29 December, 2018

"Good Morning and I Love You" book on sale!

The book about the boy and the girl next door and getting along for the early pregnancy and further poverty lane issues.


14 December, 2018

It's December already

I'm just busy with some language studies and so many dramas happening around me. I wrote down as the book for the journal type recordings and later someone gone crazy is still around and just things going out to be settling down... Enough security issues I learned about the UK and so on.

I'm spending Christmas probably in Ireland or London or somewhere instead of Krakow or Warsaw. But still, I have things to do and probably I learn better Croatian like "Idemo idemo idemo na idem" type phrases from the alternative timeline myself. Future and the past trips? Done with others? And just another location for the work after SF state graduate pattern available as the future changer and still on my time line available to review. Or the same person marrying to me from 2013 or 2016 and so on without too much dramas with Jap people who are only in mind about male way of conquering others and if we as a group to get to the same person as the group of partners for ruining things.

19 November, 2018

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love is like finding a small but beautiful flower on
the side of the countryside road and worried to be stamped on
How lovely or charming the small flower to be in such a location?
I dont know but that is something special to stare and look upon

If the beauty is only the one side story and the one way view,
I still see the good things only as the admirable image always
For the unconditional love, I must see the fading background cue
Which is not only the cherishing but the bad image and pities

Will you find the most clever way for respecting the lowly,
Weakness, worst, severeness, scarcity, ill, and all the sickness?
The true love and the best heart stands for the hospitality
Through out the yearlong and same way of loving as the madness

Yes, it is the love sick and the madness for the affection
Why do I have to see, to smell, to feel, to touch the matter?
I want to touch you and take you, like the virus infection
To be in the same way of carrying away and stick together

The matter was the closeness and the life long ability to touch
To be pleasant on the eyes, and to be pleasant to the smell
Anything for the five senses were for the concentration to reach
Your sphere and your existence is so particularly on the globe

How to see you or touch you and yet accepting all the good and bad in you?
That is the true unconditional love endless and devotional, you already knew

Chocolate Pepper Mix!

Chocolate Pepper Mix!

The story of the two popular teenssmall success story went around for awhile. Their bandssongs in the small university cafeteria and the concert hall went very well. Indeed, there are many small bands on campus for showing off their group names on the colorful posters. One day, we saw the Chocolate Marriage Gig!on the poster. Wow,that was such quick. Everyone knew what the marriage meant. That was the small girl from the library and the poorly hair-dressed skinny yet tall vocalist. Their songs are so powerful!

Chocolate Pepper Fish,
Now is the last time to finish
Chocolate Pepper Dish,
Today is the marriage to cherish

That was sung outside of the old student hall near the exit by the small group of the tuxedo and dress wearing people. These young people gathered up to the entrance steps made of the half dorm image red bricks. The school tower of the building  made their gathering to look cool enough for the photography to promote their band videos and posters. It was not the proper time to see them just hanging around in the formal suits. They looked pretty mature, and the song was pretty popular enough for anyone visiting the band show nights can sing. I can sing the first two phrases already after listening it at the first time. Everyone likes it. It was not the Catherines job done for her to shout her whole name with the middle name on the middle during the rugby and football team practice around the lunch time at the campus fields. Since she lives off-campus dorm housing with her friends, she walked and crossed the truck field with her band friends or the library science major friends. Catherine Patterson Fisher!She shout. Wow, now we gonna cross the field!or Wow, now we are returninhomeare the next short phrases for the girls and boys to shout along. It changed Catherines entire life. She was a fisher and now is the real fish!

Chocolate Pepper Fish,
Now is the last time to finish
Chocolate Pepper Dish,
Today is the marriage to cherish

The chorus started around the family gathering style small marriage photo shooting groups. It was the maroon color haired eye-grassed man and the red hair in the bum girl in the white dress to be the groom and the bride looking couple at the door step as the main pair. The flash was burnt. What about Catherine? She was the main pair for the band singing this popall the time. It was the popwe said on the campus for the major wave of what to sing for the future and the current image of the campus. When we saw Chocolate Pepper Fishtitle on the band, The Sunny Day Rockers,  we just admired another shout on the campus and passerby started humming the tune somehow.

From the freshman era to the senior on campus,
We each had the error and the honor for the rock
I sung, because Catherine and Betty as my gals
We left Betty VitaminBurton for another relic

The first fish went to another pond? It was there
Just like the boys love what we left for the punk
Yet we girls want more clean sounds for the sphere
We added purer lyrics for the simple refrain music

My life, my ways, I had with was always my guitar
Your life, your ways, would be only for the baseball
His life, his ways, would be just with the computer
Her life, her ways, would be more as the party game

What was left as the memory of our campus was the rock
So, we enjoy singing all the time adding our nickname
How much do you love me? Or do you like this school work?
We did all my best to take our music away to the home

And then, the party show broke out. There were more people gathered into behind of the old ivy crawled stone building. There were some wooden picnic tables with chairs lined up on the white pebbles. They had a nice red and white cross napkins on the table for the decoration. And there were some light snacks like the sliced French breads, sliced cheese, assorted salamis, sliced tomatoes for the easy sandwich making, some fruit bowls, snack bags, and several 2L bottle sodas and plastic cups on it. The image was the typical campus food outside except the BBQ faculty for grilling hamburgs and hod dogs. The tall punky pink curl hair man showed up in the white shirt and the pinky pants. His shirt has the dotted lined bots and it made some unique color combination like a crown image in the group. But the real crown was the green crown fig wearing guitarist who was wearing just the normal black jacket on top of the dirk navy color trouser. He was wearing the white shirt with a suspender. Catherin with a black witch hat came with a straight blue color fig. She was wearing the fake black leather jacket on top of the V-neck orange sweater and a shiny black skirt. She brought a large tart tray from the campus delivery service cart.  

