31 December, 2008

How to organize stalking evidence pictures/videos?

When you take pictures and shoot films of gang stalkers for a long period, you might have problem organizing them. Sometimes you might recognize the same stalkers in your pictures. If you do not have a proper organizing tactics of your pictures, you might have problem finding the same person in the pile of pictures and videos. These are some suggestions to manage pictures and videos of gang stalking evidences.

  1. Use free photo/video sharing website comes with customized folders. You can create folders for your own way such as by date, by place, or by sensitization methods. Since you store files online, it is easy to share with other victims. The disadvantage of this tactics is hard to find the particular picture or video when you look for the exact one.
  2. Use the photo database software. Create a database to store information about the pictures and videos. Once you have the information in one place, it makes you easy to search through the information you input. The problem is it takes time for creating the file and search through both database and the photos and videos.
  3. Use image database software. There are some applications to store images. You might want to try one to organize them. The disadvantage is the specialized software is usually expensive.
  4. Use the names of photos/videos as the database. This technique is recommended if you want to compare pictures or videos while searching through your evidences. If you keep all the pictures and videos in one folder or two, you can use “search” option with the particular word through the folder. The file name will be like; date, place/person, sensitization technique, etc. For instance, you put the word “rosary” to search the folder to check any photo/video with rosary. The disadvantage is the file name has restriction on word length. Also, changing the file name would change the date of the file created. So, it is better to keep the original files in different folder to make sure the original files have no artificial change to keep the credibility.
I'm working on the last minutes of the end of 2008. Sigh... What a workaholic I am..

How to create a useful stalker list?

I was thinking to sort the blog postings but I was too busy creating posting for my German blog. The below is the information I wrote for Mind Control Victim Friends around the World. But I thought the information would be useful for any TIs who have been stalked.

Here is the information how to create a useful list. If you have access to database software, this my information would be a little old-fasioned. I write CSV is useful, but Excel format would also effective if you do not have problem using your spreadsheet or database software in the future.

Sometimes the organized stalking activities TIs experience are compared with Stasi tactics. I am wondering that if anyone wants to share one's o/s offender information with others. For the Stasi victims, they have stasi offender list and it is available for downloading.

Since our governments are not willing to admit the existence of "organized stalking," I think we better create the list of stalkers for our case. From my experience, it seems the same perps participate in stalking in the same area, and sometimes travel to few cities. In my case, the perps I met in Aarau were able to come to Lenzburg and Zofingen for their activity. So, if we can find a way to create a list and if other TIs notice the same people stalking in nearby area where the stalkers are listed, we might be able to prove the connection of the stalkers on the list with the organized stalking just like Stasi informants did. For example, if a TI moved to another city and saw a suspicious car (say, this car follow TI's car every day the TI leaves home) parked outside of his home, the TI might find the number on the license plate matched with the number on another TI's offender list. This makes much better proof for bringing the case to the local police. As an example, you can check out stasi offender list publicly shared on the Internet. ma_stasi.zip (about 1.5MB)

Here is the advantages/disadvantages of creating the o/s offender list.

