30 June, 2011

If 911 was an insider job, who the cops and military are fighting?

More people would be sent to jail or mental hospital by the false imprisonment with made-up reasons. I know gang stalkers would make an excuse that they believe the mentally challenged people must not be loose. I d0n't know how far their paranoia can be accepted as the normal reason for their voyeurism on a certain targets. I think retardation indicates the person is not mentally ill but has some problem understanding certain things that some smart people can do. Not everyone can solve the math equations in the PhD level. Some people has problem in foreign language but that is not really show they are mentally ill. They just lack the specific language ability. Cops and police informants seems to love bullying on the weak or their targets as that is how to treat their potential enemies. They would say it's a matter of bad cops and good cops and they want to be the bad ones. It could go as bad as Nazis did if they really want to take anyone with different view or disability in the society. They can simply sent them to mental hospitals or prisons to make a clean society which no one oppose the cops nor the authority. True, 911 insider job believers are called as mentally ill. Who the cops and FBIs are targeting for the terrorism? They include the peace activists. New World Order got similar agenda of population deduction to create the caste system of elite people. We all know their fascist system will win as they got mind control technology.

The boy was subsequently handcuffed, hogtied, and thrown into the back of a police cruiser.

Of course, as is standard operating procedure for police after they beat and torture innocent and defenseless victims, Kersey himself was charged with “assault on a peace officer, resisting arrest, and obstructing official business,” charges which were later dismissed after the court declared Jesse incompetent.

Kersey and his mother are now seeking compensation from the city and the two lead officers for “false imprisonment, false arrest, malicious prosecution, assault, battery, excessive use of force, infliction of emotional distress and civil conspiracy”.

As we have documented, there is an epidemic of police brutality that has exploded over the last decade which seems to be targeted against the most vulnerable members of society.


29 June, 2011

Announcement - website moved to another location

I didn't use the topcities account for awhile and I cannot login to the control. So, I decided to move my website to another location. Indeed, I didn't touch it for about a year would be enough to lose the login access. Topcities did not solve my problem when I asked, so I found a better choice. Nothing changed though. Only the location and everything supposed to be the same.

I'm working on the topics I only left the names on the indexes to reduce the confusion and disappointments. Ah, I might abandon TI NETWORK as the capacity is awful. Instead, I'm planning to set up something else. It's like TI Yellow Page to help TIs to share important information themselves as a better backup site. 10 more pages for the Japanese book to be published. Hopefully, I got enough time till this weekend to work on these issues. Always perps show up for messing around and give false information and mis-interrupting. My point is that helping TIs to share their perp information as a form of PDF and find someone with similar perp living in the same area. It will help them to work together as well as sharing their contribution to other TIs.

What I did these days? I learned NWO ex-NAZIS and the involvement in the gang stalking. It's pretty much like their spy network around the world for the national security purpose in each countries. It's like a conspiracy, but it's interesting to share later as my view has something more than Ben Fullford or David Icke or Alex Jones. Oh, do you know that you can read David Icke's books free on MartView? I found it useful like Google Books. Someone might delete them if it does not have Icke's permission, so hurry up to read them if you are interested his books.

I'm reading Forest Gump these days. It's grammer is terrible, but it can teach people how the storyline is important for making readers to be interested to continue reading than the correct punctuations and professional vocabularies.