The small film shooting was done by the photographers and the campus journalists. They came in the shirts and jeans like slightly easy clothes but they looked so professional in the atmosphere building in the group photos at the picnic tables. They were laughing about the missing tuna cans that can be for the fish part. And that part of the colorful background with some fish can holding short clip was added to the school video later. We saw it on the back screen of their gig day. So, I understood that the famous group was making the video for show date. And the marriage gigwas quite simple. They only had the new background screen video for the promotion than the normal psychedelic ones. And only one couple wore the tuxedo and dress again for the show. The girl was nothing but the three of the sub vocals after the main pair vocals. The curly blond hair boy had no guitar today but sung with his former girl friend, Catherin. Catherin was wearing her normal white sleeveless top and a black skirt with a huge square buckle belt for the accent. She wore the striped long tights for the black and purple accent on the show.

Chocolate Pepper Fish!
We come for the final speech
Chocolate Pepper Dish!
Cerebrate the wedding for each

I expected the songs are something to do with the marriage or some talk shows for the newly married couple. They worked at the cafe next to the campus. And that was the location they met or stated to work together to spend more time for each other. Some followers knew where to find the class and school celebrities. And I knew their cafe well for the frequent use of the take out coffee depot.

Chocolate Pepper Fish!
Special thanks for you, Trish!
Chocolate Pepper Dish!
Andrea, Alex, David, and Doyle!

Chocolate Pepper Fish!
Special thanks goes to Dmitri!
Chocolate Pepper Dish!
Steve, Dag, Erika, Jane, Joey!

Chocolate Pepper Fish!
Aron, Yuen, Bill, Steph, Joseph!
Chocolate Pepper Dish!
Patti, Debora, James, Jill, Ralph!


The names are shouted in the rhythm as the special thanks part at the end of the show that end at 10pm. At that time, we found some similar names or classmates or our even our own on the list of the special thanks part. That one was so huge. It was more like the single list of the large group names as the song. That was the pop song. We wanted simple and only added the single ones as the fish.Later,Catherine explained it to the campus article with her face photo. Single fish, a better fish but not a best dishis the new Album Title and the new secret bonus truck. The school article said at the end.

Kaidaru and Other Japanese Cop Made Islamic Groups - Book on Sale!

Here is the long waited "Kaidaru" book. It explains the stories of Kame, Genbu, Kaidaru, Kikko, Matsu, Tengu, Da-Tuno, Za-Dar! and other Japanese cop made Islamic groups and their history lines.


1000 Words of Love - a poetry book on sale!

While I was in Cyprus, I started working on the poetry book including the Chocolate Pepper Fish stories and other poems. The book includes 38 poems and 10 short stories.


26 October, 2018

The Upside Down Story - The Future people met in the past during the Organizer's future time frame

The Upside Down Story - The Future people met in the past during the Organizer's future time frame -
By Miyoko Goto
The past trip made woman's future stories from that past dropping point. The Future-Past has only one attachment but the past point has so many future possibilities and such futures are existing in different dimensions in the time scale. A future woman traveled to the pat and met a woman for the proper contact making. But all went wrong and several histories created in other dimensions.

Click the below and buy one.

21 October, 2018

Why Kurds lost on the War on Terrorism competision

I heard the Japanese Muslims worked with Turks as the Kurd pretenders to be harsh and dangerous. But they died out after the Syrian War. The war timers thought Syrians would be easily recruited into the Japanese desert teams in Kazakhstan and after the trip to Kurds region. What happened was the Syrians took the hostages of the Kurds women and the woman's face and body were wiped out by the pebbles as the image of showing the fire starting and other crazy jokes as how far the women can get the tortures. And it was done. No women.

Thus, Kurds are not recruited into the Muslim division.

And I heard more Muslims like Syrians and minorities in India would go through the same way after their women killed.

Currently, the female mocking is going on by the police officers everywhere. Women's belongings are damaged and wealth taken. Names stolen by the Muslim women. Islamic law is such a crude way of showing no more freedom on the women. Females can be taken as hostages. Thus, the women can be mocked more from their own nationality or regional basis. A woman would be harassed by the Muslims from one's own nationality. Muslims take the female gender identity as the sex object or birth giving object. Thus, there is less mobility on the women around.

Much worse is the situation of the police groups pretending to be drug dealers and mafias while they claim drug sellers are their targets. So, the police just be there as law for judging others only from their fake evidences and crude sciences. Police officers would bring their own people to settle into the area their target would go. And, it is the same way the textbooks and jobs are stolen. The police/mafia team would bring their own people to take over the study materials and jobs. In the same way, there are many people replaced around. But it is not necessary about Islam. Pedida supporters like me would be added for the Islam claim. Nothing functioning these days for taking out the Muslims or whatever. 

13 October, 2018

Human Zombie

What the zombie boom ended up in the real time line these days? That is the deserted officers. They wonder around without proper names nor social values. So, they need to take someone else as the culprits and trying to get some social respect to be existing. They also hunt someone or someone's wealth in a hoard. Thus, they kill some people for the new life building from the dead or unknown state.

Anything human would be the propaganda from the Saudi Arabia. The people hunt others and that is how the small particles survive on the Earth. Eat and take the shit out. Any other values given to the humans as the life stability making would be stolen easily like the robber time.

We used to have the civilized society with less discrimination as people could achieve something in the social system for the reward system. But now, the merchants and others are taught to swindle and discriminate for the cultural stability building and sometimes corrupted as a part for the military exercises. 

10 October, 2018

taiyou no kunji (太陽の訓示/The Revelation of the Sun) as the War signal from the Japanese emperor

I heard from the V2K that "the Revelation of the Sun" is something as the signal of the war from the Japanese emperor once again after the World War II. And the same Japanese royal funding was used for crashing the Catholics in Croatia for the Japanese Navy invasion around Pula for raping kids and replacing families to have the pro-security people and also for the Hiroki Noda's clan settling north of Zadar. Also for Zadar people for stealing the wealth from Filipino population in Croatia with Bulgarians.

Bulgarians got enough Japanese SDF and NINJA training ready for the invasion in Macedonia. Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia got enough medical funding from Japan as the sex organ checkers and pornography making to sell the naked body image selling of the locals.

I heard this Revelation of the Sun is related with the UN and the UN needs a fake dominance power as the crashing target. Thus, they would say someone or the some groups to be the dangerous ones and the larger sphere is to make the money for the leadership groups. It meant the small workers of their own to be engaged in the wrong doing or even the workers' enemy counted as  the worker for the cutting off the lizard's tail effect. Whatever they do, there is only one emperor group responsible. And they might invade other royal family groups like the Turkish people did in Hungary or Scandinavia by the Saudi government. But that is the same people started war for the dictatorship. 

