous Neo-Nazi and other extremists. I haven't get any death threat or someone calling me "I kill you" and stalking me like what happened with Abkur Dalow Abshir in Aarau. I can ask help from the police, but they don't help foreigners in München. I might share my German blog to the police later for the frauds and harassment evidences, though.

Tengelmann at Karlsplatz and the alarm beeping

It's so annoying when the security alarm beeping at the entrance or at the cashier. It has been happening almost all the store I go these days. I don`t really know why. I found my large bag beep as well as the small one. I don't know if a netbook can cause the beeping, but as far as I saw in DM, these alarm can automatically turned on when there is nothing around or nobody walking through. That's you can see in GSA11 Version 2.0 video.

Today, I went to Tengelmann at Karlsplatz and bought some groceries. At the entrance, the alarm did not beep. So, I assume my netbook was not the problem. It happens more frequently at Tengelmann near Ostbahnhof. At that place, I experienced the beeping happened at the entrance or only at the entance after the purchase. I'm Catholic and I don't steal things. If I really need help, I would just ask some help in the churches or Catholic NGOs. I don't really like those false theft claims the gang stalkers in the city making up. It's nice they are only focusing on the theft claim these days, so that I don't get any other things like the frequent parents with kids showing up around me in 20m distance. Well, yesterday, I saw about 6 Japanese speaking young short men walking behind me. I took the picture and let them pass me and took the film for the evidence. There should not be so many Japanese people. In the festival place, I did not see any other Japanese, so they might be the perps as they showed up from a strange place away from the U-Bahn station which would be the normal route for the tourists.

This time, I wanted to add the video to the GSA11 and forgot to communicate with them in German. You know, I was so focused on improving my evidence. Well, maybe next time, I can just check it at the both entrance at DM and Tengelmann for reporting it here. And the photo below is the guy who checked my bag. He did not call the police when I asked him. Perhaps I will communicate with him in German and let him call police or I'd do it and share the link to my blog or Gegen Stasi 2.0 in Deutschland, my German blog. I share these perp information for preventing false witness done by them.

24 September, 2012

GSA11 ver.2 - Frequent Alams and fake shoplifting claim by DM

I updated the GSA11 video with better information from today. I went to DM and the alarm beeped at the entrance. Usually, the clerks don't check the bag or the customer when the alarm beep at the casher. Today was the different. The female clerk asked me to let her check my bag. I thought she is a perp as she started the conversation in English straight forward. The perps here in Germany often communicate with me in English instead of German. So, I filmed the conversation with the hope of updating the last video. She asked me if I have cigarette and that might be something often the cause of the beeping there. I had a bathroom cleaning stuff I bought at Müller before, but she did not check it. I had the receipt from there and other goods I bought in the bag as well, so I had no problem to prove my side. She did not give me the change back. After checking my bag, she tried to serve the another customer while the change was left on the spot where people put money. I had to ask her about it. She is really rude and I might not get the money back if I did not mention.

The perps in Germany are quite terrible against the Catholics. They use the parents with kids for the surveillance and that is for the child-molester claim, the typical one for the Catholics, right? And I got shop-lifting claims these days as you can see on the video. That is also those perps love to claim for the harassment against the religious people. I post the clerk's face here for the protesting of what DMs doing against the church visitors in München. I hope they stop harassing the people going to the church regularly. I respect the 10 commandment and I got false theft claims by those people. Can anyone throw tomatoes to her? I heard that is also a German tradition to punish the criminals... or for the theft-claiming perpetrators. Watch out for the alarms in DM which is turned on manually for the harassment on the innocent customers. They beep while nothing is around, and that is what you can check on the video!!!

22 September, 2012

I (heart) Criminals - logo white T-shirt

Recently, I saw a group of people walking and they seemed the gang stalkers. These days, they often use heart logo T-shirt for the psychological anchoring. Here is the picture. Perhaps, they are part of the local patroling group? They might be hanging around with the police officers like other perps around early 20s.

21 September, 2012

Gang Stalking Analysis vol.11 - Frequent Alarms

Here is the latest and long-waited latest GSA series. It covers the frequent alarm beeing in the store. It sounds like the old fasioned way of harassing the minorities in the US, but that is actually popular in Germany and some other area of Europe for the Targeted Individuals.

