30 July, 2010

What happens if the US president' name is John Doe?

The truth might be worse than the president with a name, John Doe. There have been a rumor about Barak Obama. Some articles say he was used to call himself as "Barry Soetoro." You can check the name and see what is up on the Web.

Barak Obama has the problem with the US birth certificate. Fine, if Barry Soetoro got birth certificate to prove himself as a US citizen. But what if it was from Indonesia? That will be a big problem.

Now, DNA check can help to figure out the connection between Barak Obama and Barry Soetoro.

27 July, 2010



ウェイトレスは見た!聞いた!そして思った!IN NEW YORK」というブログを発見したのですが、大家による賃貸料の誤魔化しとかで裁判沙汰になり、その後大家が裁判をキャンセルしたとの連絡を入れて欠席裁判を企てたらしいのですが、ブログの作者が念のために裁判所に出向いて、大家の策略を逃れて無事裁判を済ませることが出来たとか。ただ、その後、作者の方は出て行く気がなかったみたいで、それ以上の行動を起こさなかったみたいです。その直後、父親が大怪我を負って入院して、ブログは父親の死を境にポストがありません。それ以外にも飼っている鳥が重症を負って動物病院に行ったりとか。その辺は、今は無き四国在の世田谷さんのブログで書かれていた飼っている鳥に対しての電子ハラスメントなど、動物に対しての被害が似てますね。裁判沙汰になって揉めた以降もその場所に住んでいたために、集団ストーカーによる嫌がらせに遭っていたんじゃないかなとか思える節があるんですがどうなんでしょうね。大家のほうがなぜかその後も強気に出ていたみたいで、それで精神的にも作者は疲れていたようですし。


25 July, 2010

What really went after WWII?

During the last period of World War II, the US got problem with the Russians because both joined at the very end of the war and the US spent solders in Europe and Asia. So, the US needed the brain and skills from Germany. They brought back Nazis people under the Paperclip Project and giving them offers to avoid the prosecution for their crimes. The US did not allow Nazis to be neutralized on its soil, but the officials made the very flexible reports on the individuals to pass any suspicion. Nazis used three ways to avoid diminishing and that is known as Odessa. One way is to use the wartime connection which is known as ORG. Second way is to escape to other lands through the Rat Line. Third way is to use the Nazi gold to create the front companies. This Nazi gold from Philipine is confirmed by the deceased husband of the webmaster of the LumourMillNews.com. And the people know the jobs and the role of the grandfather of GWB. BND was created with the man who went hand and hand with Dallas who were stationed in the office in Switzerland.

New World Order? Now you know who are behind of the concept and why the US is pushing it. If New World Order is going to succeed for the world domination, that would be the time really Nazis will be back again in the face of human history. It's like how Communism once thought as the enemy of freedom now recognized as a normal government type like in China. Domination by the elites are the same concept for both Nazis and Communism. The ones useless are taken out from the society.

If I think about this much, I am afraid the current history books are really censored for the favor of the elites.

21 July, 2010

Major threat against freedom of press is FBI

I have seen the perpetrators wearing FBI logo and stalking me in groups in Switzerland and Hungary. I saw Romanian woman wearing FBI logo T-shirt in Chiasso refugee center near the Swiss border to Italy. I have seen people wearing NYPD logo in Switzerland and he lived in the refugee residence. Then I saw NYPD Swat logo T-shirt wearing Japanese in Croatia and at that time, one of the woman in their group took the same bus with me.

The perpetrators love wearing clothes to identify themselves with either FBI or NYPD. Is NYPD a symbol of the success of their deception on 911 to be seen as a terrorist attack than the insider's job? Maybe the ones following orders know how to stay in the line to be successful in their jobs.

The FBI did not order Burst.net to pull the plug. Marr said a Burst.net employee erred in telling Blogetery’s operator and members of the media that the FBI had ordered it to terminate Blogetery’s service. He said Burst.net did that on its own, according to CNET.

