30 March, 2008

Somalian Guy kicking me in front of Aarau train station.

Check out the film below. This is the reason why I got Wifi connection at Aarauerhof Hotel now. You can see a typical good example of mobbing. The Somalian man and others including the Dyed Hair man started shouting "one bottle" when I turned on my camera. Then the Somalian man rashed in front of me and tried to hug which I avoided. You can see how he started hiting me and kicking me. Someone vandalized my room and the Kanton police has the record about it. Then about the PC incident, they said it is hard to prove how my PC is damaged by them as my PC was in my backpack and the Dyed Hair Guy attacked me from the behind.
This time, you can see how the Somalian man hit my head from behind and then he started kicking me from the front. I am just curious how the police officer will react with the video.
At least, it can tell how I tried to avoid them and not to talk with them.

Actuall, the Somalian man stalked me from the neighboring building on Gardensweg 19? and shouted me "one bottle" in this morning.

29 March, 2008

Visiting the rooms for rent

On 25th, I visited Baden and met the owner of the flat at 6pm. He told me that the room is a mess. I saw his laptop on the sofa-bed and it was on. There was a printer on the table and then a small TV set. The flat on one ad comes with “ab sofort” on it. Then the other onewas comes with “01/04/08” notice. Then he told me that there is another person, an Indian woman, made an appointment to see the room. At the entrance, I saw a Indian-looking woman and a man in working uniform like the one of SBB or road worker.

On 26th, I called the Millennium Immobilien to ask how to send the application form. At that point, the clerk told me that there were three rooms available for that building and they are taken. Well, I am not sure how this happened in just one day. Well, let´s see when the advertisement will be taken from the link.

On 28th, yesterday, I visited the apartment next to the Katholic Kirche in Bremgarten. The meeting was at 4:30pm, and I saw another couple speaking in German and sometimes spoke in English came to see the place. Both of us went in with a young woman who seemed to be the person from the real estate agency. The room was still under renovation and furnishing was not ready. They did not have toilett bowl and sink at all. The kitchen was nicely done, though. The woman explained us in German and the male guest asked her about ISDN thing. The location was extremely good besides the understandable price and the place is next to the church. The room would be ready in middle of the next month. I could fill out the form that point and get the room, but I am not sure if I can get it because there was a nice excuse... Since I am a TI, I might be just too sensitive, but I am not sure it is normal to see another customer checking the room as the same day I am doing. Anyway, I will call the agency tomorrow and ask them that I will send the form I got today. Then I just keep contacting people and making appointments till next week. I guess this would keep my time on line. I have seen the couple with a kid who tried to stand in front of me when I sat on the bench near the river. There is nothing much at that place and they just showed up and tried to stand in front of me for more than five minutes.

Bremgarten? It is pretty far from Aarau, but I just liked the Virgin Mary I saw in her own chapel. There is a St. Clara chapel in a short distance. I think I could find much better place than that one for the convenience of location close to the main train connection, but it is worth to apply for them. I just like to let my lady decide my future. I have doing so since I was saved by her from the assassination in El Camino Hospital by the US agents.

The links? They are displayed for public, so I guess putting them here won`t be a problem. You can see which one I visited so far. If someone took the Bremgarten flat already, then I will continue to report how many Wohnungen I have to check out to get one. If you are looking for an apartment in Switzerland, you might experience similar thing. I am not sure how much my TI value is added for this difficulty finding an apartment. I called about 14 people and I got 2 appointments. I missed one for the resident not moving out, and other one for the message was buried under piles of SPAM mails. Sharing room sounds OK but I do not want to take risk of language communication problem to let others putting false claims just like the current residents do. I have no idea why I live with German or Italian or French speaking people in a refugee residence.

Since I am free to check out any rooms, I guess I should make more appointments to know about other areas of Kanton Aargau. If gang stalkers are trying to get the rooms a head of me, then there will be shortage on the advertisements on Internet. If the rooms I checked out are there after I was told that they are taken, then you will see such result also. Why I am sharing this information? It is simply for experiment.

At this posting time, I found the ad for the room in Baden is gone from homegate.ch. I guess, they really get the room.

28 March, 2008

David Lawson´s Cause Stalking, the book.

I got that book two days ago from the FedEx guy. The book is very small and I was surprised about the size. If I have a chance to look at his previous book, Terrorists Stalking in America, I would have better understanding of the size and shape of his new book.

He mentions several important points. For the targets, he suggests to explain others that the stalkers are members of extremist groups. I think it is important to have a good explanation of the people randomly appears for surveillance of a certain individual. Normal folks do not track down another person if it is not his job or having mental problem believing oneself as a cop or something.. This would make sense why the Italian speaking woman shouting herself as “Italian Mafia” and “Detective.” Some people do have mental problem not really understanding who they are. I don´t know why the people lived in the Chiasso refugee center were doing road work in work uniforms and sometimes doing “patrolling” on the road in their regular clothes.

They are often the dead-end job workers. I think that is also true from my conversation with Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen. She mentions about the Counseling Office clerk that the clerk won´t get promoted. Well, guess who are actually choosing the targets and controlling their activities! I have seen samething at the Equal Opportunity Service office above of the SJSU University Police Department.
From my case, I can argue about several topics he writes about. First, some of them are really the government workers. Lawson denies the involvement of the CIA or other agencies, but I saw some in my experience. I saw Mary Rodriguez(?) in El Camino Hospital. She is a cultural anthropologist expert on Chinese culture who published several documentary films about China. When I visited the consulate general of Russia in San Francisco, there were tree trimming work going on in front of the old red brick building. If you watch some FBI related movies, you know such surveillance is common by the government agency. When I left the building, there was an Asian man taking picture on the street with a professional camera. And later, I saw some government agent workers driving cars with the Department of Defense stickers. Some of them I took pictures. It happened at San Carlos Inn on El Camino Real, the Pacific Inn on El Camino Real, Travel Lodge in San Francisco, etc.

David Lawson also denies the use of electronic weapons against the target. From my experience, I learned how the devices work. I also got some idea of the persuasion techniques and how it works to confuse the subject´s mind. When Lawson started the investigation, they might not use such weapons for some reasons like costs or the technologies were not available. When I was stalked by the SJSU students, I saw them talking about how they purchased cheap bugs by themselves and later they were bragging how they got over 1000$ value equipments. In one occasion, I saw a car with a woman on the back waving a handy antenna at night. It was after someone stole my car´s licence plate on July 18th 2006, and before the Fall semester started. What I have learned from the entire San Jose incidents was that there is a layer of surveillance against one individual. The NSA first used the sonar or other devices to make the subject act quite awkward. I actually experienced some weird incidents and emotional shift after someone vandalize my car on March 9th 2005, one year before the SJSU students really started the mobbing and stalking. Then I saw some cars with out of state moved into my apartment. It was only few at that point, then at the end of 2006, almost half of the cars in the apartment basement were out of state cars. They defined themselves as NSA and some of them said that recruiters would get ones´ name eresed from the official document to get a new identity. Shall I talk about another version of Family Jewel or not?

I am not supporting the invasion of Iraq by the US government and their allies. But it does not really mean to label me to be a terrorist. I am not interested to join any kind of intelligence agency or military, but it does not mean I am not supporting the country or rejecting the need for national security. I support Darai Rama for the peaceful solution for Tibetan problem, but it does not mean the Tibetan aggressive rebels as terrorists. China would say that East Turkestan resistance are terrorists. The United States knows which countries are the “axis of evil” and supporting terrorism. Political terrorism actually killing the freedom of speech and the ability for critical thinking.

Everyone want to have a cause to justify their actions. I agree that the gang stalkers are actually looking for an output for their rage. People are angry because they do not know where to put their energy to improve their life from the dead end. In the past, the activists became the vehicle to push their power up to improve their life and people could gain self-esteem. Now, the power is used for oppressing each other and more rage are generated from the conflicts. I do what I have to do. I do what I believe to be right thing to do. I do what I wish improving my life. For the gang stalkers, they lack such self-improvement in their lives. If the gang stalkers know they can find a cause for creation rather than destruction, their mental problem would be cured.

