31 August, 2009

Where to find a good seafood restaurant? It's next to the aquarium!

The lucky octopus will swim in the aquarium while the unlucky ones are on top of the salad..

24 August, 2009

Gang stalking on these days

Ever since the funny incident in front of the pizza restaurant in Split, I had less incidents with gang stalkers. I guess that's simply because they might stay out of trouble for not making logical errors in their routine. If they cannot explain something they do looks like extremists' activities or just exposing the local problem to a tourist, they would be only causing the trouble for their activities.

This time, I really experienced what to be like to be surrounded by perps' kids. I usually avoid to be near kids because they make noise. Last Sunday was like this. I enter the church about 30 minutes before the mass, then some adults with kids showed up and sat near me. I was surrounded by kids to my front, my right, and my left. There was a small girl on the bench two rows in front of me looking back and pointing her finger at me several times. There was a black guy in several rows to the front with a white woman. And as a Asian, I might be the only one in the church. What I noticed was that an elderly woman with a rosary came with 4 to 5 kids. First, I saw her looking at the bench I sat, so I offerered her to go in, then she and a small boy sat next to me. Then 2 girls with them sat in front of my bench which was previously occupied by the mid-age couple with a kid (don't know boy or girl - had a long hair and wearing the shirt same as one's father). The woman of these couple left the bench before the elderly woman and kids came. So, 2 girls sat to the kid. Then a couple with a small girl came and sat on the step next to me. This was how I was surrounded by the kids. Later, the boy left the bench. Then 2 elderly women came and took the spot he sat (right side of me). I thought it was just a coincidence as the church was full. The elderly women sat next to me had rosaries.

Today's experience was this. I walked down the beach to take a walk, I sat on a bench facing the ocean. Then I thought to buy some breads from the bender behind of me on the street. There was a woman with a baby on the baby cart was on line for buying the bread. So, I just left my backpack and a bottle of Coke on the bench to make sure I took that spot and walked to the vender. The distance was less than 10 meters and some people were on street to be the witness if someone tried to take my bag and I was able to keep an eye on my backpack. I bought some bread and found out the woman with the small kid sat on the bench. When I returned there, I saw the kid playing with my bag and walking around on the bench. I don't know what that woman was thinking as there was a bag visible from the street, and still took the spot with her kid. After I purchased the bread, I returned to the bench and gestured that the backpack belongs to me. The woman seemed to ignore it, so I asked her to make some room for me to sit down while the kid walking around on the bench. Then she led the kid sat down next to my backpack and they started eating the bread they bought from the vender. My concern was that they might be thieves trying to take my stuff while I was away. Then a woman talking on the cell phone stood near me and shouting in Croatian looking at me. I don't know if she was a perp trying to report what she observed to her boss. Say, I occupied on the bench first, and the woman and the kid came and took the spot even they could see my bag was there. After the woman finished talking on the phone, she stood there for a while.
In a diagram,

(me) (backpack) (kid) (woman)
(woman on the phone)

So, I noticed the women taking both sides - like surrounding the TI by perps. You can think of the psychological effect of the sensitization.

While I was eating my bread, the woman with the kid asked me "Excuse me, where is Chinese shop around here?" Was this a normal icebreaker at a bench near the beach? I had no idea why she needed to know Chinese shop while she was eating the bread with her kid. Moreover, it is a tourist place and many foreigners come here to enjoy the beach. I replied her "I don't know. And I am not Chinese." The communication ended. First of all, I was suspicious of them as they sat on the bench where I put my backpack and thought as they were thieves. After that, I saw some sparrows came, and just gave some bread crumbs to them. A guy holding a box with breads walked from the beach and contacted me in Croatian. He was with another guy with an ice box. They might be selling stuffs on the beach. While I was holding the bread on my hand, they came and asked me to buy something. People don't buy things they already have in their hands. This was something obvious. While these guy were standing on the bench near us, the guy with the ice box started counting the money. Then I saw the woman sat with the kid started taking the picture of the kid. There was nothing interesting to take pictures with kid but she continued doing that for a while. As they stay away from the bench, I tried to ignore them. Eventually, the two men and the woman with the kid left. What I noticed was the woman doing some strange stuffs I categorized as sensitization technique. How will you act when a woman with a kid sat down in the bench where you left your backpack for buying a bread in nearby vender? This situation itself could be considered as a normal incident with a dominant-type mother who may not consider oneself to be looked as thief while sitting next to a someone else's backpack. Then what was the meaning of taking pictures? If they convined so many, then the situation seems suspicious.

