30 January, 2011

The fundamental laws of the social system

  • More company privatized, the companies will have competitions and more bold to the price deduction unless it is necessary to win the competition with rival companies.
  • Socialism and communism have the element that the transportation, communication, and life lines to be the government ownership.
  • Public business is often driven to the privatization for the benefits of the large companies by the presser on the politics.
  • "Union vs Trust" relationship depicts the individuals oppose to the domination by the fortunate people.
  • There are basically three types of classes; top class, middle class, and lower class. This can be said as control group, management group, and the labor group.
  • In any social system, control group enjoys better life styles than the labor group.
  • The labor group is the ones who are less skilled and less educated from the control group.
  • The difference between the management group and the labor group is that the labor group are more physically endurable and less educated than the management group.
  • Mass media often tells the reader that the reader is the average person in the society.
  • The corruption often starts from the ignorance and the personal advantages of the individual.
  • Without a large resources, no revolution is possible. Poverty can keep the weak social system running as no one is eager to work harder.
I did not reviewed my writing this time, so I might have the problem in the definitions. My ideal society is that free tuition, free library, and free Internet. It helps people to get educated by their own efforts.

29 January, 2011

The manimpulated image of the socialism

There is a popular image of the socialism.

But there is a problem of this picture. It seems a normal 1 on 1 robbery. When the majority of the people are in the poverty level living, only few have the money. Basically, this picture represents the fear of the capitalists worrying about they are robbed by someone else. It robber can be a state official demanding the money from the capitalist for the social welfare to help the citizens. When economy is sore, governments sometimes give the tax reduction to the large companies and the capitalists. Media often reports about it only helping the riches.

Since our society's money system is based on gaining from someone else's loss, the above image can be used with the capitalism also. In such case, the robber is a merchant holding some merchandises. The difference is either robbed or willing to hand out the money in exchange of the merchandises. And the merchant's left hand holds more money than the blue person.

If only 5% of the population owns almost everything in the US, the socialism is much like a revolution by the mass. I am not the supporter of the socialism, but I just wanted mention if more social aids are available, the society does not have to declare itself as a socialist society. More public transports, social aids, public school systems, etc. These are unwelcome by the capitalists because they cannot find the opportunity to make the profits.

There are more people on the streets these days. Is it the problem of the current social system? I think it is only the matter of dysfunctional social administration. If 90% of the people became homeless and decided to rob a capitalist, it is not like how the socialism looks like on the image. It is like over hundreds of people targeting a rich person.

28 January, 2011

Swiss Break - a good place to find Swiss food in Germany

I found a good place to get Swiss taste. In Italy, Germany, and many other countries in Europe, it is almost impossible to find Swiss restaurant with moderate price for the budget travelers. In big cities, Swiss restaurants exists. Sometimes it's a part of the food variation in multi-national restaurants.
Swiss Break is one of the best spot to get a quick bite of Swiss foods. As it's category is in fast foods, so the customers do not have to wait so long to get it. It seems to have branches in Switzerland and Germany now. Some chains seem to have fondue as well.

Unfortunately, they don't have Raclette nor muesli. That part might be introduced later when they expand their franchise to make Swiss food more popular.

25 January, 2011





22 January, 2011

Remember what trust did to crash individual workers and merchants

These days, only multi nation companies (MNCs) own the global market. Sometimes, they own different brand companies under their business. For instance, GAP owns Old Navy. So, a shopping mall might have hundreds of stores inside yet the owners are only few because this ownership by the MNCs. It is not only for the merchandises but also the information available for the public.

A rather bizarre article in The Economist today addresses this power structure and far from dismissing it as a conspiracy theory, simply reaffirms the fact that “the cosmopolitan elite” do indeed “flock together” at such gatherings and elusive clubs to shape the world that the “superclass” wishes to inhabit.

Of course, The Economist is a perfect avenue for the open conspiracy to be flaunted, given that its editor is a regular attendee at the annual Bilderberg conference, an admission the piece proudly discloses in its opening paragraphs.


