31 July, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 24th, 2018

OSAM from July 24th, 2018. In UK and the Germans are still stalking me around.

The old prayer I read before my first trip to Dublin and heard about 311 Tunami in Japan

It's a long time ago when I visited Dublin first time for the Knock Shrine pilgrimage after staying at a Poor Clare convent. I read the small book and it had the prayers about nuclear. Well, I thought it was Sr. Pam or someone's but it was Sr. Leo... well I don't know what happened with the history. But I had the information recorded to solve my personal mystery. Which prayer made me somewhat shocked, and here it is.

I had a strong pain of the thirst and stabbing feeling in my throat down the tongue area and my elbows and shoulder joints got so much pain as if I used too much. So, I could not move well and it happened from the early morning of the last day in the Poor Clare's convent. And the same pain occurred for later days. I heard some Koreans from Zagreb came with the Soujya-city Muslim Souka Gakkai club for the human experiment and they implanted something at that time when I was in the convent.

13 July, 2018

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 11th, 2018

OSAM from July 11th, 2018. It was the day I traveled to Zagreb from Budapest. So many Koreans traveled in the same bus. An Indian couple left at the border and they took a taxi. A Japanese couple got a Schengen Visa problem but they were able to pass to Croatia.
At night, I met a couple asking me to drink beer during the England-Croatia match. He bought so may beers and gave me some. Later, he came back with a large black jacket. An Asian man came and he got a free beer drinking up in one gulp. The beer offering man was always shouting like "I don't give a fuck" all the time. Was it the typical Muslim claims on the women?

There were two German cars parked outside of my apartment. Enough Germans around at the check-in time.

06 July, 2018

The Pavilion blog actually still on blogger

Today, I found a strange activity happened with my Google Chrome. I cleared cookie yesterday or the day before. And when I tried to open Gmail website, I found Robert Heathrow related gmail name already on the sign in list. I saw two of them. And one of them got one letter extra to make it wrong. Theathrow.. So, I was able to open my account with a new password. I only got sample version book.

And I found it strange who left the gmail email addresses there after deleting cookies. I don't think someone entered into my room yesterday night. But I just share the strange thing happened to me.

The V2K speakers threaten me about Yoshiki would be stealing my name. Who is Yoshiki? Leon Yoshiki? I heard Leon Stork would be using the name of Leon Kabuki or Leon Kazuki once again. The V2K speakers said to me in Lisbon that they brought Leon Yoshiki for the theft activities and it happened to me as someone stole my backpack in the city same day.

Ahmed Mary would be the Muslim terrorist stalking Jews and Christians online and in the neighborhood!

I have a spammer called Ahmed Mary writing Arabic to my blog. I'm Islamphobia and anything related with Islamic stuff makes me to have the goose bumps on my skin. Why do I get a Muslim terrorist typing Arabic and Japanese commenting on my blog??? I hate both languages! I just give his Google plus information to Pegida groups for the better solution search.


Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 4-5th, 2018

I took a bus from Zagreb to Budapest and I saw the group of Koreans to be in the same bus. I sat far from them and my stuff was not damaged this time. None of these Koreans wore the surgical masks. But I saw German cars all the time. 

At Decathlon, I saw a man got beeped by the security alarm at the exit. But later, I went out and the alarm beeped also but this time there was a tall man walked out at the same time as I. But he quickly went in and went out the alarm bars and he was not beeped. But it looked like I was blamed for the beep and I took the photo of both men related with the beeping. The first beeped man went into the stationary store wearing the blue clothes.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - July 3rd, 2018

There was a group of Japanese supporters showed up the day after the Japan-Belgium match. They could be supporting Sweden and taunting the Swiss supporters. And there were many Japanese speakers showed up near me. Are they related with the Harajyuku living Croat cop groups and the Brati Slava human organ sending organ traffickers?