23 December, 2011

The trend of Asian man showing up to the church

It sounds like the trend of some Asian men showing up to be the friend happens after I tell where I was baptized. I don't know if this is how the church workers making up a story of me having some relationship with someone (a lie) for their gang stalking activities. First time was at Poor Clares in UK where I encountered a guy with from French - Swiss boarder and he was looking for a school while he did not know where it is. His parents decided him to stay in the guesthouse but he never attended the church mass or activities. The second happened recently. An Asian man showed up in the morning mass and someone said he is a visiting priest and a church worker told me it was a Japanese traveler and she asked me to go out as he is waiting for me. He is not staying in the guesthouse neither and this case, the worker said that the priest brought him to the church. Well, some occasions, the church employees might help such make up of things for the convenience like treating the TI as a "pest" in the church. Some churches only function to keep the tradition and serve only the certain people like the community. I don't really know if these tricks are to make up the story of infidelity or something. More active the order, more the possibility of having gang stalkers inside the church. Also, if you try to stay in a female dormitory for the trip, you might end up a room full with males for the booking arrangement. Or for the mixed dorm, a female TI would be in the room with full of males.

20 December, 2011

Fukushima reactor #4 is collapsing - watch out for mass evacuation notice in Northen hemisphre

The reactor number 4 in Fukushima nuke plant is about to collapse. The article says people need to evacuate for such a situation. If you don't have a fallout shelter, try visit somewhere with one. Some countries have extra shelters and ones for the exhibition purpose from the past cold war monuments. Me? I'm in the safe zone with some fallout shelters nearby for next few weeks. Be prepared for the worst. Oh, yeah, it takes 2 weeks for the radioactive materials to reach to the North America. So, you might have to make an emergency extension of the winter holiday for the nuclear emergency getaway. And don't forgot buying some tinned goods and other things the UBS suggested for the possible EURO corruption.
According to our source, the entire reactor 4 structure has been deemed "highly unstable," and the south wall of the reactor appears to be headed into an imminent structural failure. This situation, of course, is extremely dangerous and could have devastating consequences for Northern Japan as well as North America, which is why mass evacuations in Japan would be a likely outcome in the hours following such a collapse.

19 December, 2011

Swiss perp list up to Feb 25, 2007

I started creating stasi perp list in PDF files. It contains the car license plate numbers, names, face pics, and other information of the perps in the specific area. The download is for the TIs only. If you are not TI, you probably don't need it. I wonder if Rudolf Elmer was harassed by those Black Hundreds used by the bank for harassing the whistleblower. If you are helping Rudolf Elmer, you may download this file.


14 December, 2011

UBS suggests to buy tinned goods, gold, and small caribre weapons

It's a news from Keiser Report saying that UBS, the biggest bank in Switzerland, suggesting people to buy tinned goods, gold, and small caribre weapons for the preparation for the EURO collapse. If you have a fallout shelter in your home like the regulation for the new homes in Switzerland, you have no problem stocking these items except the guns. Adding hatchets and axes will help you to survive the zombie attacks and cutting down the woods and bushes for the fire resources. Of course, you need few pairs of Victorinox Swiss Army Knife will help you open tinned goods.

13 December, 2011

YouTube video: Ex-Communicated Priest Exposes The New World Order 1986

The gang stalking victims experience the difficulty of buying things in the stores as they are harassed by the local extremists. It's like how people would be persecuted as written in the Bible. I'm fine to be persecuted for something I did not do nor due to the suspicions witch hunters made up. It's better to be the innocent claimed as a sinner than a sinner pretending to be an innocent person. In a communist country, the church would be controlled by the communists and they can make anyone who are against communism to be excommunicated. That's exactly what the gang stalkers are doing; by using their non-Catholic friends to engage in the actions like going out to pubs for picture taking to prove the target as hypersexual or alcoholic. I have seen these Asian friends who came from UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc. They often travel through Amsterdam and asked me to go out together to pubs. Meanwhile, they had some local friends or someone from USA to be in the pubs.

Shall I share the church names of where you can meet the gang stalkers and how they communicate with the local priests and sisters? Well, I don't think it's a bad thing as gang stalkers are making false witness of innocent Targeted Individuals like me or making up a story by themselves to bring it as an official story as a result of the propaganda. If a hundred people know the rumor, they can believe it as true and thus it becomes a fact. Normally, no one don't start making up a story to against a stranger. Gang stalkers use their friend network for the harassment as if of the black hundreds - a typical communist style character assassination of somebody.

Victims should be able to speak up. Otherwise, who the church helping? The witch hunters in the local society? It sounds like a horror story to me.

07 December, 2011

Korean perp and the skits

I encountered few Asian males. One guy came few weeks ago and he asked me "Are you Japanese?" while he did not tell me his own. I did not tell. Later, I met an Asian man from Singapore and he also asked me the same question. These went a bit. It's rare to find Asian people here. Actually, at that time, I found my backpack's zipper was open from below the zipper pulley. Also, I found my rosary case with the Pope's picture missing. That's how I walked around and met him.
Here is the download link of my first talk with him two weeks ago. 

He came back and then I encountered some Asian men showing up again after him. I did not talk with none.

Today, he talked to me and asked me to clean the dry flying pan by saying I was the one used it. Well, I haven't use the flying pan for last few days and I complained that it was not what I used for grilling pork tonight for my dinner. But he said both flying pans are dirty and asked me to clean it. I went to the kitchen and ch

Is he anti-Japanese extremist working for the gang stalking or what? Who wants to complain so much about a dirty flying pan before using it to cook ones dinner? Is it a natural behavior for the Korean men??? I don't know their culture much, so I cannot say if it is normal. He asked me "are you Japanese?" at the first meeting, so it might be only for the purpose of doing against a Japanese. It's his problem, and what he did to a Japanese Targeted Individual is shared for the investigation for others.

While he was staying here, I found my bag opened three times from the side of the zipper. Just one time rosary case missing. And another occasion, my fountain pen and the rosary with the case missing temporally.

Here is the video of him claiming of the dirty pan this afternoon.

He has been staying for the second time and there were few Asian male showing up just like the first time. Enough to look for the suspicious Korean man isn't it? Koreans sometimes kidnapped Japanese to North Korea. If the gang stalkers are related with the international human tracking, please check out what he is doing and why some Asian men showed up suddenly. It's looks too much to say as a coincidence.

06 December, 2011

It's so dangerous Chinese working with Muslims for gang stalking

In large cities, Chinese gang stalkers can call backup from the friends traveling or living nearby to show up and occupy the place the TI is staying. It happens to Japanese perps, Aussie perps, and UK perps. But the Chinese seems the worst against the Japanese TIs.

I've encountered with Chinese men showing up recently. It's rare to find Asians here, but now there are some Asian men showed up and staying for awhile. I don't talk to them but the communication is always strange. When a man started a combersation, "Are you Japanese?" I asked him back to demand tell me which nationality he is. He did not answer but trying to ask mine first. Later, a man from Singapore came and asked me my nationality. That's how I got his nationality while I shared mine. Now, the man who asked "Are you Japanese?" and I did not answer to his question came back with some more Asian men.

Last time I met someone from Switzerland, he suggested me to go back to Japan. He is originally from France but live in Lausanne. He is just like a mafia member - short and shaved head with multiple tattoos over his body.

At the church, I found the priests not saying "Brothers and Sisters" during the mass but only saying "brothers." When I arrived to the mass a bit late, I found out the same priest speaking "brothers and sisters." I don't know if they updated the speech or not. However, there are many strangers with kids came even just before the mass end. They sat near me or back of the church. Is this what the Catholic church looks like during the counist to Nazi period? And when I walk outside, I see many people with kids around me. I took some pictures of suspicious parents of these kids. I think the perps might be making up the child molester to pedphilie claim against me for the best guess while these Asian men showing up for the prostitution claim - a perfect combo for harassing someone who wants to be alone for one's study. I'm going to share these people's pictures for the gang stalkers (black hundreds). I hope my study of who they are help to keep the innocent Catholic not claimed as pedophilie by them. It's the problem of the community, you know. If the church was in Nazis country, it must follow the law there instead of the diviine law so the members can kill minorities for their jobs to harass someone as pedophilie while they are accepting their false witness program. A victim is not helped but rather claimed as a problem and harassed when the gang stalkers are controlling the community including the church. Psalms explain more about such situation.

Muslims are perticipating in the gang stalking. They help to make up the claim of the TI for the Muslim or the one as believing in different religion. They seem to help the victim to look like violating the Islamic laws and report everything while they have the suspicion of the target as a Muslim. They might have this strategy for their Muslim TIs but they just apply it to anyone in their area.What they do is like 1. offer alcohols, 2. ask to hang out to the bars, 3. boy friends and girl friend opportunities for the prostitution / sex offender claim, 4. visiting mosques as a sightseeing if it is possible, 5. ask about the Islamic knowledge, 6. suggest something that will violate the target's religion (e.g. eat meat on Friday for Catholics). When they finish witness enough of these and claim the target as a Muslim (the target's confession is not important as they can claim the target as mentally ill), they will share the news of how the new potential Muslim extremist is caught. Everyone one including the real Muslims are happy about the 'bad person' proved as guilty. Now I feel like how the TWC suspects are witnessed as drinking and partying the day before their attack seems to fit into what I'm witnessing.