27 March, 2008



I see the pale blue moon
 from my quiet bedroom window
You made me drunk so soon
 while you kept my body in the shadow

Alas, mother nature, my life source,
 you made my body filled with ecstasy
Twice, you pulled me back and forth,
 to balance my mind in the unreal fantasy

This is not the love to the Lord
 I found my heart filled in the sensation
Then this must be the love toward
 the nature, and this is the explanation

Oh, Lord almighty, I awe in thy Kraft
 Beauty of what I see makes me so dull in my heart
God, please forgive my sin to envy thy Kunst
 Our individualism would turn our beloved to walk in the desert

Wenn der Wein das Blutes von Jesus, der unser König, war.
gibt die Mutter-Natur uns den Mondschein als ihre Träne.
This is an ode to Goethe´s poetry I saw on the second floor at his Gartenhaus in Weimar. He taught me how to follow the path to reach the Lord through the view from Dr. Faust.
If the real iron fists are controlling the world in blindness, I wanna find a way to save the world from what he taught me in my life.
I wish my German is good enough not to embarrass the person who I am sharing my thoughts... His German is my ideal and I am still struggling to understand the basic communication level German. Schweitzerdeutch ist kuhl für sprachen aber muss ich Hochdeutsch lernen zu die bessere Schreibung.

23 March, 2008

Kanton Polizei in Aarau.

First time I visited there was on last Friday, March 15th 2008. It was the day the Guinean orange hair man hit me backpack from behind and caused damage on my PC frame and PC card slot area. The Japanese translator said that I would better visit there when Aarau Stadt Polizei said so. But until that time, I was not sure if they are really neutral and I can visit there safely. I have been hearing people talking about how police are involved in covert operation. I heard it at Caritas German lesson and from the mouth of the manager, Mr. Kunz, also.

So, on last Friday, I showed the officer at the counter several pictures of the residents and their activities as well as the damage of my PC. She told me to wait there. Then another officer, Mr. Finsterwald, came and we went into the hallway. It was at the hallway he and I talked for awhile. I showed him the pictures of the residents like the Italian speaking woman trying to throw a chair at me. Mr. Finsterwald said that I must talk to the manager of the refugee residence first and said that he cannot file or make a report for the incident. I told him if I could get a reference number for the case, then he just said that I need to talk with the manager. Somehow he knew about Mr. Kunz and said that he would talk to Mr. Kunz and the ex-manager would be in the office next Monday. Somewhat he also knew about my appointment with the lawyer and he also said that I could discuss with the lawyer and the translator.

On Monday, I met with the translator who told me how she got information about refugee status from her Tibetan friend. Well, because of the last few days crisis, I was not really in the state to think critically. It was just only one example from a refugee but the translator told me as if that is the norm for the refugees. From her talking, it is normal for Kanton Polizei to search rooms and they can just kick the door of the room and can search the room even at midnight. That is what she told me as a case for St. Gallen. I do not know about other places. The refugee center at the Chiasso, they searched rooms almost everyday while people were cleaning the rooms. So far, she told me that the refugees will not have a key for the residence. Then I wonder why some residents here have keys.

The lawyer told me that the police should file the case. Then he told me that I can visit there to file it as the first choice. I forgot to ask him about Article 25 violation, but I guess I can do it with my evidences anytime I want.

Then, the translator and I visited the Kanton Polizei and talked with Ms. Morena in a room in the first floor. At that time, the translator helped me. I filled out two forms and signed two pages. Then she told me not to share that I made a report on them as they might work on revenge. She also said that they cannot protect me once I leave the police station. Well, I guess it does not make sense sharing this information by now. It is already one week, and Abukar and Hara Alpha are still harassing me at the train station. Some residents and neighbors also came right after they finished their harassment. If something happens, then I guess it is better to share this information with others so that everyone can see how Kanton Polizei is handling the case.

I think sharing this is good to keep myself away from the residents´ mental ill claim against me. One person cannot be either mentally ill or a victim. From learning through the cult techniques, I think I can explain how gang stalkers use cult techniques. I wonder if the techniques are legal in Switzerland or not. In Basel, the Scientology got problem using their technique for recruiting new members. What if the community is using the same technique to falsely claim a person to
accuse either criminal or mentally ill? That is what I have learned.

The residents and neighbors have been talking about police. But they did not even help me to call police when my room is vandalized. If this is a lunatic citizen watch group, then I can show them what is the real crime is. Abuse of power, abuse of authority, emotional abuses are types of crimes. They believe what they are doing right while committing crimes.

I just keep collecting data as I am a social scientist. I lost my ethics code since I learned how social scientists including the anthropologists are making up the result in the favor of the Big Brothers. I am purely focused on the subject which I study. Let´s see if the local police is involved in this gang stalking cult or not. Objectivity is always necessary for beter scientific research, you know.

Cult Recruit Techniques

Cult recruit:
1. Cults can be any type of organization such as a Bible study group to a NGO.
2. Cults works on love bombing and free stuffs for recruitment.
3. Give the target less time to think.
4. Isolation from each other and surrounded by the cult members. Then the members will give a thought reform to the target.
5. Control the target´s behavior and give less sleep and time to think alone.
6. Control the target´s emotion by giving him sense of guilt or shame, and give him fears.
7/ Control the information flows.
8. Isolation -> Attacking self -> Mental Break Down -> Spiritual Awakening
9. Chanting, self-hypnosis, repetitive action, etc.
10. Encourage dependency and conformity, and discourage autonomy and individuality.
11. Reconstructing the past.
12. Tightening group tie by punishing scapegoats and outsiders.

This is my summary of the YouTube film, “Mind Control Made Easy or How to Become a Cult Leader” by Carey Burtt. I saw this film first time in Dr. Gonzalez´s class. Well, it sounds like the people watching this film that time was actually recruited into the cult club. I have seen someone married with another cult leader who was or still is teaching how to seduce women.

When I was checking these cult related materials, I noticed the similarities of gang stalkers and cult members. They defend themselves or their organization in the same way cult members protect themselves. If I have enough time, I would like to work on this issue.

Because of V2K I got in San Jose, I went through pretty much of similar process. In my case, I always tried to pray for the Virgin Mary instead of listening to what they say. I don´t know how much self-hypnosis I went through by praying rosary or reading the Bible, but I guess it did not change my behavior pretty much. In isolation and in meditation, the past saints found their way to connect oneself with the God. Cults are trying to use the same technique to program the target to think in the same way as they are. If the cult technique is used by the individual, then it would be the way how to be spiritual. What makes me sick about cults are they worship something less important and less glorious without being aware of how much it will cost from their lives like thier life, time, freedom, individual thoughts, money, property, etc. Jesus did not even had a church or asked to build a church by gathering money from others. The Virgin Mary sometimes asked to do so in several places around the world, but she did not demand more than buildings where people can come and pray. Cults leaders ask more and demand more to keep the members oppressed. I would rather stick to what the Virgin Mary teaches me since it always get the best result. I am not hearing voices or anything, but I trust my intuition and pray for her that I am doing the right thing.

People would be broke down the process that I went through. Indeed, I was becoming a priesthood and I was well prepared for such spiritual trial to go through by my own.

21 March, 2008

Gang stalking has the chracteristics of cults.

I have problem getting Lawson's book, Cause Stalking. The Amazon.com got problem handling the order. I should read the book before I write this, but I had no chance.

I think the gang stalkers use the exactly the same technique that cults sue for recuritment of new members. When they fail, they use the same technique in 180 degree opposite way. In other words, they try to exclude the person fron their community. For the gang stalkers, this means the exclusion occures from muti-dimentional level. The target's each identitiy is attacked and nullified by the cult members in the each identities.

If gang stalking vicitim is a type of mind-control victim, then we might have better explanation about the cure and protesting.

Hey, happy Easter weekend! Man, I cannot believe all stores are closed and I must suffer from hunger during the holiday season in Switzerland... Well, I will take this as a good chance to keep myself in suffering - that is what saints did, trying to experience more suffering and miserly for get close to Jesus Christ.

20 March, 2008

How to bring the emotional abuse to a lawsuit?

I don´t know much about the enforcement system here in Switzerland. The translator who searched the enforcement system told me that Kanton police control the asylum seekers and they can search the rooms of the asylum seekers anytime in 24 hours. At least, it is a standard for St. Gallen.