The book has the interesting expression of the Vietnam War - Forest's girlfriend is on the side of love and peace movement while he got the medal. Ironically, both movements were controlled by the US government. The participators got stoned from the CIA's LSD experiment at the cocoons and at the battlefield - this is from my study though. Anyway, the funny thing is that Forrest was arrested after throwing the medal and it hit someone. Forrest got two options, one is to be locked up 10 years in a prison for the offense with the medal throwing, and the second was to be evaluated in the mental hospital to be the guinea pig. Say, throwing a medal and if it accidentally hit someone can decide the person to be insane in the US? How about the people throwing the medals and did not hit anything in the form of protesting? If it accidentally hit someone, the person will be considered as mentally ill or sentenced to prison. The explanation is funny as the reason of locking up someone is as a form of the panishment by the government for disobeying their favorite view. Psychiatrists can stripped off anyone in the routine of diagnosis. El Camino Hospital got sex-obsessed psychiatrists like Peter Newsom only documenting his sexual interest on the research while the patient was accidentally sent there with someone else's (actually Dr. English-Lueck from SJSU in my case) belief of the patient is suicidal. I wonder how many SJSU and other students sent there because of their 60s movement. I heard some people were thrown from Joe West Hall during that period for COINTELPRO reason with the rumors that they were stoned and jumped off from the top to go to real heaven. I'm sorry for cops killing legally. Go back to psychiatrists value. In some cases, they work on locking up people with strange claim to be mentally ill (in order to keep their speech valueless in the society) and use them for the human experiment in the name of the cure or finding a new cure. Stupidest thing psychiatrists can do is make up a statement that the patient is not speaking. If you are sent to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose, you can be claimed as suicidal even though you don't have any suicidal intention but trying to go to a class in SJSU. I have the proof for this because of the voice recording. Insanity is the excuse done from the society's solution to discredit people who threaten the value created by the current authorities.

How many people want to join anti-nuke plant movement these days? If you accidentally hart an officer or someone on the side of the government, will you be locked up in the mental hospital or a prison? I know the trend is the damage is done by the informant disguising as the revel and the cops catches the people around them while the offenders get a safe retreat. It looks the society is gone insane instead of the people participate in both side. Meanwhile, the control group does not do any change. The Fukushima plants got no death count at all - even the suicide missions done by Fukushima 50. These control group love conflicts in the bottom; thus they can be away from the conflict while their defense teams and the protesters fight each other and looking away from them. More funding goes to the security from the tax while the protesters lose jobs from COINTELPRO.

I'm sure the perps love the figure like Forrest Gump for the targeting while they themselves are like him - hanging around and doing something with no specific reason but to follow others as much as they can with their limited opportunity and mental capacity. Mob rules is for the retarded people as that does not reflect the ideal of morally and ethically correct. The people with low moral can cause the society down. They sure have fun time though.

28 June, 2011

Radio active tuna sand

Yum yum bumblebee tuna... No more tuna sand if you cannot find the cans made before March.

The bulk of the debris will likely not be radioactive, as it was presumably washed out to sea during the initial tsunami - before much radioactivity had leaked. But this shows the power of the currents from Japan to the West Coast.

Of course, fish don't necessarily stay still, either. For example, the Telegraph notes that scientists tagged a bluefin tuna and found that it crossed between Japan and the West Coast three times in 600 days:

Tuna migration graphic

That might be extreme, but the point is that fish exposed to radiation somewhere out in the ocean might end up in U.S. waters.

23 June, 2011

Missing one of the beads from a rosary I put in the bag at home

I have seen my rosary's chain broken and one bead is not tied to the chain few days ago. This time, I noticed the chain was broken again and the bead gone. Well, this happened when I kept the rosary inside of the pocket in my bag and it had the zipper. So, there was no way to loose one bead if I kept the bag on the shelf and no body touched it. It reminded me of the time someone gave me that rosary. It had a bead missing from different part, one next to the 3 connected beads near the cross. I tried to fix that one, and also I tried to change the chain part of another rosary. The silver smith did not know anything about rosary and he took a bead away and put an extra hook just like a necklace. And I went back to the store again on the same day and got the missing bead back and got it fixed in another place. I don't know why my rosaries often get such loose chains.

I could simply look for a silver smith or the hand-made craft shops for fixing again. The one comes with the missing rosary has the "Israel" engravement. It's quite rare to find something because rosaries are often hand made by the church workers, or souvenir shop workers in the popular pilgrimage site, or made in Italy.

I know perps are expecting me to look like a Muslim. I think that is why they are tampering with my rosary. Or the perps are the Muslims. I have been followed by the Muslims sometimes and I have seen Muslims with hajab showing up on the streets. Yesterday, I went to a grocery store and when I left there, I saw a woman with hajab stood near the door and begging. I took the picture of her. These temporary beggars often show up when I go to a store. They don't stay in the same place and just disappear after I leave the area. I was wondering why I can encounter so many beggars, so I tried to return to the spot within 5 to 10 minutes. Some times, I see some of these beggars start to leave the area when they see me walking away.