What if the person is totally innocent and is a COINTELPRO victim? The FBI agents cannot allow such hypothesis as it can ruin their carriers.

I drunk water in front of mosques and ate foods on street day time during the Ramadan. I saw more people doing so near me - perhaps the perps mimicking what I was doing. Shall I offer pork meats to the Muslim perps? I think I'm witnessing the Muslim perps trying to suggest things that seem to against their Islamic law while they are expecting me to be a Muslim. Did they turned into monsters while they looked into the abyss too much? I don't care what they do, as my characteristic is much like a hermit rather than a loner with dangerous minds. Give me two cows and I'm happy to wonder around the woods with my Bible.

05 December, 2011

Watch out for the new blackhundres movment

Nowadays, every nation is united for the anti-terrorism. But they are not fighting against the terrorists who are real harm to the society. They use the false flag attack by their informants to set up the terrorism. Meanwhile, they would claim the peace activists and the conspiracy theorists. I'm happy to be claimed as mentally ill due to my belief of 911 as an insider job. What's wrong with believing so? If I believe the terrorist actions are made by the insiders, everyone should be aware that I don't do anything for the security people nor the criminal looking people. Instead, I film and take pictures of gang stalkers' activities. Some countries suggest monitoring of the suspicious activities are good. So, what's wrong with me filming these people and gang stalkers' skits with my explanation as a gang stalking victim?

It's the war between the elites plus the informants against citizens. When they can make up someone to be a terrorist, they will get the rewards - secure job and possibly the better social status in future as model citizens. They can set up things for the target to trap him or her. It's normal for the business intelligence to kick out the people and gain the profits. Chinese have been doing the cyber terrorism around the world. What happened their famous intelligence network? Or Mosad? The gang stalking network goes international with foreign people working. Welcome to the world of the intelligence people working together to kick out the target they don't like. Friends' enemy is my enemy - that works for the friends to gain more power.

FBI might predict the more gang members and the US Air Force mentioning of the local extremists. These work together to keep their own 'homeland' secure with the local dictatorship. They learned it from the LA Riot. But what can they do during the massive economic depression? They go hand in hand to protect their own lives. History will repeat - but this is how the US will try to get handle of the world and China secretly backing up the movement from the behind.

04 December, 2011

Multi national companies and restaurants as the CIA front (gang stalking) bases.

Since the gang stalkers are everywhere and they can use stores and restaurants freely for their surveillance. It sounds much like the CIA front companies and informants. In Japan, there is an article showing that might be the truth. The rest is only for the signed-up readers. MKULTRA was done by the psychiatrists. The targeted people might be used as the human experiments without notice under the extension of the Patriot Acts and anti-terrorism reasons. How abut mind controlling drugs in the food or lipsticks? Ah, that will be called for the business intelligence, isn't it? The business intelligence is a good name after the core Nazis moved to OSS and now their footprints are everywhere.







01 December, 2011

BND destroyed employees' records related with Nazi SS and Gestapo

Don't worry. Destroying some potion won't keep everything clean. There is another way to track them back. We can check the "gang stalkers" and make the new Stasi 2.0 list and let the historians to go through their background research. I'm talking about the effort of the historians tracking down these problematic people whose children might suddenly involved in Neo-Nazi movement here and there like in Köln and Dortmund. No harm to Germany. I'm helping German to have any extreme actions shameful for their history in future. The worst guys were shipped to Russia and USA to engage in their work there, anyway.

German intelligence files on ex-Nazis shredded 
Investigators have found that in 2007 the German Intelligence Service (BND) destroyed files of 250 BND employees who had been in the Nazi SS or Gestapo. The BND confirmed the loss, calling it "regrettable and annoying".
Four independent historians are investigating the BND's old links with the Nazis. They say some of the missing papers concern suspected war criminals.
The historians did not allege a deliberate cover-up, but they urged the BND not to destroy any more files.
They said the BND should consult them before shredding any more documents, and called for a full investigation into the 2007 incident.
One of the historians, Dresden Professor Klaus-Dietmar Henke, said "it is not the case that the BND somehow deliberately destroyed the files of all those with Nazi links".

29 November, 2011

Psychotic action under the gang stalkers' 24/7 surveillance plus the covert drugs

What happens if the TI go wild under the gang stalkers' surveillance and their continuous harassment? The TI would be claimed as mentally ill or charged with the violent behavior?

If that is so, then I think the healthy way of prevention is sharing the information of the gang stalkers.
Because of the gang stalkers' surveillance, the TI is isolated and is expected to be look like a loner who might commit a crime or mentally ill.

Democracy is an illusion. We had the propaganda from the West saying we can say what we want to say. However, it was to make the freedom looks nice to attract the ones who hated Nazism and Communism. Bohemianism has the root on the international intelligence.  In Germany, they had the term Wandervogel. People wondering around and do things here and there. Cafe became popular around that time. It was a good spot to exchange information as well as to have the surveillance on anyone. Pubs and bars would be the traditional spot on surveillance and rumor gathering. Cafe became popular for girls and children. A Portuguese man worked for Japanese spy wrote a book about how he moved from Nazis Germany to South America with the Nazis high officials. Rat line is what we know as an unofficial version of the aftermath story of Nazis. Adolf Hitler died in Argentine. It was the time to spread the root of their intelligence over the world. There were professional spies worked for the different countries.

Now, we have multi-national companies controlling everything everywhere. It is how the Nazis wanted; they kept the money in the big companies to avoid the compensation. Nazis scientists worked in OSS and then they became CIA. Rockefeller was trading with Germany while the US was at war against it. Everybody loves business friends. War is done by the cheap trash and dead meats. They die, so the country can reduce the surplus population while the elites can make money from it.

Who are those people working for the gang stalking while they can avoid the laws? Some Japanese companies do have surveillance on the people against them - like the TEPCO and other power plant companies send employees for the surveillance of the anti-Nuke power professors and they report to the professors' bosses about what they are doing. Is it how the TIs lose jobs and get lower grades? The anti-war people's model is hippies who don't work and smoke canabis having multiple sex friends. It's also the FBI's propaganda of exaggerating "freedom." The authorities want the unwelcome rebels to be useless, powerless, idling, not-oriented, and easy to be driven by the bandwagon effect. Hippies' communes became a test place for the LSD and other psychiatric drugs by the CIA. The local cops had to provide some prostitutes and the safe houses for the Operation Midnight Climax, but when they use communes, everything was provided by the test subjects; free sex slaves, funds to buy drugs, human resources, living space, and so on.

Are we really enjoy the freedom? What is happening to people who complain about 911 as the insiders' job? They lose jobs. Gang stalking victims are thought as mentally ill. When these people are sent to the mental institution, the psychiatrists can give drugs to make them their test subjects and sex slaves. MKULTRA was exposed in the 70s, but no more US politicians brave enough to tell the truth of human experiment. That's why the Church Committee did not succeed to stop the human experiments in the mental institution. If you are the psychiatrist, you can lock anyone legally. If you want to kidnap someone, get a degree in psychiatry.     

In Switzerland, it is said that over 20,000 safe houses of Nazis people during the WWII. How about now? What happened to the ex-Nazis families? Ishii connection of the 731 Unit was used by the CIA later. BND was founded by a very smart guy who wanted to save his solders. Meanwhile, the Japanese Army tried to let the 731 related solders to remain unknown and these stupid honest murderers could not get the war compensation for their work int the army. The smart 731 unit members migrated to the US and continued their study there. Japan is always the same. Mean people have all the benefits while the honest stay unknown as the cultural virtue. Look at what happened for Fukushima. The government encouraged the young high school and college volunteers for helping the Tsunami disaster cleaning and reducing the hotspot from the radioactive contamination. The actual workers at Fukushima are the people with huge debts, IT workers whose companies send people to another company for work, people found the ad saying easy 4 hour cleaning job at the nuclear plant for a good pay of over 10,000yen per a day, and probably the people claimed as mentally ill who have no rights to complain. Now we have the trend of nuclear accidents everywhere. Hopefully, it will help to reduce the world population as the overall effect. The top elites can use the genetic engineering to keep their gene clean. 

How about China? Chinese intelligence are known for bribery. They might be claimed of cyber-crimes, but no one really cares. The Chinese who can go abroad is always have a good relation with  their communist government. They are part of the international intelligence community.

It's time for exposing who is really working for gang stalking, don't you think? We might find the same Stasi people and their children working for the gang stalking. If it is in Germany, we might find the real Stasi members' grand children in the gang stalking ring. They can compare the old Stasi list with the new one.

26 November, 2011

Google disactivated my Google account.