911 last year and the memory of the small black pigeon

I don't know what happened to my VAIO, but it got completely black screen after it got some problem. I can use it in the safe mode, but when I tried the Firefox, it got crashed. I guess the electronic harassment is going on - isn't it typical for the journalists and activists who are doing their work unfavorable for the governments? I don't do nothing more than just to edit my new book and adding few more pages though. It's not full of political poems, but just the general one with few interesting stuffs for the readers to get some insights.

While I was checking my emails, I found the communication with SOS, the animal shelter organization in Sarajevo. I tried to save some pigeons fell on the garden, and one by one they died in a strange way. It's too sad to see how the black baby pigeon which almost got a host family and died on September 11th last year from unknown cause. Here is the copy of the communication with the person who is working at SOS. The perps might claim me as the pigeon killer as they are so wicked. I tried my best to save small animals while I was gangstalked in the city. There are lots of sick people out there in Sarajevo or other areas. It's nice to share the information here as there are some people actually caring small animals even some animals are not of their specialties.

If you are interested watching the video about how the pigeon died, you can find it on my post around September 11th, 2011. In gang stalking, the victims are usually the innocent victims who did not commit crimes or did anything wrong - perhaps they might be hated or mobbed by the people working at the intelligence. Some women were listed on the black list as the result of rejecting to date with DOD workers. A typical COINTELPRO operation with ill-motivation.

I added the video link here for the reader of this page. Tell me if you know what was the cause of the death of the black pigeon.

19 September, 2012

Activism is not dead

Activism is not dead.

I can stab people with my words
My tongue and my pen are like sharp swords
The truth-seeker will never stop questioning
Because one's mind always in the mode of wondering

The betrayed people shut their mouths and look away
They'd leave the area to move to somewhere far away
My heart pounding with the very fast but orderly rhythms
I got soul and the music with the loud passionate drums

I grew up win California and got the education about freedom
Sex Pistols, NOFX, to my current favorite, Berny's „Za Dom“
Democracy no longer exists without the security checking us
If you own a knife, probably you'd get caught before the use

I use my camera for the evidence collecting and the documentary films
And I keep my words in the film for the memory of my claims
My words stab people with the critical hits
The sensation is more than a banging by my bare fists

Peaceful protesting to the cutting-edge literature
I'd rather be the Thought Criminal with blight new future
Punk is not dead, it was the slogan from the 70s.
For the new millennium, I'd act like ever-20s.

My new poetry book is almost ready for the publication. I'm looking a better publisher now. I'd post the link here for the people who want to read these political peoms and some passionate ones.

17 September, 2012

So, what actually happend in the German schools?

I think the perps would like to claim me as mental disease. It's the easiest way of taking someone out after the mobbing and the group to be able to do the "victim blaming." I sutided a bit of psychology, so I know quite much of how mobbing and gang stalking related with the mental health of the victim. Also, certain psychological problem would occur to the victim as such cases are listed on David Lawson's Cause Stalking. Moreover, the police-backed harassments are often discussed for the COINTELPRO operations. I learned more about the Project Superman, Andy Pero's legendary US Army related new Jubelmenschen project issues. Also, the local child-molester claimers - I got some parents with kids showing up about 20m distance for the surveillance. Are they plain clothes officers? Or the local concerned citizens hired by the gangs/extremists? That's what the München Police should discover. All, I know is that I got some parents with kids showing up in the church and sat near me. They are not the regular visitors as they don't really know what kind of material they use for the mass. Now wonder, Michael Jackson lived here once and owned a flat. I learned more about such issues as a freelance writer. Is there the issue of Eurasian Union going on with the Russian insiders? I don't really know about that, but seeing so many Russian perps and others who are related with Russia like the Korean perps who lived in Russia, so I can tell that might be part of the local perp's interests.