Another occasion is like when I was unconsciously choosing the way to get to a place, I encountered a Islam related building on the street. I wasn't aware that was there and I happened to pass by.

Those Japanese V2K artificial telepathy team members are also working to claim me as a Muslim. I don't really care about another religion, but more they do, more I became cynical about Muslims. It's not a phobia or hate against Islam. It's rather the feeling that what they believe sounds like a cheap excuse for having something to believe instead of being atheists. I feel like this might be how Jews were hated during WWII. People were investigated for Jewish or not in Germany and some other Nazi nations. Did some Jews worked for making up some people to be categorized as Jews in order to receive protect from the Nazi government? Is this what Muslims doing these days? Real Muslims trying to make suspects from non-Muslims for supporting the governments' anti-terrorism concerning mainly Muslim terrorists?

I have seen some people wearing hajab inside of churches. So, I can say some churches are helping making up Muslim claims or gaslighting sensitization. I don't know if such PSYOP is supported by the churches or just the visitors and some volunteers helping the PSYOP. Anyways, doing something strange with the intention for creating suspicion inside of a church is not what people should do. A church is a place for praying. I hope people stop harassing someone like a TI inside. If they want to make sure only Christians to enter, they should make some security system outside like putting the naked scanner or some way to prove the visitors as Christians such as burning a Koran. Because I'm a TI, I got people surrounding me engaged in skits like taking pictures inside of the church while I go there for praying rosary or participate in the mass.

I'm sure Japanese Public Safety loves to suspect anyone as Muslims. They seem to be checking people entering Mosques or Islam related places in Japan. I don't care if their supporters working with the electronic harassment devices helping them to make up Muslim suspects.
PSIA Muslim data (exposed resource from last year)

21 June, 2011

Underground dam?

I think I said similar idea before in my blog. But it's funny that is noticed by the popular anit-nuclear power professor in Japan.

小出によれば、汚染地下水の海洋流出を防ぐには、建屋全体を取り囲むように地中深くにまで壁をめぐらせて「地下ダム」を作る以外に方法がない。これ について20日付毎日新聞の連載コラム「風知草」で山田孝男が書いているところでは、「原発担当の馬淵澄夫首相補佐官は小出助教と同じ危機感を抱き、地下 ダム建設の発表を求めたが、東電が抵抗している」という。

 理由は、地下ダム建設には1000億円かかり、今それを公表すると東電の債務がますます増えると受け取られて株価が下がり、28日の株主総会を乗 り切れなくなるからだという。あのねえ......チェルノブイリよりも酷い環境汚染が広がり、日本近海のみならず太平洋が死滅の危機に陥るかもしれない という問題と、これ以上下がりようもないほど下がっている自分の会社の株価がいよいよ底を打つかもしれないという問題とを、どうして天秤にかけることなど 出来るのか。東電の経営者は頭が狂っているとしか思えないし、それを押し切ることの出来ない政府もだらしない。

Shall I make another suggestion? How about the government to purchase the plants from TEPCO free to make it even for the penalty of the company's mistakes? If the plant is no longer functional because of the danger, then it must be shutdown. The area is owned by the government or a company does not make the difference as the place cannot be accessed by public people. About the cost matters, the government can use the donations for the earthquake and tsunami disasters. The construction of the dam helps the people living in the area, so it directly useful for the victims of the tsunami as well as the residents nearby.

Hey, does anyone want me to hire as a sink tank member? I'm quite useful:D

COINTELPRO as a handicap

When someone is targeted for the COINTELPRO, the one goes through the problem like losing one's job, rumors, death threats, tamparing, etc. It's almost the same for the gang stalking victims to go through the similar problems. The people around the victim suggests the one to act wrongly. I have seen people like sexually out-going people and those party-goers. They often communicated with me. I don't know what is wrong with these people communicating with a wrong type of a person who seems not to go to a bar but to be matched in a library. I thought these people are perps as normal people have taste of choosing who to go to a bar with. Also, I met some young clerk who are working at the restaurants offered me to take a picture with him. I don't know why he asked me such, and I don't know why I was asked to take a picture with. Say, a clerk might offer taking a picture of a customer seated at a table. It seems normal as some customers might be a tourist and the photo can be a good memory of eating the local meal. Then two police officers showed up and started talking with the clerk in front of the restaurant. They seemed to be talking about what I replied to him. I don't know there was a set up like the local police communicated the clerks in the area for how to trap me. In another restaurant, I was offered a free massage by a clerk. I didn't dine at there as that was ridiculous hearing from the clerk when I was passing by. I had no idea how clerks started talking to me something strange in the area. Is this how the FBI dropouts who could not stand to cheat in the exams by checking friends answers to make everyone pass treated in the stores and restaurants?