I never thought that filing a case does not have a reference number at the police station, but it would be at the court. For their investigation period, the criminals would be on loose. I guess that is why I have seen the Somalian man and the Guinean man at the Aarau train station. Well, if I need at least one witness and if the residents are telling lies in groups, I must keep filming them for my own defense. It is like while I am on never ending investigation or claims, I have to film them to defend my innocence and how they are working on false testimonies against me.
As gaslighting can be done by groups, what you will see in my OSAM series is the same people working on the skits and anchoring I already defined for psychological abuses. In my case, I saw residents using several objects for anchoring.

Knife: this is often done ine kitchen and they often start to cut something next to me or cut the same vegetable which is in my ingredient for that day.
Coke: It is hard to define as a anchoring object, yet I have seen someone put an empty pet bottle in the cabinet or holding them around while they are working on other skit.
Blushing Teeth: Blushing teeth is a common activity, but I have seen certain perps working on this anchoring at the restroom for short period of time. My perps show up few days and disappear for a while. If I really live with other residents who stay in the refugee residence 24/7, then I should see them doing so more frequent than only few days or seeing them not only few days but also more than that in one month.
Rosary and other Christian icons: It is almost impossible to see Our Lady of Guadalupe picutre for gaslighting.

American logos: there would be American logo clothes available for popularities, but how often people wear so many American logos like, Grain Hill, Louisiana, Los Angels, San Fransisco, Detroit, New York, etc? I have seen half of these inside of a refugee residence.
I think I figured out how anchoring technique starts to make the person sensitive to every small details in the surroundings. I am not sure how much use of the e-harassment devices will escalate this process, but I am sure there is a certain steps to make the individual´s mind aware of every detail around him or her. Because of Dr. Meniketti´s classes, I learned that there is a device that control the subject´s eye movement. It can turn the head of the subject to watch the certain thing behind of him or her. I don´t know if this device is always used for the TIs. This device does not require implanting because it was used to me while I was attending SJSU.
First, I would like to tell how this device will increase the possibility of making the target sensitive and desirable for anchoring. When someone focus on an object, the person usually have an intention on watching it. Focus of one´s eye actually reflects the interest of one´s thought. However, if the eye movement is controlled, then the person will get confused why he is watching the certain object. This is because his thought did not reflect the eye movement. It gives the subject confusion and he is more likely to get sensitive to the environment.
If this device is not used for the TI, then the things would be easier. For example, seeing someone blushing teeth after midnight is quite odd. This oddness would increase if this just happened right after the target went to the bathroom or the man blushing teeth was working on other gaslighting two days ago.

I don´t have a degree in psychology and all my understanding is from my experiences rather than books or articles. If I get an environment to read through the academic articles, I would have more chances to define everything clearly using the adequate psychological terms.
I came up with some countermeasures, but yet I cannot get the idea where this anchoring start to impact one´s mind. If we can define this line, we might have much clear definition of anchoring as a psychological abuse.

In reality, gaslighting is not defined well enough to make the criminals caught by the cops. Then, we must define the limit of gaslighting to keep an individual healthy. Some research indicates that smoking hurts children and parents are encouraged to keep their children away from smoking areas. If we know the danger of gaslighting, we can draw the line where to stop gaslighting for keeping mental health. One thing for sure is that emotional abusers claim the victim mentally ill – this is a classical definition of the gaslighting perspective.

19 March, 2008

This is the ticket I got when I visited the Department of Education in SF.

I digged up this picture from my evidences. It was the day, November 17th 2006, I visited the department ot ask to file the SJSU anthropology deparmtne discrimination case at the Department of Education. I parked my car near the corner of the intersection. While I was waiting to meet Ms. Katz, I asked the security on the floor to recharge the parking meter. I was in short of coins, I entered the coffee shop in on the corner and asked for the change.

After I talked with Ms. Katz, I found I got fined.

By the way, I was fined on September 1st near Alviso by ignoring a stop sign.

I paid these fines through mails, but I have no idea how the postal service handled them.

Abuse by the legal service is a characterisitc of COINTELPRO.

18 March, 2008

The substitute said that I can use the phone in the Bahnhof.

Well, I have no idea who really will be the chef. It seems there is no one to care about the possible murder in the refugee residence. Yesterday, the Japanese translator told me that threatening of "I kill you" would be enough to concern for the Swiss government. If a murder happens in the refugee residence, the government would get in trouble. I don't know what is going on, but I just post this film here to prove I did my best to search my safety in my situation. I visited BFM in Bern to ask about my passport for the purchace of the mobile phone this morning and stayed in the room with key and a telephone for three nights.
Now what? Let's see what will happen next. For the readers of my blog, I learned from the Kanton police that they know my YouTube postings. Hopefully, they know the chronological view of what happend from my side rather than the people telling lies.


This is the film of yesterday. In front of a hotel, someone taking pictures at night. I don't know how much strange phenomenon I have seen from taking picture anchoring, but I guess that is how the perps felt as threaten for their being and now using it back to me for gaslighting.

I have been collecting nice volume of photo taking people in strange locations and in front of me at the train station sometimes. People would say it is a person's free will to take photos, but what if their purpose if for a psychological damage on a certain individual? In my case, I am trying to prove the impact of seeing certain activities or objects for phychological damage. It was fun to hear someone sat behind to the left from my seat in the train talking about "photo criminal."

I am aware of the gang stalkers trying to claim me for the violation of privacy or other issues. Then, I must say what I have done is to look for an organization or an institution for helping mobbing or other kinds of psychological abuses. If there is none and we feel the need for one, my aim is to get to the point to establish such organization by sharing enough information about how psychological abuse looks like from my firsthand experience. I am showing what I see using my camera. Without a crucial proof, the targeted individuals are always called as mentally ill. My challenge is to prove the mobbing and other types of psychological abuse by the community members. If Nazis, Gestapo, Stasi were wrong, then I am informing that our society are now having the tendency of such totalitalian culuture these days. If the residents does not like me filming their harassment, then they can simply stop calling me "One Bottle" or just keep distance from me. Because they have to harass me for some reasons, they show up to where I am - including my bed room, train station, kitchen - to work on the harassment. If you see my OSAM films, they address the issues in certain places. I do not follow them to their rooms or staying where they are. Instead, the perps come to where I stay and start working on certain anchoring or other abuses.

By the way, the issue went to the cort. I don't know how they handle the case, but it sounds like I will get a letter from the court in future. Let's see if they are working fair to collect information rather than getting testimonies from the residents who have been telling lies in my films. Drinking, stealing, the toilet mess, that was what the residents made up and I felt the need of someway to prove my innocence.

17 March, 2008

Where to draw a line between racial discrimination and emotional abuse?

I met the lawyer with a Japanese translator. Well, it was my second time having a translator in my life. The first one was at the oficial hearing for the asylumseeking process.
Then, this time, I was so amazed that she actually did the research on my situation as an asylumseeker asking people about how the life of refugee residence looks like and so on.

This time, I had better chance to talk with another police officer after I visited the lawyer. With the translator's help, I could get better understanding of the situation. Oh well, it is only about the matter of the Somalian and another guy who are encouraging others to work on mobbing. If verbal threatening like "I kill you" by a stalker can be an indicator for a police officer to think about the harassment little more serious, then how will it be about the famous NLP techinique and the persuasion technique used for gang stalking? Well, the officer knew about my YouTube thing. My stance is that it was the only way to look for a help to get others' attention for the mobbing. I am sure that there would be other organizations which would investigate mobbing and stalking as these are well defined and categolized as a psychological problem in groups.
Well, I might need to change the size of the film as the YouTube got a way to see the quality films. I learned how to drop the size of the film rate recentry, and now I got some idea of making it small and a little more privacy on the not-particular-harassers. I still have no chance to check out the subtitle part for Japanese version yet. Before that, I definitely need to find a way to fix my PC.
Actually, I must thank the translator for her extended period of help. At least, her fluent German speach made me to motivate myself to really concentrate on German study. If I could speak up that much, I did not have to ask a help from a lawyer or her. Moreover, I could do more research on the issue on Internet or other places to know better. Indeed, learning the language is the first step to understand the culture.

Guess where I am now? I'm in a hotel in Bern. I'm going to visit the Bundesamt fuer Immigration tomorrow morning. I talked with the substitute of the chef this morning but he did not even know the name of the checf in Casa Torfeld II. As a TI, I don't like to get bugged by the people telling me that I am a lier. I have to get evidences enough to keep my statement reliable.