  • TIs have some proofs of evidences.
  • TIs are encouraged to collect information of the o/s offenders and able to fight back.
  • The list can become a shared resource for the TI community.
  • The TIs are able to know who to be watch out in one's neighborhood.
  • The perps cannot act wild and freely stalking and threatening people in the area since they have to be aware of multiple witnesses.
  • The perps may have hard time getting participants from the local community. They might have problem asking strange favors such as asking a shop owner to harass a particular customer (TI).
  • The list might make the TIs contact each other easily to discuss about the same offenders.
  • The TIs have better information about the perps.
  • The list can be used for further study of o/s and keep the record of the covert surveillance.
  • Using this list to demand investigation to the authorities and governments.
  • If something happens to the TI, the list can be used for understanding the circumstance. For example, if a TI disappeared, other TIs might get some clue from the people/organization the TI added on the list.
  • The perps may have problem making up fake "investigation files" if they work as police informants.
  • Perps might put false people names for misinformation. Here is 2 possibilities I can think of: 1. Perps take some information from a TI's list and change some parts for trying to reduce the credibility of both lists. (i.e. A perp living near El Camino Hospital on the list, but the same perp is listed living near Stanford Hospital for misinformation). 2. Perps create several false lists and claimed the wrong person on the list as the perp. If several perps claimed to increase the credibility of their fake list, it is hard to know whose list is the real one.
  • Standalization problem. The clarification of who to be listed is unclear. The TIs with severe hypervigilance might put everyone and organization's names into the list before analyzing the roles of each person he or she lists. A TI might add someone as a o/s participant by just hearing something as "hinting" that can be done by mind control of that person.
  • Publicity and criticism from the non-TIs. How do we keep the list available among TIs and how to keep the non-TIs being encouraged by the perps to against list creating activity?
  • File format and style of database. Single format is easier to compare, but not all TIs have experience and software to create the list. A TI might have MS Access and others don't.
  • Credibility of the list. For the listing, the TIs should add their names (or at least the nicknames they use in the communication with other TIs). This make the TI responsible for the people&organization he or she adds on the list. If a perp tries to add fake names, we can simply figure it out by question his or her part of the list.
Things important for creating o/s offender lists.
  1. Standardization of incidents/clues behind the data collection. (crucial evidences related with the person to be listed in, or heavily sensitized TIs just add people walking around him.)
  2. Standardization of data collection (how to separate people names, stores/restaurants/organizations/companies, license plate numbers)
  3. Standardization of data format. (file format & the way organize data)
  4. File distribution (security)

1-1. Standardization of incidents/clues wold make easy to read others' list. For example, a TI wants to record a man wearing a T-shirt with a specific US city name for NLP anchoring, the TI might want to write down “Detroit” as the incident information. For other TIs, they might not understand what means by “Detroit.” Others might wonder if the man is from Detroit or Detroit was used in the conversation. To avoid confusion, it is better to keep simple but helpful information on the list. To record the incident like the example, “Logo-anchoring, clothes (T-shirt), 'Detroit'” would be useful clue. The first part identifies the type of sensitization technique, then the material used (in the example, it was clothes, and put () for the category, then the actual information. “Hinting, cellphone, 'I am visiting hospital'” would explain the incident a TI met someone on the cell phone and talking 'I am visiting hospital' for hinting. Not all the incidents would be easy to be written down in this way, but if I think using the same style will make the list easy to read.

1-2. Using the same style would be hard for the TIs with severe sensitization problem. In such case, they should record “what” and “how” in the information. “when” “who” “where” will be on other column, so the information should cover “what” and “how” the incidents taken place. TIs can rewrite this part to make it easier to read later if they kept enough information when record it.

2-1. To keep the list useful for searching, I think offenders, organizations, and vehicles should be collected in different lists.

3-1. Not all TIs have access to the same software like MS Access or Oracle database. The professional database software should be an excellent tool for storing the people list, but the specific file format will make others who do not own the software not view the list. For that reason, I think CSV format will solve the problem. CSV format is widely used among spreadsheet software like Excel and readable for database software. To create CSV file, people can use text editors to spreadsheets like Excel. If you do not have one, you can download free office suites (OpenOffice, NeoOffice) from their official websites. For more information about CSV list, please check out this page.

3-2. File format should be in the same style. If the list is formed in the same way, people can easily understand how to read the data. For example, if a TI collects a data and put the offenders' names on the first column and put the incident information at the bottom, he might get confused to see a list comes with the offenders' names on the last column. This format issue might be debatable for improvement in future. I will explain the mondately fields necessary for creating a list here. The first column is to show who collected the data. I created the list based on location and perp recognizing. It is hard to know the perp's name as they are usually strangers in the area. But people could easily recognized stranger's sex, ethnicity, and age. Such information can help TIs living in the close location to exchange information about them. Organizations and vehicles information will be stored in different list.