Leon Piroshiki as the false prophet figure in South America for the UN

I heard Leon guy is engaged in the UN and that is for the world class dictatorship and communism/Nazism. The future UN agenda is given by the Wong Chinese man and he is helping the invasion of Japan from Sado island. There were same police wannabe groups in Takamatu in Shikoku island and their clan rotated around in Shikoku for killing the Buddhist pilgrimages to make their own police money for moving and living. Leon Piroshiki would be the name used for the new UN leadership program after the world journalist conference (world dictatorship conference) in Okinawa. Piroshiki would be the same man as Leon Yoshiki, Leon Hyoshiki, Leon Hazuki, or Leon Kazuki (the one killed out so many in Tohoku region as a German worker).  Leon Piroshiki would cut all the pensions in Japan and give it to the US Army fund. It would be backed up by the France. I heard someone from Sorbonne as a gardening chair in Lyon killed and cloned and raped to death again in Hungary after landing without money. She wrote a book called "Gardening Future." And they would be pushing communism while the France would be turning to the black mass, more Muslim army populations around and killing locals with wealth like the beginning of the communist time.
Leon Piroshiki used to be killing the Japanese Catholics in South America after telling his name is based in Russia and the human excrement contaminated Piroshiki sold in Brazil and other area for the police chosen rotten people wiping out practice. Thus, the South Americans got base of killing in the middle area and dumping site is the place in Northern Chili for the water connection and dumping of massive population to grab some wealth once again like the dictatorship time by the Soka Gakkai.

Meanwhile, Taisuke Okumura's Japanese royal family would be adding Chinese philosophy and Chinese population to Japanese. Thus, the new UN division would be adding Sado island more Chinese for the potential Chinese Wong dictatorship with Leon Yoshiki/Piroshiki to crash the Japanese government. Also, Heihachiro Murayama and his mafia clans from North Korea would replace the dead and killed people in Japan. So, more Chinese and North Koreans would be living in Japan for further war practice with Wong and Leon. Taisuke Okumura might be engaged in the V2K technology for making everyone hear once about the denial of wealth or money before their stuffs to be stolen so the police won't feel no bad feeling after the thievery by their own people. This giving up of wealth is a normal norm in the future UN.  But it meant the world super power USA to be powerless after it is pushed as the dictatorship by the communists - the wealth and foods are from someone else and stealing is how they obtained. The citizens names are misused for stealing the wealth also. The religious people would have the police workers and the police workers replaced all the good people and only the police helping rapers and thieves are working at the churches and mosques or whatever. In such case, anyone giving donation would be targeted for the name replacement and even murder for the religious cult sake. The new one visited and give up wealth for us! And that works any religion.That's cult.

Wong would be the same "everybody wants money!" shouter and Steve Suzuki rapper guy supporter. Wong clan would be still doing the seminar about how to treat women and the women are tortured for the Iran and Saudi funding on their religious police clan making. Thus, more single women are counted for some physical and mental damages as the war lecture on others. Police could be seeing how far women can be treated in the eastern division.

Thus, no where is safe. 

I finished the book called "Kaidaru and other Japanese Cop Created Islamic Groups"

Since my old netbook was stolen on Feb 14th this year, I had no feeling of writing books. My "Tom's Friday," "Pavilion" and some drafts, and "Roof Top" and much more were lost due to the ill backuping online. Also my pictures of couple of years lost. But now I'm working on some books and trying to settle my life someway again.

Meanwhile, I got some Japanese groups called Leon Yoshiki or Leon Toshiki type groups. And I was warned about the same old man called as Takahashi cop or journalist and the same one cloned to be around after they are killed and brought back from the Munich Tech University or the UN. The future UN would be pushing the dictator ship for making no more religious people or just giving up all the free thoughts but just marriage and working all day long as the normal model human being and any pain would be ignored. Is Bankee Moon got 7cm penis size and only 7.3cm at the elected state? I heard some people are misusing the UN in the current location for the Mars synthesizing program.

I would be publishing the book if I feel for finishing. But I heard Leon's group are threatening as they could steal my work and publish them for their own exercises. I think the same people are stalking me from Croatia or Ireland areas. And there would be the rotating model for the group building in one location and making profits. I heard Sado island is the spot for the UN groups in future or something to start the killing of women as the Japanese SDF and the Bosnian living Saudi princess and the Bosnians in NATO to get the leadership in UN after Bankee Moon. The same Chinese Wong or Zhue guy to be on top of it for further crashing the police boys after the worked too close to be police after the jail bailing by helping the police jobs.

Strange brightness difference in the sky at Larnaca beach today.

Is this a part of the Japanese SDF and the German militia doing from north of Nicosia? Economic rains have been used often in Ireland, UK, Montenegro and some other areas in Europe. They can cause the sudden lightning also at night for the search light purpose. Are the Turks and the Jap NAVY with NATO Bosnians invading the southern Cyprus?

By the way, there were 2 German speakers sat next to my chair at the beach. Nothing like Christ's coming but just the artificial war image on the sky. The V2K speakers said that the Turks would take the north from the line and south is crashed as the message.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 10th, 2018

OSAM from September 10th, 2018.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 9th, 2018

OSAM from September 9th, 2018.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 12th, 2018

OSAM from September 12th, 2018.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 4-6th, 2018

OSAM from September 4-6th, 2018. 

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 4-7th, 2018

OSAM from October 4-7th, 2018. I think German car in Larnaca is VM XB 9386. But still some Germans are around stalking me. Look at the tour time video, a German tourist showed up to a small church.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 1-3rd, 2018.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 1-3rd, 2018.

02 October, 2018

I had my molar extracted today

I visited a dentist in the city center and I had my molar taken out. I fixed that one twice already and it had the problem once again. This time, I took it out.

Here, you can see the cracked top part with a strange metal in it. What's this metal for?

