26 February, 2012

Some Japanese showed up

Recently, I encountered many Japanese in a hostel. I stayed in a dorm room for few people. What happened was that I got Japanese family name guy on the bottom bed. I usually take the top one when I stay in a hostel for my safety. It reminded me of the time I stayed in Hostel Srca Sarajevo, in BiH. In that hostel, I usually got another Japanese tourist on the first day or the second day of my stay. Some times, these Japanese perps came from Germany. I saw one guy had a textbook for German language exam for Japanese. Another occasion was the man with a bag with the logo of near Frankfurt. I took the picture of these things. This time, the guy was with a Japanese book with the title, Gangs going around the world. On the day the guy left, his bedsheets were changed. But at night, they took the mattress away. Only his mattress was gone and others were left untouched. It reminded me of Hostel Center, the hostel above the Srca Sarajevo, changing mattresses of every beds sometimes when I stayed there. Both hostels got someone named "Hanna" working. In Hostel City Center, there was a woman from UK doing the internship there while sleeping on the bed under mine during the day time while I was lye on my bed and working with my computer.

Oh, here is the picture of "Ueno" guy. The Japanese perps often have the same look, the short mustache and beard with black hair.If you see this kind of people, you can assume them as Japanese gang stalkers. He wore a combat boots, so he might be from the Self Defense Force.

And here is the picture of his book. How often people with such a book travel around?

There were some more Japanese, mostly university age women with southern accent. I don't know where they are from, but one of them was saying she wanted to apply to become a physician but ended up in dental major. So, there were people related with the medicines and hospital technologies.

Shall I talk about the Bosnian intelligence work? They are related with mainly German and some others like Turks, Brazilians, and Argentinians. Of course, they get along with the foreign intelligence people. Well, I don't talk about the people I know, as I don't wanna get in trouble. But I'm feel free to talk about the ones who are actively engaged in the gang stalking and harassing me, don't you think? Also, I don't like Japanese people, so I'm eager to tell anything about these Japanese intelligence guys. I still find some Bosnians here. I bet they don't like me as I like Croats and support them. If they show up, I can study them for the benefit of Croats in future.

19 February, 2012

Descrimination in the name of the favoritism

I think I learned quite much of the mechanism of the gang stalking. The local extremists /the conservative  people with their foreign friends work together for the community watch. They share the information from the police and previous gang stalkers.

What they want is to take the target out from their area. The police also help to protect what they do. They would not help the target even the one claims about the organized stalking or even the possibility of Neo-Nazi targeting the one. Well, the current gang stalking would be better than the time of Nazis as the target would be simply sent to the concentration camps. Now, they are encouraged to leave the area with the harassment. The gang stalkers would be the local police informants and the intelligence people who are working in the MNCs and CIA's face companies. We know there are lots of CIA-face companies but no one really tell what they really do. Only we can assume is MKUTLA to the Operation Midnight climax were done with the corroboration with the local police and hospitals.

Recently, I got some damages happened and the same people hanging around and doing the skits and the sensitization. Arabs hanging around in the surveillance. Like today, I got Croat looking buy sat next to me on the bench at the church, but he did not know anything about how to reply or what the people singing. He left when people moved toward the alter to receive the communion. It's really strange for Croat looking people. I guess he might be a Bosnian, as he got larger skull and his forehead to his eyebrows are identical to Bosnian facial feature. I travel around, so I learned pretty much to recognize the ethnicities from the facial features. I never thought I could recognize the difference of Argentinian and such..

Since GWB and GWB Jr. were controlling the USA, the favoritism became a pattern of social norm. People the authorities like would get jobs and good grades in the school. The favored people are asked to be on the surveillance of the community to take out who they don't like. The Homeland Security after 911 was the beginning of the global dominance by the favorite people. The America's favorite became the elites and managers to control the local communities around the world. Now we got local extremists controlling the area with the foreign extremists who are invited to the area for the surveillance. Look at McDonalds. Some companies are protected by the locals while Los Angels Riot burned down the small shops owned by the Asians and others who were not liked by the Blacks in the area. Now, these MNCs and their allies got dominance in the community and trying to set up the community watch program to protect the America's friends and its community. It's not only USA, but others like Japan or Korea or China. When someone does not like the particular brand or political issues of the certain country, the extremists related with it would start harassing the one. Globalized bulling occurs to the person who is listed as the target.

How far this favoritism goes? Will it take everyone who seems not useful to the community? The system is not new and the UK seems eager to work on; it knows the system was a success in the past. They did the similar segregation in the New World and the result was the massive disappearance of the Native Americans from the history as well as in Australia. We just have the similar system now. Some people are allowed to commit any crime in the community while certain minorities cannot get any help from the local police or even the private investigator or the lawyer.