CSV format:

O/S List: TI's name, location of sighting, date of sighting(from when to when), sex, ethnicity, body type, facial structure, age, sensitization info (NLP Anchoring with rosary and coke bottle,etc) last name, first name, affiance (religious organization, etc), address, phone number.

Store/Restaurant/Organization List: TI's name, location, organization name, sensitization information (e.g. beggers appeared and asked money or use the form discussed in 1-1), address, (optional: relation with the people in O/S list)

O/S vehicle list: TI's name, license number, location of sighting, date of sighting, (*optional: relation with the people in O/S list)

4-1. Security issue might be a type of concern. Some TIs might be falsely accused of distributing files of stranger list. I think we might need to use password for the distribution if we want to post it on a public domain. Say, using “fedame” (derived from fedame.org) or something we share common as the password. That way, people knowing the password can open the file. When you share your file with someone else, you might want to write an agreement for downloading/opening file. Such as “I put this file in the purpose to exchange the organized stalkers information in the area of XXXXX. If you are not a TI or against anti-organized stalking/Gegen Stasi 2.0 movement, please do not take the file.” If someone download it and claimed you about the contents, then the person might broke the agreement of the usage of the file, you see? Also, sharing information in public is healthy as we, TIs, are not collecting information for secret agenda or anything. It is better to keep the file on the Internet rather than someone try to destroy the information in the hard drive. We really do not have much privacy these days, we can exercise this lack of privacy for the public safety sake. We keep the sensitive file as open source comes with certain copyrights. It is not TIs but the offenders who will get problem if we act openly.

*TI's name can be used as the ID key. That way, each person on the list will have a unique ID to be addressed from another lists. For instance, if I decide to use my real name for TI name, then it would be “MiyokoGoto” on the first column. Then I decides to add “P” for “People” list, and “O” for organization list, and “V” for vehicle list, each data on the three lists have unique IDs. “MiyokoGotoP000001” would be used for the first person on my o/s offender list. Just like that, “MiyokoGotoO000003” shows the third listing on my organization list, and “MiyokoGotoV000004” is for the forth listing on my vehicle list. This is easy to figure out any mistake on the list if a duplication is available. And what if someone found the same car license number on another TI's list? And how can these TIs call the perp on the o/s offender lists? If a TI list the driver as “TIAP000032” on his list, and the car is listed as “TIAV000008,” there is a way to explain who the driver is. Otherwise, the TI might have hard time to make a notice of the driver each time explain about him. For the ID part, I think we do not have to use real name if it is uncomfortable for you. Instead, using the nickname like what we use for login here could be enough for identification. To avoid confusion, use of only one's first name should be avoided. There are many people with the same first name around the world. 6 to 10 letter for identification should be enough to say unique, I guess. And I thought 6 digit would be enough for listing. If someone can collect that much information, I think that would list almost entire people living in the area. It's just a common sense, you know.

27 December, 2008

Gang stalkers' skits continues at Zofingen Post office.

I went out to pay my bill to Zofingen Post Office before noon. I talked with another residents at where I live before I went out a bit. There were not much people on street.

It was about 11:20AM I entered the post office. No wallet-holding customers walking out or police officer or someone with baggage there. These are the skits from the last time. Oh, yeah, no “Terrorist” logo or Skull and Bones logo, neither.

My number was 403 and I waited in the office for awhile. I think the number served in the office was about 392 or something. I recognized that there were pretty much people there. There was a male tall mid-age clerk with Caucasian bone-type at the counter E. I noticed that that he was holding a dark color wallet. Counter A to C and E was open. The sign “403 E” was lit. So, I walked toward the counter. Suddenly, a woman rushed up to the counter E and started to be served.