German car xx XB 9386 in Cyprus

I saw a German car while I was waiting a bus at night. It's a rural area of Larnaca in Southern Cyprus. Still, I could see some German cars!? I contact police and the synagogue for the stalking. Enough Germans around, I think. And I heard some Bulgarian and Romanian populations are killed.

Also, I heard Syrians are killed by the Indians and the Japanese groups pretending to be searching Chinese migrants for the oppressing while they actually trying to invade houses and steal money around.

24 September, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 21-23, 2018

OSAM from September 21-23, 2018. A polish car in Cyprus! Some Japanese and Chinese logo showing perpetrators.

The Pope's aim and Medica in South America

I heard from the V2K that the Pope Francis might have the aim of the totalitarian military contact of the world controllers union. It used to be Medica and DECUO to be in South America after the huge land slide to happen in Germany after the crashing of the billionaire's underwater residence in Vienna in December 2015. There is the huge water reserve made underwater in Germany, Switzerland, Austria areas. And the land slide to happen after so much of the pollution and the underwater mines.

In such case, Germans would move to Nicaragua to start the war. And that one debunked as a future research book by me. I sell such books online already.

But the current knowledge is that the Pope knew where to be safe as South America as the same 'gentleman's agreement' time. It used to be about Argentine to Mexico as the safe border line patrolling military' union owned by the millionaires clan of 6 people whose letters are M, E, D, I, C, A. One of them is Isshin and still surviving as the traitors of others.

I heard the Pope's aim is to unite the location for the land safety of the South Americans and govern from the northern mainland of South America. But the problem is the opponent 'let's we try all the threats' clan. They got tarantula holding group in Brazil and they will spill the tarantula into the Andes mountains. Chileans will get the immediate kill of the economy along the huge mountain range. It hit the wild economy of South America. No one walking without shoes but only the heavy militia and merchants would survive but the problem is the huge humidity in the countries and sleeping without any protector made them getting a tiny tarantula babies to get bites on their necks for the short deaths. Woman shortage no problem. The Pope agreed with Obama. But shortage of the skillful or knowledgeable workers? There is no fortress for South America or South Africa after so many tarantula infected ships were sent to South Africa through the coastal line guard killing purpose of the millionaire's immigration. 

15 September, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 1-3, 2018

OSAM from September 1-3, 2018.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 28-31, 2018

OSAM from August 28-31, 2018.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 19th-23rd, 2018

Just piled up version for a quick review of the stalkers. OSAM from August 19-23rd, 2018.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - September 12th, 2018

OSAM from September 12th, 2018. I forgot to add so many videos and postings here but just here it is!

26 August, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 18th, 2018

OSAM from August 18th, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 14-17th, 2018

OSAM from August 14-17th, 2018.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - August 10-13th, 2018

OSAM from August 10-13th, 2018.

Organized Stalker Around Me - August 19-23rd, 2018

OSAM from August 19-23rd, 2018.

31 July, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 24th, 2018

OSAM from July 24th, 2018. In UK and the Germans are still stalking me around.

The old prayer I read before my first trip to Dublin and heard about 311 Tunami in Japan

It's a long time ago when I visited Dublin first time for the Knock Shrine pilgrimage after staying at a Poor Clare convent. I read the small book and it had the prayers about nuclear. Well, I thought it was Sr. Pam or someone's but it was Sr. Leo... well I don't know what happened with the history. But I had the information recorded to solve my personal mystery. Which prayer made me somewhat shocked, and here it is.

I had a strong pain of the thirst and stabbing feeling in my throat down the tongue area and my elbows and shoulder joints got so much pain as if I used too much. So, I could not move well and it happened from the early morning of the last day in the Poor Clare's convent. And the same pain occurred for later days. I heard some Koreans from Zagreb came with the Soujya-city Muslim Souka Gakkai club for the human experiment and they implanted something at that time when I was in the convent.

13 July, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 11th, 2018

OSAM from July 11th, 2018. It was the day I traveled to Zagreb from Budapest. So many Koreans traveled in the same bus. An Indian couple left at the border and they took a taxi. A Japanese couple got a Schengen Visa problem but they were able to pass to Croatia.
At night, I met a couple asking me to drink beer during the England-Croatia match. He bought so may beers and gave me some. Later, he came back with a large black jacket. An Asian man came and he got a free beer drinking up in one gulp. The beer offering man was always shouting like "I don't give a fuck" all the time. Was it the typical Muslim claims on the women?

There were two German cars parked outside of my apartment. Enough Germans around at the check-in time.

06 July, 2018

The Pavilion blog actually still on blogger

Today, I found a strange activity happened with my Google Chrome. I cleared cookie yesterday or the day before. And when I tried to open Gmail website, I found Robert Heathrow related gmail name already on the sign in list. I saw two of them. And one of them got one letter extra to make it wrong. Theathrow.. So, I was able to open my account with a new password. I only got sample version book.

And I found it strange who left the gmail email addresses there after deleting cookies. I don't think someone entered into my room yesterday night. But I just share the strange thing happened to me.

The V2K speakers threaten me about Yoshiki would be stealing my name. Who is Yoshiki? Leon Yoshiki? I heard Leon Stork would be using the name of Leon Kabuki or Leon Kazuki once again. The V2K speakers said to me in Lisbon that they brought Leon Yoshiki for the theft activities and it happened to me as someone stole my backpack in the city same day.

Ahmed Mary would be the Muslim terrorist stalking Jews and Christians online and in the neighborhood!

I have a spammer called Ahmed Mary writing Arabic to my blog. I'm Islamphobia and anything related with Islamic stuff makes me to have the goose bumps on my skin. Why do I get a Muslim terrorist typing Arabic and Japanese commenting on my blog??? I hate both languages! I just give his Google plus information to Pegida groups for the better solution search.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 4-5th, 2018

I took a bus from Zagreb to Budapest and I saw the group of Koreans to be in the same bus. I sat far from them and my stuff was not damaged this time. None of these Koreans wore the surgical masks. But I saw German cars all the time. 

