29 October, 2016

Paris again by Eurolines instead of National Express

I had a bad day yesterday in London. Well, I only had one day free time and visited the restaurants which we used the recipes at Dublin Cookery School. That was not really a fun part as they are just the normal 3 star type restaurants in the big city. At least, I saw what looks normal for the land of Jamie Oliver.

I was at the buffet for awhile in the Victoria station shopping center. Free refill of drinks and unlimited pasta, pizza, salad intake for 10 pounds. That was not what I wanted but other restaurants were so crowded.

Then I spent about an hour and half at a cafe nearby. It had the cake and hot drink menu for 4.95. I had the cake and the tea. Well, that was the only option to be staying with my luggages. Then I saw the couple to the right corner started talking about Japanese woman and so on and they even mentioned a name, Allan, and kept talking. I just filmed their conversation for the possible perpetrators' sensitization story telling about victims nearby. Then I started to feel pain on the back of my eyebrow and the below the left eye area. The V2K speakers told me that they are attacking the spot where the hidden camera device locates. Then I had some pain on my left ear and above the ear. (The Electronic Harassment helped me to type "eyer" instead of "ear" here. Is this the brainwave jamming by Chinese people? The V2K speakers said that they have a new cop from Kanagawa and he is always using the assumption of the victim to have no knowledge of English, and accuse the victim for the weak English skill or ask the perps to steal the English-Japanese dictionary. I think that one just doing with the high school kids in UK area.)

Then I started vomiting from the pain. I did that for awhile but I was able to get the bus ride. I left the bathroom at the Victoria Coach Station and sat at the empty bench there. The bench was right in front of the gate for Paris bus at 20:00. But the check-in supposed to be at the rear of gate 19, the board said. I took a photo of that one. Then I took the bus there, then the clerk asked me to leave the bus with my luggage for the check-in. He asked me about my passport and then I was asked to take Eurolines bus parked behind of National Express one. National Express bus would pass through the tunnel and I could see Calais area. Instead, Eurolines was funny as I only found the spots near surveillance cameras and there were 2 Korean men sat nearby. One of them should be named "Mr Siwoo Park." Their seats are right in front of the surveillance cameras. I didn't know how the Euroline bus got such cameras like that way. I took the photos of these cameras. When I was taking another bus, there were a tall man and a black woman stood. The tall man asked me about 2 pounds he needs to get a bus. I don't really see why I have to help him. But he could steal my bag or something as others there seemed demanding me to help him. I'd rather call a cop if I was not the one vomiting around on the street to the coach station. Ok, here is the video. Anything wrong with Victoria Coach Station? Just check what the beggar doing inside of the gate. The billboard says "waiting outside of the gate is extremely dangerous" but people can beg this safely. Something funny, right?

24 October, 2016

Japanese couple sat in front of me at the bus station

I was busy visiting Knock and now in Dublin since yesterday. I'm traveling to London tonight and hopefully going back to somewhere with Jews and Jews-a-like to avoid so many Muslims.

I stayed at Divine Mercy B&B and had the room invasion attempt after 1am twice. The owner told me that it was someone who could not find a bed and stayed a night and left by the police pick up next morning. Then more Asians and Indians around next day. On Sunday, there would be a mass to commemorate Mother Teresa from 3pm, but I left that day. At the 9am morning mass, a woman showed up during the mass and kicked my shopping bag with my American bible and some books I bought as well as the folders with my diplomas.  I filmed her and shared on TARACT FB site.