What made me concerned is that information also is treated as its brand names. People prefer to wear famous brand clothes and jewelries. This phenomenon treats the manual craftsmanship in another category of choice such as "hand made" crafts. Some street vendors and the souvenir stores sell these things and they are usually not a part of a famous and expensive brands. Only the ones supported by the MNCs gain the resources and reputations to become a successful brand. This is much like the music bands that start from Indies scenes and later get popular on TV or CD sales by joining the MNCs.

What will happen when the world economy goes to bankrupt because of the insider trading and gigantic spending on the defense sector for the prevention of terrorism? I think the large companies would be no use as they will lose the budget to hire enough people to create goods. When people have no money like in the Third World, the companies cannot sell goods to make profits. Musicians and writers now have the opportunity for the free trade via the Internet. Also, many craftsmen sell their products by opening online stores. The bad thing is that the Internet is owned by the DOD. Obama might be able to get the right for the Internet Kill Switch to terminate any communication via the Internet.

Guess what? Not only information but the right for the trading through the Internet is already taken from the
individuals. When it was about trust taking the profits of the local small shops by their efficient resource management and large scale trades, the local shop owners had the right to stop it in their area by supporting the union. How about for the online businesses and the information? These categories are also under the control of the larege MNCs and the Military Industrial Complex. When all the profits go to the MNCs and the government, the people cannot gain from their works and the competition. There should be some regulation to support the individual and small scale business including the information to the goods even for the Internet.

19 January, 2011

US sold to China, next would be Europe?

I know this would happen. Because of the massive bribery on officials and sinktanks around the world, the Chinese government succeeded to buy everyone's vote. China is a friendly country and no harm. That was the report pro-China people kept reporting. These people are humans. When they are offered some advantages from Chinese, they will take it without hesitation. The CIA guys love riding Benz and more than Japanese or Korean bland cars. What if they are offered something similar from China? They will take the offer with the gratitude for the personal benefit. The current US might be still under the control of the hand of Americans, yet they are going to be broke. What can they do? Who will pay their wages? We can look back the history and the ideal solution can be found with what France police officers did when Germans invaded their land. Chinese style surveillance system is employed in the US already. Next would be the communist style culture and taking the properties from bankrupt people and organization to make the state owns everything including human lives. This is not a new thing as some Chinese-expert CIA agents knew about such and supported China for decades.

Not satisfied with a hemorrhaging trade deficit with China that continues to bleed American jobs at a rate of millions, a crumbling manufacturing base being replaced by the endless import of cheap slave goods from the Communist state, and a stunted economy being rapidly outpaced by the Red Dragon, the Obama administration wanted to further drill it in to Americans who the new boss is yesterday, by placing Chinese flags throughout Washington DC before Obama’s fawning meeting with unelected President Hu Jintao.
Everything is under control. The change would result in the New World Order.

18 January, 2011

Mass deaths of animals and birds

During WWII, the Japanese Army was up to inventing the death ray device. It seems the recent mass deaths of the animals or birds around the world seems to be the similar invention. What if the similar device is used for the human testing? I bet it would be like the death of an entire village. When it happens, the government can announce it as the suicidal criminals with either group of cult or having mental health records to hide their experiments. Small scale cult group suicides happened several places around the world. It could be the minor level testing - controlling of the leader with V2K/channeling to persuade the killing by their own or FBI stepping in and causing more deaths from the side effects (e.g. Wako mass death). If the people just commit suicide from the selected cliffs or towards the deep hole on the ground, it can help cleaning up the area during the war. If the army has the weapon to send all humans to one place, it can simply sending the people off from a cliff to the sea. The result would be no human remains inside of the village. And the army will not have a responsibility for the disappearance of the villagers. It's a clean war without using a weapon causing the victim to spill one's blood out.

Cows have been the victim of cattle mutation by the UFO in the past. Now they are counted as the part of the mass killing animal victims. I bet this phenomenon is creating less food for the world population.