Well, the police said that it would be hard to prove the man with orange hair actually caused damage on my PC by just viewing the film. Well if you watch the film of yesterday, then you can see my PC was not damaged. I found the damage at the Bahnhof when I visited there, and filmed it. Say, how much value a person's claim on a stolen item has these days? We cannot prove anything at all if we cannot film the exact moment of the stealing. At least, this is what I got for him as he tried to steal my water bottle from the grocery bag at the Aarau train station. Then, how much value of my claim will be for further damage after someone vandalized my room??? First, I noticed the anchoring going on around me using certain stuffs like religious icons like the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and then I figured out the connection of the residents with other harassers at the Caritas.

We definitely need an organization which can investigate and negotiate on emotional abuses. Unfortunately, I have not seen one working for the gang stalking. Sometimes, racial discrimination is visible if someone is directly targeted the particular group. However, it is hard for a TI to prove the discrimination unless the people around him or her working on gaslighting and continous emotional abuses. I do have time to get upset about the harassment like the damage of my PC and other aggressions. Yeah, how much stress do I have been experiencing these days? Vandalism of my room to the damage of my PC without no one to discuss the problem? I guess, that was the aim of these gang stalkers. Emotional stress is something invisible. Well, I guess I learned much more about how to ballance my emortional state from these extreme incidents. A philospher's mind cannot be destroyed. A psychologist is never be thought as crazy as he has the right to chose who is crazy from his knowledge. My case? I studied bits from both subjects. I know what I need to keep myself relaxed - a good bath and a meditation after the bath. I got a bathtub in my room tonight!!!

Ex-chef was not in the office.

I talked with the person in the manager's office, but he said that he did not receive anything from the Aargau Kanton Polizei. The ex-manager was not there, neither.
I gave him the short summary of the incidents since last year to him. He said that he would give it to the chief of both Casa Torfeld I and Casa Torfeld II. When I asked him his name, he did not give it to me. I told him it is for giving the name to my lawyer, he said I don't need a lawyer. He did not even know the chef of Casa Torfeld II.
So, Ivisited Casa Torfeld II and talked with the lawyer. At that time, the red jacked man of room 2 was there and worked as the mediater. The chef asked me why I visited Casa Torfeld II on last Saturday. I told them that it was necessary to obtain the name of the person live in the ground floor to make sure who was shouting "one bottle" every time I walk out.

On my way to the Bahnhof, I saw the Somalian man in Daihatsu SUV drived by the neighbor. This is how mobbing works. Continuous harassment to cause the mental break down of the target. The residents have been talking about how they want to send me to hospital. I guess, the point is how much Swiss constitution deal with the emotional abuse and mobbing. What I filmed is the continuous psychological abuse studied by Prof. Heinz Leymann. Now what?

At this point, there is no one gurantee the safety in the refugee residence after I talked with the detective at the Kanton Aragau Polizei.
I know no one would believe my story, so I need to share some information to proove what I am saying is right and the others are telling lies.

16 March, 2008

I am staying hotel for my safety until tomorrow morning.

The Chronological orders of the incidents:
From the time I moved to the current residence to Sommer of 2007.
There were some residents sat on the chairs outside of my room window. Sometimes, I saw people wearing funny clothes like NYPD T-shirt.
October 29th 2007
About 10:30am, three police officers came to my room and did a complete search. While they were searching my room, I was kept in the strage next to the manager´s office. When I saw police officers at the door, I started filming them. They asked me to take out everything in my pocket. Later, they took photo copies of my credit card and the bank card at the manager´s office. Other residents were free to use kitchen and bathroom, and the police only searched my room.
October 22th 2007
When I visited Caritas for free German lecture and I was waiting at the entrance lobby, I saw a man with a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the backpack. He put it in the backpack as if to showing it to me. I keep a picture in my backpack and I felt they were making fun of my behavior. When I asked him why he had that particular picture of the Virgin Mary, his friend came and tried to change the topic. Actually, his friend came to the Max´s German lesson and sat next to me.
October 29th 2007
I saw the same Eritorean man who had the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe at the lobby of Caritas building, I asked him if he has the picture this time. Again his friends showed up one by one and tried to change the topic while I kept asking him why he had the picture in his backpack.
December 24th 2007
I saw a woman with rosary in the kitchen. When I asked her why she wore it, she tried to hide it.
There was a woman with a T-shirt logo, “A Head of Time,” using the kitchen. When I asked her if she lives in the residence, she did not answer me seriously.
While I was eating dinner at the kitchen table, the Somalian man sat next to me and started eating dinner with others. Later, I saw him and his friend sat few meters away at the out side of the train station.
December 25th 2007
I saw the same woman wearing a rosary, and again I asked her why she wore it. This time, the rosary had a crucifix cut in half. She did not even care about wearing such rosary on the Christmas Day. I have seen some cars with rosary hanged on the rear view mirror around the neighborhood. The use of rosary seemed to be started from San Jose, CA.
December 28th 2007
I saw the woman wearing “A Head of Time” T-shirt in the room 10, across from my room.
At the kitchen, I saw an elderly couple giving cookies to the residents and the man asked me where I am from. I replied him I am Japanese then he showed me a calender in Korean. Later at the kitchen, a non-resident woman was cutting vegetable and said that I look like Korean. It was very strange to see strangers individually hinting me for Korean for whatever the reason.
December 29th 2007
The “A Head of Time” woman was in the kitchen. When I put my pizza on the table, she asked another woman if it is hers and if she can cook pizza.
While I was eating dinner, the Somalian man showed up and sat at the kitchen table smoking a cigar. He asked me if I want to smoke it, I replied, “Smoking kills brain.” Since he and others showed up where I use Internet often, I asked him why he followed me to the train station. He could not answer and asked me to shut up. I told him he was drunk as he holds a beer can every time I see him. He said that he saw me drinking beer at the train station. If he is working as a police informant, then what he is telling is just lies. I have not drink any beer since I came to Switzerland at all. I have seen him and other people stalking me often dring beer during their surveillance.
December 30th 2007
I saw the man with dyed hair at the kitchen, and he started eating dinner next to me at the table. When we made an argument, he said that everyone in the residence have done something bad before.
January 7th 2008
I saw the woman with the boy with disability in the room 13 had a room key. Since I do not have a key for my room, I asked her why she has the room key. She could not answer.
January 10th 2008
There was a man who I have not seen before in the kitchen. He started cleaning. After he asked me the time, he started talking in German.
January 16th 2008
The man with dyed hair cam and saying “One Bottle” at the kitchen.
There are two residents at the kitchen eating next to me, and I asked them why they interrupted me my Internet research, the Italian speaking woman showed up and started to help them out from my questioning.
January 17th 2008
While I was in the Aarau city center, I saw the Italian speaking woman and the German speaking man pushing a baby cart from the behind. As the woman said herself as an Italian mafia, I asked her if she is so. She said that she is a detective and made a gesture of handcuffing by crossing her lists.
January 22nd 2008
I saw the man wearing Granhill Louisiana brushing his teeth at the restroom. He asked me what provider I use for my computer and told me that he has HP laptop.
I saw the “A Head of Time” logo woman in front of the manager´s office, I started filming her. Then she started talking to the people in the managers office, the manager and the policeman, that I was talking picture of her.
January 31st 2008
The man with dyed hair shouted me “one bottle” at the stairway.
February 3rd 2008
The man with dyed hair banged the screen of my room window and shouted “one bottle.”
February 20th 2008
I met a man asking me if I go to school. I saw him before at the lounge in the refugee residence. Also, it was not the first time he asked me if I go to school. Then other Eritrean people came and stayed near me at the in front of the post office. I have seen them working on gaslighting and surveillance.
The Italian speaking woman accused me of the mess in the toilet and said that I am not normal and mentioned about hospital. The Italian speaking woman and the man who had Louisiana logo sweatshirt before was in the lounge and they threatened me to call police because of the toilet mess. The woman called somewhere and the man gave a wrong address. Later, the man came to my room with an electronic driver and a light bulb and started talking to me. At that time, he bared the door with his left foot stepped into my room.
February 26th 2008
The dyed hair man tried to steal my food with other residents. Then Italian speaking woman was looking for her food and then the dyed hair man said he saw me stealing food. I have no idea how the man could explain the stealing without asking her the details of the food she is looking for.
February 28th 2008
There was a note posted at the entrance saying me to transfer to hospital. None of the residents seemed to say anything about the note.
The resident I saw near the post office actually visited the Kanton library.
When I went back, I saw my room light was on and saw my bed was turned upside down. I asked around the residents but they tried to ignore me. There must be a loud noise happened when someone did the mess in the room. The women living in the room 3 said they would call police. I mistook it as they said they were police as Italian speaking woman and others offen say about the others. When they showed me cellphone, I asked them to call police but they did not. No one in the hallway helped me to call police although many has cell phone. At the lounge, Italian speaking woman tried to throw a chair to me and saying shut up. While this happened others in the lounge cheered the woman. The Somalian man was at the entrance. The dyed hair man shouted at the entrance when I was leaving the place to call police. It seemed the residents were working on mobbing to make me to have psychological breakdown. The residents shouted that I should go to hospital.
Near the neighborhood, I saw a woman walking, and I asked her to call police. She seemed not understand my English but said that police is 144. Actually, I filmed this conversation and I have seen her working on surveillance with others sometimes on the street.
I went to the nearby Turkish restaurant and asked the clerk to call the police. He gave me a number write down on the napkin instead, and it was 117. I asked around the restrant asking if someone has a cellphone and able to call police. One customer helped me to call police to come to the restaurant. The customer might told me the number for the police is 118 which was different from what I saw on the napkin. I asked the clerk to show me the number, and it was 118. But he did not give it to me.
February 29th 2008
I stayed in the Hotel Aarauerhof for safety.
March 2nd 2008
About 4:30pm, I saw the resident with a white cap standing in front of the Casa Torfeld I, then the man with dyed hair showed up raiding a scooter. On my way to the Aarau city center, I saw the dyed hair man following me and shouting “one bottle.” Through the way, he and the man with a white cap harassed me. The man with a white cap tried to hit me in the public also.
About 5:30pm, the dyed hair man showed up in the train station waiting room and started harassing me raiding the scooter. He brought others including a Chinese ex-resident there. The Somalian man came to sit in the Aarau train station. He was drinking beer and just sat there.
March 3rd 2008
At the Aarau train station about 6:30pm, the man with the dyed hair showed up with the Somalian man and started harassing me. The dyed hair man tried to steal my water bottle as he said thirsty. Later, their friends came and started persuading me not filming them. If they are not working on mobbing, then I had no need to film them.
March 4th 2008
At the Kanton library, I saw the Tibetan man who lived in Casa Torfeld I using the computer.
At the Aarau train station, I saw a man who lived in Casa Torfeld I. Later, I saw the man with a white cap who was harassing me with the man with dyed hair.
March 7th 2008
I saw a man sat in front of me wearing a Japanese logo T-shirt in Kanton Bibliotek.
March 8th 2008
About noon, there was a man standing outside of the residence smoking. I thought the way he stood seemed to be related with the psychological operation, so I just filmed him standing middle of the road in residential area.
March 12th 2008
When I was at the Aarau train station, the Somalian man came and tried to disturb my research of apartments on Internet. He was talking with his Senegalese friend and asked me if I want to talk with his friend. He also said that my asylum is failed and said to the others as I am crazy. I tried to ignore what he was doing but he sat next to me and then walking around speaking loudly.
March 14th 2008
I saw some people working on surveillance at the library. I have seen them sitting at the lounge of the refugee residence. I often see them in part of the stalking group.
At night about 9pm, someone hit my room window hard. About 15 minutes later, the Somalian man opened my room door and said “One Bottle” and other things. He was talking with others on the hallway after he did so.
March 15th 2008
I found out there was a visible damage on the window screen. Since the man with the dyed hair has been hitting it several times from the last month, the screen has more than one damage from the yesterday´s hitting. I visited Casa Torfeld II to check out the names of the harasser and at that time the Somalian man kept taunting me on the hallway. When I was leaving the hallway, someone threw an empty pet bottle to my head. I threw it back aiming the ground for keeping distance. Then the man with dyed hair kicked my backpack hard.
At the Aarau train station, I found there was a damage on my PC. After I visited Aarau Stadt Polizei and I was making a backup of my evidences in Internet, the Somalian man and the neighbor walked by and harassed me. The neighbor is a woman with a child and probably the owner of a black Diahatsu SUV, AG211523.
Also, I saw a man who sat next to me at the bus station on March 4th asked me if he met me in Zürich.