What should we do as the victim? I think we need to keep the record of who they are and what they did. More people are ignored in the history, but the victims should be able to tell their stories if we live in the democratic country, though the democracy is the name for the privatization of the wealth in the certain individual and to avoid the compensation in case of losing the war. If you work in a CIA front company, you might be asked for the covert operation for the business intelligence. Will it be a matter of private company, or the matter of the Fed? If you answer it as the latter, we don't have a private company anymore. It's like the socialist state with privatization hidden under the personal name. If we put "CIA own" or "FBI own", then we got more companies in the world to be look like the American government's property. Am I right? It would be more scarely to think how many of the Chinese company got such identity.. 1/5 of the world population is Chinese and how many patents nowadays are filed in China? I just want to live as a normal citizen with peaceful activities like reading and going out to the museums and libraries in my spare time. What makes me to be harassed as a TI? That's because I'm on the black list by the extremists.

15 February, 2012

What people should be taught in school before they get to the high school

There are lots of important things people should know. I think I could have better life when I knew that early in my life. For example, the rat line and how the Nazis survived in South America and in the US under the Paperclip Operation. Also, how the MNCs are part of the agenda of taking over the world by the elites including the ex-Nazis members and their descendants.

The freedom and democracy was the words for recruiting the people under the dictatorship. Do we have the freedom? It's like the word, freedom fighters. We say it but we understand it as what we supposed to be given. But when you try to exercise yours, you will be targeted by the COINTELPRO operation.

The activists are set up for the government propaganda executed by the citizens. The ones create the plan are not the citizens but the intelligence people. So, we have the critical mass, that represents the one view from the citizens. If you try to set your own idea up for the demonstration, someone else from the government will take over to use it for their own or you will be harassed to move away from the activity. If you want to know what it means, try to find some organizations that some new people took over the control and the founder did not take the major role later. That's the NGOs and the religious organizations that are controlled by the intelligence.

MNCs represent the civilian and business intelligence. Look at China now. It got so many people working in and out. The people who are allowed to travel or get a good job are obedient to the communist party. The majority rule controls the country and the companies. How about the others like Sony and Samsung? They have the same mechanism also. Enron had some foreign intelligence and the CIA people working till they get the last salary from the company got bankrupt. That's the foreign relationships. Also, if the intelligence from the country of the origin does not like someone working there, they could simply ask the one to be harassed to be out. That is also called the business intelligence for the country.

The gang stalkers? They are the intelligence people. They speak multiple languages and work in the part time jobs. They might hitchhike some areas. These people might know the embassy employees in the area and show up together as a group of seasonal workers. They do the surveillance and the intelligence gathering in the area and the COINELPRO on the certain individual. The embassy employees work together for the joint COINTELPRO nowadays. If someone from their "friends" don't like a particular person, the person would be gang stalked and eventually disappear from the social ladder. Such unfortunate people are called as TIs. Well, the mafia are working together with these people for their advantage. A good example is how the Mafia in the northern Italy helped busting Nazis from the region. The current popular story is the Nuke energy mafia in Japan which makes TEPCO invincible against any claims.

One more thing, there are at least one or two student surveillance people are in each classroom in the US. Also it happens in the small educational groups or sessions. These people are hired to keep an eye on the students in the class. They would start the harassment when they found someone unwelcome in their school. They are the school extremists who believe what they do is good for the country. At SJSU, I learned the ABSC is one of the club to gather people together and work as the mob. Also, the leaders in the clubs are often related with the intelligence or the police, so if you get messed with them, you might be put under the surveillance by the people in the real intelligence as the test target.

Freedom does not exist as the Internet is owned by the DOD and the corporate intelligence team can track down anyone who can be a threat to their company/intelligence face company/themselves/their friends. Democracy was the word for giving away the wealth and power into the intelligence and the selected individuals. Mercedes, Mitsubishi, and many large companies survived in such way. The New World Order is to take out the civilians and make the world only suited for the intelligence and the certain elites and minimum workers. The depopulation program will work in that way. The US knows that is a part of the natural selection as the first frontiers killed the natives; in the same way, they are trying to take out the ones who are not useful for their own. Unfortunately, the certain Christians and even Catholics think that is the mark given to the people; who are allowed to live and others to be claimed as the pests.

06 February, 2012

Muslims stalked me today during the lunch time.

When I was walking around the lunch time heading to the restaurants area, I saw two Muslim women walking fast and passed me. Then when I went to a restaurant I often go, I saw them standing outside and one of them talking. They stood outside of the restaurant while I was waiting inside to pick up my meal. When I left, I saw them also leaving and they went back to the street where I walked. I was walking on the other side of the street. I don't know why these 2 Muslim women just hang around outside of a restaurant and went back. It looks really suspicious to me, so I put their pics everywhere. I'm gang stalked by the MUSLIMS!!! Is this because of my view of Muslim extremists?? Well, it's funny how the gang stalking related with the Muslims. I got pictures how they stood outside the restaurant and one of them talking on the phone and later they walked on the street parallel to me.