Another site was taken down following the shuttering of Blogetery. Ipbfree.com, a platform for message boards, was removed within days of Blogetery. So far there is no explanation why Ipbfree.com was denied service.

“Many speculated that the FBI was using the Patriot Act to silence bloggers. But Marr emphasized that the FBI has never ordered Burst.net to stop service to any site it hosts without a court order and that the vast majority of Burst.net’s communication with the federal government has involved agents serving warrants related to terrorist or child porn investigations,” CNET continues.

Marr said the blogging platform was yanked because because bomb-making tips and a “hit list” are a violation of Burst.net’s terms of service.

The FBI, however, did invoke 18 USC 2702, a portion of federal law that allows providers to voluntarily disclose information to police. Under the law the FBI has the “right” to ask that a service provider to turn over information immediately — without a court order — when the agency has reason to believe that lives may be threatened. The request also compels an ISP not to discuss the investigation, according to CNET.


Is there any agency monitoring the agency's performance? I think they try to track down someone because the one is on their black list and try to make up the story of the one for anything guilty. TIs know COINTELPRO strategy too well. And I've read the book called FBI: an exposé.

It's like the perps trying to claim me as Muslim even I go to a local church on Sunday and have no interest in Islamic religion except for the historical value. Personally, I think their religion is quite sexist. Perps might think like this; 1. you speak Arabic and able to read Arabic, so we believe you are Muslim. 2. you stay in an Arabic country, so we assume you had contact with Al-Quaeda member. 3. you have a book written in Arabic, so we assume you are Muslim extremist.

If I hold a book written in Arabic, do you think me a Muslim? I have a book called "al-kutabu al-maqudsu. (الكتاب المقدس)." Does this make me look like a suspicious Muslim if I go to an airport? I hope airport employees know the difference of the Bible and Quran written in Arabic..

FBI might be able to get any information on people, but they seem to be only tracking down the certain individual to be rocked up - so the agent can take the reward from finishing the task to solve case of the person on the black list. They seem to track down people by checking the black list instead of the actual crime. I have the videos about the people preferring FBI and American logo acting to harass me. Some of these harassers I met in Switzerland are Muslims, why they are allowed to stalk people in the country? That's one of the indicator telling how gang stalking is an insider job.

This post include the word, Al-Quaeda. For FBI, it should be enough to make up a false claim on me to write a report like "a blog mentions al-Quaeda and the blogger live in Arabic country."

19 July, 2010

Photo terrorist or citizens concerning the police violence?

There is a bill introduced to the US congress to protect the citizens filming the police officers on duty in public spaces. I think that reduce the police brutality and false claims on innocent citizens. We know the police officers need to arrest certain number of people to keep a good record for their career. It is like the officers in the traffic division writes tickets to fulfill their norm. However, it can be a problem if the officer only concern about one's career. A detective trying to achieve high crime solving rate may make up evidences or bring in false witnesses to finish one's job by making an innocent suspect guilty. If you are the first person to discover the crime scene, you would be chosen as the suspect and ending up to be claimed as the criminal. How do you like it?

Here is the quote of the wonderful bill:

2d Session

H. CON. RES. 298

Expressing the sense of Congress that the videotaping or photographing of police engaged in potentially abusive activity in a public place should not be prosecuted in State or Federal courts.


July 15, 2010

Mr. TOWNS submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary


Expressing the sense of Congress that the videotaping or photographing of police engaged in potentially abusive activity in a public place should not be prosecuted in State or Federal courts.