I showed the clerk my “403” ticket as a gesture. Then the woman said “Sorry” in English. She actually had quite a lot of letters and it took pretty much time for counting and putting stamps on them for the clerk. I noticed it was 11:25AM. Then I saw the signs changed pretty fast. During my tern, the short female Clerk with F. Müller? or something short last name talked with the clerk serving at the counter E. Since I am not sure her name, you can take the above information as a clue how I got in a glance. The clerk at the counter E wore dark brown cotton jacket. “403 E, 404 B, 405 C, 406 B, 407 A” - these were the orders on the billboard when the clerk finally finished my tern.

While I was waiting, I decided to write down what was going on. I took out my pen and wrote down the above things.

I visit the Post Office only once or twice a month. Still, I have seen funny incidents quite often. Someone might think what I am writing would be ridiculous if it seems only one shot incident. I have seen funny things going on at Aarau Kanton library and other places in the past. From my experience, it seems natural to think today's incident is just another one.

Here is the questions from today's incident:
1.Why the woman rushed up right after counter E sign was on at the billboard?
2.How come a customer without a ticket was easily served while over 10 people were waiting? Today was Saturday and the Post Office closes at noon.
3.How come the clerk at the counter E did not tell her to wait online? I think this is a common sense.
4.Why did the woman said “sorry” to me? How come it was in English while she was communicating with the clerk in German?
5.Why she was in hurry to send over 20 letters on Saturday? The names were written in blue ball point pen by hand and the size semed just a bunch of greeting cards inside.
6.I guess this is the 4th or 5th strange incident at Zofingen Post Office, so what will be the next?

I think I have no problem sharing the information since the post office have security cameras inside of the office. If they filmed everything, then they should be able to review – including the over 20 of people without ticket before my tern last time as I was the one noticed the ticket machine jammed and the clerk cut the tickets to me. If they are working for Gang Stalkers, they sure cannot share the information that harm their side.

I think it seems fun to collect these funny incidents at Zofingen Post Office (next to Kantonspolizei) in case if similar skits are used to the TIs. Perps use same techniques almost everywhere around the world. Their techniques are “shared culture” among them.

By the way, I saw a yellow patrol car “SO14848” near Migros and COOP. I am not sure why I often see anbulance or police car or patrol car or something often used in gang stalking in general near there. I saw a male beggar near the intersection south from the supermarkets after I finished shopping. He was not there when I walked the same street from the town center. I saw a beggar last time when I finished my shopping last time (took video as he was sitting in a public space). I guess this is another noticeable thing going on.

25 December, 2008

What do you do on Christmas?

What do you do on Christmas? I took the day to think about my life and the life of Christians in the past. Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote "The word "Christianity" is already a misunderstanding - in reality there has been only one Christian, and he died on the Cross." Everyone has opinion and different expression on Christianity. Theoretically, we cannot ask Jesus if we are following the right path that he wants his followers to walk. Jesus died long time ago. But we have a clue of how to be Christian from his way of life. To be a Christian means to mimic the life of Jesus. He said that the importance of 10 Commandments. Jesus gave parables to understand the philosophy behind his teaching. The saints' understanding of Christianity also helps to understand the religion. What they did right and praised were recorded. Christians in later generations can take them as the examples.

I took the day to create "Schweizerishes Stasi 2.0 Opfer" blog to separate German writings in one place. I posted the information how perps used Christian icons to harass me. If you are interested but cannot read German, please use Google Translator. That makes you easy to read any writings in non-English language.

Since I am in Winter break, I will type some pages up for my researches and sort the blog postings on this blog to be researchable from the Label.

21 December, 2008

jishubouei @ YouTube

Since my most videos are in Engilsh, I rarely get comment in Japanese. I checked my YouTube comment today, and found an interesting cyberbully writing comments to my videos.

He seems to be preparing for entering a college and twice he failed to enroll in the past. That's on his profile, and seemed a typical example of how a person being failed in one's life and start bullying around.

Joined: 30 November 2008
Last Sign In: 2 hours ago
Videos Watched: 1,228
Subscribers: 0
Channel Views: 71
Age: 20
Country: Japan

And these are the comments on my videos. I just pasted them from my comment folder.