And when I took a taxi, the driver was shouting the direction to another driver on the road. I don't know what he was doing and showing the hotel name. As far as I know, the perps want to make the rumors about me as a prostitute or something. It pleases others to hate me and good for the people attending the church to work for them. I don't really communicate with people near me as I am aware of the perps.

Anything they do is to try to find the faults of the victim. Thus the victim cannot prove his or her side's story. If false-witness program is used for helping the crime prevention and fighting terrorism, our society is really gone sick. It's not a crime prevention but crime expectation.

I suggest COINTELPRO as a handicap. The victims cannot get a job because of the rumors and the rejections from the perp-working companies. They cannot get a normal treatment at work or school because of the perp's bullying. Their belongings would be damaged often and they might have problem with the people harassing them on the streets and even at the neighborhood. Maybe, the victims need some support using the COINTELPRO handicap system. When they are on the blacklist of whatever, they should be treated with this handicap system. No-fly list? Put them on the handicap seats. No job? Give them the jobs suited for the handicapped people. No shelter? Maybe there is a barrier-free apartments or the neighborhood.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I'm planning to move my website to another location. I can't login to the topcities.com and they seemed not helping me. So, I decided to move to somewhere much easier for countenance. When I make the second site, I will mention it here. The old site would be in the location for awhile but it doen't get any new information.

20 June, 2011

Narita Airport is included in the petential hotospot

Here is the newer version of the radioactive contamination map in Northern Japan. I hope people living in the areas with high degree of contamination take extra care for the environmental health problems. Also, notice that Narita Airport located in Narita, Chiba prefecture, is barely within the boundary with the contamination .24uSv/h. So, be careful when you are staying near the airport. You better not stay outside for long time or sun bathing. It might be bad for your health. The people living in Ichinoseki, Numada, Kitakata, Migou to Tsukuba needs more intentional contamination monitoring. These areas might get the radioactive dusts easily from the air pollution. If you live with children or people with weak body, please consider for the long term effect in the area. It's always better to stay in the place with less contaminated soil.


17 June, 2011

Americans are also having birth problems.

As I mentioned before, there is a serious birth problem happening due to the radioactive contamination from Fukushima. It seems Japanese pregnant women must have more problem than the Americans across the Pacific Ocean. No body knows what is going on about the birth rate in Japan because of the China-like censorship. In Fukushima, the local government says it is OK to use the pool in schools. No body knows how far birth rate nor the nose bleeding shows serious problem. Here is my another guess, the birth defect might go at peak around October, 6 months after the accident. I'm talking from what I read and learned. It's not for scaring people because people don't talk about the problems people might face. They only try to look away.

U.S. babies are dying at an increased rate. While the United States spends billions on medical care, as of 2006, the US ranked 28th in the world in infant mortality, more than twice that of the lowest ranked countries. (DHHS, CDC, National Center for Health Statistics. Health United States 2010, Table 20, p. 131, February 2011.)

The recent CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report indicates that eight cities in the northwest U.S. (Boise ID, Seattle WA, Portland OR, plus the northern California cities of Santa Cruz, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and Berkeley) reported the following data on deaths among those younger than one year of age:

4 weeks ending March 19, 2011 - 37 deaths (avg. 9.25 per week)
10 weeks ending May 28, 2011 - 125 deaths (avg.12.50 per week)

This amounts to an increase of 35% (the total for the entire U.S. rose about 2.3%), and is statistically significant. Of further significance is that those dates include the four weeks before and the ten weeks after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster. In 2001 the infant mortality was 6.834 per 1000 live births, increasing to 6.845 in 2007. All years from 2002 to 2007 were higher than the 2001 rate.


The radiation contamination area map outside of 80km from the plant.

