30 May, 2010

Greece to have own currency

I read a news about UK suggesting Greece to have own currency.
I guess that's a good way to limit the Greece EURO to hurt the entire economy through EU countries. Not all EU countries use EURO in their native country. UK and Hungary are two examples.
Like I wrote about the post comparing the blood to EURO, finding a way to stop the bleeding and keep the self sastainability of the currency within the body are mandately. Another currency used in the bleeding part can help to isorate the area to prevent other parts to the problem from the bleeding.

Greece can set up own currency for awhile to swap them to EURO till the country gets stability back in one's economy. Well, the same method may make other countries in Eastern Europe to be temporary a part of EU in the geopolitical advantage - everyone knows why EU needs to keep an eye on Greece and the countries to the East. The oil and gas pipe lines are there.

27 May, 2010

Obamacare and the relationship of the military with the chemical industory

There have been some news about the US solders back from Iraq got metal problem diagnosed in hospitals. Some news say the number would be one third of these solders. "A new study says about one-third of soldiers coming home from Iraq seek out mental health services, and as many as 12 percent are diagnosed with persistent mental health issues." Who will pay for the money to heal these solders and veterans? It seems President Obama has a solution for all Americans. The mandate health insurance would help them visit the hospital. If you are bullied at your school or your work, you might be dragged to a mental institution for the convenience of taking care a problem for some people. In such case, they can say that your insurance takes care the payment issue.

Meanwhile, US Army might be interested in testing new researches to improve solders.

The Army should establish relationships
with the pharmaceutical industry, the National Institutes
of Health, and academic laboratories to keep abreast
of advances in neuropharmacology, cellular and molecular
neurobiology, and neural development and to identify new
drugs that have the potential to sustain or enhance performance
in military-unique circumstances.
Well, there are many past evidence of how the government agencies exploited hospital patients. MKULTRA and MKNAOMI might be the popular experiments. The above website has more information on human experiments done by the US agencies.
The Department of Defense uses human test subjects wearing rubber clothing and M9A1 masks to conduct 35 trials near Fort Greely, Ala., as part of the Elk Hunt tests, which are designed to measure the amount of VX nerve agent put on the clothing of people moving through VX-contaminated areas or touching contaminated vehicles, and the amount of VX vapor rising from these areas. After the tests, the subjects are decontaminated using wet steam and high-pressure cold water

OBAMACARE should give the agencies some more extra test subjects for improving the soldiers.

26 May, 2010

The website with pictures of the implants taken from the victim.

I knew the below Italian website from one of the TI in the victim network. It seems the MRI has more possibilities to show the figure of implants than X-ray. The patient removed them from the gum in one's mouth.

The below pictures are linked from the above site.

If you read Ms. Elenore White's website including the section about people living in the boarder of Italy and French had some implants, you might know the Italians have such implanting problem for quite long time.

22 May, 2010

Speech ability control

I think some TIs experience mistakes on speaking words. For example, when you want to think or say "Ash Wednesday," you might speak up like "Ash Friday." If it was in your speech, you can correct the mistake by speaking again. Only the first time mistake. And that would cut your train of thought by focus on the mistake and confusion from the mistake.

When you think, you use sub-vocal cord speech for the internal thought process.

It seems the V2K harassers are capable to mess up the TIs thought using the large volume of remote hypnosis (too low to be detected as normal voice even in V2K / much like the vibration). Because the victim hears the large volume of speech, his or her thought is driven to add that word during the thought.

It is like this:

TI's thought:
It was on Ash
(Friday) <- High volume of remote hypnosis recognized in the ear of the victim.

I think the mechanism of messing the speech could be simple and even understand by using the normal situation.

For example, the subject is asked to sing a song while other people are singing in different tone. If the subject is only one, the one has hard time to keep one's singing. The subject might follow the tone of others singing. V2K is much like the environment hearing the voices equal level to one's internal voice. I could compare with an experiment like someone asked to speak up a sentence "It was on Ash Wednesday this year" with wearing the headphone. And the subject will hear the sudden voice "Friday" from the headphone when the one tries to speak the word "Wednesday." In this case, the subject is likely to stop the speech instead of saying Friday. Maybe this loud volume of voice (unrecognizable by the human ear) could be the reason how to stop someone's concentration.

Next time, you have problem of speech problem, try to think if you got such ear drum ringing effect from the V2K.

17 May, 2010

If Dr. Chomsky cannot enter Israel, probably I cannot welcomed neither

I read a news about Dr. Chomsky was denied to enter Israel. I have heard some perps talking about me not able to enter Israel to visit the historic sites for Christian pilgrims. In my case, perps said the reason is "unwelcome visitor" or something. But I guess it is safe not to visit Israel because of my problem with some Jewish people in the US.

It is nice to know the news before I try to enter the country for just sightseeing. When I got problem of stalkers in the US, I contacted him for help. I received his polite reply. I guess he never thought and never know someone asked help became a refugee later and staying temporary in the Middle East.

A trip to Bethlehem will be erased from my possible summer plan.

13 May, 2010

How to kill EU economy

The financial crisis in Greece has been creating more problems and discussions among many countries. EU and EURO were two strongest tools to rebuild the European economy in the end of last century. Do you remember what was going on before the establishment of EU? EC had failed and each European country was suffering from keeping own currency value.

Large nation has a weakness in the small parts. Think about EU as a human body, and EURO as the blood to run through the body. If the body start bleeding from somewhere and kept losing the blood, what will happen? The entire body does not function well due to the lack of the necessity that must go around. Human body needs certain amount of blood to be kept and to run through it. Currency is the same. Certain amount of currency keeps the country to stay away from deflation or inflation.

The best way to prevent the blood loss from an injury is to stop bleeding first.

Giving away the bailout would help the fools to gain more money to venture around. I hope someone figures out the way how to stop money loss for Greek, or the result would be just like what happened with Goldman Sachs and AIG. For strains, we have the method like RICE to treat the injury. What we need is the method that will help to stop the loss of money for a country like spotting the bleeding point and put bandage on it.