It was a surprise when I tried to check my Gmail account related with AdSense and found out the Google inactivated all the functions including Gmail. Well, I have few Google accounts. It happened as Blogger was not owned by Google nor YouTube before. It happened as Google gets all these websites under Google brand.
Here is the picture of what I got. It's stupid suddenly they claimed me under 13 years old. I have been using this address for years with my real name. Well, I do use another account for my personal emails, though. It's good everything was not suddenly deleted. It would be a mess when someone suddenly loses one's primary email access

Here is the explanation of what Google says about the reason why they inactivate the members. I used the English translation site for the English readers.

For this Blogger account, Google is asking me my phone number. Maybe, I need a prepaid phone to activate it. I don't know why Google wants more personal information from their customers. I shared my Passport ID for that inactivated email address. Should I share all the same IDs for the security purpose? I'm concerning about the identity theft by the insiders. They take ID and phone numbers and what else? How do they suddenly inactivate customers accounts??

19 November, 2011

A measure for calculating the psychiatric injury.

I think the gang stalking causes certain psychiatric injuries to make the victim to develop psychological problems. This psychological problems are written in David Lawson's book, "Cause Stalking." And the psychiatrists should understand certain accusations and other mobbing can cause at least temporally mental problem in the minor level. 24/7 surveillance would be enough to make someone into depression. If it is a continuous tampering and small damages to one's belongings? Or some people mimicking the victim's actions all the time?

The gang stalkers often claim the victim as mentally ill. However, I think the fact is that their actions of how they engage in the psychological harassment to cause such problems they wished the victim to have. It's a mobbing and an organize crime.

We have the new Black Hundreds in the local community. They try to harass the victim all the time to be useless in their society.

I noticed the major gang stalking experience would be the result from the sensitization.
Accusations, tampering, mimicking, isolation, continuity.
These are the factors I noticed as a major problem in my case. I encounter strange accusations like someone left money in the room in the morning of my arrival and the clerk asked me about if I saw it in my room. Another would be missing foods from the kitchen and there are many people have access to the kitchen but she asks only me about the food. And the food is what I often eat fore last couple of days before that person came. I found the plastic garbage bag contained some stuffs that they claimed as missing from where they stayed. So, I guess they just made up the story and flamed me for the harassment. Gang stalkers are really sick people, you know. They love mobbing and harassment. Unfortunately, that food theft claimer used to work for the children's summer camp in the US. Now guess who are with kids and stalking and harassing around the gang stalking victim like me?? Bush's infamous pedophile rumors might show where those gang stalking workers come from. Or about the Children of God in the South America.

What I'm saying is that the TIs might need the measures of how much psychiatric injuries they received from the gang stalking.
For example, theft claim would cause someone a certain amount of upset. What if it was continued and different accusations are added? In such case, psychiatrists should be aware of the reason of the psychiatric injuries and they should help to remove the cause. The gang stalking supporting psychiatrists ignores such fact and only drug the victim for the mental disease. This is a communist way of finishing an individual's life and freedom to have a healthy life. I give Dr. Charles Lau of El Camino Hospital for his influence of communist psychiatry in the SF Bay Area. We can create the list of the corrupted communist psychiatrists who works for the new Black Hundreds global mafia group. Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen of SJSU Counseling Service is another good example. She once said that no one can stop people rumoring. She can make up a danger to others (DO) or claim anyone suicidal (DI) for locking students or faculty up in the SJSU. She does not help to stop the mobbing but she works for them - the gang stalking got many psychiatrists involved just like in the time of MKULTRA. SJSU with CIA connection tells more about this.

Back to the topic. Maybe the TIs can share how far the harassment done by whom in order to claim their psychiatric injuries. It's a good way to provoke the awareness against the mobbing or the gang stalking organized crime anywhere. Victims should have right to complain what happened before they become the victims of the victim blaming. Customers' opinions matter. Guests' opinions matter. It's completely legal to share the victims' experience of the shops or everywhere including their neighborhood - like the Jews in Nazis time wrote about their experience later.

17 November, 2011

The elites and the spies

Until I travel around to see how the gang stalking happening around the world, I did not know how the intelligence system works. They are actually working together now for the anti-Terrorism. They list the suspicious people who are unwelcome in their own countries. Then the local police and the informants work together with the foreign intelligence - often of the young people around college to the low income middle age people. The funny thing is that these intelligence people are very welcomed by the local perps and sometimes these people know someone in the local area.

The ones with friends can make more influence through the friends' friend. That is the gang stalking problem. Mobs can invite more for the mobbing. So, anywhere the victim moves, the one will be harassed because of the past mobbing experience somewhere. David Lawson wrote about the perps in Florida that they don't arrow the TI to stay in the area if the one does not know anyone there. It's the same for the gang stalking in everywhere. If you cannot know anyone, you would be bullied.

The another issue is that these mobs will try to help others. They can make up the story if they are asked for. They can damage TI's property for self punishment or whatever the wicked reason. In Croatia, I found the people with some Muslim claim would pump up the rage against the TI by the Croatian perps. The religious issues might be interesting as the middle east areas with more Muslims would love to get to know the TI or offers to help visiting the mosques. However, the French speaking perps (including the woman in Hajabs and man in Muslim rosary thing) would start do the complaining of whatever they found fault of the TI like the dirty floor from dropping some bread crumbs. And the Muslim perps would consider the TI to have no-religion and for the case of the female TI, they see her as a prostitute. Non-Muslim woman = prostitute. That's the Muslim extremist perps' thinking style. The Japanese perps are much like that, too. They can consider female TIs as if of a prostitute because of the "yellow cab" propaganda they made in the past. The perps often work with the kids will help to harass the TI with kids for the child-molesting claim. They don't have any feeling of sympathy against their mobbing as they are sociopaths who don't have anything else but the feeling of protecting their own family and enjoying the harassment as the sick entertainment from the routine jobs.

The certain people are on the governments' watchlist and they are harassed to be claimed either mental disease or criminal. Too bad, some church employees are working with them. Endless investigation, huh? I think I feel like I'm surrounded by the Neo-Nazi people or the communist groups. What if I share the gang stalker list from my German travel??? Mobbing is the core of the gang stalking, so the only one way to stop it is expose oneself as the TI and let others not to do the same sensitization again and again for PSYOP. The mobs come in numbers to harass the TI, so the TI has the right to expose who are the perps and what kind of skits they do for mobbing.

Anti-terrorism and the result is making the list of people who are whistlebrowers of the intelligence team's (including the local intelligence related people owned stores) wrong doing. If you study CIA's spending and how much they spent for setting up the front companies around the world, you know who are these gang stalkers capable of moving in and out in any stores. Chinese is doing the same now.

15 November, 2011

Neo-Nazi in Köln.

The BND cannot do anything against these neo-Nazi gang stalkers. They are part of the right wing people at the edge but also useful for their enthusiastic set-up jobs for achieving more awards and careers with their international bad-guy friend network.

The gang stalkers do the similar tricks - they set up the target and the group will harass the one to cause the psychological problem or commit a crime against them and they will make a revenge to send the one into prison with their false witness program. It's apart of COINTELPRO and no one can do about it. If Germans really want to take care, check out the local restaur ant, supermarkets, stores, hotels and see who are taking the minimum wages and working as the police informants. These people need extra cash and do some set-ups for the bad police and FBIs to make up the suspects. It's funny as these people are not listed as the extremists, and rather their victims are listed as so or leftist on the list.

If they want to know about the extremists in Köln, check out who hates Catholics and Christians there. Also, the Catholics who use the non-Catholic to harass others. I know Laura Krenz(?) of Köln is one of the gang stalker. Other German perpetrators travel with minimum things like an extra clothes in a daybag and no extra things. If you meet a German or Jewish guy with small backpack only for traveling more than several weeks, you can assume that person is on the gang stalking job abroad. These Neo-Nazi group has friends in the Bundeswehr, so they can use certain military equipments.

Germany's intelligence service came under sharp criticism Monday after revelations that a neo-Nazi terrorist group had been operating in the country virtually undetected for more than a decade and allegedly killed at least 10 people, most of them Turkish immigrants.

10 November, 2011

V2K perps and their information

Few things from the communication with the V2K perps. Some of the V2K perps would start a argument and the way how they make the argument, I learn more about the situation.

Corporate witness: the gang stalkers surrounds the target always. So, they can make the witness against the target anytime. It is not an equality of the witness but the target is the one to be the problem of the any matter happened there. The people having the negative image of the target and willing to make the witness against the one would be really bad. It is like a Black man is claimed as the problem by all White witnesses in the South. I don't know how the judges would handle in such case.

Paradise as the simple minded solution to make up the "Muslim terrorists." The perps might be wanting the target to be Muslim and have the thought of paradise as the primal matter in the Islamic view. This way, the perps can claim the target as s/he can probably do anything if the one goes to paradise. I never been to a mosque in my life, but if that is what the wise man there would speak out, then it would be something really stupid as these Muslims there would be very simple-minded to become like the terrorists instead. Operation Commando was like that, no? As I write about my view of Islamic paradise, it sounds not a good place for women. If the corrupted Muslims want to get many women in the paradise, they should go to Nevada or Amsterdam. They might change their religion and become hippies but that is good for the anti-terrorism purpose.