15 March, 2008

The video of what happend this morning.

I post it here in case I cannot go back safely from the Aarau Kanton Stadt Polizei.
If they are working on the covert operation against me as the ex-manager Mr. Thomas Kunz said, then it is possible that they might do another covert thing when I visit their property.
And here is the link to the evidences (the names of the residents) for backup. I just put it here in case someone else must take the evidence to protest against for me. That is possible if I cannnot leave the Kanton Polizei after I visit there. Then I need to ask someone else for help to get the evidences, you know?

The damages of what the Dyed Hair Guy and the Somalian Guy did.

Yesterday night, someone banged the room window and the screen was damaged. Well, it is a property of the Switzerland or the Kanton Aargau, so I guess it is their problem and the damage that they have to pay from the people's tax to repair it. At least, I tried to talk with the chef who was not in the management office, the substitutes of the chef, Aarau Stadt Polizei officers in the Aarau Stadt Polizei building, the free lawyer at the HEK who said they cannot do anything.

This morning, the Dyed Hair Guy was shouting "One Bottle" from his room in the Casa Torfeld II. I visited Casa Torfeld II for collecting their identity to talk with a lawyer next week. While I was on the hall way of the first floor, the Somalian Guy and the Dyed Hair Guy showed up and said get out. Well, I just took the pictures of their name tags next to the room doors for better explanation with the lawyer. If the manager showed up in the managers office of Casa Torfeld I yesterday, I would just ask him or her (I don't even see the new chef yet!) to give me the name of the Somalian man and the man with dyed hair who moved to Casa Torfeld II from Casa Torfeld I. I did it this morning since day time seemed better.

When I was leaving the hallway, someone threw an empty pet bottle to my head, so I threw it back to the Somalian Guy on the fallway aiming the ground for warning to keep away. Then I opened the door to the entrance and the Dyed Hair Guy kicked me backpack.

When I went to the Aarau Bahnhof for Internet connection, I found the damage on my PC frame. Well, at least what they have done made a real visible physical damage this time.

I post the identity of the Dyed Hair Guy and the picutre of my PC here. If you watch my video at the library yesterday, you might see my PC not damaged. It would be good to have some evidences to show what are actually going on.

I have to survive two more days at the room with no key to talk with a lawyer or someone in the manager's room.

Aarau Polizei? They did not give me the Aarau Kanton Polizei office because the officer prefered to hear the question in German. How many people who need to visit a police building are calm enough to speak in foreign language? At least, the officer Wolxxxxx, the one I met at the first visit, could explain me I should visit Kanton Polizei and the hours of operation in English.

If something happens to me, you know who is responsible. I tried to share the information first with police and they asked me to visit another one, who might be working on covert operation on me.

If police are concerned about the crimes of foreigners, I wonder why they cannot do anything who are working on mobbing and stalking like gangs. For the police officers, are the criminals really foreigners? I feel like the Italian, German, or French speaking people claiming as refugees seem to have much tendency on the criminal behaviors.

11 March, 2008

Some humors about the United States

Why so many professors did not have cell phones up to these days?
They might make excuse of the cost performance of using the paid phone or the health damage. The reality is they are wired to the special network. The best way to send the information without being bugged is to send it as the brain microwave. 2-way radio system works pretty well among the CIA and other US personnels. That way, they have no need to search moles. People know who is a double agent these days. If some agents claim others as a foreign spy, it actually means that they already knew that claim is a fake one to kill the social and political career of the individual rather than try to protect their country from the real threat. If I could realized this while I was in the US, I would have more chance to make fun about it without getting caught.. If you know the ivory tower residents who did not own a cell phone until recently, you can guess why they did not need one. Why they need a phone these days? It's for a better connection – not using the cell phone, unfortunately.