Hopefully, this area map shows extra information from out of the 80km range at Fukushima. It seems the US government's decision on suggesting Americans living within 80km from the plant was right. Did the Japanese government said 20km? Or was it 30km? That's quite accurate for almost deadly serious area. I didn't know if the Japanese government wanted the accuracy range of the area percentage with the contamination close to 100% for the evacuation. But it doesn't help the citizens getting health problems... Seriously, some people needs to think better than the accuracy of the area contamination ratio.

"brothers and sisters"?

Does anyone visited Catholic masses that the priest is speaking only "brothers" and skips "and sisters" during the Penitential Rite? I have seen this in different churches I visited and they are different orders. I am just curious about the frequent encounter of such masses. The priests would talk about the evangelism but it looks a bit funny as they skips a part in the common Penitential Rite. I didn't know a part of the Penitential Rite is skippable.

I often encounter people suddenly showed up inside of the church and taking pictures, but this time, I ignored them. Then an Asian mid-age man showed up and he took pictures almost every statue and painting inside of the church. Last time was two Asian mid-age women who sat right side of me and they did not participate in the mass. Them and I were the only Asians in the church, and the people participating in the mass was small. Then I realized that what they are doing might be for expecting me to act the same and then make a suspicion only on me as one of them. Isn't it how the covert operation goes?

When I was traveling, I encountered 6 Muslim women with hajab in the bus. They took two buses which I rode. Moreover, I saw the Turkish woman who sat on the bus across from my seat in the another bus, and later she settled down to the room below mine in the place for staying... I met a man who is planning to travel to the city I was from, and another man who is from that city in the same day as I but later time. I never saw any Muslim here with hajabs. It was so strange to see some people wearing hajab near me during the trip and a Turkish woman ending up staying under my floor..

What the perps want to use the church would be a place to correct money for their covert activities. They can charge people to enter the church; they can ask more donations for different purposes during the mass; they can harass any suspicious individual entering the church to be under the surveillance. No more visitors who wants to pray in a church.

16 June, 2011

Why kids in Fukushima having frequent bloody nose?

There are many Fukushima children getting bloody nose. What is happening? I heard from the blog of a man living within 10km from the plant got headache and the bloody nose after the explosion. What will happen to these children? Isn't this something already taking care by the WHO or UNICEF? It looks like "dictatorship-socialist" Japanese government is hiding something.


14 June, 2011

Perpdom - what it looks like?

The intentional mismanagement of the informants can trigger the paradise of the police and informants. They can no longer follow the procedures and regulations but to engaged in the lawless witch hunting. I think this is what happened these days and so many innocent people are hunted down for what they did not do. Also, aggressive police can let the informants and their hot blooded members to start war with their targets. I'm talking about what happened to the Black Panther Party in Chicago and other places. Their members houses are raided by the police officers and they were shot to death while the police officers claim them fought back against them.

The FBI informants can do the black bag jobs to steal anything from the target's house. Also, the informants can cause damages to the target's belongings. I think this is very much like the situation of the tampering and petty thefts happening on the Targeted Individuals.

Also, I have seen perps who are really outgoing and easy on having sexual relationships with others and bragged about it. These people travel alone and tried to communicate with the TI who is on the run because of the harassment at their home town. A typical lonely-heart killer type perps. Some of the local thug-type perps often include teenagers. I don't know what is going on in the perps' sexual activities, but they seem to be quite active. These perps often openly ask for sexual relationships or close relationships. Since I'm not interested in what they are thinking, I never get along with them nor communicate with them. But are they working on the prostitute claim? Like if their target feels to be open to someone who is friendly at the time of looking for someone to talk with, it is natural for the people to find new friends in this way. But the perps seems to be like the type of the lonely-heart killer criminals looking for the target for asking gifts or something. That's what the sociopath does.

If this happens to the churches? The church members can be the police informants and the priests will report and share with the police officers and informants what the target confessed. So, how many Catholics were taking out during the Nazis period when they confessed their guilt on harassing the Jewish neighbors and those who oppose to Nazis? Such expression might be thought as national threats and the patriotic priests can inform anything to the Gestapo. How about these days? Some Catholics harassing the people who are under the community watch? How about Protestants? End of the religion, period.