08 November, 2011

US weapon contains fake parts made in China

It's part of the Chinese communist strategy started from 70s. Ask Kissinger about what made them doing this. How long the US Army looks like to be owned by the United States while the core intelligence moved to Saudi Arabia already?
The merchants of death only want to make money. That's why Rockefeller's companies did not stop trading with Nazis Germany even after US started to fight against Nazis.

The Chinese companies are owned by the communist state and a bit of freedom on the policy making and such for the foreign inventors. So, if the workers are asked to cheat on the products for the national defense purpose, they do. China's potential great enemies are Russia and US. It's funny how the US is tricked from the briberies when they travel to China for the business. Individualism in the US now showing the ugly outcomes. Can they fight against Iran with these weapons? China supported Syria and would be on Iran's side via Pakistan.

Thousands of United States' warplanes, ships and missiles contain fake electronic components from China, leaving them open to malfunction, according to a US Senate committee.

05 November, 2011

How much intake will reach 10mSv?

This is an approximate level of intake that can cause 10mSv exposure to the human body. The intake would be differ in the foods and drinks, so I cannot guarantee that the intake will kill the test subject. 10mSv is the line to suggest people to stay indoors.

Cesium 770,000Bq/kg = 10mSv.
Iodine 450,000Bq/kg = 10mSv.

5000mSv can kill 50% of people and make them permanently sterilized.
Cesium 38,500,000Bq/kg = 500mSv.
Iodine 22,500,000Bq/kg = 500mSv.

The radioactive contamination from Fukushima contains multiple radioactive materials, so a good combo can increase the fatality.

10,000mSv can kill more than 90% of the people.
Cesium 770,000,000Bq/kg = 1,000mSv.
Iodine 450,000,000Bq/kg = 1,000mSv.

These children in Fukushima got Geiger Counter badges, aren't they? I am sure that the mad scientists are enjoying the human experiment like the time after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Same ethnic groups and more exciting researches they can work on.

And you can count the death rate from these information how far the average Japanese would live. They might eat the foods with the contamination of 500Bq/kg and 300Bq/L. Ah, here is a good news. You can see, the infants in Tokyo are drinking the contamination twice or three times as the regulation.

N-H-K has just reported that radioactivity readings in the water at Tokyo’s Katsushika purification plant now exceed the legal safety limits for infants.
Yesterday, the reading for radioactive iodine 131 was 210 becquerels per liter. Today it was 190 bq/l.
The legal limit for infants is 100 bq/l. For adults and other children, the legal limit is 300 bq/l.

Some foods like mushrooms have more than 10,000Bq/kg effects. So, trying something like those will help the fatal rate. I assume the water intake would be quite easy for reaching the limit.

31 October, 2011

A typical gaslighting example

I met a Japanese guy who showed up for few days. I thought he is suspicious as a perp as he came right after another strange Asian man who tried to communicate me in Japanese a bit. I did not talk with them as they came right after some perps left. It was like the shift of switching to new group for continuing the surveillance.

The Asian man said that he has a Catholic friend from this country. I don't know if this setting is helped by the Catholic perps, though. They might ask a favor from non-Catholic friends (gangs, I mean) for making up suspicious report on the target. These days, people have lots of friends. And gang stalkers often have many friends in different countries for their international gang activities. This guy got sudden vacation time and made a trip here. A bit strange, isn't it?

I did not talk with that Japanese man at all and he did not talk to me. There was an incident that when I came back, I saw a man taking a picture in front of the entrance door. And when I tried to open the door, that Japanese man just opened the door from the inside and left. We did not talk there as we did not talk before.

This morning, he seemed to be left. However, I found two conditioner bottles in my bathroom bag instead of a shampoo and a conditioner. It looked like a typical gaslighting to confuse the victim with one's own perception. Until yesterday morning, I used shampoo and conditioner, so if someone took my shampoo bottle and put the conditioner bottle for whatever the reason, it must happened between yesterday night to this morning.

I will add the picture of the Japanese man on my Japanese perp list. And the incident will be added to my experience here. No one wants to experience these gaslightings, right? So, I share the information of who are working for the gang stalking and where you would encounter such activities.

29 October, 2011

The estimation of the cesium leek is probably 3 times from what Japanese government says

From the beginning of the Fukushima nuclear plant accident, there were lots of information that was corrected later. We don't know how many dead from the accident at all. The researchers in Europe mentioned that the actual cesium leek was more than 40% of the leek from the Chernobyl. They say that 19% of cesium fell to the ground in Japan and others fell in the ocean.

How come the research done in Europe shows the cesium contamination would be 3 times higher than what the Japanese research team says? And how come the Japanese government's regulation of cesium contamination is food:500Bq/kg and water 200Bq/kg? These standards are two digit above what the German researchers suggest. Probably, Japanese don't know why they are dying in next few years. They cannot sue TEPCO anyway. TEPCO is invincible even against American government as the ocean pollution would cause some problem in the West Coast in future but they don't do anything at all.


25 October, 2011

How many non-Jews counted as Jews in the Holocaust?

How many non-Jews counted as Jews in the Holocaust? I think this question is the cue to find the reason why so body counts appeared in the Holocaust. Also, in the same style, we can ask about how many non-Nanking residents are counted for the Nanking Massacre.

Currently, I've been stalked by a foreign DOD contractor and still tamparing and strange things happening. I'm guessing the gang stalkers are tracking me for their hope of me as a Muslim. I never visited a mosque in my life and never interested in a sexist religion nothing seemed to be good for women followers. It's people's choice what they want to believe or behave including pedophilie, etc as long as their belief does not cross the line with the local law.

I heard the statistics about the increase of Muslims worldwide despite of the violence and criticism against Muslim extremists. I'm wondering if I'm counted as a possible Muslim in the governments' secret files while I attend a church every Sunday.

If this is what the US government and their gang associates are helping to increase the Muslim population estimate, then I think I got conclusion that it might be happened during WWII to increase the certain numbers of the holocaust victims.

And I think the Muslims should were hajabs and bruka for their identification, so that non-Muslims should not be claimed as so. Give them the yellow badges then. Then the others might leave them as they are and I'm happy to stay away from the false Muslim claims by the gang stalkers. The worst ones are the people saying they are Muslims but not really practicing their religion but only know it as their knowledges to use it on others for the potential Muslim extremists.

I'll send the DOD related guy's information to Sen. Ron Paul later for their investigation, OK? It will probably helps to reduce the anti-terrorism budget.

22 October, 2011

Man trinkt Meerwasser wann schwimmt er im Meer.

Japan muss schwimmen im Meer verborten.

21 October, 2011

Microchipping by the Illuminati

This seems a very interesting information that my TI friends liked. I'm sharing the quote here so others can read it and for the reminder for myself. I think most people get mental problem nowadays are related with the mood swings and remote hypnosis by the ones working for the secret agenda. MKULTRA and other psychological human experiments were done on innocent individuals. The current national defense team might be targeting people for the practice and the social control. How do you know your feeling of intimacy to someone particular is not an artificial one? What if such emotion is manipulated for the political reason by the defense team? Because I've been a GS/EH victim, I know pretty much of how the artificial manipulations like. This information would be on my future book. I'm too busy for other things, so I don't know when I can publish it though. There are patterns of how it happens, so if the people know which feeling is artificial, then they can be aware of the manipulation.

Today's microchips operate by means of low-frequency radio waves that target them. With the help of satellites, the implanted person can be tracked anywhere on the globe. Such a technique was among a number tested in the Iraq war, according to Dr. Carl Sanders, who invented the intelligence-manned interface (IMI) biotic, which is injected into people. (Earlier during the Vietnam War, soldiers were injected with the Rambo chip, designed to increase adrenaline flow into the bloodstream.) The 20-billion-bit/second supercomputers at the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) could now "see and hear" what soldiers experience in the battlefield with a remote monitoring system (RMS).

When a 5-micromillimeter microchip (the diameter of a strand of hair is 50 micromillimeters) is placed into optical nerve of the eye, it draws neuroimpulses from the brain that embody the experiences, smells, sights, and voice of the implanted person. Once transferred and stored in a computer, these neuroimpulses can be projected back to the person’s brain via the microchip to be reexperienced. Using a RMS, a land-based computer operator can send electromagnetic messages (encoded as signals) to the nervous system, affecting the target's performance. With RMS, healthy persons can be induced to see hallucinations and to hear voices in their heads.

Every thought, reaction, hearing, and visual observation causes a certain neurological potential, spikes, and patterns in the brain and its electromagnetic fields, which can now be decoded into thoughts, pictures, and voices. Electromagnetic stimulation can therefore change a person's brainwaves and affect muscular activity, causing painful muscular cramps experienced as torture.

The NSA's electronic surveillance system can simultaneously follow and handle millions of people. Each of us has a unique bioelectrical resonance frequency in the brain, just as we have unique fingerprints. With electromagnetic frequency (EMF) brain stimulation fully coded, pulsating electromagnetic signals can be sent to the brain, causing the desired voice and visual effects to be experienced by the target. This is a form of electronic warfare. U.S. astronauts were implanted before they were sent into space so their thoughts could be followed and all their emotions could be registered 24 hours a day.