Comment on your video: 警察活動コレクション vol.1

Comment on your video: コインテルプロ-集団ストーキングの真実

Let me explain in English for convenience of English reader. First comment is "go to mental hospital" and second is "too self-consious. there is no meaning of "gang stalking" you like unimportant person. lol"

I understand that there would be still the old belief like getting to a college will make you politician or doctor exists in Japan. These days, it is only a legend in anywhere. Seriously, I think such a guy become a politician without knowing that not all people who works in politics have degrees would be a worse situation for a country. Flexibility is important in any field in the middle of economic crisis.

下記のような一行コメントでInternet Trollまがいの言動しか出来ない人物が政治家なんかになると、国民が苦労しそうですね。夢を持つのは自由でしょうが、現実的には行動が伴ってなさそうですねぇ。人を小物呼ばわりする前に浪人あたりで滞ってる自分自身でも見つめなおしてください。

Comment on your video: 警察活動コレクション vol.1

Comment on your video: コインテルプロ-集団ストーキングの真実

17 December, 2008

Dick Cheney addmited his involvement with the torture by the US military.

"Cheney admits authorizing detainee’s torture"

It's quite interesting to see how "water-boading" was used by the Japanese solders and the US is still using the inhuman technique even in the 21st century.

SJSU students wrote to Cheney about me and they were hired by the US agents. The students were talking that how international students like me were just visiting the US and get knowledge and gone. That was nothing more than just a hate speech, right? They probably get graduated from the university and working for the government.

After the madness of Bush Administration, will they change their mind or just be racist and fascist in the CIA or NSA? How about the US solders promoted for their excellent "torture" skills? Blaming only Cheney would leave many sadists kept in the government jobs. That is the reality.

12 December, 2008

Adamsblock.com might be treatened by the organized stalking group - another victim in SF Bay Area

I learned about the webcam on San Francisco from my online university class yesterday. And I checked the website (adamsblock.com)to see the webcam in the class discussion. It was there and someone was chatting about one's fish died and feeling suicidal. It was yesterday morning, I guess.

Then today I checked the website out and found an open apology with no more web cam on the street. It seems the perps threatened the poor guy. I think his apology seemed to tell the truth of how people are getting threatened to obey in gang stalking group. The very day I watched his web cam, his girl friend was stalked by a man and his boss got phone call telling "did you know you employ a pedophilie?" I share the entire apology on the website here. We might guess something similar happen to the people who are close to TIs. I used bold font for the noticeable part. Another victim of the organized stalkers in San Francisco Bay Area.


Thursday, December 11th: Hopefully, tonight will be the end of this. The following is written to everyone who was affected by my webcam both positively and negatively. I'd like to outline my intention in this project. My intention was to show "the noises that kept me awake at night" and that statement wasn't singling anyone out. It was a general statement that my apartment was in a noisy neighborhood. I had someone make a banner and then started broadcasting. The chatroom became full of hatefull comments so I brought on some moderators who gave a lot of their personal time to ensuring laws put in place at the dawn of civilization were maintained. The golden rule comes to mind and any comment that singled out someone's way of life, race, color or how much they made was shut down and those persons were banned. I ensured that the chat room was a safe place for all walks of life and most of the time it was. After 2 weeks of broadcasting, I received dozens of emails asking if they could donate to make the feed look better. I accepted these donations and put the money in to the camera. My stated intentions were that once equipment was purchased, all further donations would go to Glide church and a fundraiser would be held on Saturday the 13th to raise 5 thousand dollars for Glide Church. This institution does so much for San Francisco's citizens and I encourage everyone to donate to that church this Saturday despite the fact that I won't be doing a telethon DONATE HERE and prove that we can still make a difference despite the absence of a camera.