14 January, 2011

Water boarding by electroinic harassment

Sometimes, when I have something important to do or on travel, I get problem of continuous coughing from the exceeding amount of fluid goes down the throat and enter the lungs. It's different from the runny nose happens when I catch cold, because the fluid only goes down more from the area back of the nose and it does not flow to nose. I can feel the pressure from the liquidation of the area but the liquid is not sticky. Because it continuously runs towards the lung, I can feel some heavenliness near the upper lung just like the time when I get flu and too many body fluids flowing like runny nose. Fluids entering the lung area causes coughing, and it causes me to have less concentration as well as it takes my stamina. I have shallow breathe, too.

So, what kind of disease can only cause someone to have the body fluids only go down back of the nose to the lung? It only happens when I have something important to do. Unlike a regular disease, it only happens few minutes to few hours, or just only few times at night to wake me up. It's one of the electronic harassment symptoms, isn't it? I think this is a minor version of water boarding.

11 January, 2011

Soka Gakkai pearsuadeing me to change my religion again

The Soka Gakkai middle-age woman came back next day. This time, she tried to give me a large brochure with the title of SGI. I said her, "No thanks. Throw it away." It was really annoying for me someone asking to change my religion. I'm properly baptized and registered as a Catholic. I'm proud to support Vatican and the Pope. If she really left the brochure, I would simply put it in the rubbish bin in front of her.

Say, Unification Church in Korea was developed by the top KCIA officials as the core members. Soka Gakkai is also Japan's "new new religion" like Mahikari and Aum Shinri-kyo. These have the purpose on studying cults, mind control, brainwashing. They are related with the intelligence. Soka Gakkai has members of PSIA, police officers, and such. Such study can go back on Alaster Crowley or ancient times. Aum Shinri-kyo got some top experienced members from Unification Church. "Co-founder of Aum Hayakawa Kiyohide was sent by Unification Church. He brought methods of mind control and millions of dollars and at least 12 Unification Church members to Aum. (http://www.fact-index.com/a/au/aum_shinrikyo.html)" Soka Gakkai is one of the intelligence front group for the benefit of Japanese intelligence and CIA. I know these facts, I don't want to get in trouble with these new cult religions.

In my case now, Japanese and Koreans are often showing up to communicate me. I don't know if this is how Japanese victims are encountering gang stalkers in Japan. I'm in Europe but in the area of many immigrants. Like this morning, another Japanese woman showed up and asked me what I'm doing and my nationality. She just asked me questions, so I just answered some brief information without giving any details. I told her I'm Christian, so if she is a Soka Gakkai member pretending to show up as a coincidence after the first woman failed for the persuasion, I can say that she has no choice of telling about Soka Gakkai. If this happens again, I will report my incidents to some organizations including the one that are of the Soka Gakkai victims. I've been asked to change my religion by a stranger for few days, so I can say I'm one of the Soka Gakkai victim from now on.

I noticed that Soka Gakkai is a sect/cult because the member cannot explain why their religion is good. They seemed to have lack of proper knowledge of what they know. For example, the Japanese woman who suggested me of visiting their community only said "do you know Soka? There are lots of members. I think Soka suits you." What is it? I can replace the word "Soka" with another popular bland; "Do you know Nike? There are lots of fans. I think Nike clothes suit you." So, my first impression of Soka Gakkai from her was like an advertisement of the brand name. She seemed not knowing any reason of why their religion is good. I think it's a shame as she seemed to not capable of telling a stranger what is the core concept of their religion at all. She would probably say the name of the leader Mr. Ikeda or something and says he is good as the reason. Another characteristic of cult - charismatic leader and the members only follows what he says rather than thinking by their own.

If it is Christianity, we have the belief based on what Jesus did and his actions described in the gospels. The core concept can be said in one sentence; "Christ has died, Christ is risen, and Christ will come again." For the Catholics, the Pope's speech and the teachings from the priests rooted back to Vatican will be added for the current view of the religion. For the protestants, their local priests and the understanding from the Bible will be added to their view.