The Washington Post reported in May 1995 that Prince William of Great Britain was implanted at the age of 12. Thus, if he were ever kidnapped, a radio wave with a specific frequency could be targeted to his microchip. The chip’s signal would be routed through a satellite to the computer screen of police headquarters, where the Prince’s movements could be followed. He could actually be located anywhere on the globe.

The mass media has not reported that an implanted person's privacy vanishes for the rest of his or her life. S/he can be manipulated in many ways. Using different frequencies, the secret controller of this equipment can even change a person's emotional life. S/he can be made aggressive or lethargic. Sexuality can be artificially influenced. Thought signals and subconscious thinking can be read, dreams affected and even induced, all without the knowledge or consent of the implanted person.

11 October, 2011

I got nothing to do with Wikileaks volunteer

I communicated with Wikileaks, and I got emails from Assange, and I was in London when Assange was locked up in the jail there. But I got no relation with Wikileaks.

I know COINTELPRO can make up things for the suspicions against the individuals. I wonder what happens to the real volunteers; do they blackmailed to be ask for the government's disinformation campaign?

The U.S. government obtained a controversial type of secret court order to force Google Inc. and small internet provider Sonic.net Inc. to turn over information from the email accounts of a WikiLeaks volunteer.

Sonic said it fought the government’s order and lost, and was forced to turn over information. Challenging the order was “rather expensive, but we felt it was the right thing to do,” said Sonic’s chief executive, Dane Jasper.

The government’s request included the email addresses of people volunteer Jacob Appelbaum corresponded with over the past two years, but not the full emails, according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.


10 October, 2011

iPhone can cause cancer

Steve Jobs died too early. Some say microwave is bad for the health. A Swedish scientist's research says that Ghz level microwave in the environment can cause a mouse's brain some damages. It makes albumin to be located in certain part in the brain and it ends up the mouse to have mental problem.

We know ultra low frequency can cause problem with our thinking. It's a scientific knowledge.

私が何年か前に参加した国際学会にスウェーデンの科学者で電磁波の生物への影響を永年研究している人がいたが、その人はまったく企業から研究費が降 りず困るし、妨害もあると言っていた。その科学者によれば、生物(マウス)を飼育器に入れて、ずっと周りからギガヘルツの電磁波を浴びせていると、脳が変 性すると証明しているのである。脳細胞の中のアルブミンという成分がどこかに溜まってしまうのである。その結果、生物は一種の精神障害を起す。

ま あ、そんなことが分かっているのである。

電磁波の極低周波(1~10ヘルツ)は、脳の活動(脳波)に共鳴する。だから、思考活動に悪影響を 与えることが分かっている。同様に、ギガヘルツ(=1,000,000,000Hz)は、脳のミクロな脳細胞そのものに悪影響を与えるのである。


事 実、携帯電話先進国のイギリスでは(もちろんあまりマスゴミは取り上げていないが、デービッド・アイクが大分前から警告していたように)脳腫瘍患者が激増 しているというのである。

09 October, 2011

Department of Defense and the secret human experiments on the university students

I have seen DOD cars when my voice to skull experience started in February 2007. I wonder if I was the victim of their covert research while I was studying at SJSU. It's possible as the CIA was recruiting people from the university students at that time.

It's a shame that those harassing me here and other places don't really know what they are helping. When we talk about the ethics, they will lose. I'm not a Muslim, but the perpetrators around me treated like so with the suspicion of me as a Muslim. It drive me to feel negative with Muslims - probably the same mentality how the Nazis drove people to hate Jews or Jews friendly people are sent to the concentration camp as well. To make the things worse, the Muslim perpetrators are hanging around me to make the other perps easy to observe me with them for extra suspicion. When I walk around the Islamic area, there are always people with cameras hanging around. I saw one today as well. And if I write about these problems openly and show my frustration against them openly, the perps use my agitation with Muslims as a sign of possible hate crime. The perps need a "cause" for harassing the target. Say, if they are aware of who actually making me to feel uncomfortable with Muslims, then they should not pick on the victim from the beginning. I learned the real extremists working safely for the gang stalking. They might be the ones who will set up the false flag attack on the terrorisms, you know. I'm neutral to Muslims as I don't care what they believe or how they act as long as they don't force me to do anything with it. I did drink water openly during Ramadan near the mosques as I thought that was a good way to make a protest that I'm not a Muslim. It's all about the perps around me. I do eat openly on the streets during Ramadan as that helps me to show I'm not a Muslim on the street while the perps on surveillance. Let me make them angry and I get the whole perp list with the real Muslim extremists in the area :D

"1987 Department of Defense admits that, despite a treaty banning research and development of biological agents, it continues to operate research facilities at 127 facilities and universities around the nation."

I'm still amazed that I've been mistreated in the churches. I found some patterns and now I'm working on the style of how the perps infiltrate the churches and priests and sisters helping them eventually. I want to go to a church to feel peace, but I got perps there. What should I do? Ah, time for sharing what they do in the churches to harass the Targeted Individuals. It's a bit sad to make a perp list from my church visiting, though. But this makes things even with those Muslim terrorist extremist lists. I'm really neutral to the people, you know. As far as I know, I'm a victim and did no harm to anyone despite of the psychiatrists made up in El Camino Hospital. It should be no problem for sharing the suspicious people who seems to be making up stories of me as mentally ill or criminals or even a Muslim.

And I really wanna know what the red jeep guy from DOD was doing in the room next to me in San Francisco.

07 October, 2011

$200 to get free from V2K

Someone mentioned this website. It sells 2 books for $200 and says it can help to stop the V2K as well as the gang stalking.

Chapter 1: Demystifying Neuro-Electromechanical Entrainment
Chapter 2: Identifying the Architecture of Neuro-Electromechanical Entrainment
Chapter 3: Demystifying Voice-to-Skull, Mind-Control, Emotional-Control and Body-Control
Chapter 4: Symptoms of Neuro-Electromechanical Entrainment
Chapter 5: Diagnosis of Neuro-Electromechanical Entrainment
Chapter 6: The Grid Exit Method
Chapter 7: The Way Forward

Also, the book might tell something important like this.
The identity of the US department that commissioned V2k: Electric Angel unmasks the
unscrupulous department of the US Government responsible for commissioning the
research into the V2k invention... and paying the inventor for it for the greater part of a
decade... with US taxpayers’ money!

Also, they say using the perp's own RF frequency can help to jam the V2K. This might be a good knowledge to start sharing.

"Defeats V2k, mind/body/emotional-control using Perpetrators’ own
Radio Frequency (RF). Signal assists you to escape, whether the
Perpetrators like it... or Not"

If you are interested, please try. The exposure of the actual people engaged in the V2K, so it can bring a massive lawsuits against the harassers. I don't know why the author only wanted to write books and selling them. That sound really small money than what the victims maybe capable of getting from the group lawsuit.

The book says the V2k is cell tower technology. I can assume how the mass people are controlled like that and acting as if the perpetrators. The V2K works even in an international airplane, so that should be take care or we might find the terrorists that can control the passengers with the V2k technologies to go wild without their will.

Caution: Cesium Kills People

I think Japanese food products need to get the tag "Caution: Cesium Kill People" for the health issue. Overdose of cesium contaminated food can kill people.

First, I would like to share the actual contamination level of Tokyo. It would be around 30,000 to 100,000 Bq/m2 as the maximum. Here is the map of the area near Tokyo. So, you can assume how the contamination of the rand would look like.

Someone made a simulation of an adult of 70kg eat 200g of cesium 100Bq/kg contaminated food. Once in three days of the food intake can bring out the body contamination level above 10Bq/kg in about 5 months and increase to 20Bq/kg. 10Bq/kg is enough to make a change in the result of the electrocardiogram.

Another person summarized a Japanese translation of Dr. Bandazhevsky's book. I don't know the title of the book in English, but the Japanese version is "人体に入った放射性セシウムの医学的生物学的影響―チェルノブイリの教訓​ セシウム137による内臓の病変と対策 ―" and you can purchase it from Dr. Kubota for 1000 yen. I will translate the summary on this website for the English readers.

  • Children in Minsk have over 20Bq/kg of cesium contamination of their bodies and 85% of them have some problem in the electrocardiogram results.
  • The average cesium 40-60Bq/kg can lead to subtle structural changes of the myocardium, and it becomes 10-40% of the total cellular metabolic failure and that will interrupt regular contractions.
  • More than 40% of 900-1000Bq/kg cesium accumulation can lead the death of animals.
  • The kidney is involved in the emission of cesium concentration, and adults' death in Gomeri had the cesium concentration of 192.8 ±25.2Bq/kg and for the children's death had 645±134.9Bq/kg.
What I'm fearing is that the Japanese government's new standard is not really helpful. Each food can contain maximum of 500Bq/kg cesium. If some people and animals dying in Japan from the heart attacks, they might eat wrong combination of the foods. I hope the above map helps you to calculate your survival late in Tokyo area. Foods are coming from somewhere else. Also the radioactive contaminated debris.