At Decathlon, I saw a man got beeped by the security alarm at the exit. But later, I went out and the alarm beeped also but this time there was a tall man walked out at the same time as I. But he quickly went in and went out the alarm bars and he was not beeped. But it looked like I was blamed for the beep and I took the photo of both men related with the beeping. The first beeped man went into the stationary store wearing the blue clothes.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 3rd, 2018

There was a group of Japanese supporters showed up the day after the Japan-Belgium match. They could be supporting Sweden and taunting the Swiss supporters. And there were many Japanese speakers showed up near me. Are they related with the Harajyuku living Croat cop groups and the Brati Slava human organ sending organ traffickers?

20 June, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 16-19th, 2018

OSAM from June 16th to 19th. Some damages to my Hard Tools backpack and Samsonite security porch at the beach or at my accommodation if someone invaded my room at night. I contacted the police about the damages. Backpack damage report for this year is the second one after the theft of my American Tourister bag in Lisbon on Feb 14th.

13 June, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 31st to June 2nd, 2018

OSAM from May 31st to June 2nd, 2018.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 3-6th, 2018

OSAM from June 3-6th, 2018.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 7-8th, 2018

OSAM June 7-8th, 2018.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 9-11, 2018

OSAM from June 9 to 11th, 2018. So many masked Koreans in the city center of Zagreb. I'm assuming they are part of the human organ trafficking groups like the Bratislava case.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 12th, 2018

Here is OSAM June 12th. So many Japanese, Korean, Chinese groups showed up in Trogir area. I heard Shoudoshima cop is related with this Kagawa brand criminal cop groups who make money by the group claiming someone to be guilty and others get the migrated jobs done as model citizens. Also, they engage in theft of the valuables to make someone to be vulnerable without ID nor money. Thus, someone lost one's wallet and passport to be guilty on any crime the local and foreign cop groups made up. It started from this Shikoku island cop's story about "I came from 'kouchi-sho'" to be translated as "I came from the jailing house" instead of "I came from Kouchi branch." And this miscommunication went wrong on the image of the target all the time as a bad joke and it ended up the estimation of the target to be jailed person.

The book on sale: "Remember 40 Days"

Here is the link to the book, "Remember 40 Days" which is about the murderous hostel in Zagreb and the story was told by the Voice To Skull people. The good thing is that I can type it up for selling to make money.

Book on Sale: "Another Movie School in China"

Here, I finished editing and publishing the second volume of "The Korean Movie School in China" and this time the location is set to Hong Kong.

07 June, 2018

I heard someone would hack my blog to shut it down.

I have been warned that some mafia groups want to shut down my blog as they see their name and criminal incidents posted here. Mafia members are often listed to others like AL Capone and their team members. Why can't tell the crimes and victimization I went through by the specific people? It's the warning to others, so others won't get in trouble with these people in the specific areas.

And I heard Bosnian SDF mafia groups would be targeting my Rolex for the crime reward. The SDF punks would just hit me and stealing my stuffs this time. The V2K speakers bragged about their killing of so many Lisu - chipmunk in Japanese and it meant Philippians in Chinese way of saying nationality and animal images. How many Philippians died off already in UK? I heard some were in the sea missions like sea crews and more at the bay works were thrown to jail and in the sea for drowning. And the killer got the compensation money.

And Zagreb got so many booking by the Chinese mafia by now. So, I skip to be somewhere else.
I heard Osijek is the location Hideki Hojo killed by the local woman. He nicknamed himself as so and he could be the son of Tukasa Hojo. He had a rose and fist he put it in his mouth for flirting a woman. And later he put it in his anus and he was walking around for the showing off how silly he was with the cigarette smoking together with the same woman and she hit him with something and dumped him in the river later somewhere west from the port. I don't really know the detail but the V2K speakers told me so.

Also, there is the hidden route around Slavonski Brod for the Japanese SDF groups to go underway around 20m down and 50m long. And the man moving out from Bosnia would take a bike parked illegally at the fence area by the Turkish militants. So, I might see these illegal trespassers or the potential killers in next few days. 

02 June, 2018

Thomas Schollhammer (Reisburger for the Thai mafia) organ trafficking with Shiba TouDen in Belgrade

I heard some Chinese and Japanese SDF groups are involving in the organ trafficking business in Belgrade, Serbia. I have been stalked by some Chinese groups around after eating at 460-490SRD menu Chinese restaurant. Anyway, the V2K speakers told me that Shiba Touden(the same Chinese character as Touden of the Tokyo Electric Plant) is engaged first in the blood transfer and then to the hearts and illegal human organs stolen from the Serbian refugees after 6 months of living in the asylum or homeless status and Skopje kids who wanted to be Ninja but were more Christian to avoid sex trafficking business engagement. Shiba is from Toshiba. I heard some people use Toshiba ships for the pirating jobs near UK from France. So, it is the same way Toshiba name was exploited.

Anyway, Shiba Touden has been trafficking organs to Bratislava from northern shore of Belgrade by the ship line, the V2K speakers said. Cuntas Airways of S. Korean students are often using their ships for the organ trafficking. And their blood relative names were used for the donner names. Fukuko is used for the single Asian women and their death was as the car accident and the organ sales are to be covering up the traveling costs and cleaning the situation. Mr. Fukuzawa is the name for the Asian male donners. No Intonation is for the Indonesian couples who are caught for the organ sales in Belgrade.

I heard that Chibayashi Clinic is the location in the center of Bratislava for the Tokyo and Fukushima kids organ surgery. Chibayashi could be called as Kobayashi and it meant to be Kuchiberashi - reduced mouth or eating population. It's actually the Anderson Dentist location for the temporally surgeon. Aki Chiba is the woman from Tohoku region in Japan working for the legal organ surgery matter for the embassies in Bratislava. I heard Reisburger mafia from Munich engaged in the creation of Shiba Touden as the part of the money swindling business from the women first. It was to be selling blood only but it was counted as selling "beni" in the ill Japanese translation and it meant the prostitution and it was for the raping by the gangs in the ship and ended up was the dead body to be used for the blood transfer but it was better to count on the organs for the safe relocation of the healthy kids image giving to the actual Fukushima kids by visiting Bratislava for the money business. They die in Bratislava as the car accident if they fail to work and the poor Japanese company owner / embassy to be back country research doing to cover up how much to cost for having another child for the child lost family. And the mafia engages for the robbery from the murderer. Thus, Bratislava got sour land against Tohoku cops. Thomas Schollhammer made the employee as filthy thieves or animals joke in Thailand and eventually the Thai royal family lost against China after Saudi royal family made a joke from the filthiness without Japanese royal family with the intention of caring Islamic religion. So much mafia business around for the legal business image making on discrimination. 

