23 December, 2011

The trend of Asian man showing up to the church

It sounds like the trend of some Asian men showing up to be the friend happens after I tell where I was baptized. I don't know if this is how the church workers making up a story of me having some relationship with someone (a lie) for their gang stalking activities. First time was at Poor Clares in UK where I encountered a guy with from French - Swiss boarder and he was looking for a school while he did not know where it is. His parents decided him to stay in the guesthouse but he never attended the church mass or activities. The second happened recently. An Asian man showed up in the morning mass and someone said he is a visiting priest and a church worker told me it was a Japanese traveler and she asked me to go out as he is waiting for me. He is not staying in the guesthouse neither and this case, the worker said that the priest brought him to the church. Well, some occasions, the church employees might help such make up of things for the convenience like treating the TI as a "pest" in the church. Some churches only function to keep the tradition and serve only the certain people like the community. I don't really know if these tricks are to make up the story of infidelity or something. More active the order, more the possibility of having gang stalkers inside the church. Also, if you try to stay in a female dormitory for the trip, you might end up a room full with males for the booking arrangement. Or for the mixed dorm, a female TI would be in the room with full of males.

20 December, 2011

Fukushima reactor #4 is collapsing - watch out for mass evacuation notice in Northen hemisphre

The reactor number 4 in Fukushima nuke plant is about to collapse. The article says people need to evacuate for such a situation. If you don't have a fallout shelter, try visit somewhere with one. Some countries have extra shelters and ones for the exhibition purpose from the past cold war monuments. Me? I'm in the safe zone with some fallout shelters nearby for next few weeks. Be prepared for the worst. Oh, yeah, it takes 2 weeks for the radioactive materials to reach to the North America. So, you might have to make an emergency extension of the winter holiday for the nuclear emergency getaway. And don't forgot buying some tinned goods and other things the UBS suggested for the possible EURO corruption.
According to our source, the entire reactor 4 structure has been deemed "highly unstable," and the south wall of the reactor appears to be headed into an imminent structural failure. This situation, of course, is extremely dangerous and could have devastating consequences for Northern Japan as well as North America, which is why mass evacuations in Japan would be a likely outcome in the hours following such a collapse.

19 December, 2011

Swiss perp list up to Feb 25, 2007

I started creating stasi perp list in PDF files. It contains the car license plate numbers, names, face pics, and other information of the perps in the specific area. The download is for the TIs only. If you are not TI, you probably don't need it. I wonder if Rudolf Elmer was harassed by those Black Hundreds used by the bank for harassing the whistleblower. If you are helping Rudolf Elmer, you may download this file.


14 December, 2011

UBS suggests to buy tinned goods, gold, and small caribre weapons

It's a news from Keiser Report saying that UBS, the biggest bank in Switzerland, suggesting people to buy tinned goods, gold, and small caribre weapons for the preparation for the EURO collapse. If you have a fallout shelter in your home like the regulation for the new homes in Switzerland, you have no problem stocking these items except the guns. Adding hatchets and axes will help you to survive the zombie attacks and cutting down the woods and bushes for the fire resources. Of course, you need few pairs of Victorinox Swiss Army Knife will help you open tinned goods.

13 December, 2011

YouTube video: Ex-Communicated Priest Exposes The New World Order 1986

The gang stalking victims experience the difficulty of buying things in the stores as they are harassed by the local extremists. It's like how people would be persecuted as written in the Bible. I'm fine to be persecuted for something I did not do nor due to the suspicions witch hunters made up. It's better to be the innocent claimed as a sinner than a sinner pretending to be an innocent person. In a communist country, the church would be controlled by the communists and they can make anyone who are against communism to be excommunicated. That's exactly what the gang stalkers are doing; by using their non-Catholic friends to engage in the actions like going out to pubs for picture taking to prove the target as hypersexual or alcoholic. I have seen these Asian friends who came from UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc. They often travel through Amsterdam and asked me to go out together to pubs. Meanwhile, they had some local friends or someone from USA to be in the pubs.

Shall I share the church names of where you can meet the gang stalkers and how they communicate with the local priests and sisters? Well, I don't think it's a bad thing as gang stalkers are making false witness of innocent Targeted Individuals like me or making up a story by themselves to bring it as an official story as a result of the propaganda. If a hundred people know the rumor, they can believe it as true and thus it becomes a fact. Normally, no one don't start making up a story to against a stranger. Gang stalkers use their friend network for the harassment as if of the black hundreds - a typical communist style character assassination of somebody.