I suppose to be a bad person from the view of the int'l mafia group. It's OK to be claimed as criminal or prostitute or shop-lifter or pedophilia or mentally ill. I found myself confident to be harassed like so as more people are on the bad side acting nothing but selfish and trying to harass the ones who are telling the truth. I'm fined to be thought as mentally ill then. But, you should know I predicted the Fukushima children will die in one year already. I think I can look for political/humanitarian asylum again with my knowledge and additional skills I'm gaining now. I'm doing the peace activism against the Japanese nuclear policy and ignorance of the health effects.

06 October, 2011

Things go so fast.

It's really funny how things goes in non-English speaking country. No one expects me as I'm writing this blog or I went through really funny life experience.

Sometimes, I wonder how things would look like when I share my experiences to my friends who do not know how about how I used to be like in Switzerland to the country where I live.

When I thought about what if some people I know discover what I write here or how I share my past, I think they probably forget about it or ask me. (or perhaps forget about me.)

What I learned from my past experience is the way how to survive. The bullying to the total surveillance with 24/7 harassments via electronic devices. I took out some tiny wire like things from the gum area under the right M1 molar on the jaw bone. I still hear some hauling noise from near the right ear when I open my mouth really wide. Also, I can hear the electronic pulse like high pitched noise when I need to concentrate and the noise to disturb my concentration. I think these are just identical for some gang stalking victims. V2K Japanese speakers keep talking like radio and switching to others around 8 to 12 hours basis. Because of these, I learned more about electronic harassment issues from scientific background.

What I want to say is that I always feel like a distance and strange divide when my life crosses with others who are walking normal life. Who wants to know someone who was a refugee anyway? Thankfully, I never met anyone who knows my past and asked me about what I'm writing in my blog. Should I setup some more blogs and multiple accounts to hide myself in case someone I know google the Internet with my name? I don't know what is the best way, but I can say Ms. White's book helps for some understanding about me like a gang stalking victim.

Celent's prediction on 2012 and what can we do to prevent the global communism

Celente is known for his accurate predictions. He made a new prediction for the next year. Here is the news article link. So, if you are interested, please read it.

To make his story short, he says that the globalists (top elites) will try to tax more on the people below and the reduced numbers of the middle class people will prefer to form a fascism type nation.

The Egypt and some Middle Eastern countries used for the revolutionary process by the US. It's like how the civilian control was tested in Tienanmen and in LA. The current Wall Street protesting is a prototype. When will the Americans really start the process? The New World Order? Nazis was well hidden in the corporations and foreign troops while the Germany denied the further advancement with Nazism. Who was the grand father of George W. Bush? How many ex-Nazis in the United States, especially in the CIA? Everything is done according to their plan. Shall I tell more about how far their hidden plan achieved?

If people want the nationalism, it can make the globalists happy. Communism was believed as everyone will be equal and receive same amount of opportunities. The truth is, the leaders of the Communism are from the elites and the affluent class. In China, the elites remained on the top and used the citizens as robots and trashes. In Germany, Nazism brought... You know the rest.

What is the countermeasure? I think the situation is the challenge for the human kind to learn how far they are spiritually evolved. We have been so ignorant to others and their misfortunes. In mass media, people die from the war or riots killing people. The ones staying in a safe place watch it as an entertainment. Once these people cross the line to be on the other side, what can they do? Or who can they ask help? They will be the one laughed by the globalists, who remain as the top and keep their power as the god almighty. St. Francis of Assisi can teach us how to bear poverty while their spirit high. It's all about how to remain as morally and ethically correct in any form of misfortunes.

First hint: Don't let the fed to ban agriculture at home. Or people cannot survive.

05 October, 2011





02 October, 2011

Japanese perp list updated

Because my iPod is gone missing, and it made me motivated to share about gang stalkers. Here is the latest version of the Japanese perp information - download.

I'll update my website probably by this weekend.

Hanging around for the protesting? Maybe it's old fashioned and the resut is ending themselves get caught by the cops.

I think some strategies need some improvement due to the strategies of the opponents' change. In some areas of our society, the law does not work because of the too many "I'm the law" people. They could make up the false conviction from their psychotic view of what others did. A police officer can make a testimony on someone who was attacking him on the protest while the fact might be he was holding a flag and walking too close to the officer and the officer aggressively tacked toward him to get hit by the flag pole. In another occasion, a woman get a ticket for the fast driving, and the officer accidentally sprayed the pepper spray he had on his face while trying to spray her and give her a charge of the assaulting officer.

What can you change when you hang around at a bridge? It seems the style of protesting strategies in New York and Libya are totally the same; people hang around and stay away from their work or school and the result looks like a mass sabotage.

I don't know if that works in the time of globalism era. If the certain people want to sabotage, they would be simply replaced by others and foreign migrants who have more obedient personality. America now became much monotonous in cities across the continent. It might bring out a temporary large prison population(not FEMA camp yet) and some newbies in the cities take care their status and jobs.

People can say we want a change, but their wish may not fulfill without proper planning and actions following the plan. Feasibility check? Sabotage is a pause rather than a revolution. I think it's better for these people hanging around near the bridge to do something such as make a new NGO that gives jobs and minimum wages at least to help the poor. If the current NGOs cannot help the ones in need but trying to get the margin for themselves hired as the management people, that should be replaced. Global warming? They should spread the accuracy of the conspiracies saying why Al Gore was in for global warming while the fed ignores the oil spill and other environmental issues. Fukushima got a large chunk of radioactive material burning some earth underground. Taking out that one surely do some earth cooling.

The ones who want to do the activism by standing in a spot should change their style or the new comers who don't know about COINTELPRO would be get tricked by the FBI with the local police help to be arrested for false charges. If they really want to make a change, why don't they make a newspaper company that can get a support from the inner conspiracy theorists to fight back against the corporate media owned by the top few elites? What they need is a way to make a grassroots level changes within the society. Whatever they do, they will lose against the big brothers. Hanging out for the protesting is no longer a useful tool. It can bring "divide and conquer" operations by the fed. The perpetrators are infiltrated in the activists already and those on the media are the infiltrators. They are always the safe side as they do the role of setting up, and the innocent individuals who like their idea get caught on the trap.

27 September, 2011

Gunma prefecture C-134 contamination up to 600,000 Bq/m2

The linked map shows the Cesium 134 contamination in Gunma prefecture just north of Tokyo. The color from the top to moss green shows the area got higher contamination level than so called contaminated area in Chernobyl which was 37,000 Bq/m2. Thus the dark and light brown color areas are OK. It seems if the government decide to use the same standard of the Chernobyl, the Gunma prefecture must give up more than half the land for residential area.

I'm sure you don't want to know about Tokyo or Chiba.

23 September, 2011

Cavity Search Logo

Few days ago, I mentioned about visiting a dentist for checking the strange swollen gum under right lower M1 area. On the next day, I saw a man walking on the street wearing "Cavity Search" logo. It comes with the American Dad CIA agent character. I thought this is a typical logo sensitization for gang stalking. It was near my house.

Currently, I see people taking photos around me. They show up around the church building. I saw someone standing near the corner in front of the church and just hanging around and suddenly take a photo of the church, and then they just stand there. There was nothing strange or particular person walking. Funny, huh? Or the Asians taking pictures. I saw a middle age couple taking picture today. When I go to a church, a tourist like couple took picture at the beginning of the mass. They sat near me though. They seemed to put me in the frame some times, so I take pictures of them, also. I think I got quite a collection by now to share based on their nationality.

21 September, 2011

Half of Japanese population might die within 10 years!

I found a really nice news on a Japanese BBS and the information seemed to be real. Kouhei Matsuda is a professor at Touhoku Bunkyou university. He post on FB about Japanese 500Bq/Kg standard is the maximum food intake in case of nuclear war and to avoid the death from hunger. He says that if someone eats 500Bq/Kg of Cesium 137 for 3 years, that person would die. His prediction is that the current standard has more than 95% possibility that more than half of Japanese citizens have the fatal level inner radiation contamination in 10 years. It means that Japanese population would be reduced to half 10 years later.

国の暫定基準値の500Bq/Kgは全面核戦争に陥った場合に餓死 を避けるためにやむを得ず口にする食物の汚染上限です。もしも放 射性セシウム137が500Bq/Kgも含まれた食品を3年食べ たら致死量に達します。全てが基準値ぎりぎりではないとしても重 複内部被曝を考えれば政府の暫定基準値では10年後に半数以上の 国民が致死量以上に内部被曝する可能性が95%を超えます。つま り暫定基準500Bq/Kg未満で安全宣言すすると言うことは、 その食品を食べた人が10年後に半数は死亡してもかまわないと言っ ているのと同じだと言うことを忘れないでください。
Kouhei Matsuda 被曝線量計を買う。食品の生産地を確認する(ただし日本の食品の3割は産地偽装とも言われる)。一番良い方法は日本から脱出することです。ドイツ政府は被曝を逃れて入国する日本人を政治亡命者として受け入れる準備を密かに始めています。
(Sonntag um 07.29 - from his FB page comment)
If German government is really helping the Japanese avoiding the nuclear radiations, I will go to Germany, too. I have been warning about the serious health problem and criticizing the Japanese government's ill handling of the aftermath. I'm pro Angie and CDU. No problem with German politics.