31 May, 2018

Just no WIFI these days

I have problem with the WIFI at my accommodation quite often and I just work off line more time. Not enough time studying Hebrew nor Croatian to finish up my textbooks around. I still got Italian and Polish used textbooks I grabbed from the book exchange trough my travel to learn them.

Too bad. My life messed around with the mafia groups and I cannot have time for something much... And I was asked to learn War Tongue thing... Hmm. I might just publish A Tree of The Forest book part and something more for the new book sales in future. I just had no will adding some front and back pages and the serious index and other editing. But I might do it in this week if I have no trouble.
Ireland Related Gangs, The V2K book vol.2 and some others were lost with my old hard drives and I'm half the way finishing "Kaidaru and Other Japanese Cop Related Muslim Groups" book.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 26-28th, 2018

OSAM from May 26-28, 2018.

27 May, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 20-22, 2018

OSAM from May 20-22.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 23-25, 2018.

OSAM from May 23-25th, 2018.

13 May, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 26th, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 27th, 2018

OSAM from April 27th, 2018.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 29th, 2018

OSAM from April 29th, 2018.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 7th, 2018

OSAM from May 7th, 2018. I will add some more to sort everything in the vlog in order.. 

Organized Stalkers Around Me - May 8th, 2018

I haven't post anything for awhile. But here is OSAM video. I just had a pilgrimage to Krakow and Niepokrakow area and got Germans still hanging around while Czech mafia also joined for the stalking. I heard Czech mafia with Chinese militants backup are looking for the women taller than 173cm in Poland for the police exercise of female killing. No holiness on the women showing in Polish people to declare Poland as Pornoland by the Turkish and Muslim mafias from Germany. They are stalking me, so I guess the Czech cars around even to Budapest would be the guilty ones.

I just had bad WIFI connection, so I did not have time to upload anything for awhile.

05 April, 2018

My diary

I now have enough access to money resources. So, I have no more suffering from eating once a day Lent time issue. It was so hard for me fasting such a long time from Ash Wednesday to after Easter Sunday. Well, I had normal hams and meat for the breakfast but that was sometimes skipped for the safety. But I survived so far.

Now, I'm writing several books lost forever from my HDD loss. But the good thing is that I have enough time for rewriting them.

OSAM would be ready after I have enough time making the German car database and remove my pics from my 64GB memory Asus netbook. Just too much stuffs in for just chunked up by now. 

People replaced by the DHS/FBI officers friends who are the deserted officers

The V2K speakers told me that it was the DHS employees who made the decision on how to keep the useless or jailed criminals to be safe to be in the society as their patriotic members. That's the way the good people are replaced with the bad weeds as the most Gang Stalking victims and others noticed about the organized surveillance and its corruptions. If the deserted officers cheat on their jobs on the surveillance? For example, they are looking for the people with the dangerous vests and the deserted officers actually employed for wearing the vests for adding to the field someone is wearing a vest and the witness thought it dangerous?

That is how the Atlanta police once made  snitch jacket on the suspect. There was a man in the investigation room as a car thief but he tried to enter his locked door without a key he lost. A man entered to the same investigation room and he was a jailed man already and confessed about all the jobs he did as a criminal. The police chief came and saw the investigation going on with someone confessing. Then the chief said to jail him. The police officer asked, "who to be jailed in?" The chief said, "there is only one to be investigated in the room." That is how the man lost his nice expensive pickup to the police station team. Much worse is coming for the police state domination of the goods and women/children - they are to be killed after their genital area to be kept as souvenirs for the Turkish/Nordish police teams for the Arab League manness showing.

The IDs are misused by the police Muslims everywhere.  Everyone replaced by the Muslims. The first police Islamic teaching learners are already dead from the climbing up the position type reward system within the police FBI groups. This is all deception. No one knows what crime happened when the police team killed the first witnesses and their information kept without reviewing.

In the same way, police would deny Jews. Palestines and Muslims take the Jewish names and all Jews denied to be them as the personal identity everywhere including Israel. Then? Germans knew how they were right about the holocaust was hoax from the beginning. 

26 March, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 18-21st, 2018

German cars in Belgrade.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - March 5-7th, 2018

German stalking cars in Zagreb.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 21-27th, 2018

I made my way by the online ticket purchase from Lisbon to Zagreb. Still I had a online ticket PDF not showing on my phone problem and paid 50€ for the ride from Lucern to Zagreb but I made it within my budget. Everything stolen but I kept my phone in my pocket instead of my backpack, so I had an access to the web and everything was saved. My phone background screen photo is Karmel Gate Virgin Mary. Quite a story to tell to others, but it was the jubilee happened after Fatima visit. Who wants to be a Christian and making sacrifices? Me? Noooo. I'm too educated to be in the modern world. But I had a proper fasting time from no bank/credit card situation for the Lent time.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - February 15-16th, 2018

After the backpack theft, Germans were still stalking me in Lisbon.

23 March, 2018

Organized Stalking Around Me - February 18-21st, 2018

I need to fix the old videos from past few weeks but here is something I can upload now. I had some trouble with the location and the damages.

I'm finishing "Kaidaru and other Japanese cop created Islamic organizations" and one more book now.

20 March, 2018

OSAM - February 14th, 2018

Finally, I had some trouble finding the functioning video editor and I made this video. The current Movie Maker for Windows 10 won't help me open mp4 files from my camera records. So, I tried VideoPad (no saving in movie files), OpenShot (no jpg import), Movie Maker 2.26 (no mp4 support) and so on.  Guess which free software I used. At least there are some for the actual use.

February 14th is the Ash Wednesday for 2018 and I had my backpack stolen at Martim Moriz Park in Lisbon. It could be related with Jirocho or Sojya-city yakuza groups who were in Lisbon area for the gang stalking and theft. I heard Jirocho used the same technique of mind business of making someone unconsciously not moving or thinking as the glitch for the theft targets and 60,000€ value Jirocho group made profit. Shouri Nakasone could be from Porto and said "Take Porto from Portugal"to invade the mosques in Porto and he was in Lisbon for "taking out Risu (chipmunk or Filipino women in Chinese slung) from Lisbon"joke.  So, these people in the video could be related with such Japanese mafias.