A woman with a kid sitting near me reminds of how my umbrella was stolen at McDonalds in Aarau. A woman and a kid came and sat next to where I sat. Then they moved to another sheet. Meanwhile, I was concentrated on using the PC, and could not figured out the umbrella I put on the bench was gone. That was what I figured out after they disappeared. I guess a woman with a kid would be an ideal style of stealing things as the woman can blame the kid for the theft, while the kid's crime would be ignored by the law. They can claim it as just an accident.

What I have seen is the repetition of similar incidents and how I recognize them as anchoring and the way of sensitization. There would be two types of stimuli to work on the stalking activities to make it include the psychological impact. To explain the local people's involvement, the pizza restaurant's one could be enough, isn't it? The ones recruited as foot solders may not know everything, but they would be under the influence of mind control also. In the whole experience, this can work as the civilian control in the big picture.

I could add some pictures as I'm in the place for tourism. But I'm too busy studying Java - both applet and script - these days. Java programming on the beach? That's what I can do here as my PC has aquafobia and it wants to stay away from the water.

19 August, 2009

Having some time near the beach

As I expected, staying in Croatia seems a pretty good choice for saving the living cost. The food is cheap as well as the transportation fare. I'm doing my pilgrimage to see some churches related with St. Francis or other saints I'm familiar with. Today I visited the one related with St. Bernadete. There was a group from Italy by the bus to the church, and they held the mass in Italian.

There are some ferries come from Italy, so it's quite easy for people in central Europe to get to here. Swiss people often take a vacation in Italy to enjoy the beach, but I think Croatia would be an alternative option as the living cost is about one fifth here. A large cheese burger (twice the size of BigMac) would cost 30-35kn, and which is about 6 to 7 CHF. If it's in Switzerland, a fastfood meal would cost at least 10CHF. Staying out from EU countries during the Swine flu pandemic would be a good strategy for me. Japan would follow the order from the US, so no where would be safe. If the flu pandemic supposed to be happen within this year, staying out from the countries which preparing mass graves would keep me safe.

10 August, 2009

A tourist wearing Zagreb Dynamo T-shirt might get killed in Split - information from the local people

Yesterday, I was walking around in the city wearing Zagreb Dynamo T-shirt because of the laundry problem. When I passed the pizza restaurant, I noticed some people were looking from the entrance door. First some people tried to gesture to come in, I waved my hand for the "no thanks" gesture. Then few people started shouting to me to take off the T-shirt and saying it's no good.

The people from the pizza restaurants tried to persuaded me not to wear the Zagreb Dynamo T-shirt. Meanwhile, no one in the restaurant across the street mentioned about the argument at all. The people in the pizza restaurant said that wearing Dynamo T-shirt can end up getting killed. So I just share this information about Split in my blog to warn other tourists to save their life from getting killed by psychos in Split. No one wants to be get killed by wearing a wrong T-shirt at a wrong place, right? Especially the one is doing the sightseeing.

Later, a guy wearing Italy logo shirt complained about my T-shirt. There were only three group of people complained about my T-shirt; first, 3 young girls sat on the bench outside of Green Market, second was the people in the pizza restaurant, and the man on the street next to Fish Market.

I'll sent this video to the president of Croatia to ask to give more safety for the tourists for wearing any T-shirt.

I wonder how Dynamo fans watch the match in Split.. Are they asked to take off their logo off to enter local pizza restaurants or bars?

06 August, 2009

The Church of Otok

Here is the church I visited before I went to Sinj to meet the Our Lady of Sinj. This church is also famous of John-Paul II visiting in the last century. Solin is where Titius, the diciple of Paul, went to preach the gospel. It's really a small town but has the atmosphere peace and quiet.

The door to the church interior was locked but the people were able to walk in near the entrance. When I went in, I saw a woman holding a rosary inside the church. Then two people, a man and a woman, came to check the inside. I sat down on the bench to the left side, and started praying rosary. Then all people left the building in few minutes. It was about noon, and when I was about to finish the rosary praying, the church bell started to tell the time. When I left the church, somehow the bell finished ringing.. Nothing superstitious, but it was good experience at the church.