Whereas prosecutors in several States are applying State wiretapping laws in the prosecution of individuals for the videotaping of police engaged in potentially abusive activity;

Whereas State and Federal wiretapping laws were not intended to be used for such charges;

Whereas some police departments have been using national security as a justification for the harassment, charges, or an arrest of individuals, based solely on a citizen recording, with no additional factors considered;

Whereas a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2000 indicated that 22 percent of police officers claim their fellow officers sometimes, often, or always use excessive force; and

Whereas the privacy and safety rights of the police officers in the line of duty must be balanced carefully with the public's right to transparency and accountability of public servants: Now, therefore, be it

    Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That it is the sense of Congress that--
      (1) citizen recording fills in gaps in existing checks against law enforcement abuses, when balanced with the needs of law enforcement, police privacy, and citizen privacy;
      (2) national security alone is insufficient justification for harassment, charges, or an arrest for otherwise innocent behavior, such as videotaping; and
      (3) members of the public have a right to observe, and if they choose, to make video or sound recordings of the police during the discharge of their public duties, as long as they do not physically or otherwise interfere with the officers' discharge of their duties, or violate any other State or Federal law, intended to protect the safety of police officers, in the process of the recording.

In my opinion, I think everyone should have a right to video tape when the one talks with a police officer or a detective. It helps the police to behave polite and respectful toward citizens. Perhaps, the citizens should videotape researchers communicating with them for their researches, too. Then the researchers cannot make up a conclusion from misleading the communication with the targeted population. And people visiting SJSU campus should have right to videotape their communication anywhere to prevent the university police or faculty members making up a claim of someone to be suicidal. My evidence shows Sgt. John Laws handcuffed me before he explain they thought me suicidal. I never thought someone claim me suicidal, but it became an official document because of Dr. English-Lueck just asking me to see her in her office 5 minutes.. If that incident causes more trouble in my life because of the false mental record, then I have to tell more about the incident to clear that false suicidal claim. Tell me the reason why people cannot film when the cops claiming me suicidal and I really were on my way to my class like this?

14 July, 2010

Warning: another terrorist attack is comming!

To save the Obama administration, the US elites want a terrorist attack. Don't go somewhere near the US embassy/consulate general, US government buildings, or popular places where attacking can cause a mass fear on public. The people believe 911 is insiders' job should be at least aware to stay safe.

A former senior advisor to President Bill Clinton says that the only thing which can rescue Barack Obama’s increasingly tenuous grip on power as his approval figures continue to plunge is a terror attack on the scale of Oklahoma City or 9/11, another startling reminder that such events only ever serve to benefit those in authority.

10 July, 2010

Hypnosis at the restaurants

I have been dining out since the food costs cheep here. However, there are some incidents happened in restaurants as they are the frequent place I visit.

When I went to KFC at night, I had sudden problem of calculating the change. When I saw the change, I felt the change was less, but I could not calculate them. It was like the part of my brain that functions for calculation is totally shut out. I was able to "see" the change and I was able to check the colors and the words written on it. But I could not calculate the sum. I know how to say the number but I could not add or substitute. It was like the feeling that the numbers were just like the regular words. I solve the problem by seeing the big picture at that time. I don't want to tell the local currency, so I use the example with dollars. For example, the total is around 45$, and I paid 100$. The clerk gave me 3 paper moneys in return. I can see the difference of their colors and the number on it, but I cannot add or sum the numbers. Then I see the numbers like 20$, 10$, 5$. I could not calculate the sum. But I was able to find out something wrong. Because I could not calculate to sum up as 100$ nor substitute 45$ from 100$ to get the right change at that time, I tried to see the big picture by the comparison. I know half of 100$ is 50$. Then I tried to calculate 20$, 5$, and 5$. I was able to do this some how. I felt it was less than 50$, I mentioned about the change to the clerk. The clerk working there had an ID that is different from the name on the receipt anyway. Also, the receipt was written as the payment of 50$ bill. I still keep the picture of the receipt for the evidence. If the company wants to check the transaction, I can show it though. First, the clerk could not see the problem, but I had the bill that did not make sense from what I bought. The customer to my left mentioned the problem as well, then the clerk figured out the problem and returned the right change. That was about a month ago. I think the hypnosis of this kind was my first time experienced. But I think that was like how one part of the brain is shut out, isn't it?