Why Chinese and Koreans do not concern about the past experience with the United States?
Because theses governments are controlled by the US just like other European nations since the post WWII. According to the book, Killing Hope, it says that Americans hired the Japanese scientists working on human experiments after the war, and they continued creating chemical weapons. The US pread chemicals over the Chinese soil after “WWII.” The South Koreans might have attacked the North first, and later the information was eresed. Guess why Chinese and Koreans brame on Japanese for the invasion during WWII? That is part of the US policy to keep some conflict in the East Asia. If the US need to look for another country to bring a democracy for the business chance to the military industries, they have the North Korea.

How come people around the world became so forgetful about the certain pasts, and what happened to that “Weapons of Mass Destruction” thing?
This is because of the Americanization. Some Americans only have short memories. They even have a president who cannot recall what his Papa did with Sadam Husein before the Gulf War. Because the president forgot who sold the possible “Weapons of Mass Destruction” to Iraq, they had to cut off some pages from the official report. The real “Weapons of Mass Destruction” is in a young country in the Middle East, by the way. Many countries are importing American goods as well as American culture.

How come so many people believe in UFOs?
That is part of the US policy to hide the existence of high-tech weapons and devices. If the new Stealth fighters are not publicly recognized, there is no way the people can prove them as a real aircraft. MIB is the another case. The classic FBI uniform was just like what the MIB wear. In the film with the same title says that they are from a different planet.
How come people spot “illegal aliens” in the US are considered a “terrorists” instead?
Illegal aliens are not really illegal aliens from the view of the US government. They are just a decoy to trap others spotting them. It is better to keep the decoy and let others spot them to get more people on the suspicious people list. The government wants to question the people why they get close to the illegal aliens enough to know they are staying illegal.

How come Americans like to blame others as “terrorists”?
That is a new trend after the “Communist threat” in the last century. If they blame against communist, they get problem importing goods from China. If they use terrorist as a new signal to warn others, it does not apply to a specific ethnic group or a nationality. Well, it is better choice of the word than “green giants” or “slimes,” isn't it?

These information are already available in somewhere, so spreading these won't hurt the US. They just don't like letting others know too much. How many people can take these information serious to bring an action? They know the limits what people can do. If they think too much, they will put “terrorist” tag on that person. Anyone who might be a threat to the US national interest will be considered as a “terrorist.”

09 March, 2008

I found a lawyer, and a translator, now what?

I guess the best lawyer for gang stalking issue would be someone who are specialized in Konflikt. Fortunately, the member of the bar association gave me a right lawyer for the situation. I do not know how this will be.. I hope it is not just a waste of time and money to create another struggle. Well, I met new people and learned new things like the specialization of lawyers and translator's guide, etc.

I have been surrounded by the gang stalkers, but what they can do is just harass me with psychological abuse techniques. Nullfy - propbably this is what they are planning to do through my language barriarh and a stranger in a new area. What I can do is to make myself more visible in the locals as well as who really am and was. They are claiming too many things just like high school level kids do to harass a weak one in the classroom. If someone is a criminal, then how the same person can be a pedophilia or sex-offender? It is quite possible that if the person would have lower IQ and cannot keep his desire under control. Well, it sounds more likely that this type of people are seen in the gang stalking members. Well, I hope the people in the library know how to use scientific calculators than just showing them off on the table for few hours. The picture is the 阪神タイガース T-shirt anchoring by the gang stalkers in the Kanton Bibliotek. How often see these T-shirt on the same spot the one sat for few days?? The gang stalkers should work on the statistics for the possibility of such event happens in just a coincidence.

07 March, 2008

Find a new place to stay

I have been searching studio/1 bed room type places. Probably this is a good opportunity to know about other cities and towns around Aarau. I knew Olten and Baden since some people mentioned these names and they are on the traffic signs. Since I could not find a pretty good Kanton map covered everything, I purchased on at the local bookstore. It's a pretty fun work to search the rooms and areas through Internet “immobilien” sites. I'm really lazy to memorize the German words and I did not care much about communication. If you can read what is on the books or newspapers, you just wanna trust your memory to understand the sentences rather than thinking in German to catch the whole meaning of the sentences. Well, you know I'm busy studying German and doing research for apartment.

I could afford to stay in a room rent, but hey, I don't wanna get a perp as my roommate. It will be hard for a non-German speaker to know what kinds of rumor the local perps will spread in a new place. Less interaction with people is more desirable for to build a new social tie, so I can check out who is related with who and how to represent myself to each of them.

By the way, there is an English forum on Swiss domain. I think that forum looks cool since they have language section. I already found some information useful to improve my German. I'm not sure if there is anyone in my area studying Japanese or English, I might help someone in exchange of giving me free lecture for German. Language schools cost pretty much and it is about 450CHF range for two day sessions per a week. I might practice my German from the textbooks for the kids and the forum information. For real speech practice, I guess I can do with the perps hanging around me. Now I learned the use of them, but they can get what I'm trying to say by the V2K device. I am not sure how this works, though.

06 March, 2008

Isn't it a child abuse to use kids to claim someone as a pedophilia?

This morning I took shower about 10:30am. Although the residents are working on mobbing, I have to keep my hygiene level adequate to live in a civilized place. Well, I noticed that that their was a boy using a shower and one of the harasser was on the changing area. I have been harassed by the people using kids for claiming me as a pedophilia. Until I was started to be stalked by the Department of Defence people, I had no occasion to stay near kids. If my ex-friends had kids and they invited me to their homes or a party, I did see some kids around me. It was only for special occasion like my friend's birthday party or baby shower. Even in such occasions, I did not make no more than few communications like “Hello” or “Hi” to be nice, and I left them to stay in their own dimension of reality. I simply cannot stand talking with someone who have nothing in common.

When I was visiting California Missions for shelter, I saw many children in with teacher like figure brought to the Mission by the yellow school buses. I don't know if the local schools are participating in harassing a “pedophilia-claimed” suspect in the local area or just coincidences happened in several Missions in morning.

Here, I saw over a dozen of kids in the lounge sometimes. They might be living in the neighborhood, but what I don't understand is that the Somalian Guy said that he saw me taking pictures of children. Actually, I was shooting a film of how kids appear from where and who are connected with which adults and “how the residents and neighbors are letting kids to harass me.” When I was in my room, kids open my door and try to interrupt me. In outside, kids shouting “бабушка” in Russian while I was studying Russian in my room. Almost everyday, I see kids around me. Sometimes, a mother with kids shows up and try to make kids play in front of me in the city. I don't know if they know I have seen one pedophilia working as a gang stalking member.

From my point of view, what I have seen is that the adults, especially the mothers, using their kids to claim someone as a pedophilia. It's like a woman stand next to a man in a crowded train and claim the man touch her buttock. In such case how someone can prove one's innocence?

What I'm doing is to collect the data of who is actually involved in this pedophilia claim. I know all residents in my refugee residence have been using their kids for some skits against me.
The funny thing is that almost all the adults in the refugee residence and the neighbors know how to take care of the kids. It is more like the Charles Manson's family. People just hang around and take care the kids of each other. If Manson family was a type of experiment for the US government like Waco, then maybe we should study how the research result is used for the gang stalkers (anarchist class NSA model).

By the way, my Japanese passport is now in the Bundesamt für Migration in Berne. So I have little problem “borrowing” my passport for purchasing a prepaid mobile phone. If a person living in Switzerland let me use his or her name and address for the referrer, then I might save time and money for not traveling to Berne to borrow my passport for few hours. By the way, Sandro Brotz and Beat Jost's CIA Gefängnisse in Europa says that al-Kaida member purchased mobile phone in Switzerland and used it for their operation.

Die Handy-Falle: Khalid Scheich Mohammed, Bin Ladens Nummer 3, telefonierte mit
Schweizer Prepaid-Handys. Er gilt als Chefplaner des 11. Septembers. Bei seiner
Verhaftung im März 2003 in Pakistan fielen den Ermittlern mehrere dutzend Handys mit Schweizer Telefonnummern in die Hände. (96)

Probably, this is what the gang stalkers here in Switzerland is concerned about since the United States believes any activists or people working for world peace are terrorists threatening their national interest. I don't know who are the real terrorist these days. People drinking and offering me drinks and turn my bed upside down and threatening to kill me is not considered as a potential terrorist in my area. I know where the United States consider as a place al-Quada member would dwell – Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and bunch of other Middle Eastern countries. I don't know where the residents' Swiss mobile phones will be in future.. could be in Pakistan or Iran?