Well, now I need to tell the core concept of how I could not improve my German. First of all, the classroom is full of gang stalkers. They do the anchoring and gaslighting. I got one good picture of Ignacio, the Spanish guy, wearing NYPD logo sweatshirt. The conversation was also wierd. When I talked about my life in Switzerland and such, I got someone else in the classroom who lived there or worked there. And the teacher would start asking about him for the information from Switzerland. For example, there was a Mormon American guy who was often asked to talk about Switzerland as he worked there. But after the Catholic priest, Thomas, from Zürich came, Thomas was the one to answer such questions. I don't know what is the point of asking someone who lived or worked there to ask about Switzerland, while I got some knowledge much of the Swiss government - ah, I cannot tell much of my what I learned in BiH and such or those people from the embassy might be in trouble.  I can freely tell about these suspicious Americans as I got problem with CIA when I asked the political asylum. You can see, there was the strange censorship of what to say or who to ask about what in the classroom. The teacher has a blue Sieg bottle and talking about it as "my Swiss bottle" all the time. I don't know how far the psychiatric injury is caused from such incident. Can anyone from psychology field tell me about the power harassment possibility in the class?
In another scenario,  there were 5 Muslim men in the classroom and the teacher speaks Arabic. There was one Muslim woman with hijab also attended the class for a short time. She did not complete the class though. There were 2 visitors, one Bosnian and one French women. They came to observe the class. I don't know why there were people like that just showed up, while the teacher did not really do the teaching enthuristic. He just gave us some assignments from the textbook, but we watched the news more often. He also talked about Arabic and the Muslim students often talked about their culture. Meanwhile, when I went out to a beer garden for the school event, there was a Bolivian girl mentioning about Islamic culture in Syria and talking about no alcohol or the Ramadan issues. Another case was that Iman from Tunisia sat next to me after two Russian girls moved to another table. It was during the Ramadan time, and she ordered a glass of coke and then started complaining about she cannot eat or drink till the sun set. It was around 7.30pm, and I don't know how long she suspposed to wait till drink that coke later. So, there were people around me mentioning about Muslim culture quite many time. In one occassion, I got Irish girls in Croatia who were talking about Muslims cannot eat pork while I was cooking seafood in the kitchen. There was no Muslim in the building, but they started the conversation like that. I did not like the way how people around me were talking about Islamic culture. What if I try to be friendly and try to respect them? I would be definitely claimed as possible Muslim, right? I'm Catholic and I don't like to be claimed as Muslim or Jew. Jews were sent to the concentraion camp - the first one is in Dashau, near München. Now some Muslims are sent to Gitzmo or other places by the US Army. I don't wanna get my name on FBI's "Islam Index." I'd rather say Mohammad is a sexist and ped, if that make me forever away from Muslim claims. So, what was the reason so many Muslims in the classroom and even the teacher speak Arabic? And there was a Bible given to Paula, who worked as a flight attendant in Italy. That Bible seemed the Swiss Bile with 4 languages, instead of Rhätoromansch, English was added as the fourth. It was the day after I talked about Swiss Churches in the class.

To make my explanation short, I would just write in the bullet style.
  • Censorships of the topic and who to speak
  • Someone else often answered before I answer when I was assigned to speak, so I did not have chance for the speech often.
  • Motivation down by others who could speak about what I know the best, and the teacher often assigned that person for that topic
  • Gaslighting with the NYPD, and other materials in the class
  • Totally submissive lectur - there is less time for individual study and the most time was spent for the talking in the group or watching the video
  • The grammer collection of the students' writings in the entire group, and mentioning partzip 1, 2 and such from the news materials. If someone else is answering the questions, it is hard to concentrate on listening and guessing. Usually, there are few students who are quick to answer those questions and others just listening the answers.
  • V2K and the high-pitched tone on the night before the exam to keep me awake. One time, I noticed that I could hear the air conditioners' noise and some hissing noise around my occipital robe/cellebrum area. I used the ear plug and the outside noise supposed be shut down. Microwave hearing might have some noice noticed on the back of one's skull, so it might be a good example of how my electronic harassment effect is not the natural cause.
  • Submiliminal effect: I always got something else to do and could not often keep my study on my top priority. It could be artificial. For example, I thought of finishing new vocaburary, I found out something like do the laundry first, and I had to postpone my extra study. It's just get the inspiration of something else to do, and so many incidents made me to have less study time. I think this is quite normal phenomenon for the unwelcome students. Also, I often got feeling that my answer is not right and get some wrong answer. It could be of those subliminal effect to delay my learning process as if I'm not over 90% sure, I could get the feeling of another possibility as right.
  • Synchronized health effects: I saw often coughing, sneezing happened around me while I got such problem. Runny nose just occured for a short time while another person in the same room needed to blow one's nose. I don't know what kind of non-lethal weapon is used, but I think that is something to do with the covert weapons. 