Today, I went to a local restaurant and ordered a full meal. First, I felt like heading to there was like forced. I could feel some necessary to get the food there instead in other place. I think this type of persuasion hypnosis is written by vijay karthic. Then I went there and ordered two items. There was no customer waiting at the counter, and I was the only one to order there. I thought to buy two items and the total of them would be around 18$. So, I picked up 20$ that would be enough. But somehow, when I saw my money in my wallet, I picked up the paper money which is similar color as the one with less value. At this point, I felt like "I will use this twenty" like feeling. That was much like the deep hypnosis. When I checked the wallet, I had a paper money with less value. At that point, my awareness of checking the value of the money in my hand was gone. It was like I was kept receiving the persuasion like "It's twenty for sure." When I ordered, the clerk asked me the meal A or meal B with similar name. I ordered meal A. Then I added another item. I gave the money to the clerk before he asked meal A or meal B, then after my confirmation, he returned my paper money by stating that was the one will less value but the same color. I was not sure if I gave 20 or that value because of the above reason, so I felt I made the mistake with the color and paid 50 instead. At that time, there are few people showed up and started ordering things. And the males to the right side both had 50 in their hands just like what I paid to the clerk. I received the receipt and the change. This time, I had no problem of calculating the change. It's not like just glancing the sum, but I was able to calculate as usual without hypnosis like "That's collect."

The funny thing is that the clerk only gave me the receipt for the meal A. I ordered 2 items, but he only made the transaction for one. That meal was what I felt to buy while I was heading to the restaurant. There were 3 Muslim women with head cover stood left from me at the counter. When I went to the counter to get my meal in exchange of the receipt, the males stood near me and the three Muslim women came to the same counter. I saw the women ordered the item that I was thinking to order. Somehow, they ordered just one even they came in three. The clerk start preparing my meal, but I saw he got bunch of the orders of meal B which is similar to meal A. While I was waiting, some employees entered and started to check in at the time stamping machine.

What I learned? I think the TIs should resist the strong intention of some type. Also, the perps might be fainted if the TI try to follow the intention or one's plan for the day. I might see some death thread from the people visiting the local restaurants if I change my mind and do not enter. Such incident already happened at the famous pizza restaurant at Split, Croatia. It would be fun to see someone picking a tourist for strange reason like the logo on the T-shirt. By the way, I was able to recognized the same faces in the restaurant today. The perp numbers here might be limited, like the bar-cord-hair middle age man with bushy eyebrow who was working with a doorman-looking old guy in another restaurants. The gabage collectors engage in gang stalking.

I guess the local perps were getting pissed off because I just ignore their same anchoring techniques. If you know the perp strategies, they just repeat them all the time with their wicked proud and mean behaviors. What if I say our world is already controlled by the so-called Aliens who have been implanting chips in humans for decades, and they are now brain washing human beings? And the perps are working for them through their undercover works in half-mind controlled state? Just like the UFO victims who got RFID chips few decades ago, I probably got something that is high-tech like what DOD and DARPA have been studying.

09 July, 2010

Spain will win against Netherlands - according to an octpus.

Recently, I learned about an octopus making prediction on the World Cup matches. I saw it on another website, and today I saw the new prediction on this news article.

How many people are betting for Spain? I think gamblers can make some fortune from Paul's prediction.

By the way, the V2k perps might be able to know the communication on the matches. They can talk about the members who will be on the field few minutes before the sign says the member change. Their network might be handy to pickup the communication in South Africa or anywhere around the world for smooth networking.

06 July, 2010

Who is worrying about energy problem? We are already independent from oil.

Microwave energy has been considered as the future technology for decades. But it became a fact already. Japanese companies are capable of creating and sending energy from the space. Now, check out these two Japanese projects.

The concept of space-based solar power was introduced way back in 1968, but it’s only recently that the world has latched on to the idea. Japan is definitely getting in on the action with its latest spacey plan – a $21 billion solar-powered generator in the heavens to produce one gigawatt of energy, or enough to power 294,000 homes. The Japanese government announced the plan back in June, but there has been an important new development – Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and industrial design company IHI Corp. are now teaming up in the race to develop new technology within four years that can beam electricity back to Earth without the use of cables.

