01 March, 2008

Why can't I record the refugees and non-residents, huh?

When I checked my past videos, I found out that when my recording started. First, I filmed several people sitting outside of my window facing toward the window from last June. At that time, some residents put chairs there and drinking beers. I had no idea if that gesture is related with the psychological abuse since I was too busy studying in the room. Then, I saw them facing directly to my room window, I decided to film them for some information. I did so from my room to keep what they were doing.

Second time I decided to film the people working on psychological abuse was the day I had the Caritas free-German lesson session. Eritrean groups were there, and one of them had “Our Lady of Guadalupe” picture in the back of his backpack and stood as if showing the picture to me. I have a picture of “Our Lady of Guadalupe” in my backpack. I thought it was too much for seeing gang stalkers' psychological operation; it was an abuse for the Virgin Mary also. At that point, I started filming the reply of the Eritrean man who had the picture in his backpack. He brought his friend for explanation, and I eventually had to film his friend as the friend started to make some excuse. Later, Eritrean people appeared and questioned me one by one. My question was just “why did he have the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe in his backpack?” None of Eritrean group member could answer that. At this point, I was not filming the residents in my refugee residence except my meals. I was taking pictures of my meals probably from last Summer.

When I had frequent change of my roommates, I decided to film what they were saying to me. It was in my room, and I was just turn on my digital camera when our conversation started. The residents and Mr. Kunz, the manager, said that Police brought the Mongolian roomamate. The Mongolian roomate did not even know what asylum seeking process is and made a phone call to someone saying that she was happy to stay. Then she said that she goes to Basil. I know the gang stalkers are expecting me to visit Basil since I have seen hearing about suggestion to travel around from Caritas German lesson. One time, everyone in the classroom said that some will go to Basil or other places. Another occasion, the classmates told their religion and the woman sat next to me from Iran said that she is Zoroastrian. Max asked me if I have no religion in German. I told him I am Christian. A time of disappointment happened in the classroom. I know they could flame me of fundamentalist if I say Gnotstic. But it was my past. Gnostics may not really into the Virgin Mary, but the Catholics does. Anyway, I have seen roommate who were just staying the room for short time and none of them tried to spend a whole night in the room. I don't know what is the problem of my room, though. The new roommates always slept in the rooms of their “new friend” or “relative” in the building. Isn't it quite strange? I filmed them as I had no lock in my closet and the door. So, if these new roommate stole something in my room and gone, I could now who is responsible for that.

After these incidents, I figured out that some residents just moved back and force from Casa Torfeld I and Casa Torfeld II. During the Christmas time in last year, I found some visitors were freely cooking meals at kitchen and working on gaslighting on me with same topics or objects – knife, “transfer,” “asking time,” etc. I decided to film these visitors as the kitchen electricity is supposed to be paid by the Department of Gesundheit. It was the time I saw Ethiopian woman with “A Head of Time” T-shirts for T-shirts message gaslighting. She said that she did not live in the residence and told me that she could live in “all the rooms.” Later, she was in the room #8 across from my room. When I saw her, I concerned about my security and started filming the things in the hallway also. You never know which stranger cause what damage in the building the door is open 24hours and my room with no key. The Ethiopian woman claimed me of shooting films about her in the hallway and said she would talk to the chef to stop it. She was staying in the room #8 several days at that time, and there was a Kanton police officer in the manager's office when she claimed about my taking pictures outside of the managers office. Our speech was heard by people inside of the managers office. They only take the “non-official-residents” opinion rather than me, who legally stay in the room by paying my rent and being an official refugee. You can check out this conversation as I was filming it!!! What they wanted to do is making me not to record their activities.

Then, the last time, I found out that it was necessary to record every conversation I make with the residents or the people around me was that they started to act something weird. At the bench I sat, the guy sat next to me try to give a game DVD-ROM demo taking it out from a computer magazine. I saw a man claiming himself as a Philippine political science professor graduated from the University of Zürich, and so on. Then the residents knocked my door and tried to claim me stealing oil or damaging the toilet. The residents often came in numbers like 2 to 5, so I wanted to keep evidence of what they were claiming for my own safety and to make sure our conversation can be shown to another person if it is necessary. That is why I have the films about residents claiming me as “crazy” or the residents trying to steal my meal and later claiming me for stealing their foods.

They are doing these abuse in the mass. Isn't it familiar in China or other countries which the UN concerns about the violation of human rights?? I am just filming the evidences for my own safety sake. I tried to contact with lawyers, then none of them said to help my case. I got number and address of the bar association in Aarau. That day, my room was vandalized. Don't you think it is better to record everything for chronological evidences???

If I were a resident seeing someone filming tape at heim, I do not mind him or her doing so as I have nothing to do with the movie. Usually, normal people do not try to disturb someone filming a door and blaming her of filming him by standing in front of camera. That happened yesterday. I know these people are pretty freaked out because they supposed not to be there as “refugees” or “neighbors”!!! How can a refugee move from Casa Torfeld I to Casa Torfeld II or the buildings next to them?? That is what I have seen and trying to film them. They probably evacuated the nearby residents in order to work on their covert operation for national security. I don't know who is paying this but it must comes from their account in the Swiss banks.


Unknown said...

#1. Some places have a law that you cannot video others without consent

#2. it is considered rude and an insulting behavior in many cultures

#3. it is looked upon and can be used against you as evidence of mental illness or harassment

I know it sucks but its true. thats why you need to be more careful. I am not saying you can’t EVER do it but keep it to a minimum in the house for a week or so and see what happens and do it covertly when you do. hide it in a bag or book.you have to learn to use their covert tactics against them to win.

Also keep it with you ready to go but don’t use it unless you have to

Stop and Remember you are falling right into the trap of the perps if you anger and make the innocent residents think you’re a disturbance or a nut. Or if your video work leads to the police or chef of the home become mad and bothered with you. Because they will kick you out or send you away.

it very important that you try and get along with other people in a peaceful way. even if they make you mad or fearful.remember jesus' teaches us to "turn the other cheek" and perps are sick brainwashed people so getting mad at them or calling police is a waste of time. they dont know what they are doing. and they sure dont know what your talking about when you confront them! its kind of funny when you yell at them because they cant understand a word you are saying silly girl. dont waste your breath.it will just get you in trouble!

Remember not all people are perps! many are innocent victims and refugees who are sensitive to being video taped.

Perps only make up about 5% of the population so you accuse many innocents and make them fear you and want you gone. So be peaceful or you are just falling into the perps trap to enrage you and make you look crazy

As far as the Italian woman she is not mafia or a perp and the guy neighbor not police. She is just a liar and crazy asshole person so don’t waste your time on her.

All I am saying is play it cool so you don’t get kicked out or sent away. You have got too much involved with your perps and so have been so harassed you can’t tell an innocent person from a perp anymore.

Dont worry because this is common problem with TI’s . so take a moment and try to get a grip on yourself and get back to your research, study and for gods sake don’t play along with their skit like you are doing now.

Step back reassess the situation and stay peaceful and undercover for a week or so until the current drama dies down.

I hope you can take the advise of one like me who has seen this all before. God bless stay peaceful don’t let the perps win by getting you mad . your,re too smart to play their game, stick to your own plan.

remember your only going to help the world if you stay free.

remember the words of wisdom. "he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day"

time for you to retreat FOR NOW and keep your room and your status as refugee and not let the perps games get you sent away.

I know you can do it if you try, again good luck!