Does any government allow me to stay and gives me a new citizenship? I'll wait few more till how things turns out.

14 September, 2011

Italian group with "Ra.... Italia" ID

In one occasion, I was surrounded with Italians in a bus. At the custom, these people around me had a strange card folded in two. The border patrol officer only checked this ID instead of the Italian passport. It's not the border with Italy but in Europe. Usually people require to have their passport when they travel to a foreign country or cross a border, but these Italians did not need a passport. I'm just curious of the connection of this ID thing and the gang stalking.

Meanwhile, the woman and a young woman sat behind me were talking about how people need to change the bus in the next bus station to split the destination. She mentioned about the bus heading to my destination in her conversation in the local language. At that bus station, there was a very old bus as if it was brought out from the garage just to keep the buses to be sold for the antique shops or the exhibition. I had the ticket to the next bus stop and there I was thinking to buy the ticket to that destination where this antique bus was going. I changed the bus to that antique bus and took it through my destination.









12 September, 2011

An implant? The material came out under my right bottom M1 molar.

If you check my posting before around July, I think you can find a posting of a material came out from the gum under M1 molar on the right bottom. The same part started swollen, so I was pushing and squeezing around for awhile. Suddenly, the swollen middle area broke and something came out. Here is the picture. If you can check the thing I took picture, please compare this one for the size and the shape. They are very identical and almost same. I don't know what it is but they seemed to have very tiny string attached to the fresh like a match stick.

I'm assuming these might be the power generator or something. Since the swelling does not stop from taking out one or two of these, I'm assuming I might have several more like a dozen of these under my gum tissue. If you know an implant device using something like this that can cause swelling under the skin, please tell me.

By the way, when I was kidnapped in El Camino Hospital, I found M1 molar crown changed the way it was kept. Because of the wisdom tooth growth on the back, M1 molar crown was broken and I had a ditch. One morning when I was in the large bedroom, I found the ditch was gone. So, it may be that happened on the day at El Camino Hospital. In such case, I might be capable to sue the hospital for the human experiment as well as the rape. It was the same day I found I had the bleeding with stomach pain.

09 September, 2011



01. 2011年8月18日 22:36:40: OlLe4OHFNA
吉見君は内部被ばくについてわからないでしょうね。わかってたらとっくに脱出してるはず。副 島ってウケ狙いで○○につけられているとか気軽に言わないでほしい。これをウケ狙いでなく本気100で言っているなら、本当の精神分裂病だと思います。医 学実習にいくと副島のように私は天皇の子孫とか電波を受けて命令を受けたなどと真顔で話すのが患者さんなんですから。
副島は、あれだけ飯の種にし て官僚、政治家を名指しで本やhpで罵倒したんですから検察がまともに相手にしないのは当たり前です。(脱税裁判で既に副島は国を敵に回した)。本当の頭 の利く人ならば周囲を敵に上手に回さないで立ち回れるはず。しかも副島は完全な脱税なのに副島のミスで払わなくてはいけないとわかってから、言論旦圧 だ~~と副島が起こした裁判で証言している。しかも立川税務署長の家にまで弟子と押しかけて警察を呼ぶぞ!怒鳴られても平気な副島。しかもそのビデオを全 会員に翌年も更新お願いしますとただで郵送するしまつ。どこまで他人の同情を利用するつもりだ、副島一派は。本当の会社経営者であるなら、こんなチョンボ は絶対にしないといえる。
吉見君の福島本部での幼児用プールの写真情けなくて気の毒になった。吉見君も副島の洗脳にやられなかったら、今頃幼児一 人を養っていてもおかしくない年齢なのに哀れですね。
アルルの意図的に2階で放射能を少しでも避けてカップラーメン三昧で福島の食物を避け、怪我 をその行動を理由に東京に帰るという演技をしているように感じました。副島が本当に検察や法務省に行ったとしたら、キチガイ扱いされて追い払われたとみる べきでしょう。弁護士も副島の話をまともに聞いてはいませんよ。きっと副島を追い払うための口実なんでしょう。広瀬大先生のようにネットワークもきちんと あり素晴らしい人脈を抱えている人ならばみなさんが喜んで協力するのでしょうが。副島の福島原発被害者へのムチを与えて根拠なき罵倒をして東電をかばって いるのをみるとこの副島という男は鬼だと感じますね。利用できることは副島はなんでも利用するつもりのようです。だから副島に近づくと危険なんですよ ねぇ。

02. 2011年8月18日 22:58:19: OlLe4OHFNA
過去に原発事 故の何年も前にも広瀬氏に共同研究を呼びかけて断られ、原発で有名になった広瀬先生にもまた最近再度拒否されたらしいですね。広瀬先生によるとそんなもの は相手にしている時間はないということでしょう。副島はバカすぎる。あまりにも日和見主義で一貫していないしすぐに何でも他人のせいにするから宮崎先生も 副島に遭遇した時にギョッとした目でみて無視したようですから。その宮崎先生からのありがたい返信も10年も前のことですが、勝手にhpで公開。わざわざ 宮崎先生が公開はしてはいけないと書いているのに、副島は頭に血が上ったら60を迎える年齢になっても関係ないようですね、ですから他の読者からの手紙も かってに公開しちゃうんですよ、実名で、本人の許可なくね。一般人ならば実名メリットはないのに、副島は誰でも勝手に利用して自分のビジネスにするのです から。今の時代ネットに実名があれば就職に障るといわれているのに副島は自分勝手すぎます。副島一派の放射能の影響は後5年くらいして徐々に重篤化します からね。8月になってやっと3月の1000万分の一の一時間当たり2億ベクレルの放射能放出になったと東電様はご発表してらっしゃるのですから。先月の福 島原発からの放射能放出量でさえ、今の5倍であった。副島たちが吸った放射能総量は計り知れません。きっと副島自身、放射能化して肺胞に侵入したプルトニ ウムから放射線が漏れ出していますよ。副島に近づくだけで軽く被曝しそうな気がします。なんせプルトニウムは半減期2万5千ねんですからねぇ。飯館村土壌 でプルトニウムが数千ベクレル発見されたと今頃マスコミは騒いでいるんです。飯館にいた子供の半分の甲状腺から放射能が検出されたってことは副島たちも同 じでしょう。それが気にならないというのが狂っている。しかも現地で警備にあたる警察にお前たちは棒だと失礼な罵倒をしても平気な副島たち。これを恥と思 わずに偉そうに自慢するんですから。どうしようもない。副島たちのように意味もなく福島原発避難地区に家をかりて人体実験するのではなく、警察の方たちが 放射能を恐れずに避難地区の境界線でインフル対応マスクのみで警備してくださることに頭が下がります。本当ならそんなことは東電と民主党政治家が行うべき なのにね。
  • 精神病だと決め付ける -「xxにつけられている」と気軽に言ってほしくないし、そう思っているのなら精神病だと決め付けてます。公安当局は、外国人だというだけでアルカイダのメンバーの疑いを掛けたりする人々が働いていますよ。検察も、反原発などで不当逮捕は何度もありますね。
  • 相手が幼児愛好癖だと想像させるコメントを書く -幼児用プールの写真とか。
  • 生き方や生活の批判-子供がいてもおかしくない年頃・婚期を逃した・大人気ないなど、年齢や生き方を批判してあたかも信用のない人物のように仕立て上げる。
  • 相手が危険人物であるかのように宣伝する-近づくとロクなことにならないと周囲に触れ回って孤立と支持を妨害する。
  • 誰もまともに相手をしないなど、相手が孤立しているように仕立てる-風評被害から囲い込みと無力化が狙えます
  • 相手の著作などについての根拠のない風評被害-相手の信憑性を下げる行為です
  • 肉体的な状況などを激しく差別-放射線で狂ったとか、周囲に放射能をばら撒いているとか。小学生が身障者を見て「汚い・気持ち悪い」とか言って中傷するのと同じ行為です。
  • 弁護士がなぜか弁護人の側に立っていない-集団ストーキングだと、弁護士・警察官・探偵など、被害者側をサポートするべき人間はなぜか加害者を擁護するように働きかけます。

04 September, 2011

Anti-terror arrests world wide

I'm probably listed as the potential Muslim terrorist due to my experiences traveling and living in Arabic countries. It's funny as I have been saying I got no interest in Islam and I'm a Christian.

The AP used freedom of information queries, law enforcement data and hundreds of interviews to identify 119,044 anti-terror arrests and 35,117 convictions in 66 countries, accounting for 70 percent of the world's population. The actual numbers undoubtedly run higher because some countries refused to provide information.
So, what is the anti-terror? It's just a bullying by the government authorities to twist anything people say into suspicion and make them targets of COINTELPRO - isolation, bullying and other form of harassment to make them pissed off to turn against them, then catch them as the terrorists. I wish I can stay away from such vicious career focused undercover officers who are paranoia and sadistic in the any way to do the mobbing. These people track down with their delusion to be true and force others to corporate to make the testimony based on their theories. The counter? I think we can share the information of the suspicious people tracking us down and their harassment techniques - if their suspects are terrorists, they can not go public, right? And if they are tracking the wrong person, the information exposed can reveal their operations and eventually it might help to cut the government budget which supposed to be from the citizens' taxes for better way of downsizing.