We've Heard about Schemes to gather solar power directly from space Before, But designers at Japan's Shimizu Corporation Have Taken the idea to a new level with the Moon Ring , a solar power plant concept on the moon.
The plan involves building a 6,800 mile “solar belt” around the moon, beaming electricity to earth with microwaves and lasers, and setting up receiving stations on Earth where the power can then be used. The building plan Involves 6,800 mile "solar belt" around the moon, beaming Electricity to earth with microwaves and lasers, and setting up stations on Earth Receiving WHERE dog Then the power be used.

Well, if a country is too poor for spending on the solar power, it may use potatoes or livestocks.
Potatoes are good for more than just filling up your stomach on the quick; they’re also potential sources of electricity, according to Yissum Research Development Company Ltd. The company, which is an arm of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has developed a “solid organic electric battery based upon treated potatoes” that is five to fifty times cheaper than commercial 1.5 volt D cells and Energizer e91 cell batteries. The light generated from the potato battery is also at least 6 times more economical than kerosene lamps.

Glucose: That it Gives us extra spike of energy, powers Our cells, and soon, it might Even power implantable medical devices. A team of researchers from Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble, France recently implanted the first working glucose biofuel cell in a living animal (in this case, a rat) — a feat that proves electrical power can be harnessed from body fluids. A team of researchers from Joseph Fourier University in Grenoble, France recently the first working implants glucose biofuel cell in a living animal (in this case, a rat) - a feat Proves That Can Be harnesses electrical power from body fluids.

Hopefully, these alternatives seems better than the future described in Matrix movies. Now, it would be the end for the oil-based industry. If electricity became almost free for everyone, what other resources will be important?

04 July, 2010

Preview of remodeled AAMS website

Somehow I had problem with time making and health problems like catching cold. But I finished the design of new AAMS website. Here is the review. The current design has two menus, one in fixed position and another is floating, so I put only the floating menu instead. Also, the advertisement will be shown in each page, so it would help the ad incomes. You might accidentally click the ad..
Index page will give the reader the choice of language and the latest news. First, I thought to put the news on the right side column under the menu, but I changed my mind as I may not update the news for months. It might give a negative image, so I deleted that part.

I had problem with the editor while editing the cord. It was like when I changed the cascading of one class, then somehow the part with another class got effected by the change.. Another issue is the problem with my health. When I start working with the coding, I had problem with my ear. I cannot say what exactly the cause, but it was like my ears felt as if I was in a high altitude and my ears start hurting from the change of the altitude. It also made me fell dizzy. I mentioned about infrasound in other social networks, but this one seems not to be related with it. When I covered my ears, I could hear some high pitched noise like the one you can hear near the cleaning devise using the ultra sound (the one to wash the glasses) and some vibrating like noise of the fan. If there is an implant in one's brain, is it make sounds? Like the one below.

This is the actual CT-Scan of the chin, neck and upper back area of one Gary D. Simmons of Australia, a former Navy diver who had been assigned to several clandestine operations, reprinted with permission from Simmons and Consumertronics.net. According to Mr. Simmons, one 'object' is in the spine at the jaw level; the hole in the back of the neck shows a 'wire' running down towards a second 'object' located between the trachea and the spine; there is yet a third 'object' below the jaw. I see other strange 'objects.' Do you? Furthermore, he states these were the results of a surgical operation and an official program in which he and about 100 other elite Navy divers were subjected to as part of, 'medical and mind drug experiments,' which he claims caused many premature deaths among them!

Anyway, here is the preview of my new AAMS website. I hope you like the design. It's simple enough like the old one yet it has some extra features which are mostly for management purpose. I need some time for the overall cascading and backing up the old one for emergency case, then it will be ready.