Victims should be able to speak up. Otherwise, who the church helping? The witch hunters in the local society? It sounds like a horror story to me.

07 December, 2011

Korean perp and the skits

I encountered few Asian males. One guy came few weeks ago and he asked me "Are you Japanese?" while he did not tell me his own. I did not tell. Later, I met an Asian man from Singapore and he also asked me the same question. These went a bit. It's rare to find Asian people here. Actually, at that time, I found my backpack's zipper was open from below the zipper pulley. Also, I found my rosary case with the Pope's picture missing. That's how I walked around and met him.
Here is the download link of my first talk with him two weeks ago. 

He came back and then I encountered some Asian men showing up again after him. I did not talk with none.

Today, he talked to me and asked me to clean the dry flying pan by saying I was the one used it. Well, I haven't use the flying pan for last few days and I complained that it was not what I used for grilling pork tonight for my dinner. But he said both flying pans are dirty and asked me to clean it. I went to the kitchen and ch

Is he anti-Japanese extremist working for the gang stalking or what? Who wants to complain so much about a dirty flying pan before using it to cook ones dinner? Is it a natural behavior for the Korean men??? I don't know their culture much, so I cannot say if it is normal. He asked me "are you Japanese?" at the first meeting, so it might be only for the purpose of doing against a Japanese. It's his problem, and what he did to a Japanese Targeted Individual is shared for the investigation for others.

While he was staying here, I found my bag opened three times from the side of the zipper. Just one time rosary case missing. And another occasion, my fountain pen and the rosary with the case missing temporally.

Here is the video of him claiming of the dirty pan this afternoon.

He has been staying for the second time and there were few Asian male showing up just like the first time. Enough to look for the suspicious Korean man isn't it? Koreans sometimes kidnapped Japanese to North Korea. If the gang stalkers are related with the international human tracking, please check out what he is doing and why some Asian men showed up suddenly. It's looks too much to say as a coincidence.

06 December, 2011

It's so dangerous Chinese working with Muslims for gang stalking

In large cities, Chinese gang stalkers can call backup from the friends traveling or living nearby to show up and occupy the place the TI is staying. It happens to Japanese perps, Aussie perps, and UK perps. But the Chinese seems the worst against the Japanese TIs.

I've encountered with Chinese men showing up recently. It's rare to find Asians here, but now there are some Asian men showed up and staying for awhile. I don't talk to them but the communication is always strange. When a man started a combersation, "Are you Japanese?" I asked him back to demand tell me which nationality he is. He did not answer but trying to ask mine first. Later, a man from Singapore came and asked me my nationality. That's how I got his nationality while I shared mine. Now, the man who asked "Are you Japanese?" and I did not answer to his question came back with some more Asian men.

Last time I met someone from Switzerland, he suggested me to go back to Japan. He is originally from France but live in Lausanne. He is just like a mafia member - short and shaved head with multiple tattoos over his body.

At the church, I found the priests not saying "Brothers and Sisters" during the mass but only saying "brothers." When I arrived to the mass a bit late, I found out the same priest speaking "brothers and sisters." I don't know if they updated the speech or not. However, there are many strangers with kids came even just before the mass end. They sat near me or back of the church. Is this what the Catholic church looks like during the counist to Nazi period? And when I walk outside, I see many people with kids around me. I took some pictures of suspicious parents of these kids. I think the perps might be making up the child molester to pedphilie claim against me for the best guess while these Asian men showing up for the prostitution claim - a perfect combo for harassing someone who wants to be alone for one's study. I'm going to share these people's pictures for the gang stalkers (black hundreds). I hope my study of who they are help to keep the innocent Catholic not claimed as pedophilie by them. It's the problem of the community, you know. If the church was in Nazis country, it must follow the law there instead of the diviine law so the members can kill minorities for their jobs to harass someone as pedophilie while they are accepting their false witness program. A victim is not helped but rather claimed as a problem and harassed when the gang stalkers are controlling the community including the church. Psalms explain more about such situation.

Muslims are perticipating in the gang stalking. They help to make up the claim of the TI for the Muslim or the one as believing in different religion. They seem to help the victim to look like violating the Islamic laws and report everything while they have the suspicion of the target as a Muslim. They might have this strategy for their Muslim TIs but they just apply it to anyone in their area.What they do is like 1. offer alcohols, 2. ask to hang out to the bars, 3. boy friends and girl friend opportunities for the prostitution / sex offender claim, 4. visiting mosques as a sightseeing if it is possible, 5. ask about the Islamic knowledge, 6. suggest something that will violate the target's religion (e.g. eat meat on Friday for Catholics). When they finish witness enough of these and claim the target as a Muslim (the target's confession is not important as they can claim the target as mentally ill), they will share the news of how the new potential Muslim extremist is caught. Everyone one including the real Muslims are happy about the 'bad person' proved as guilty. Now I feel like how the TWC suspects are witnessed as drinking and partying the day before their attack seems to fit into what I'm witnessing.