How about at school? The teachers can give lower grade to the target as it is asked from the police. Also, the student advisors and other faculty members can report anything about what the target do to the informants. They can bully someone in the group, and the school won't have any regulation on the anti-discrimination nor protecting the student right on individuals. A good example is SJSU, which got informants in every classrooms, and the student advisors do not help the TI students. Professors and the students are engaged in the mobbing, and the victim trying to seek help for the mobbing problem can be described as mentally ill and dangerous by the student counselors. How many mobbing victims claimed as lone wolf criminals while they did not commit any crime? The problem is the school and the society, not the individual who is the victim of the government backed up mobbing. You know why? Because the victim has the right to expose anything while the bullies only tries to claim a single individual as dangerous or whatever they can think of as socially undesired character. And the authorities can only push the one-side view from the informants in order to keep the victim quiet. So, the TIs should better speak up before they are killed by the society.

I'm just curious who is really the Al-Qaeda members. Isn't it what the informants created for the setup for getting funding on their investigations? Alex Jones reports how the FBI informants set up a plot to catch the people. More funding on the investigation, they can spend more on the plotting and persuading people to commit a crime in order to catch it. Two types of informants required - the one to be on the side of the investigation and the other one for the plotting.

13 June, 2011

Teanage perps are probably the restricted-use confidencial source

I learned that there are some categories of informants for the investigation units like the FBI. They seem to have the type that is called as the restricted-use confidential source (CS). That category includes the informants under 18 years old and requires the permission of the parents. It also includes the people in parole, and that makes sense why the teenage perps look like high school dropouts and local thugs. They might be caught by the police and were asked to become the informants. It is possible that they might be working for cults or other organizations rather than the local police, but most perps have the taste of gang looks, so I can say that they would be working because of what they have done.

I noticed that the young people often work with their parents for the surveillance jobs. They might be registered for the long-term informant. I guess these people might have problem if their harassment victims started to expose what they are doing. However, the local law enforcement wants to claim the victim as mentally ill, so that they can keep their informants safe from any suspicions or getting charged. The people with good social status might be the high level confidential informant that they have the influence in the certain dimension in the organization. Thus, when the victims are working under such informants, they can be simply fired from the job. A power harassment ending up the victim to be on street thus the informants can expect him or her to commit a crime in order to survive in one's life. Or the one can be sent to the mental institution to be neutralized in the society. Thinking about how the confession is used by the priest informants would be more bizarre, don't you think? Recently, I encounter something like the order level gang stalking corporation, and I learned that might be how the order survived during the Nazis/Communism era by working together with the local militants or the extremist groups.

I found out there are some cases of informants mishandling caused lawsuits. The FBI hired murderers for the informants. I wonder if the local police has the informants like shoplifters and burglars for the informants. I'm sure they can do the black bag jobs well. Isn't this the mismanagement of the informants the cause of the local domestic crimes and terrorisms? And I am wondering why the targeted individuals are harassed and claimed from so many strangers who has nothing to do with them. Usually, people don't harass others. But some people are cyberbullies and the real bullies who love to harass someone because of their mental problem. Such attitude is always found in the gang stalking members; they ridicule the victim.

If you are interested to learn about the FBI activities, read this book, FBI Manual of Investigative Operations and Guidelines - Volume 1" You can find more manuals in the same website.

05 June, 2011

What to do with Fukushima?

I don't really know how all the predictions went wrong for the Fukushima nuclear plants. I think there is a problem between the people on the management with engineers creating plants and the real incidents going on at the plant. Do the workers at the plant hid some crucial informations or accidents still in order to look their jobs are not the reason to be blamed? I'm assuming that the workers at the plant are trying to make their jobs and the damages on the plant cool enough. Remember how the socialist companies make up stories in order to look their jobs are fine even they make tons of waste from the low production rate? They fear the management group who can simply fire them and recruit people who can answer what they want to hear. The engineers are also the people who make the plans based on the fact and the demand from the management. The engineers are sometimes like writers who are asked to follow the demands from the editors and the trend of the readers.

Few things I should mention for the prevention of further damages at Fukushima.

