17 March, 2008

Where to draw a line between racial discrimination and emotional abuse?

I met the lawyer with a Japanese translator. Well, it was my second time having a translator in my life. The first one was at the oficial hearing for the asylumseeking process.
Then, this time, I was so amazed that she actually did the research on my situation as an asylumseeker asking people about how the life of refugee residence looks like and so on.

This time, I had better chance to talk with another police officer after I visited the lawyer. With the translator's help, I could get better understanding of the situation. Oh well, it is only about the matter of the Somalian and another guy who are encouraging others to work on mobbing. If verbal threatening like "I kill you" by a stalker can be an indicator for a police officer to think about the harassment little more serious, then how will it be about the famous NLP techinique and the persuasion technique used for gang stalking? Well, the officer knew about my YouTube thing. My stance is that it was the only way to look for a help to get others' attention for the mobbing. I am sure that there would be other organizations which would investigate mobbing and stalking as these are well defined and categolized as a psychological problem in groups.
Well, I might need to change the size of the film as the YouTube got a way to see the quality films. I learned how to drop the size of the film rate recentry, and now I got some idea of making it small and a little more privacy on the not-particular-harassers. I still have no chance to check out the subtitle part for Japanese version yet. Before that, I definitely need to find a way to fix my PC.
Actually, I must thank the translator for her extended period of help. At least, her fluent German speach made me to motivate myself to really concentrate on German study. If I could speak up that much, I did not have to ask a help from a lawyer or her. Moreover, I could do more research on the issue on Internet or other places to know better. Indeed, learning the language is the first step to understand the culture.

Guess where I am now? I'm in a hotel in Bern. I'm going to visit the Bundesamt fuer Immigration tomorrow morning. I talked with the substitute of the chef this morning but he did not even know the name of the checf in Casa Torfeld II. As a TI, I don't like to get bugged by the people telling me that I am a lier. I have to get evidences enough to keep my statement reliable.

Well, the police said that it would be hard to prove the man with orange hair actually caused damage on my PC by just viewing the film. Well if you watch the film of yesterday, then you can see my PC was not damaged. I found the damage at the Bahnhof when I visited there, and filmed it. Say, how much value a person's claim on a stolen item has these days? We cannot prove anything at all if we cannot film the exact moment of the stealing. At least, this is what I got for him as he tried to steal my water bottle from the grocery bag at the Aarau train station. Then, how much value of my claim will be for further damage after someone vandalized my room??? First, I noticed the anchoring going on around me using certain stuffs like religious icons like the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and then I figured out the connection of the residents with other harassers at the Caritas.

We definitely need an organization which can investigate and negotiate on emotional abuses. Unfortunately, I have not seen one working for the gang stalking. Sometimes, racial discrimination is visible if someone is directly targeted the particular group. However, it is hard for a TI to prove the discrimination unless the people around him or her working on gaslighting and continous emotional abuses. I do have time to get upset about the harassment like the damage of my PC and other aggressions. Yeah, how much stress do I have been experiencing these days? Vandalism of my room to the damage of my PC without no one to discuss the problem? I guess, that was the aim of these gang stalkers. Emotional stress is something invisible. Well, I guess I learned much more about how to ballance my emortional state from these extreme incidents. A philospher's mind cannot be destroyed. A psychologist is never be thought as crazy as he has the right to chose who is crazy from his knowledge. My case? I studied bits from both subjects. I know what I need to keep myself relaxed - a good bath and a meditation after the bath. I got a bathtub in my room tonight!!!