Well, I can just share more from FB writing.
 I'm traveling to London after having room invasion attempts after midnight at Divine Mercy B&B in Knock Shrine area and the woman kicking my bag during the mass next day. I don't find peace anywhere I go. At Hazelbrook House in Dublin, there was no hot water shower just like at Divine Mercy B&B. There were a couple taking photos went into the place when I was heading back to the accommodation after dinner last night. I saw some Muslims at the reception. And there were always people around on the hallway and such. There was a tall man entered to the room 5 when I was about checking out after the cold shower. He seemed to be the one who showed up at the pilgrimage for the relic of St. Maximiliam Kolbe at the church in Fairview area on October 2nd. He was with a woman wearing the clothes frontside back. I filmed him at the hallway and shared online. And I visited the bus station to buy the ticket and I saw some black people surrounding me. Later, I saw a couple speaking Japanese and sat in front of me. It happened after I bought the bus ticket to London for tonight's bus. Are they Japanese pretending human traffickers? I haven't seen any Japanese in the city for long time but I only saw at the 3 day course at Dublin Barista School with only 6 students on October 12 and 13. At that time, Risa Fujita, was from Blackrock where I stayed for 1.5 months for attending Dublin Cookery School. As the local police won't really do anything with these suspicious people till they do the real crime against me after stalking and mobbing, I just share the information online to stop these people doing it to me.Are these Japanese stalking other Japanse because they are Soka Gakkai people hating non Soka Gakkai or Buddhist people?https://www.facebook.com/miyoko.goto.7/videos/1211439978899716/

So, that was how everything went. And I probably won't write to this blog for few days due to the different Internet Law in UK. I experienced some difficulty obtaining WIFI from my past trip and trying to use WIFI in the pub area. I think it was around 2011... I just stay 2 nights for the resting and moving. I'd be in Europe mainland by this weekend. And if something happens, these 2 Japanese on the video might be related with the missing. Also, these Japanese would be demanding type saying "gimme gimme" and trying to get something from others. Also, they could claim stuffs their victim own as theirs and claim it in a group. I heard that is a normal way of wiping others by the Soka Gakkai Japanese groups abroad. 

22 October, 2016

The Mother of Divine Mercy in Dublin

I'm in Knock now. I found a book called "The First Appearance" and it is about the apparition of Our Lady to a woman in Dublin. It started from September 12th, 1988. And the book has the contact address of "Devotion to the Mother of Divine Mercy 11 Brookwood Meadow, Dublin 5, Ireland Tel.: 01 8315647" Well, I haven't visit the location yet and never thought of such thing happened in Dublin city area. I was in the city from Sep 5th this year. I could see the feast or something on September 12th, you know. This kind of thing I call as miracle to me to feel refreshed. Some say that is just coincidence by picking a good book to read. And I just make feel fine with a good way to be connected with the Virgin Mary. Why there are so many obstacles for mobbing while I just be here for praying? What is the point of these dangerous people around expecting me to be dangerous or criminal or whatever for the crime tipping reasoning scapegoat? I could be in 140€ for 2 nights hotel next to the Shrine but I picked something like 40€ one and had a chance to find the bookshelf for the guests. Oh, well, everything goes like this - 100€ for the 2 nights trip on weekends and ending up learning something about the Dublin city miracle.
There is a big event for Mother Teresa on Sunday afternoon but I have to take the bus back to the city for the visa issue. But I could be in the city with my Macedonian Mother Teresa prayer card from Skopje. What a coincidence to me. My last visit was around the time Fukushima radiation leaking and the earthquake time in 2011? I guess I was the only Japanese here. Now, what about Macedonian? Am I the only one speaks Croatian/Macedonian/Montenegli/Serbiji? I hope there should be some more. I threw away Don Bosco's "Dai Mi Animas Chetra Torre" logo jacket few weeks ago. It was a cool Croat clothes in my retrospect.

21 October, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 2nd, 2016

OSAM video.

Leaving Dublin tomorrow

I would be in Knock Shrine fore few nights. There were so many Germans these days in Dublin city center. When I took a bus today, I sat near the girls speaking German. I saw some Germans and Americans at St. Patrick Cathedral guided tour today. Thanks to these people taking photos, I was able to take more in the cathedral. Also a Goethe Institut logo bag woman walking at night. I didn't see a German car today. Well, I saw one yesterday or day before. I'm guessing some would be show up at Knock area as I saw German cars from Berlin or Munich in Lourdes in France. Why not happen in Knock?

Everything seems OK now. Just some problem with the mind control.