19 March, 2018

Still stalked by the German cars

I created Neo Nazi Victims Museum blog and sometimes I only update that one only. So, I don't have time typing here and there all the time. But I'm just fine - got problems after the backpack robbery for the financial and picking up all the things to be restored issues. But I'm still ok. 

13 March, 2018

Today's German car? Here it is.

I am still stalked by Germans. I had the V2K speakers talk about "what if the 2 black veil Muslim women show up to ask to share the breakfast table.." and it was the night before. I am Islamphobia and I am easily and simply pissed out about getting close to Muslims or something with evil Arabic witings. So, I shouted "Fuckin 2 Muslim women in black veils!" At night as the cause and effect result. I saw the 2 Muslim women in black veils no more at the breakfast room from yesterday. I guess they left or someone took care of the suspicious Muslims out from near Sava church.

And here is today's German car showed up just outside of the Swiss Embassy and near my hotel.

I bought Asus Transformer Mini but had no time working with a video software. And I had the poor WIFI for awhile. But I got the video software today, so I can start reconstructing OSAMs and such.

QVP's Mr. Nakamura replied me abut Tuji Miyoko's online purchase

I received a reply from Mr. Nakamura. He said that my credit card was not used. If that is wrong, I can sue this Mr. Nakamura guy. 

Miyoko Goto様

QVC E-mail担当 仲村 と申します。




できれば発送内容をリスボンのTourist Policeと日本大使館に送ってください。
盗難の後にリスボンのMoriz 28 Guest Houseに日本語を話すラテン系の男性が
買ったものではないので、とりあえず、INTERPOL HQ (FaceBook)、EUROPOL、









QVC Eメールサービス 担当:仲村
Email: cscrm@qvc.jp

Tuji Miyoko's wrong online purchase from OVP sent to my email address

Someone bought something with "Tuji" name and the receipt was sent to my email address. It could be related with the backpack theft happened on Feb 14th in Martim Moriz Park in Lisbon. Or the credit card number theft by Moritz 28 Guest House clerk who had the hand written my credit card number on it for the check-in time. So, somoene migth use my credit card for the actual crime.
辻 美代子 様 (お客様番号:76046717)
<商品番号> 650409
<商品名> 掛ける+置ける! スタイルハンガープレミアム
<カラー> ブラウン
<数量> 1
◇商品・ご注文・配送・その他のお問い合わせ 受付時間:8:00 - 21:00
・一般電話から 0120-945-010 (通話料無料)
・携帯電話から 043-332-7100 (通話料有料)
Eサービスコンサルタント 受付時間:8:00 - 26:00(AM2:00)
・一般電話から 0120-945-800 (通話料無料)
・携帯電話から 043-332-7800 (通話料有料)
株式会社 QVCジャパン

01 March, 2018

The German couple at the tourist police station in Lisbon

I was stalked by German cars in Fatima and Lisbon as well. When I visited the police station north of Moriz metro station about the bag theft, the reception police asked me how long I have been traveling as if the crime cause. I just visited Fatima before the Lent season and all my relics and data stolen in one backpack. Meanwhile, Germans have been stalking me. When I went out from Welcome Guesthouse, I saw Germans started stalking me. So I have the pretty much German stalker group information as the theft groups in Lisbon.

Here is the German couple showed up and sat behind of me at the tourist police station. How often someone stalked by Germans and being the victim of theft and such?

And there was this guy sat in front of the bench location at the time of my backpack theft happened. He sat there whole time when I was at the bench. So, he might be one of the theft group member. Enough photos for showing who are guilty at the surveillance camera located park in Lisbon.

The second thief at Martim Moriz Park in Lisbon

Right after the first man left, a woman came near me with a map on her hands. I had two bags and these people seemed to be the thieves. These people destructed me by chatting from the left side while I kept two bags to my right. A typical way of stealing in Rome or Lisbon or South America.

Thieves team at Lisbon Martim Moriz Park - Ash Wednesday

My backpack was stolen when I sat at the Martin Moriz Park for waiting the check-in time to Moriz 28 Guesthouse nearby. I did not know there was a mosque sign not far from the metro station and the accommodation. And the bad thing happened. There is a church next to the park also and it was the location full of Chinese and filthy Muslim people wondering around. It's not far from St. Anthony's birth place church.

While I sat on the outside area, I saw a man approached with a map asking me the direction to the hotel. I filmed him. Then there was a woman came later for the similar map holding as if for the robbery. I think that was the time my bag was robbed.

I bought a new PC and moved to another location now. So, I just have no time for making the OSAM video or the thieves list to be sent to the Lisbon police yet.

Here is the man approached me. Nice to keep the video with me! Or another video is the one. I did not have time checking them around till I make OSAM video.

07 February, 2018

A German car FB K 1399 in Fatima

I'm in Fatima now. It's my first time visit and very quiet location. No kebab restaurants around at all. So quiet and very comfortable Catholic atmosphere here. But I saw a German car FB K 1399 around my hotel at the time of my arrival. So, I am contacting the local police about the Muslim terrorists stalking me.

02 February, 2018

Gang Stalking Analysis - Flix Bus Milan driver asked me over 65€ for the fare of Milan-Lyon single one way trip.

I took the bus from Milan to Lyon and the bus driver seemed over charged me. The Internet price is 19€ for the ride and the bus drive asked me over 65€.


Iranian mind control in Japan

Iranians are way too many in the world. It was because of the police officers to exploit the situation. And it was Japanese elite group who added more Iranian police into their division instead of taking out Muslims and extra foreigners. What they did was to teach anyone to have less value. People lost their face values in the cops' image. The poverty people are less important in Japan. Thus, the city hall people lost interest helping them and more people got killed.
Meanwhile, the Iranian police exploited the wealth in Japan as the major fugitive search officers using their own advices - friend officers' advices for the excuse. So, the foreign cops used the information to be shared around for the police groups for their own money making.

