21 September, 2019

Bosnian and Turkish cars in Rome.

I'm in Rome and still Germans are stalking me. Yesterday, I visited the church with Padre Pio Reliquie exhibition. And a Turkish car was around today.

14 September, 2019

German car at the corner from my accommodation in Naples

No WIFI at my accommodation again. So, I need to use it from a cafe. I found a German car 2 blocks from my accommodation.  Here is what I shared to the Vatican and Italian Police pages. German licensed car (KG RM 975) is parked 2 blocks from my accommodation. I made a police report yesterday for the padlock damage and still German licensed cars have been stalking as the everyday basis since I left Munich in Dec, 2012. I really need to get a compensation from such drug dealer Neo-Nazi groups stating themselves as "Burgers" when they left Munich after the police corruption there and no more people to swindle around to west from the city. Now, I heard them doing the "POINDEX-Buger" making. Porno police deleting police files of their own as the new Neo-Nazi police informants. Also, I heard them involved with "Sieben Liege Raum" in the Vatican building for the priests/sisters poisoning stuff making. I heard they killed Krakow Jews since April with S. Koreans and more Catholics around May to now for avoiding religious old Polish groups. 2013: https://sellfy.com/p/Ijhy/
2014: https://sellfy.com/p/NPWW/
2015: https://sellfy.com/p/THiZ/
2016: https://sellfy.com/p/cyZn/
2017 https://sellfy.com/p/5Wvm/
2018 https://sellfy.com/p/ErpY/

13 September, 2019

The sour bread Roma sandwich at the mini store next to Pam supermarket in Bari behind the train station

I arrived to Bari yesterday. I was tired from the ship trip. But I made my way to buy a bus ticket and tried to have the breakfast next to the PAM Supermarket behind of the main train station in Bari.

When I asked about the Roma sandwich, I found the female clerk tried to warm up two instead of one! Well, she told me only one or two and I bought one for 3€ but they did not really process the juice part. I ordered a bottled tea for 2€. I paid 5€ in total. But the bread was wet and it was extremely sour! So, I thought of contacting the police for the possible antisemitism or whatever. I threw away on the street for safety. 3€ loss from the first meal.

The store got right side for the cashier and the magazine shop and left for the cafe with bakery inside.

Washing can and bug added at Bar Pasticceria Gastronomia in Naples

When I arrived to the Naples bus station, I went to a cafe nearby. One clerk stood near my table where I put my bags and suitcase. He asked me many times where I came from, my job, my hotel, etc. But what I ordered was something filthy. Is this one of the Islamic cafe type? Adding an insult to female customers? I need to contact to synagogues, churches, NGOs, police, etc, for the possible discrimination at the cafe for unknown reason or Neo-Nazi related. 

The cafe locates on SO A. Lucci N.128, Naples, in front of a bus stop with Lucci name on it. Are they discriminating Jews, or Asian looking or just Christians with some Carmelites tags or whatever on the wrists?

The padlock damage at the Naples train station today and the police report made

I have problem with the WIFI at my accommodation in Naples. I spend my time for the short stories writing. So, I don't have much time blogging here. But here, everyday I got troubles. Not yet to be in OSAM videos yet. But I would make some OSAMs by this weekend if I have time.

Here, how my padlock was damaged and found on my backpack as the crime video. And the copies of the receipts where I waited on the cashier lines at the train station and the police report evidence.