15 September, 2012

Some perp names from the past.

Here are the 2 Americans' names from the past.

Schwanz Derek.
Noggle Will.

And 3 Mexicans who are engaged in the gang stalking. I got more information later for the book writing.
Luis Lepiz Israel.
Guevara Almar Sergio.
Lopez Miguel Antonio.

One Burgarian who speaks Japanese.
Andonov Mladen.

And the Kyrgistan woman who used to work in the German Embassy in Russia and was often engaged in the gang stalking with others, especially gaslighting. She supposed to be the Embassy Assistant there. I know some diplomats in my life but others who I met in different occassions never did any gaslighting, so I guess some are just the corrupted part for the gang activities. I was thinking to share her name and somehow I encountered one more Kyrgistan woman recently. Should I share her name?
Abasova Nurzada.

Korean woman from the Goethe Institut in the immigration office.

The Korean woman from the Goethe Institut showed up in the immigration office and talking there. There were lots of Russian people on the line. I was once in the same class with her and later she was in the same class again and this time she started calling herself as the same name as my ex-roommate's nickname. I moved out later to another place, but she seemed to be attending the TaeKonDo lessons in the same area as I lived at that time. If the real police wants to investigate on those mysterious people in my classroom like the Catholic priests from Zürich for taking class 1 months and not taking exam for the certificate or others, they can take this video for the evidence. When the teacher was talking about the war, she asked the question about the Japanese militia group. Later she was talking with a Japanese guy about it together. I don't know how many Japanese militia in Japan, but they are often the Korean-Japanese who are pretending to be right wing people. If they are perps, do they want to make up a suspicion of Japanese extremists?? I just post those suspicious stuffs for the safety of myself and for the peaceful activism against the organized stalking. I can share the Korean woman and the Japanese man's talk for the evidence for my side. I got so many claims like shoplifting to child molesting by the perps.

Superdry T-shirts

German perps often wear Superdry T-shirts as well as NYPD and Addidas. Here is an example of someone with Superdry T-shirt. I don't think so many people wear Superdry T-shirts with Japanese logo.

The Goethe Institut and gang stalking (A scandal about German education system) Part 2

The day after I talked about the Catholic church in Switzerland, Paula, the Italian classmate got 4-language new testament from a Portiguese classmate. This Bible is often used in Switzerland, and I don't know how he could get one and why he gabe it to her. They both passed B2 exam at that time and there were 5 Muslims in the class. One occassion, a Bosnian and a French women came for the observation of the class. The class was taught by Herr Lothar Wehrle, an ex-Jornalist who speaks Arabic. During the class, he often talked in Arabic with the Muslims. And I found a suspicious paper about "New Apostric Church Japan" dropped on the street out side of the school.  I don't know why such strange paper was there. It reminded me of how the SJSU students - Sarah Lynn and others of Anthropology department doing when I was studying there - so I added the SJSU tag for this video. Now I got much better evidences and the educational system controled by the gang stalkers.

The Goethe Institut and gang stalking (A scandal about German education system)

I have been taking classes for last 3months at Goethe Institut. And I was with the gang stalkers in the classrooms and the teachers were engaged in the gang stalking as well. I thought it was a good idea to share how I cannot pass B2 exam for more than few times. Say, if I take it for another few times, it should be no problem, right? The truth is, the teacher won't teach anything and just keep chatting. They don´t use the textbook or handouts. Shall I say how that happened in DID, another language school? They got teachers wearing black top and blue bottom just like the major gang stalkers in my case. Also, these teachers have the priority on the COINTLEPRO and to give lower grade on the targeted individuals. I feel sorry for the German children as they can get free education but actually their grades would be based on the favor of the teachers. Perhaps the children with the parents on the black lists won't get a good education due to the harsh and viased grading. I'm going to write about these information from my own experience as a TI.