What if the person is totally innocent and is a COINTELPRO victim? The FBI agents cannot allow such hypothesis as it can ruin their carriers.

I drunk water in front of mosques and ate foods on street day time during the Ramadan. I saw more people doing so near me - perhaps the perps mimicking what I was doing. Shall I offer pork meats to the Muslim perps? I think I'm witnessing the Muslim perps trying to suggest things that seem to against their Islamic law while they are expecting me to be a Muslim. Did they turned into monsters while they looked into the abyss too much? I don't care what they do, as my characteristic is much like a hermit rather than a loner with dangerous minds. Give me two cows and I'm happy to wonder around the woods with my Bible.

05 December, 2011

Watch out for the new blackhundres movment

Nowadays, every nation is united for the anti-terrorism. But they are not fighting against the terrorists who are real harm to the society. They use the false flag attack by their informants to set up the terrorism. Meanwhile, they would claim the peace activists and the conspiracy theorists. I'm happy to be claimed as mentally ill due to my belief of 911 as an insider job. What's wrong with believing so? If I believe the terrorist actions are made by the insiders, everyone should be aware that I don't do anything for the security people nor the criminal looking people. Instead, I film and take pictures of gang stalkers' activities. Some countries suggest monitoring of the suspicious activities are good. So, what's wrong with me filming these people and gang stalkers' skits with my explanation as a gang stalking victim?

It's the war between the elites plus the informants against citizens. When they can make up someone to be a terrorist, they will get the rewards - secure job and possibly the better social status in future as model citizens. They can set up things for the target to trap him or her. It's normal for the business intelligence to kick out the people and gain the profits. Chinese have been doing the cyber terrorism around the world. What happened their famous intelligence network? Or Mosad? The gang stalking network goes international with foreign people working. Welcome to the world of the intelligence people working together to kick out the target they don't like. Friends' enemy is my enemy - that works for the friends to gain more power.

FBI might predict the more gang members and the US Air Force mentioning of the local extremists. These work together to keep their own 'homeland' secure with the local dictatorship. They learned it from the LA Riot. But what can they do during the massive economic depression? They go hand in hand to protect their own lives. History will repeat - but this is how the US will try to get handle of the world and China secretly backing up the movement from the behind.

04 December, 2011

Multi national companies and restaurants as the CIA front (gang stalking) bases.

Since the gang stalkers are everywhere and they can use stores and restaurants freely for their surveillance. It sounds much like the CIA front companies and informants. In Japan, there is an article showing that might be the truth. The rest is only for the signed-up readers. MKULTRA was done by the psychiatrists. The targeted people might be used as the human experiments without notice under the extension of the Patriot Acts and anti-terrorism reasons. How abut mind controlling drugs in the food or lipsticks? Ah, that will be called for the business intelligence, isn't it? The business intelligence is a good name after the core Nazis moved to OSS and now their footprints are everywhere.







01 December, 2011

BND destroyed employees' records related with Nazi SS and Gestapo

Don't worry. Destroying some potion won't keep everything clean. There is another way to track them back. We can check the "gang stalkers" and make the new Stasi 2.0 list and let the historians to go through their background research. I'm talking about the effort of the historians tracking down these problematic people whose children might suddenly involved in Neo-Nazi movement here and there like in Köln and Dortmund. No harm to Germany. I'm helping German to have any extreme actions shameful for their history in future. The worst guys were shipped to Russia and USA to engage in their work there, anyway.

German intelligence files on ex-Nazis shredded 
Investigators have found that in 2007 the German Intelligence Service (BND) destroyed files of 250 BND employees who had been in the Nazi SS or Gestapo. The BND confirmed the loss, calling it "regrettable and annoying".
Four independent historians are investigating the BND's old links with the Nazis. They say some of the missing papers concern suspected war criminals.
The historians did not allege a deliberate cover-up, but they urged the BND not to destroy any more files.
They said the BND should consult them before shredding any more documents, and called for a full investigation into the 2007 incident.
One of the historians, Dresden Professor Klaus-Dietmar Henke, said "it is not the case that the BND somehow deliberately destroyed the files of all those with Nazi links".