Oh, well. Happy Burn the Koran Day in advance. I think it'd be fun if some Korans got hollow inside and implant some Chinese crackers for the surprise. I don't really do anything particular, but I like hearing people burning Koran as some perps claim me as if I'm a Muslim. It's just like the same psychological reason like how hating of Jew went through during the Nazi period. If you got suspicion to be a Jew, you hate them, right? It's just happened to me with Muslims, and I'm staying away from them while perps trying to make up conspiracies of me as a Muslim. We live in a sick world. I don't care if anybody else is claimed as a Muslim, but not me.

02 September, 2011

Children in Fukushima might become mental disease 2 times higher than the avarage

According to the article addressing the research done by Dr. Tetsuji Imanaka about the Chernobyl accident, the evacuees in Belarus had 2.06 higher rate of getting mental disease. Also, the children getting mental disease in the area with radioactive contamination get 2 times higher than the area without radioactive contamination.


What about Tokyo? And the rest of the areas with high radioactive contamination in Japan?

My prediction would be the children in Tokyo will get about 2 times higher rate of getting mental disease. It would be fun if some evacuees pretending to get crazy from the radioactive contamination and do the terrorism against TEPCO. They have no problem proving themselves as mentally ill as the research says the possibility. I'm not suggesting the terrorism, but making fun of how far Japanese act like sheeple and eating cesium and other radioactive for their daily meal.

01 September, 2011

Bloggers can have the 1st amendament protection.

Thanks for the logical understanding of the citizen's concern and their rights against the tyranny. I think the filming of police officers on public duty and free speech can help to protect the opinions and experiences of the minorities. Otherwise, the police can make up a story to detain a minority who might not have a chance to oppose against the majority. It's the power matter of police + government vs citizens + journalists. I hope both sides got equal level power to monitor the balance of each side.

The court ruling also made it clear that bloggers who report news based on their recordings of police have equal protection under the law as journalists.

23 August, 2011

The white smoke from Fukushima plant might include tritium.

No body really talk about the problem of tritium released from the Fukushima plant. It supposed to return to Japan via rain water during the rainy season. Most food examination does not check all the radioactive contamination in the food or drinks. They mainly check only cesium.
A blogger mentions about the release of tritium through the white smoke. I wonder how much tritium intake is happening to the fishes.

Here is the picture from the related website article. It looks like a scene from an action movie, isn't it? I'm still expecting a game maker creating a computer game like S.T.A.L.K.E.R based on Fukushima incident.

22 August, 2011

Nazis? The new depopulation program via gang stalking

As far as I studied gang stalking around over 10 countries, I learned similarities and some specific characteristics that I haven't mention before.

  • The V2K perps has the ability to create the EH effects while the local perps cannot do that while they are around.
  • The EH might have a problem of setting up the harassment on the individual on the top bed in the bunk bed.
  • The EH symptoms would be less if the area is crowded in a small room. Like the V2K, they cannot increase the volume.
  • The EH symptoms can be easily increased in a concert hall, a cathedral or somewhere that reflects sounds. Also, the hearing problem might happen like the hardness of hearing the echoed speeches.
  • The symptom that turns the victim's mouth to speak up what the V2K perps says can happen after the intake of food or drinks that was not randomly chosen and the effect can start approx. after 3 hours.
  • The sudden sick feeling of vomiting, gas expansion in the intestine, headache can be happen with the ultrasonic device while someone stands right behind of the victim for awhile like in the church. I experienced this while I stood on the back and there was yet someone stood behind the glass wall.
  • Foreign perps often show up together like 2 to 3 people or more large scale.
  • The V2k perps might have the decision making on how
  • The V2K might start in the foreign language of where the victim lives. But it will switch to one's native language later.
  • The V2K teams are the same group of people for many years. Their recruit time would be around May to June in Japanese perps' cases. The number of the V2K perps are the same at their work like 2 to 8 people.
  • When the V2K perps' number increases, they can create more severe EH effects on the target.
  • Some V2K perps are mean, and they can just try to add some EH effects to bully the victim for fun.
  • Local police officers might work with perps. Also, sometimes military officers appear among the perps.
  • Macedonian perps work with Montenegrin perps. They often show up together. They might be the real intelligence team as these countries are relatively small.
  • The local perps know what they are doing, and they just do it together while they have the strong relationship.
  • The V2K perps can send anyone to match their surveillance plan from any people with different nationalities. Sometimes, they can send certain groups who are available at the area.
Where the Nazis went after the members merged into the CIA aka OSS? The ex-Nazis people spread around the world. No one knows what happening to the gang stalking. Most people don't know the word or others say it is the imagination of some delusional people. It's the geopolitics of controlling everything among these ex-Nazis people. They create the strong (extremist-like) connection in the local area. And the targeted people got no ware to go as if they are given the "yellow star badge." Their human rights are ignored and others tried to surround the person and make the one the gone insane from their covert operation or to become aggressive against their never-ending bullying. Once you are on their watch list, you will be harassed till you are locked in the prison or mental hospital where their professional friends can use them for human experiments. Nothing different from Nazis time, isn't it? This time, they are taking down the people based on their favor like easily bullied, politically incorrect, etc. The world got just too much of these ex-Nazis grand children. How about sharing the information of the perps? Their parents or bosses at their work might be working for the Nazis or the secret police.

21 August, 2011

What happened to the used fuel stored on top of the plant? No one tells about how much fuels remained in the plants nor how much disappeared to the air. Congratulation for the people in Fukushima. They can sue the government if they get cancer. 100% cancer fatelities would be possible for the group suing on Fukushima's case, isn't it? TEPCO might ask them to be dead before start the lawsuit to prove the relationship with the fatality study, though. How many people got cancer already? They might look healthy but they might be the late stages of multiple cancers. The doctors might just check the full body counter for the radioactive while they ignore to check the cancer examinations if it's not listed on their procedure.

Beyond the diseconomics and the proliferation and terrorism risks of plutonium, there are also severe safety and environmental hazards. Plutonium is fiendishly toxic. A speck of it the size of a pollen grain, if caught in the lungs after inhalation or in bone after ingestion, can cause cancer. A severe reactor accident with plutonium-based MOX fuel in one-third of the core will result in 100% more latent cancer fatalities than if the core was made up entirely of conventional uranium fuel. Such an accident with an all-MOX core would kill 300% more people than with an all-uranium core. (See NCI Scientific Director Edwin Lyman's "Public Health Risks of Substituting Mixed-Oxide Fuel for Uranium Fuel in Pressurized Water Reactors," Science and Global Security, Princeton University, 2000, Volume 9, pp. 1-47.) www.nci.org/pdf/lyman-mox-sgs.pdf

20 August, 2011

German says 8Bq/kg is the limit for food and bevarage intake

German says underage people should not eat or drink something that contains over 4Bq/kg of cesium. For the adults, 8Bq/kg is the limit. Their study is based from the Chernobyl accident. Currently, Japanese rice might contain 52Bq/kg of cesium. Japan's legal limit is 500Bq/kg. Isn't it amazing to see how two digits different from what German thought safe and Japanese thought safe??? I'm sure no one would die from eating steam rice containing 499Bq/kg of cesium. But in a long run... well suicide is about 6.5 times higher than the death by the traffic accident. Probably, these who got sick from cesium would simply kill themselves or made it look like suicide by the Japanese intelligence killing them.

Hey, I have a suggestion. You can sell to Japan the foods that could not sold to Germany because of not passing 8Bq/kg limit. That sounds safer than those blended foods mixing the local ones with from Fukushima in Japan.

未成年者は1kgあたり4ベクレル(Bq)以上、成人は1kgあたり8Bq 以上のセシウム137を含む飲食物を摂取しないことを推奨
ドイツ放射線防護協会が、福島原発事故の発生後の日本において、放射線核種(放射性物質)を含む食物の摂取による被ばくの危険性を最小限に抑えるため、 チェルノブイリ原発事故の経験をもとに考察・算定を行い、以下の提言を行っている。
1‐放射性ヨウ素が現在多く検出されているため、日本国内に居住する者は当面、汚染の可能性のあるサラダ菜、葉物野菜、薬草・山菜類の摂取は断念すること が推奨される。
2‐評価の根拠に不確実性があるため、乳児、子ども、青少年に対しては、1kgあたり4ベクレル(Bq)以上のセシウム137を含む飲食物を与えないよう 推奨されるべきである。成人は、1kgあたり8Bq 以上のセシウム137を含む飲食物を摂取しないことが推奨されるべきである。
3‐日本での飲食物の管理および測定結果の公開のためには、市民団体および基金は、独立した放射線測定所を設けることが有益である。ヨーロッパでは、日本 におけるそのようなイニシアチブをどのように支援できるか、検討すべきであろう。
(http://infosecurity.jp/archives/10141; http://icbuw-hiroshima.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/322838a309529f3382702b3a6c5441a31.pdf)