Here is the information from actual incidents. I was in Frau Renate Maschke's C11A class. There was some Russians, one Croatian girl, the Korean woman who I saw in the immigration office and again in my classroom later and this time she called herself as of my roommate's nickname (creepy huh? Chinese offten use nickname but not the Koreans or they often use Japanese name in Japan though) and a Chinese girl working for the security. Frau Maschke did not look at my eye straight and she was always looking someone else when she asked me questions. Also, she was looking at me while we were doing the listening and other class-level study. Later some of us were asked to move to B level and I ended up in B23A with Herr Lothar Wehrle. It happened after I sometimes I talked with the Croatian girl in Croatian language and told her I was in BiH for 9 months. The Korean woman was not in the same class at that time. There were 5 Muslims in the classroom and it was the Ramadan time. The teacher spoke about Ramadan and half of the classmates were Muslims. I ignored it. It's the bullshit to respect Muslims takign the afternoon class. If the school really want to pay respect to them, they should let them take the morning class instead! So, I enjoyed eating my lunch in the classroom before the class and had a nice bottle of water or coke all the time on my desk. Actually, I was nervous with Muslims because of my experience in BiH, and later I got stressed and could not eat well and was just drinking stuffs like protein and enegy drinks. There was an Italian woman who worked for the airline in the class room and she got Swiss Bible from someone from Portiguse on the next day I talked about the Kloster in Switzerland. There were 2 American men in the classroom and Peter was capable of telling others about the Swiss dialect quite well. So I got some people who are related Switzerland here. Herr Wehle is an retired jouranist and he speaks Arabic with strong accent. I speak intermeiate level MSA, so I can tell a bit of difference of who sounds more natural and such. He often talked some sentences in Arabic in the classroom but we did not do anything more than watching news clips on the Internet. He did not use the textbook much. That was the time I learened about ineffectiveness of the study taught by the gang stalking related teachers. These students seemed to be working and not all the students could get their presantation done - like me and some others. He did not assign all students the presantation opportunity. You see, it's not worth to pay around 1000€ for such class.

Next time was with Herr Eckhard Schünemann. There was a Catholic priest, Thomas, from Zürich. He was in the classroom. I don't know why a priest can afford to pay 1000€ tuition to study here. He is from India, but Herr Schünemann often asked him to share his experience in Switzerland instead of India. He lived 4 years in Zürich, so 1 year longer than me. He said he doen't like working in Switzerland, and I got that part recorded as I wanted to keep all the evidences of gang stalking activities in the school. Herr Schünemann told me my German is caotic and he suggested me to move to B22 or somewhere lower. And B22 is where the Italian women who showed up to the Goethe-Treff and I encountered Iman from Tunisia. In the last posting, you can see how Iman sat next to me and she complained about the Ramadan and she cannot eat anything in the beergarden. I don't know why I encountered Muslim woman in such a way again. There was 2 American guys just like the last class. One of them is Mormon and he sat next to me. Zao Hui, the Chinese girl working at the security company, was in the same class again. I don't know where she came from, but we were in C11 class once before. At the end of the class, some students got C1 certificate. I don't know how these people can get them even dropping down. That's one of the mystery to question about Goethe Insititut, the famous language school even the German embassy is backing up and providing the leaflets there. She did the presentation in the class about Nanking Massacre by the Japanese. It's a typical topic for the Chinese agains the Japanese people. However, she said that she was in Tokyo when Fukushima got nuclear melt down and the earthquake. It's interesting fact to notice, isn't it? The guy from Spain, Ignatio, was one day wearing the NYPD sweatshirt with hood in the classroom for the gaslighting. I encountered many gaslighting in the classroom. There were two women from Cameroon and they got C1 certificate. The teacher said that they were his coworkers and they were actually talking about street vending and after their presentation about their country some students bought clothes and accessaries. I can share my notes and the voice recording in the future for the gang stalking anaylsis.