Since it was just noon, I decided to visit Sinj to check out the painting. I was thinking to leave the pilgrimage to the celebration day, but I just did it. I wonder how many people in the bus were perps. If they did some skits, I would be able to learn who are perps - like wearing California T-shirts and such. Oh, I saw a guy withc California T-shirt in Sinj.

I don't know why but when I stay in hostels, I usually have a guy lying on a bed in boxer sleeping. I don't know if that is a strategy perps work for female (or gay?) TIs for pretending their "sex-offender/prostitute/hypersexual" claims. As far as I know, it happened in 2 hostels so far with the encounter of 4 guys lying in the room in boxer pants. While the man is in the room, no one else of the guest came. I just count the frequent occurrence for the statistics reason. And tampering seems to the one they would be engaged in. I left my bath-stuffs on top of the locker today, and I found a man (who was lying on the bed in his boxer for 2 days at the time I went back) telling me if the plastic bag was mine. The shampoo bottle was spilled inside of the bag and the bottle was empty. He and another girl in the room came together and explained me the bag fell from the locker. The shampoo was spilled on the floor a bit and I noticed some shampoo spilled also on top of the locker. The question is how easily a shampoo bottle gets empty by just falling from the top of a locker? And why two people in the room mentioned it together and looking for the owner of the bag?

The new bottle of Herbal Essence can spill all the contents out when it fell from the top of a locker. That's what the roommates witnessed. You can see what kind of bottle I had by checking the orange one in the image. I don't really know why the cap was opened so easily, but that happened and resulted to cause the shampoo spilled out. I don't know if it was happened because of the gang stalkers' skit or not. So, I tell what happened and which shampoo bottle fell from the locker.

Our Lady of Sinj

The organized stalkers' activities in churches are always the same. They show up in groups and try to work on psychological operation against the targeted individual. I have seen the same techniques in California Missions, churches in France including the Lourdes Sanctuary and the Sisters of Nevers, in Switzerland, and even in Croatia.

Here is the picture of the Our Lady of Sinj. Her celebration day is coming. When I walked in the church, I found two couples sat in the very front and the very back. I just sat on the chair faced to the Our Lady of Sinj painting. The woman and the man sat in the very front received mobile phone calls several times and left the building to answer the phone. Actually, I saw the sign about the mobile phone prohibited in the church, but they seemed not to care about it. About 15 minutes or so, another couple came and sat the front bench. The man wore short pants which is prohibited for the holy place. I saw the sign about it near the entrance, but that man seems to ignore the sign. The woman started to walk on knews around the painting with holding a rosary for chanting. She wore short white pants, but she seemed not to care about wiping the floor with her white pants. Then the 2 couple sat very front left. It was like the time to change the tern of surveillance. Then, a mid-age couple with 2 kids came. They immediately used the kneerer on the bench next to me to pray to the painting. Then they sat on the benches back of me. After parents and the kids left, a woman sat on the back (right front in the chapel) from my seat. At that time, I saw a woman sat on the very back (the right back in the chapel). After the praying and rosary praying, I walked around the chapel and found out the woman on the back was the church worker. I noticed her with a bunch of small candles for the guests to lit for particular statue. Later I saw the same woman working at the survenior store.

Let me tell you how many took pictures with flashes in the church.
1. The mid-age couple - the man with short pants and the woman with white short pants.
2. The couple with 2 kids - they took pictures of the painting with the kids.

These people took pictures several times in different poses.

I guess they were the bad examples because they did not respect what not to do showed on the signes at the entrance. Because of their picture taking, I forgot photography was forbiden in the church, so I took one for myself as the reminder of when I was about to leave the church. If the surveillance cameras in the church were working, they can learn who I am talking about the bad examples using flashes in the church.

August 15th is the celebration day of the Virgin Mary. It's funny that those organized stalkers do not even understand the mercy of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

03 August, 2009

A Turkish Guy writing a graffiti on the window screen near the Ethnographic Museum in Split, Croatia

Croatia has gang stalkers. That's what I figured out. They speaks American English and stayed near me. The guy from Texas missed to do the skits to claim for the "hyper sexual" claims. Since the perp's claims are much related with the certain claims like sexually active, alcoholic, etc, I am able to figure out what their intention is. The place I stayed these days had a guys speaking in American English and talking with every sentence with "fuckin..." in it. The clerk at the hostel this morning wore a T-shirt with the logo "Big Facker." This is the situation in Croatia. I'm not recommending TIs to visit here for any refuge. What am I doing outside of Switzerland? That's all about the result after the second decision.