On Tuesday, December 9th, a banner was advertised on the webcam via the live feed as a few people held up a sign down on the street. I went to this site and initially ruled out that it was a website dedicated to illegal activities. Thus, I removed the clip. This was the start of what has become the worst 48 hours of my life. The site was upset and since they had free speech, I should have kept the clip up. Actually, I was in my right to keep the clip deleted but after learning that they weren't doing anything illegal, the clip was restored as a good gesture to me admitting that I was wrong. It didn't end there and I'll summarize what has happened since that evening:

* I was followed to work this morning by men in hooded sweatshirts, and my girlfriend was followed home from work.
* Someone called up my boss today and asked, "did you know that you employ a pedophile?"
* I've received death threats over the phone and I won't reveal the context of those conversations for legal reasons.
* My career as a social media consultant has been ruined due to bombarding of my social media profiles with misinformation and hateful comments
* I have to somehow find money to move out of this apartment building because my girlfriend can't come home at night and is staying in a hotel in fear.

There's nothing I can do about this other than an issue an apology and reveal my "true intentions" of this camera. My camera was placed in my window to showcase the homeless people of San Francisco and to make fun of them. I like making fun of people who have mental illness, can't hold a job and piss themselves on the street. My goal was to broadcast every day and night just to raise money for myself and show the world what a racist and ignorant human being that I am. I don't give a crap about this city and am a yuppie blogger who feels that he's too good for all of this. I'm sorry to San Francisco and this community for the harm I caused and I'm moving to a place filled with other yuppies so we can make fun of this disgusting neigbhorhood known as the Tenderloin. Glide, good luck with everything cause I'm not ever going to donate to your cause cause I don't care and I'm embarrassed to have ever lived here.

Now that I have that out of the way, feel free to discuss things below in the chat room. You won't see much of me anymore as I need to rethink my way of life after making so many enemies. AdamsBlock will continue but I won't be a part of it in any way, shape or form. It's someone else's baby and you can hate on that person now. I want to send a huge thanks to 12oz Prophet for helping me realize how much of a douche I am.

By the way, I went to Migros and Ms. R.Hxxxxx served me at the casher. I am not sure if she was talking alot with some customers while scaning my items for some confusion with the last post. When I saw two perps from Aarau, it was C.Hxxxx. No confusion here. The clark name is always printed in the receipt. If perps were planning to make me doubt my perception, they had no luck about that. At the intersection near Migros, I saw a police car (AG387019) making right turn. There was a bike with no lock left on my way and a woman chewing gum and making a baloon with it just passed me near the bike. Not much anchoring for today, though.

11 December, 2008


The funny incident at Migros. I guess that was part of so called "covert operation" of some kinds. It was about 3:40pm of December 8th 2008 at Migros. I guess I have to check out the two perps I saw in the store. I bet they were in my video at Aarau. OSAm 77 includes a woman talking to me in front of my home, I guess exposing every type of incidents that seem to be liked to gang stalking is far safer than holding back until something big happens.


This film is made from one picture and two movies I took on December 6th, 2008. I am not sure why Caritas volunteers are also volunteering for gang stalking activities. They sure should have some ethical sense before volunteer something. No body really want to take my experience of how I was stalked and bullied.
By the way, her name is Heidi. I wonder if other victims have further information about her. Max Heimgartener was another Caritas volunteer and was contacting with the residents in Casa Torfeld I. He visited Casa Torfeld I twice. I just cannot understand why the organization workers suppose to help the minorities and refugees helping to encourage discrimination.

This video is a good example if she showed up in somewhere unusual.

06 December, 2008

Someone I talked in front of my home said she met me in Aarau Caritas

I went out to buy some groceries this afternoon. When I got home and was checking my mailbox, a woman walking toward the town center started talking to me by saying "Hallo." At first, I had no idea who she was, but she started conversation by telling me that she met me in Caritas in Aarau. Imagine this situation; a passerby recognized me as someone she met in somewhere about one year ago. It was rainy day and we both had umbrella. How many people want to start a conversation to someone who the one met last year? I think this is a typical strategy perps use to contact TIs. I heard some TIs are often suggested to pay a visit to mental hospital or join cults by their old class mates and relatives accidentally met in their neighborhood.

