10 October, 2018

I finished the book called "Kaidaru and other Japanese Cop Created Islamic Groups"

Since my old netbook was stolen on Feb 14th this year, I had no feeling of writing books. My "Tom's Friday," "Pavilion" and some drafts, and "Roof Top" and much more were lost due to the ill backuping online. Also my pictures of couple of years lost. But now I'm working on some books and trying to settle my life someway again.

Meanwhile, I got some Japanese groups called Leon Yoshiki or Leon Toshiki type groups. And I was warned about the same old man called as Takahashi cop or journalist and the same one cloned to be around after they are killed and brought back from the Munich Tech University or the UN. The future UN would be pushing the dictator ship for making no more religious people or just giving up all the free thoughts but just marriage and working all day long as the normal model human being and any pain would be ignored. Is Bankee Moon got 7cm penis size and only 7.3cm at the elected state? I heard some people are misusing the UN in the current location for the Mars synthesizing program.

I would be publishing the book if I feel for finishing. But I heard Leon's group are threatening as they could steal my work and publish them for their own exercises. I think the same people are stalking me from Croatia or Ireland areas. And there would be the rotating model for the group building in one location and making profits. I heard Sado island is the spot for the UN groups in future or something to start the killing of women as the Japanese SDF and the Bosnian living Saudi princess and the Bosnians in NATO to get the leadership in UN after Bankee Moon. The same Chinese Wong or Zhue guy to be on top of it for further crashing the police boys after the worked too close to be police after the jail bailing by helping the police jobs.