Maybe, the problem of Soka Gakkai is having too many members lacking the knowledge in their religion. I have seen Jehovah's Witness members passing their brochures on streets, but they do not persuade others to join. It was much passive way of advertising their religion. From my encounter with the Soka member, she came while I was alone and tried to tell me about Soka Gakkai. She was pushing her view instead of respecting my religion or asking my religion at all. If there are more members without knowing the proper knowledge, they can increase the corruption of the religion. Say, isn't it the time for Soka Gakkai members to create another religion to avoid the corruption? It happened before and that's why they are separated from original Nichiren-soshu, isn't it? On the contrary, Catholics are aware of such problem, so anyone wants to become a Catholic must go through a period for learning Catechism to be recognized so. Catholics usually do not ask others to become Catholic unless they are interested in the religion. I have seem some people claiming as Catholic yet they do not go to church every weekend which is mandatory nor avoiding the sins described in the Ten Commandment. These people seem to be comfortable switching to another religion or pretending to be in another religious group for their covert operation of surveillance - like the ones moved from Unification church to Aum Sinrikyo. This is another reason of the problem of the corruption for many religions.

By the way, my tips of getting away from cult are:
1. State your religion and tell them you are proud of your religion.
2. Avoid making further conversation nor telling personal information to the people who asked you to change your religion.
3. If you get problem with a cult, seek a victim groups about that religious group and get help.
4. Tell others your problem with the religious group. In Japan, some people were kidnapped and got killed by a cult, Aum shinrikyo. Share your problem before you might be the another victim of a serious crime.

創価のおばさん、今度はSGIとかいう題名の冊子を押し付けようとしたので、「No thanks. Throw it away.」と言って断りました。貰ってたらおばさんの見ている前でゴミ箱に捨てるつもりでしたが。創価学会の人たち、カソリックにまで改宗を勧めるのはいかがなもんでしょうかね?「創価って知ってる?いっぱいメンバーがいて有名なのよ。創価はあなたに合っていると思うの。」なんて会話で近づいてこられたのですが。創価学会って、中身のない名前だけのブランドみたいに聞こえました。他の有名ブランドに変えても会話が成り立ちますね。「ナイキって知ってる?いっぱいファンがいて有名なのよ。ナイキの服はあなたに合っていると思うの。」とりあえず、相手の宗教とかまったく無視して自分の宗教を押し付けるのはカルトと呼ばれてもおかしくないですね。私も今回のことで、創価学会の被害者と名乗れる立場になりましたよ。


09 January, 2011

First day was anit-Japanese Korean, and the second day was Soka Japanese

First day, I was in the room with anti-Japanese Korean woman who is stating how she hates Japan and UK to others.
Second day, I was with 2 Japanese woman - one was young and another is mid-age of early 40s. From my policy of staying out from suspicious perp looking people, I did not start conversation unless they communicate with me. I just had the conversation with the mid-age woman as she started talking about Soka Gakkai and how it would suite me.. Well, I'm proud to be Catholic and I don't have any intention to change my religion to a cult one.

Here is what we talked.
1. She started talking about how Soka Gakkai is good and famous and lots of followers.
2. My reaction: Soka Gakkai is classified as cult by French government, so I consider it as cult.
3. She said French government is not good and then denied Soka is not a cult.
4. I continued to push my view supporting French government's view.
5. She said that Soka is good for me and fits me.
6. I mentioned about the fact that Soka's founder is not rooted to the Nichiren-shoshu which is one of the traditional Buddhism and Soka's concept is from it.
7. She told the problem of how Nichiren-shoshu spent money and female scandal.
8. I stated that if the root is corrupted, then fixing the root is more important than creating a new religion.
9. She tried to explain more about why new movement was needed, but I said fixing the root is more important. (This is from my Catholic view from knowing what happened to Protestant movement and such. )
10. She left by saying she might come back and see me.

Am I in trouble with Soka Gakkai from now on? I never see a stranger talking about Soka in my life. I know some people who are friends of my family members. But they don't push their view to the people of different religion. I met the mid-age woman only 2 days and she started such conversation. I hear some Japanese gang stalking victims often complains about the Soka members involved in the gang stalking. Is this what I encountered? Yesterday was of the Korean woman hating Japan, and today is about the Soka Japanese woman. I don't know about another young Japanese woman who I met. If I get in trouble with Soka Gakkai, then I can tell they might be related with the gang stalking for Japanese.