The below is the video I took. "Caritas in Aarau" was enough to make me suspicious to think it was something to do with the gang stalking. I first explained her how I left the refugee residence. You can hear what I asked her about the possibility of a N-permit holder born inside of Switzerland. Ok, the important part to recognize this woman's meeting is what she says instead of what she replied to my question. She asked me if the house I live is a refugee residence, and if I got a decision yet.

By the way, the V2K Japanese perps were complaining about the census several weeks ago. It seems some people got problem for census as one refugee is from Japan. Well, the nice thing about the Swiss federal law is that it prohibits any form of discrimination by their race or ethnicity. You know what I mean. They cannot simply kick me out based on my ethnic background while leaving enough evidence of discrimination in refugee residence and around Aarau area.

I am not sure who is the guy walked out from the house and said "hello" to this woman. If he is police-related, then it would be a interesting evidence I got. I would create OSAM video for today since I got some key videos like a bike w/o lock left on my way, a cop car and ambulance, then this woman in front of my home. It was quite fun to see these funny incident on just one day I went out. Perps cannot do anything while I stay home and play with system analysis textbooks, so they try to squash as much gang stalking techniques into the day I go out.

Germans have "gegen Stasi" movement. I wonder if Swiss are trying to do something with the surveillance. Ex-Nazis migrated to the US and were recruited into CIA and the military. What was left in Germany? I hope it is something like the episode of the Pandora's box.

By the way, two of my Sony digital cameras stop filming after 10 minutes these days. I am not sure why they were able to film over one hour before and now they cannot function like that. I guess this is one of the trick the perps can do with their electronic weapon. I put the camera on the corner of my room to face the entrance and no body was in my room (after I left) and somehow they stop filming. I think 10 minutes is quite enough distance I walked for the perps to search my room or do something. I think this is the logical conclusion.

Participant Observation Skill + System Analysis = ?

This is about a new strategy to study a certain population or culture using the system analysts' approaches. For the regular social scientists including anthropologists, I think they have no knowledge in system analysis which is IT field.

I found how traditional approach and object-oriented approach can be used to reconstruct the functions of a certain culture. I am not sure how many people are working on this way to find theories in social science field, but I notice this issue here as I wanna claim as the founder if nobody use these two approaches for studying society.

When we think about the function of the society or culture, we can divide the system into small parts for studying. It is like we have a whole culture/society as the entire system, and we divide the functions or features of the system by mentioning them. I think this system analysis based approach could be used to study the relationship of certain aspect of the society or culture.

Well, I found this when I got bored from reading too much computer system diagrams and use cases. The weakness of social scientists would be they lack enough education in "science" including math, physics, and logic.

05 December, 2008

Blog template changed.

Don't be surprised. I changed the template from the black based background. The orange is the color for CDU and much possitive looking. I am thinking to create a separate blog for German one but not sure. Both will be in blogspot, though. The major difference is that the German one will be about Stasi 2.0 and how our society is turning to be police state.

These days, I am too busy for my class work. I got MS Visio 2007 and have to figure out functions and how to work with it. The software seems friendly but everything is in German... I already learned how to use German version Office suite software but this transition of knowledge from different language takes a while to get familiar with the tools.

I might have time to arrange the labels and do some decoration of this blog. There are pretty much postings, so it is a good time for sorting them in order.

04 December, 2008

Gang Stalker Analysis vol.10 - Fake residents

I created this film in order to show the strategy how the gang stalkers move into the neighborhood of the TIs. The information includes what I share on this blog about the residents at Casa Torfeld I lived in non-existing rooms.

Also, it includes about Abkur Dalow Abshir, who was born in Wettingen inside of Kanton Aargau, but had the Ausweis N (the blue residential permit for decision waiting refugees). You can check this information from the below letter I got from the Jugendamwalt. I found that letter about 10 days ago.