05 February, 2012

"Black jacket and blue jeans" sensitization

Sensitization is a type of PSYOP that makes the target to get sensitized on something particular matter like a certain logo or certain word. Gang stalking uses such mobbing technique. Well, if the perps are willing to use it for separating themselves from others, then it's easy to figure out who the perps are in the environment. For example, if they were black and blue clothes and 1/3 of the people on the street wearing such, it's easy to see who are the gang stalkers. They include the foreigners and people who have time in daytime.  Here is the example from today. I bet they are gang stalkers as I found some cars stopped in front of the street where I was in the nearby building. These cars only parked short time to pass a car behind and just left. It's like they are checking the building or something quickly. Also, I got three firefigher cars with siren on the same street and there were some cars with lights on. Well, that sounded much like of the local gang stalker activities.

Oh, I saw 1/10 of the visitors leaving from the church during the mass. A family was with a video camera filming the beginning part of the mass. The man with the camera was wearing a cap with blue and red color with the Eagle like the organization in the US like the CIA or NSA thing. It seemed a logo of something but I was not sure. Well, they left the church and I saw the people around me did not remain in the church during the communion time. I'm not sure if they did not want to get filmed and was warned or not. Well, I could recognize them on the street though.There are limited numbers of perps in the city, so they should show up again sometimes for their surveillance jobs.

When I took a train today, I saw a man who sat next to me. He sat on the two seats front, but he moved and sat next to me even though the seat in front was empty. Then there was a couple of Asian woman and the local white guy sat on the seat he was. Then some people from the same station where I took the train hang around but moved away. It was like as if they needed to observe me with a guy sat next to me. Well, he was gesturing something to the guy with a navy color knitted cap on the back with a woman with a fur hat like of Russian. He waved his hand once to the guy and the guy and the woman settled near the back exit on the vehicle. He was using the smartphone typing in English. Later, there was a two guys with British English accent came with their suitcases and sat near me. Who are they? Well, I got many middle age man around for today. I don't know what happened, but in the church was like that after some people left. It's a good idea to keep everything recorded, isn't it? By the way, I got some Ph.D seeking Internship working gang stalkers around. They might be working for the gang stalking to become the professional spies. I hope, it helps to figure out who are the bad guys in their profession to avoid. If you argue with them, you might ended up becoming the gang stalking victim like me. It's a good idea to know who to be avoided.

01 February, 2012

AAMS moved to new servers

I found out realsevers.info was down and seems to be gone to the void in the virtual reality.

So, I moved the server to the following address. I hope it helps to keep the information ready for anyone who need them. The latest update contains the information of what the EH sounds like and different from the regular health problems.
aams.compyr.com (ready for surf)
aams.hostingsiteforfree.com (alternative - I'll add info by tonight)

Human history contains many discrimination on the individuals by the dictators. It's only less than 100 years humans had human rights. We had no health insurance till last century. But it's important to protest against the covert human experiments without informed consents and the military use of the non-lethal weapons on the activists and the minorities.

I'm working on my gang stalking in the churches book. I hope it would be ready within this month. It's in English, so I can sell it on the major e-book stores.

By the way, if we don't have the freedom of press, we don't have a chance to complain our own view on any complaints. For example, they can make up the suspicion and report it to the police or the target's boss. Well, TEPCO DOES this to the anti-Nuke energy protesters and supporting people in Japan. People could be hired for such things - like the people opposing Soka Gakkai is another example as many companies have Soka members and the companies themselves have the connection with the members. In my case, when I visited a church and stayed in the guesthouse a while, the priest was talking to some others about the recent visitor, a couple from Tokyo, and were talking about Buddhism. It's a very rural area and having visitors at before the guest involved events and leaving is quite strange. Well, if the police is bribed, then no one can complain against any big organizations. In such case, the people need to have the chance of sharing our own evidences. If TIs are under 24/7 surveillance and being harassed by the delusional-detective-believing perpetrators, TIs must have the right to get voluntary wired 24/7 for recording evidences. This will help to avoid the false flag attacks. If someone keeps filming the environment whole the time and reporting the situation, no one can make up the evidence around. Is this sound paranoia? But we have the example like the Earth First! Bombing and some others which the cops made up the crimes or the FBI ignored other evidences for the convenience of their own COINTELPRO. As far as I know, it sounds like how the UCB students warned others when the police recruited people showed up around by whistling. Do we still have democracy? In my experience, I only have the people around me seeing me in the group and doing the skits with their delusional hypnosis. Well, the point is, they want to make up the claim and believe in it, and that is how they try to make up the evidence. For example, I got people with kids often on the street. When I sit in the train, often a people with kids showed up and sit near me. Or, a woman with a babycart might showed up and just stand there while waiting the bus. It's like these people make up the stories and the fear by themselves - a new witch hunting - and trying to harass someone. We have the witch hunting going on. Is this democracy? Ah, we have New World Order - the globalist dictatorship.

There are many Koreans here, like in the train and such. I guess I have some time for making a good Korean perp list.