And the second time was again with Herr Schünemann. The Korean woman who I saw in Frau Maschke's class was again in the room. She used the nickname instead of her Korean name this time. And she was using the nickname like my roommate. Also, she started attending the TaeKonDo class in the area where I live. There was a bombing of WW2 bomb happened recently, and that building was near to McDonalds where I was often cheated on the charge like the same woman returning 1€ instead of 2€. I got film about it and is planning to share them with the bombing incident pic later here. Quite interesting blog writing by an ex-refugee, right? I got full of things going on in my life from kidnappeing to the top secrets related with the national security... Herr Schünemann's class got someone from Norway, just to mention about how I wrote Norway government's interest on 911 truth in the past post here. Also, one Japanese guy from Innsbruck and he supposed to be staying here for one class period. I don't know why someone moving from another German speaking country for the study. He and the Korean woman often talk together, so I assume they are in the class for the gang stalking just like how the Catholic priest was in the last class. Ok. This class was quite terrible. The teacher's aim seemed to be how to kill the time. He asked each students to answer questions one by one and not using so much of the textbook but spending time for speaking out the correction from the students' writings. No proper vocaburary texts or anything in this level but listening the chatting. I don't know if that is what students should do in C11 level class. No handouts but only for few things explaining noch and such. That is the remarkable thing in his class.
I don't know why these teachers are making more lectures to reduce the motivation and just to give the place for gaslighting. There supposed to be 2 Japanese guy in the classroom to make it three Japanese but only one was attending. Here is the names of those two Japanese; Tomoya Sakurai and Hiroyuki Akatsuki. Also, there are many Japanese people in the school these days. I don't know why there are so many around. I seriously get nurvous seeing Japanese because of my past experience of seeing German speaking perps in BiH and other areas, but today I got two Japanese in the same room for the exam and I just left the room after the first section. Here is the list of the students took the exam today. I'm tired due to the psychiatric injuries done by the Goethe students and teachers. Who cares blaming me of exposure? I can do it to protest as GEGEN STASI 2.0!!! It's fun to see how many Japanese here are engaged in gang stalking.

And here is the video I was in the library. That's the place someone stole my fountain pen. I guess that was done by those gang stalking related students. If they want to claim me for anything like pedophilie, shoplifter, criminal, etc - the normal fake claim against the Targeted Individual, then I can just share their names for my own safety. The funny thing is that, there were only few Asian sat near me and a Spanish speaking man is behind of me. He was often talking with a Swiss girl from Geneve who was in the classroom. She left the class a week ago, and I don't know what happened to her. Later she was going out with that Korean woman who showed up to the immigration office when I visited there. And this guy was to take the exam this time and I was in the same room. There were two more Japanese in the same room and one of them, Tomoko Ootuka, sat next to me. Yesterday, she got school announce and was to visit somewhere, and that was how I remembered her name.  Hiroyuki Akatsuki in the same class seemed to be taking the B2 exam this time, but you can see his name is not listed here. He is not taking C1 as I got list pictured for the perp checking. I wonder what happened to some people who supposed to be taking the exam. Do they give away free education and certificates to the gang stalking members? Oh, yeah, one more thing to mention. During the exam, I experienced sneezing and coughing. I got someone on left behind sneezing and another one coughing to the right behind. These things just happened during a short time and later I did not feel the sneezing. Is this an example of electronic harassment? They got perps working in the school, so people with NYPD clothes can do something like that with the FBI/DOD provided non-lethal weapons, right?

14 September, 2012

The quality reduction by the company and schools

I have seen many places having less quality in their service against the TI. If it's restaurants, the waiters often cheat on the change. If it's hotels/hostels, the TI would be asked to move around in the rooms due to the certain groups need the room arrangements. In other case, the group room would be filled up with the group who shows up in the exact number to fill it up. If it's 6 bed room, a group of 5 would come to occupy the room. If it's a company, the TI would be ignored often for the less services or productivity. Meanwhile the people there got strong communication among them. If it's a school, the teacher don't teach but just engage in chatting instead of providing the new materials for study while other classmates mysteriously increase their language skills. I heard the concept is not to teach the fundamental knowledge, so the TI cannot get one's thought about the materian not organized.

Is this what we call "cooporate crime"? I don't know, but as far as I know, there are people called economic hitman. Now I will claim myself as "economic hitman investigator." How is that? I can now study these perps and strange skits and other type of corruption in the society. If these people are the cause of the quality problem, then it's better for the customers to know about it. Well, the perps might say themselves as problem handlers, but they cannot do anything with my analysis if they are doing something wrong while I compare them with what looks the solution comparing them. There are certain clerks, waiters, teachers, etc, in the organizations working for the gang stalking and they are the problem of lower quality.