More Muslims made money. And that is how other religions are dead by using others to take out unwelcome people in the same religion. 

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 31st - February 1st, 2018 part 2

(first part)
I took a bus from Budapest to Milan. The bus from Velona had the opposite destination sign and I had a problem riding it. Then the clerk said "Milan" and it was Milan airport. So, I had to take a bus and a metro to get to the main bus stop. There was a man tried to pass the metro gate with me and I filmed him.
(second part)
I waited  the morning bus and I saw 2 Japanese women waiting the Croatia bus till 1.30am. The Flix Bus came around 7am. I took the bus by paying over 65€ for the single ride to Lyon. The price on the Internet is 19€ only. So, I paid triple price for the fare.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 31st - Februay 1st, 2018 part 1

(first part)
I took a bus from Budapest to Milan. The bus from Velona had the opposite destination sign and I had a problem riding it. Then the clerk said "Milan" and it was Milan airport. So, I had to take a bus and a metro to get to the main bus stop. There was a man tried to pass the metro gate with me and I filmed him.
(second part)
I waited  the morning bus and I saw 2 Japanese women waiting the Croatia bus till 1.30am. The Flix Bus came around 7am. I took the bus by paying over 65€ for the single ride to Lyon. The price on the Internet is 19€ only. So, I paid triple price for the fare.

27 January, 2018

Yutaka Hoshi or Yutaka Mineghishi or Yutaka Mine

I've heard someone from Uigur (Kirgistan) or Uruguay is called as Yutaka Hoshi and he would be working with the Michizane Kaku's mafia business. But his name was changed from Yutaka Mineghishi to Hoshi. It happened after someone from South America was killed in the northern border lines of Croatia by a middle age Japanese German man for the ID theft. Yutaka Mineghishi was actually Yutaka Mine. So, some people switched around his own names as the better solution of their mafia business to be no trace in the same locations.

Kaku group is using the word like Naikaku (inside throwing / Parlament in Japanese). They could be around in Zagreb to Skopje area but he could be in Hungary as well as the name stolen person.

By the way, I've heard Michizane Kaku was caught while he was walking around the border line and crossing to Greece from Makedonia. He sometimes peed in the cans and put a cigarette butt for making the prayer that he would invade Greece from such a line. So, Kaku and other mafias like Murayama, Suga, and so on to make a war toward Kosovo from Skopje but to run around anti-clockwise to hit on Athens to get Turkish militants to join their war and make Bulgarian (SDFs) to join the war around from East to make Nis as the capitol of new Serbia. Belgrade is already taken by the Saudi princess family once after the actual loyal family went missing by the Vienna's underwater billionaires housing which was lost 2 years ago by a Chinese restaurant caused fire inside. Kappa Delta Ray was the name of the housing in Vienna.

I share the information, so what they gonna do in future? Still the same plan to happen?

And I've heard that Soka Gakkai clubs would start the local war from Croatia to Herceg Novi (Kanzashi maturi - Suga club's stabbing festival) and bringing the court items in the south of Ulcinj to count as nothing happened. So, more people's cars would be stolen in Budva to Herceg Novi area.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 27th, 2018

So many Romanians around and one German and one Bosnian cars I saw today.
The sport shop had the slim belt packed with the security tag inside. I don't know how the security tag was added into the plastic bag with no opening at all. I thought that product was made only for the security purpose by the secret police. You can check the product out. I'm sharing the information to the local police.

23 January, 2018

Islamic religion clashes the Earth (from the future research institute information)

The Islamic religion could be caused by someone entered back from the future to the past.
- Nostradamus (Nostra Damons) and it was the anagram by the future people traveled to the past to have fun making it as the announcement of the inner circles.
- ISIAM - "What is I am" in English was actually used for developping the religion that got Astronomicon information. It was like "... is I am" in the form for the communication before teaching the locals. And it was for the avoiding the too much technological advance in the future as the Earth had the enough time for the nourishment of the information and all the enegies of the things on the top. Sleepology? Creatures have the sleeping time in order to give the information to the Earth as their essenses.And the star piece left in the Islamic possession is from Mercury that is to give the avoidance of the technology to Islam as the synbol of the Earth as it is for the represtenting the human form to be the creature images. But the past society's technological disadvantage on the Islamic area made their families to be in conflict with each other. And they were taught to be on the top to down control to be in harmony for the safety. But it caused the major religions to be diminishing as the form was crude. It was for keeping the Earth Treaty's safe pocket to be not in Islam but not to be stripped off all the information by the on top people who are to be the nature and the Earth formula to be passed for the Mars experience in the creature form later.

Mars time, it is coming. But the problem was the Mars did not know how far to be existed as a human society. And the future creature issues from the past UN society did know what was forbidden as the Earth Material. Not for the Earth to materialize too much information down in the Earth core for the society or the Earth would crash the society once agian as the living organizsm.

Muslims were taught to deny the Earth at all. Arth Acbar? No. It was the joke of Naraltolhotep - the part of the information of Cleo mios for moving back to the God form or the Earth core part to be for the Earth helper. 

What Muslims are doing now is the Earth violation. It causes the Earth to find the human as disvalued.

1. The human form has the same value as their intestine contents. It means the humans are nothing more than the food they consumed. It became possible by the Muslims claiming women or men to be edible. Look at who are eating the kebabs of human meat with the butter and raison source in Saudi Arabia!

2. Disvalue of the word meanings. It causes the lack of the classifications and the norms to be recognized on the Earth. For example, the miscommunication caused 911 for the early crash of the demolishion materials. Also, the same name different stuffs like a soap named FA with the meaning of tree in Hungarian. Or Winnerschnitzel as the name of the hot dog chain but the acutal meaning is Cordon Brew or the name of the top cookery school in France.

3. Disvalue of the action and the meanings. A lot of metapher use is to explain their actions. WAR WIPE is one example. It means by the DHS officers to wipe out the people or goods to be exploited by their own members as if they were taken down during the war time. But it does not give any ethical meanings or justify the reasoning as the society member to behave.

There are few more situations that are harmful to the Earth but that is what I have learned and they are misused by the Muslims and even Japanese SDF force Muslim groups are engaged in for the crashing the Earth once again.