31 December, 2009

Happy New Year!

Time goes so fast during the end of the year. I hope things will go smooth and peaceful in next year as well. I had a lot of travel this year, but I found a way to stay in one place for studying till my graduation from the university. Indeed, if you want something, you work hard to achieve it. I wanted to stay somewhere to live while attending the university and such, and I found a way to solve it. And before that happened, I was able to have the dentition and the dentist is a Christian who has the Virgin Mary pictures in his work place. It was quite impressive I was able to see the VM pictures on 3 walls while I had my teeth done. And now I can attend the local church every Sunday.

Things changed a lot from when I lived in Switzerland. But I think the change was not so bad, as I found some way to follow to improve my life. I wonder how my life would be in next year...

I hope other Targeted Individuals have peaceful new year.

24 December, 2009

Merry Xmas!

I'm in the country quite near to Israel. Because the atmosphere is Islamic, there is only few shops with Xmas decoration. That is very different from what happens in the European cities. If it is in Europe, you buy sweets, drink hot wine, enjoy window-shopping.

I get nothing much here to spend besides buying pretty good meal for personal celebration of Xmas. The churches seem to have some big celebrations.

To look back what happened this year, everything went so well. I had to leave Switzerland, but I somehow found a way to follow. My pendant was fixed by a rosary maker lives in the house next to my Pansion in Medjugorge. Then I found a church to attend where they welcomed Japanese before and no problem with my case. I wonder how much was done in the will of God and how much was of the help with the Blessed Virgin Mary or other saints I prayed like St. Francis or St. Anthony. I leave this question to be solved for the future. I hope people have peace in their heart and at their home on Christmas.

19 December, 2009

Psychiatrists getting paid for using their patients as the test subject

Psychiatry is a good choice of study if you idolize Dr. Death and torturing. If psychiatrists cure patients, they will lose the resource of income. If the patients are keep visiting their office, their income will be stabilized. To increase the income, psychiatrists can ask the pharma to test their new drugs. Don't worry, the patients suppose to be crazy, so they must take the medicine no matter their health risks are. The patients in the wards may not express their opinion to against the new drugs if they are threatened by the doctors and nurses. The nurse might put the medicine in the patient's mouth without treating him or her as another human.

A federal lawsuit has been filed against pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca for its role in paying Chicago psychiatrist Dr. Michael Reinstein nearly $500,000 over the course of a decade to conduct research and to promote its anti-psychotic drug, Seroquel. Reinstein is being accused of wrongfully preying on thousands of mentally-ill patients in order to rake in profits for AstraZeneca.

14 December, 2009

The feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 12nd was the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Because I was busy studying Arabic, I totally forgot about the feast. But it was nice to know small coincidences can remind people to be aware of how things are connected in the way how it looks more than just a coincidence.

I cannot explain what happened, but I would like to say that few coincidences can make a scientific person to amuse about the fact how things work in harmony. As Jesus said people should not look for the sign, I do not try to take such a view. But it is nice to know how a good thing happened the day after the feast day. When you seek help from the Virgin Mary, she will aid you in the proper way. That is for sure.

08 December, 2009

My experience in Arabic speaking country

If you are my friend in Monika's social network, you might know where I am now. For others reading this blog, you can imagine I am in one of the Arabic speaking country somewhere. I moved to here last week and every day was a challenge for me. No supermarket, Arabic signs on streets, Arabic price tags, etc.. What I figured out is that hajab actually helps me to avoid store owners on streets trying to sell stuffs by inviting me into their stores. And I get the regular price - no tourist ones. I don't know people think me as Muslim woman or not by my hajab, but it seems a good idea to wear one as a type of coupon ticket or something to get fair price in stores. I think people don't really see it like that way though.

The people around me are polite and respectful. The police on streets sometimes help me cross the streets when they recognize me as an Asian foreigner.

The gang stalking perps might have some problem continuing their regular activities. It is quite hard for the people on streets to wear English or Japanese logo clothes. I saw San Jose State (DAD) University logo new navy sweater the Arab man wearing on the second day I moved to here. But these logo anchoring and others skits are quite hard for them. The local folks are too poor to buy Western style clothes, so what I mostly see is plain ones made in China or somewhere with no logo or even hand-made. I might be surronded by perps as that is normal tactics of them, but I am too busy for my school work and the new language.

03 December, 2009

Gang stalking in Catholic churches in Budapest

After I went into a Catholic church, a couple came and hanged around in the building for awhile. Then a mid-age woman came at the entrance door, the couple left. When a man came to the door, the woman left. It was like people trying to stay in the room to occupy there not to leave me alone. The church was empty when I went in though. This was my experience at the one on Vaci u.
In another church, The entrance door was open but the door to the inner part was locked. There was kneelers on the both side of the door. When I went in and tried to look inside and stayed there, few people showed up. In less than few minutes, the area between the entrance door and the inner door was occupied with more than 6 people. It was quite crowded because there wasn't enough space. I was curious how long they would stay, so I decided to use the kneeler and pray for a while. Then one man came and tried to use same kneeler as I was using by kneeling down next to me to the right. The crowd eventually disappeared, and the man left within 10 minutes or so. After that, I noticed a woman looking inside from the window next to the entrance door. I saw her from the reflection on the glass window in front of the kneeler. It seemed to be the clear evidence of how I was always watched by someone. Then I wondered if these perps were working for the secret police during the Communist period and now is recruited by the gang stalking group which wanted to keep the similar type of surveillance in the area. Someone is always watching you in the church while trying to pray.. That was as if something I saw in the movie, "The Life of an Agent," about the how informants are recruited and trained during the Communist Hungary. Maybe we, TIs, can make a movie like these from the victim side as the real documentary film. I've tried it with my "Organized Stalkers Around Me (OSAM)" series on YouTube, but if we can do it in groups, then it might provide much clear evidences of how police informants are watching us in so called democratic nations. When I left the church, I figured out the woman was a begger asking money to the people going in and out from the church. This happened at the church near the Batthyany train station. To think about beggers who often come to churches to ask money after the mass, they might be recruited by the gang stalkers to pay attention to check the people who are attending the church. I have seen beggers outside of the church in Paris and other places, but it seems they would be easily spotted and the TIs may be able to notice them as potential perps.

I share the video of the surrounding after I left the church I mentioned second. You can see how the begger woman stood at the outside of the entrance door and some people left the church. The church was empty when I went in, but after I walked in, people started to show up. These people might say they are doing the covert operation to prevent terrorism, but that seemed only the harassment against a TI tourist. If the church wants surveillance, they always put surveillance camera within or around the church. These people were like showing up to harass the target psychologically. If you are a TI and visit Budapest, you might experience similar situation. Do not forget to visit Memento Park and watch the movie of how Communist Hungary recruited agents and trained them. It's fun to watch with perps to laugh about what they do and what similar people act in the movie. One scene was like the suspect dropped an envelop in the post box, and the agent was asked to drop something to mention to the post office worker to notice which one when he picks up, the agent dropped the notebook he was carrying to write the report and get scold by his boss...