Work Cited:
Brotz, Sandy and Beat Jost. CIA-Gefängnisse in Europa: Die Fax-Affäre und ihre Folgen Mit einer Analyse von Dick Marty. Orell Füssli Verlag AG. Zürich. 2006.

05 March, 2008

E-harassment devices might be just regular medical implants.

While I was searching JP website, http://x51.org/, I found some funny stories about medical implanting ended with unexpected results.

For example, the article below tells the man who had a penile implant and the device actually works with the remote control of the neighbor's garage door. The man might be lucky since he could figure out he cause of why device works in unexpected time. It seems a regular remote control may be used for turning on/off of e-harassment devices. If so, the cost of e-harassment device installation and maintenance should be less because we know the remote control for TV or DVD players are actually cheap. If you have a car security lock comes with remote control, you might know the diameter of your lock works – it usually works from more than 15 meter distance to the car. This is a hypothesis but if the regular remote control device with stronger signal is used from your neighbor's home or neighbor's room, it would be enough to turn on/off the device which is implanted in your body.

And the another article is about a woman who had a brain implant for her essential tremore. Someone stole the switch for the device and that made her unable to turn off the device in her brain. The control was storen on the first day she went out after she left the hospital for installation. I wonder if she was a victim of gang stalking/e-harassment or not, because such coincidence often happens to the TIs, as you know from your first hand experience. The hospital do not even have a spare control. If you get a car alarm, you would get an extra remote control. But this woman did not have such a chance from the hospital.

My conclusion is that we better check out what types of frequency and control devices are used for e-harassment. And if they are using ordinarily car-alarm type signals for e-harassment devices, then it makes sense to me why the US gang stalkers on wheel pointing me gouge in his hand. The remote controls for car alarms can work through the walls. I could turn off my car on the basement garage from using the gouge from the second floor of my apartment in San Jose.
Now I have to check out what types of signals car alarms use. As for the penile implants, there should be some medical research papers available.

04 March, 2008

I don't know why they knew where I was and start harassing me at the train station. This time, another two young women joined the gang stalking. One woman tried to walk on conversation with the Somalian Guy talking about why I have to go to hospital. She sat on the bench right after I started using Internet, so it would be her she called the Somalian Guy and others for their street theater. Then, the “One Bottle” name calling was going on at the Bahnhof. The Dyed Hair Guy joined also. Later, another woman worked on persuading me for not filming the Somalian Guy and others. Well, if I did not do so, how could I prove their stalking and mobbing? I was at the train station and they had nothing to do there. They were just hanging around of me. If they are taking train or something they are doing at there, I would not have to film them at all.

Because of the way the woman persuaded, I figured out she was also the member of gang stalkers. First, she persuaded me not to film it or the police might lock me up – this was exactly what the Italian Mafia Woman and others saying at the refugee residence. Then, she kept explaining me why I should not film them.

Ok, check the film out. When the Somalian Guy came, he said that he will kill me. Well, isn't it enough to make you record the conversation?? Then he started talking with a woman sit on the bench that how he saw me taking pictures of children. Indeed, I was filming the evidence of how the gang stalkers try to put kids in front of me. For example, when the Eritrean group showed up at the bus stop, the woman moved the baby cart in front of me. At the kitchen in the refugee residence, when I was eating at the table, the residents often sit with the kids in front of me. I filmed the process of how someone put children in front of me so that they can claim me sitting in front of kids instead. Later, the Somalian Man asked me to have sex with him, which I ignored. In the film, you can see my statement of asking them to go away because they are wasting my time for research.

This is an evidence of Mobbing, Stalking, and death threat by the gang stalker. If you here someone "I kill you," do you consider about spreading the person's identity as a violation of portrait?? I brought it to the earlier problem to the lawyer becasue the local police is backing up them. I hope this is a type of crime prevention since other people can be aware of becoming the another victim in future.

03 March, 2008

Somalian Guy and others yesterday.

They followed me to the Bahnhof from the Casa Torfeld I. This time, they threatened to call police for whatever the reason. I filmed what they were saying for the evidence of Mobbing and Stalking. Good thing that German Psychologee Textbooks have both words.

No chef today yet – there was a substitute in the manager's office

Today, I could talk to someone in the manager's office. I talked about the mobbing and vandalism happened in last week. He told me that the chef is on vacation for next week, a bad sign isn't it? Last time I heard that at SJSU police department was just before I was transported to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center by Sgt. John Laws and another officer. Since the residents in the refugee residents have no punishment or penalty of the vandalism nor mobbing, I think it is better to share the information for my own security. I don't want them to claim me as crazy to send me to a hospital. Yeah, I learned it is quite possible as Dr. English-Lueck did so at SJSU. I don't understand why UN locates in the countries that people can work on mobbing and claim the victim as crazy to make the victim to become the scapegoat.
Well, he told me that it is impossible to have a key for the room doors. At least, that was what Kanton police recommended me when they came to my room. He also said that no one has the key for the closet. You know what? You will see someone having key in my video!!!
My guess is that not all the perps receive the entire information about the TI. They might be just tald what they have to do and their bosses may not give more information about what to be careful about. Thus, recording evidences is a good way for defending oneself.
If you are a TI, and hear about the vacation or holiday thing happens to whom they have to talk with, then it would be a bad sign for the TI's plan and could be a good sign to spot who is a possible perp.
I hope this information helps other TIs, as I am working on my own way to discover the social system of gang stalkers!
If someone having a room key is impossible, then my film is showing something like a miracle. Let's keep this interesting information here until I can get a good explanation from the new chef. They just want to take time for solving problem, but while doing so, I have to keep evidences and post it in public for my own security. William Blum's Killing Hope has a good part to quot from Guatemalan history.
To whom do you turn for help when the police are assaulting you? The old question. To whom does a poor banana republic turn when a CIA army is advancing upon its territory and CIA planes are overhead bombing the country?
The leaders of Guatemala tried everyone – the United Nations, the Organization of American States, other countries individually, the world press, even the United States itself, in the desperate hope that it was all a big misunderstanding, that in the end, reason would prevail (72-73).
I tried to contact with the old chef, then he said that it was neither my problem nor his problem if the state police is working something secret. I visited the local lawyers, they told me that they cannot help with my case and told me to contact with the manager of my refugee residence. And the refugee residence manager is now on vacation for unknown returning date. To whom should I contact while the residents are continuing mobbing and vandalism, and possibly the state police in covert operation? I am trying to contact with everyone – including you, the reader of this blog!
Work cited:
Blum, William. Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II. Updated Edition. 2004.

What is wrong in the society under the influence of globalism?

First of all, the globalism gives broad mobility of people and goods. Then, it caused more centralization of the wealth as the rich can produce much money in another place of the world while the poor get less access on material due to the global standardization of the prices. In such environment, we value more on materialism than spiritualism. People are replaceable and they just come and go. It makes the one's identity hard to stick to one nation because we can identify ourselves in different ways; by nationality, the country of birth, ethnicity, gender, etc.
If gang stalkers are the anarchist group exist in every nation and sucking the material the victim, it can explain why the stalkers have the huge pool of materials with them for anchoring and other use. Some say human tracking happens in non-Western nation. If so, then why we see more gang stalking victims in the Western nations? Since I do not have experience living in the country where human trafficking is popular, I cannot say that living in such nations are much safer than the Western nations. Due to the language and communication difficulties, we might not know the fact that how many real victims of either human trafficking or gang stalking in these infamous nations. From some reading, I acknowledged that the foreign criminal group are involved in the human trafficking in these nations. I don't know if a gang stalking victim would get relieved from the stalking problem by moving to non-Western nations. This is because of the bribery practice and the possible isolation from foreign media. You never know if there are more gang stalking victim tried to escape to these nations and later they are taken by the “foreign gang stalkers.”
My understanding is that the gang stalkers' e-harassment tools must be used withing a certain range. If they can track someone down by the satellite, they hardly need to have foot solders to live in the neighborhood. Some revenge goods can be used within few meters. If the resident in the room next to the victim use the device through the wall, it can cause better damage than from the satellite. What if the TI stay in the basement of a tall building? Can a satellite type e-harassment device work efficiently to track down the particular individual and not damaging the people in different floors??
I saw some gang stalkers driving cars had some laser-pointer type devices pointing toward me in CA. There were two types I saw; one is like a gouge to open the grage door, and the other one is a white a bit larger than PSP type with a small but thick antenna on it.
If globalism merges with nationalism, it will make the travelers and sojourners to get disadvantages from where they go. In rich countries, wealthy people would be welcomed. And in poor countries, the poor will remain to be poor from the dictatorship of the bribed politicians and the multi national companies. People no longer talk about the sweat shops or child labor. If they do not stop it in foreign countries, it would be back to the own nation because the bold companies will think it is OK to do so in their nation which do not care human rights of others at all. If a country cannot warn the violation of the human rights in other countries, how can the country keep an eye on the human rights of own citizens??