  • TEPCO should not make plans after they receive the demands. They must do the prediction of the demands rather than making plans after receiving the plan.
  • TEPCO needs a better solution for the emergency plan. They don't have any emergency plan because the management and the people making the plan are working far from the plant. A bad example of how top-bottom management making everything to be failed.
  • About the contaminated water, they should not let the contaminated water spilled to the sea. It is only the temporary solution. The spill may cause the difficulty of the help from the sea due to the high level of the contamination. How many ships can go through the area?
  • TEPCO already caused the national emergency, it is the time for the government to take care the problem rather than a single company. TEPCO does not pay compensation to the chemical spill on the farmers. The local governments are encouraging farmers to sell the highly contaminated products and the consumers are asked to buy them for helping the farmers. If it is normal chemical spill like dioxin, the company is responsible for the damage on the products.
  • My possible solution for the China Syndrome solution is build a small dam and dump the plants within the water. The few tons of contaminated water can remain in the area, and the water in the rain season will help to make a good dam. They can order huge chunks of concrete blocks somewhere and transport them via large helicopters to the site. The blocks can be orders in multiple companies, so that the only the problem would be the transportation, but it should be easy if that is done by helicopters. This is much like a military drill though. For creating the dam, areas around the plant needs digging for quite a depth to prevent the water from the dam reaches the underwater. By making the divide of underwater from the plant, it prevents what is leaked from the plant does not reach anywhere through the underwater contamination. For the rainy season, the artificial rain maker and rain preventer should be used for the construction at the plant. If the bottom part is needed, they can add it with the technology of creating the metro system in Tokyo. For the prevention of the leaking of the contaminated water from the top, they can cover it with something later.
I believe Fukushima should be listed as Level 8. Chernobyl incident was finished within about a week to bring a solution while Fukushima has been in the same stage or getting worse for few months. Also, Chernobyl had forced evacuation zone wider than the Fukushima incident which allows people to leave in the area about 6 times higher contamination level than the Chernobyl forced evacuation regulation. What I mean is that Fukushima got the incident going on for few months and the people did not evacuated properly because of the government's ill management leaving more people to be exposed to high level radiation.

04 June, 2011

Money Laundering? No, it's Food Laundering!

I read some conspiracies about the beefs from Fukushima was sold to some popular meat processing companies. It would be better not to eat beef or fishes if you live in Japan.

The funny trend in Japan is that the local governments can decide if they need to check the products for the radioactive contamination or not. They can also decide what to check for the inspection. They don't have to check all the possible contamination. What they state is that they want the products to be under the legal limit after the processing at the company. This trend seems to be quite well calculated for the Japanese tea makers. So, it is safe to drink coffee instead of green tea for awhile if you live in Japan.

Food processing chains are eager to buy vegetables from near Fukushima for the cost-cutting prices. They will produce the lunch box for convenience stores, pre-cooked meals for the restaurants, etc. That's definitely how Japanese enjoy food laundering to handle radioactive contaminated resources.

The government officials are checking the air at above 10m or more for the safety of the people. I am sure that it is a good way to check the people living in skyscrapers. I wonder how they feel about checking the people actually on the floor like homeless people. However, there are hot spot with extremely high radioactive contamination in the area randomly. These people living on top of the high-class condominiums may accidentally eat the vegetables cultivated from such hot spots. It's a gamble eating foods in Japan.

02 June, 2011



イベントには主に観光誘客で大きな打撃を受けている会津地方からは、菅家一郎会津若松市長、大宅宗吉南会津町長が参加。菅家市長が「放射線モニタリングの 結果を毎日発表するなど安全性を訴えているが、残念ながら分かってもらえない。『福島、会津に行っておいしいものを食べよう』という前向きな行動が復興に つながる」と来訪を訴えたほか、大宅町長は同町産トマトを使ったジュース缶を配布しながら安全をアピールした。






 こちらも核種は特定されていないが、基準値は海産物と同じくヨウ素=2000ベクレル/kg、セシウム=500ベクレル/kg。もっとも危険性が 少ないとされる放射性ヨウ素だったとしても、南相馬のほうれん草は21倍以上の高い値を示している。



 15万ベクレルという桁外れの数値が、福島市郊外の野菜から出ている。福島市は言わずと知れた、県の行政機能が集中する県庁所在地。約30万人の 市民が暮らすが、放射能汚染に注意を払っている人がどれほどいるだろうか。