I found the first mind control in Dublin would be the need of purchasing new clothes. If you are not poor, you would buy more clothes. That was one of the agenda that the V2K speakers told me. Also, some other issues like more of words only for note taking and English literature reading for less misfortunes. This seems to be something like the long term or short term visitors from Japan should be English learners as the first attempt to understand them. So, they would first activate the brain reading by checking what they do - reading English books and such. Well, in my point, I thought it worked a bit when I was reading the novel I downloaded from the Internet and was reading some books for my study. Then there was this something I could do extra. And that seemed to be just slacking around a bit to spend some time off. Anything I do would be deleted or damaged, so why not slacking, time killing? I could do more effort but the room invasion can ruin all my work at one crash. Gestapo out there is just like that in WWII, right? So, what is the point of doing extra hardwork or hardship? I would rather complain with the facial images instead. They should have been working for generations for their mafia groups.

Also, the room invasion happened and new stopped after I put so many plastic bags and plastic bottles at the room door to make noise when someone tries to enter from there. Last night, I heard someone walking at night when I thought of going to the bathroom around that time. Today, there are no Indians in the room next door. There was an Indian man and an Indian woman in the room next door few days ago. And their room door was often slightly opened as if to keep the room easily invaded. Well, I've heard from the V2K speakers that that is the trick people seem to be go easy on each other and the Japanese female students often get their wallets and passports stolen from their private or doom room in Croatia, Montenegro, Hungary, and other countries. In such case, the perpetrators laugh at the baiting success and the theft without any culprit.

I shall have time tomorrow night for adding some OSAM vids tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

17 October, 2016

Clean Language Sweeper

I've heard the story of "Clean Language Sweeper" from the V2K speakers. They say like there is the misused formula set for the Japanese Embassy in Ireland and always that one is used for tricking the English learners and pretty immature wannabe diplomats. They are treated like the "third (degree) language speakers" and their knowledge is always corrected. For example, added information is like the sudden appearance of the Japanese expression like "yummy!" in Japanese while on training to make sure the first expression would be mesmerized in the first language. The second issue is the lack of the proper English training such as "could you please...?" and adding "can't you..?" for the informal language use. Also, the lack of clarity means the certain additional information such as the last potion shortened from the sentence to let the listener assume what the speaker means. "Can you bring me.." and pointing the salt shaker on the table as an example. Also, making the speaker's feeling too frank and speaking in short and lower voice. "thingly" is one of the favorite way of making the childish expression in France for Japanese uniformed officer. "That's the thing" to "I don't wanna her from the speaker like thing."
The V2K speakers told me that they have someone from Tottori prefecture in Dublin now for the use of such method. Also, Irish Japanese embassy would be only using English meter for the abusing others. No proper English education given to the childish speakers, and they hope to have only formal people trained in Ireland.

10 October, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 5th, 2016

OSAM from Oct 5th, 2016.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 6th, 2016

OSAM from Oct 6th, 2016.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 7th, 2016

OSAM from Oct 7th, 2016.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 8th, 2016

OSAM from Oct 8th, 2016. I caught a gate skipping woman at DART station on Parse Street.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - October 9th, 2016

I finally free from the school works and had a free weekend. I didn't really do anything now. Well, I've got one certificate and another one to be done this week. At least, I can tell I am not slacking around all day long. One German car from yesterday in the video.

Here is the recent OSAM video. I created videos till September 27th time. I could make some more for the entire missing month from my trip to Dublin period.

03 October, 2016

Vandalism at 14 Fairyhill Lane, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

I'm staying at 14 Fairyhill Lane, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. This morning, I found my Lush handmade block of soap was cut in half. It was in my porter bag all the time as I was afraid of the gang stalkers touch my bath stuffs and damage them for fun. Also, I only use one underwear for the same reason. Also, my HX-50 camera cannot read the memory card no matter I changed another one for testing. I was able to take photos of these two soap photos this morning with the almost empty battery of my TX-30 camera. My other batteries for TX-30 were all empty and I found out that was how the room invasion was done yesterday night of October 2nd. I contact police and report this incident with other issues from before for the crime reports later. I found my batteries emptied sometimes before and my cross and 2 medals on my necklace moved the order from the past room invasions. This one is the worst as I can tell from other physical damages besides the missing padlocks before and returned on last Friday. Also the rosary poach gone missing and found back in the poach after I post the missing case on Face Book.

When I was at Insomnia cafe, my netbook got no WIFI as if of the hacking problem. So, I only have my phone for taking photos and filming now. My HX-50 camera can take photos but only in the internal memory, and I had the problem of connecting via USB to my netbook.