02 March, 2008

Residents stalked me and confested themselves as ciminals.

This happened today when I started to walk to the Aarau Bahnhof from my home, Casa Torfeld I. The dyed hair man stalked me and another man also followed me to the train station. During the way, they taunted me and talking about stealing my bag. Probably, they know what I am doing and they really want to damage my laptop. If such things happen in future, this film would be the evidence of their crime. Still, Aarau Polizei won't think them as the problem of the refugee residence. They drink and smoke and just playing around or watching TV all the day. If they did not start interrupting my study or reseach on gang stalking, I would not start filming them to defend myself. Moreover, if they think my filiming them bothered them, they could just directry visit the police or call the police. Because what they are doing is trying to make a false claim as they got some money from who ever. That is what I got as my experience.




For the authorities of the EU, if you are interested in the topic, I have an ear to listen to your opinion. I live in one of the EU country, and I am a big fan of Dr. Angela Merkel.

01 March, 2008

Does a neighbor a police officer?

This is a past film showing how "Italian Mafia" claiming woman says the neighbor living across from the refuge residence as a police officer. Other residents also claim themselves as police also.
Well, I don't know why this police officer does not mind seeing the abuse in the refugee heim and let other residents do what ever they want.
If Kanton police is working on a covert operation in a refugee residence for persecution, then it would violate Aarticle 25 of the Swiss Constitution.
Also, the great Swiss Constitution prohibits discrimination and protect the freedom of press and films. My film is a documentary film of a refugee life created by a social scientist.

Why can't I record the refugees and non-residents, huh?

When I checked my past videos, I found out that when my recording started. First, I filmed several people sitting outside of my window facing toward the window from last June. At that time, some residents put chairs there and drinking beers. I had no idea if that gesture is related with the psychological abuse since I was too busy studying in the room. Then, I saw them facing directly to my room window, I decided to film them for some information. I did so from my room to keep what they were doing.

Second time I decided to film the people working on psychological abuse was the day I had the Caritas free-German lesson session. Eritrean groups were there, and one of them had “Our Lady of Guadalupe” picture in the back of his backpack and stood as if showing the picture to me. I have a picture of “Our Lady of Guadalupe” in my backpack. I thought it was too much for seeing gang stalkers' psychological operation; it was an abuse for the Virgin Mary also. At that point, I started filming the reply of the Eritrean man who had the picture in his backpack. He brought his friend for explanation, and I eventually had to film his friend as the friend started to make some excuse. Later, Eritrean people appeared and questioned me one by one. My question was just “why did he have the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe in his backpack?” None of Eritrean group member could answer that. At this point, I was not filming the residents in my refugee residence except my meals. I was taking pictures of my meals probably from last Summer.

When I had frequent change of my roommates, I decided to film what they were saying to me. It was in my room, and I was just turn on my digital camera when our conversation started. The residents and Mr. Kunz, the manager, said that Police brought the Mongolian roomamate. The Mongolian roomate did not even know what asylum seeking process is and made a phone call to someone saying that she was happy to stay. Then she said that she goes to Basil. I know the gang stalkers are expecting me to visit Basil since I have seen hearing about suggestion to travel around from Caritas German lesson. One time, everyone in the classroom said that some will go to Basil or other places. Another occasion, the classmates told their religion and the woman sat next to me from Iran said that she is Zoroastrian. Max asked me if I have no religion in German. I told him I am Christian. A time of disappointment happened in the classroom. I know they could flame me of fundamentalist if I say Gnotstic. But it was my past. Gnostics may not really into the Virgin Mary, but the Catholics does. Anyway, I have seen roommate who were just staying the room for short time and none of them tried to spend a whole night in the room. I don't know what is the problem of my room, though. The new roommates always slept in the rooms of their “new friend” or “relative” in the building. Isn't it quite strange? I filmed them as I had no lock in my closet and the door. So, if these new roommate stole something in my room and gone, I could now who is responsible for that.

After these incidents, I figured out that some residents just moved back and force from Casa Torfeld I and Casa Torfeld II. During the Christmas time in last year, I found some visitors were freely cooking meals at kitchen and working on gaslighting on me with same topics or objects – knife, “transfer,” “asking time,” etc. I decided to film these visitors as the kitchen electricity is supposed to be paid by the Department of Gesundheit. It was the time I saw Ethiopian woman with “A Head of Time” T-shirts for T-shirts message gaslighting. She said that she did not live in the residence and told me that she could live in “all the rooms.” Later, she was in the room #8 across from my room. When I saw her, I concerned about my security and started filming the things in the hallway also. You never know which stranger cause what damage in the building the door is open 24hours and my room with no key. The Ethiopian woman claimed me of shooting films about her in the hallway and said she would talk to the chef to stop it. She was staying in the room #8 several days at that time, and there was a Kanton police officer in the manager's office when she claimed about my taking pictures outside of the managers office. Our speech was heard by people inside of the managers office. They only take the “non-official-residents” opinion rather than me, who legally stay in the room by paying my rent and being an official refugee. You can check out this conversation as I was filming it!!! What they wanted to do is making me not to record their activities.

Then, the last time, I found out that it was necessary to record every conversation I make with the residents or the people around me was that they started to act something weird. At the bench I sat, the guy sat next to me try to give a game DVD-ROM demo taking it out from a computer magazine. I saw a man claiming himself as a Philippine political science professor graduated from the University of Zürich, and so on. Then the residents knocked my door and tried to claim me stealing oil or damaging the toilet. The residents often came in numbers like 2 to 5, so I wanted to keep evidence of what they were claiming for my own safety and to make sure our conversation can be shown to another person if it is necessary. That is why I have the films about residents claiming me as “crazy” or the residents trying to steal my meal and later claiming me for stealing their foods.

They are doing these abuse in the mass. Isn't it familiar in China or other countries which the UN concerns about the violation of human rights?? I am just filming the evidences for my own safety sake. I tried to contact with lawyers, then none of them said to help my case. I got number and address of the bar association in Aarau. That day, my room was vandalized. Don't you think it is better to record everything for chronological evidences???

If I were a resident seeing someone filming tape at heim, I do not mind him or her doing so as I have nothing to do with the movie. Usually, normal people do not try to disturb someone filming a door and blaming her of filming him by standing in front of camera. That happened yesterday. I know these people are pretty freaked out because they supposed not to be there as “refugees” or “neighbors”!!! How can a refugee move from Casa Torfeld I to Casa Torfeld II or the buildings next to them?? That is what I have seen and trying to film them. They probably evacuated the nearby residents in order to work on their covert operation for national security. I don't know who is paying this but it must comes from their account in the Swiss banks.

Is there English Biblical Study going on???

The below ad was posted on the entrance of my refugee residence on one day. I don't know who made it but I know someone who had a broken rosary on the last Xmas. If you live in Aarau, you can check it out for there is really a meeting like this available. The gang stalkers are just working on lies and manipulating others to believe their target is a criminal, mentally ill, pedophilia, sex-offender, etc. I was just an international student wanted to study various fields like social science and engineering. And I have no idea why I have been targeted by the local people here in Buchs... What I have seen is lies from the people around me. Because almost everyone is trying to work on psychological abuse, I need to share these information to clarify myself.
And check out the film below, it was one of the Eritrean resident who had the rosary on just Xmas Eve and Xmas last year. I pray rosary and the perps around me have been using it as a tool of psychological operation. I do not believe gang stalkers who do not mind cutting the crucifix in half and wearing it on the Christmas a faithful Christian! What I do not like is the way how they mimic my lifestyles and try to twist my statement around.

Remember: this posting is about past event. The ad was not there recently.