I don't understand why Soka people are eager to preach their view to a Catholic like me. I had the Bible with me but the Japanese woman was talking about Soka. I don't like someone persuading me to change my religion. I support the Pope Benedict XVI, the Virgin Mary and her son described through the Catholic view.


08 January, 2011

Korean's hate on Japanese and Japan

I met a Korean woman who is openly stating that she hates Japan. It happened like this, I was in the room with the Korean woman and Brazilian woman speaking about which country they hate. Brazilian woman agreed to Korean woman's hate speech on Japan and UK by saying that Brazilian woman does hate Argentine for the political and football matters. The atmosphere is like expressing the hate on another country. I don't know if this was a set up by the perps and the place where I am might have strict law on the hate speech or not because of the Nazis and Jewish matters in the past in Europe and such.

First, I had an option to ignore that Korean woman, but I was amused to know why she was stating she hates Japan while she said that she never met any Japanese in her life. She said that she lives in UK but she says that she hates UK just like Japan. I don't know what was the point of her hate on other countries and people while she never met any Japanese in her life.

So, introduced myself as Japanese and I asked her why she hates Japan. She said it was because of the war issue and the Japanese occupation. Basically, she hates Japan because it occupied Korea during the war and it lost the war.. I don't understand why she is complaining of Japan losing war... It will makes another side down as well - I can quart GWB's speech of how USA brought democracy to Japan by winning WWII. And she says that she hates UK where she lives. My concern is that she might have a high profile on the UK's extremist list if she really hates UK and some motivation to help the extremists/anarchists or whatever helping any terrorist activities.

This Korean woman said that I can say that I hate Korea or Koreans. I'm wise enough not to make such a comment or getting motivated by an anti-Japan Korean woman. It's the level of children's "You hate me, so I hate you" logic. I am mature and educated enough from such a silly persuasion. I calmly told her that Koreans hating Japan is the CIA's propaganda for keeping the conflict in the far east Asia.

Actually, she did not know why the Korean war broke out when I asked her. I showed her the section of Blum's Killing Hope giving the evidence of how South Korea attacked the North. However, she did not want to read it - only half a page. She said she is economic major and she does not know much about such things.

What I learned? Some people are uneducated and believing in the propaganda because they lacks education. The most funny thing was that the Korean woman complained about how Japan did not apologized to Korea nor made compensation. I reminded her about the construction of the football stadiums in Korea for the World Cup 2002. And what about the economic crisis Korea got and which country made the bail out? Some Koreans needs education but they are not eager to learn from the books. I took it as a cultural stupidity.

If something happened to me or my belonging, I would consider her as the first possible suspect. She is saying she hates Japan and Japanese. What else is enough for the proper motivation of a crime? This logic construction is much easier than a true crime book. I wonder why Koreans states that they hate Japan while they are with Japanese. We all know well about anti-Japanese crimes committed by Chinese and Koreans.. I don't understand why they want to be the first suspect by stating their hate openly.

Since UK is concerned about the terrorism more than Japan, I think I can share this experience for them to stay away from any hate crime by Koreans or other immigrants.

07 January, 2011

Happy New Year and the life beyond

I was quite busy for the Christmas time to the New Year's Day. It was nice to stay in majority Catholic country for the cerebration. I don't know if it is fine to speak about my experience and such. I had a wonderful experience for the New Year's Eve by attending one of the most wonderful cerebration in a small(est?) country. I had more time to read the Bible and was able to learn how to pray rosary in Italian. I can post something from my trip, but what I learned is more important, I think.

Operation Gradio people seems to be still engage in the terrorist activities in Italy. That's probably why the anarchists (funded by the same resources) are only attacking the foreign embassies which has some diplomatic value to Italy. Because they are Italian patriot, they cannot attack Italian offices. By the way, the Chilean embassy attack might be done with the Argentinian back-up. These terrorist groups might be part of the extremists engaged in the organized stalking in Italy. And Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, and so on on the popular migrants and tourists are perpetrators in Italy. You don't have to take these information serious.