05 March, 2008

E-harassment devices might be just regular medical implants.

While I was searching JP website, http://x51.org/, I found some funny stories about medical implanting ended with unexpected results.

For example, the article below tells the man who had a penile implant and the device actually works with the remote control of the neighbor's garage door. The man might be lucky since he could figure out he cause of why device works in unexpected time. It seems a regular remote control may be used for turning on/off of e-harassment devices. If so, the cost of e-harassment device installation and maintenance should be less because we know the remote control for TV or DVD players are actually cheap. If you have a car security lock comes with remote control, you might know the diameter of your lock works – it usually works from more than 15 meter distance to the car. This is a hypothesis but if the regular remote control device with stronger signal is used from your neighbor's home or neighbor's room, it would be enough to turn on/off the device which is implanted in your body.

And the another article is about a woman who had a brain implant for her essential tremore. Someone stole the switch for the device and that made her unable to turn off the device in her brain. The control was storen on the first day she went out after she left the hospital for installation. I wonder if she was a victim of gang stalking/e-harassment or not, because such coincidence often happens to the TIs, as you know from your first hand experience. The hospital do not even have a spare control. If you get a car alarm, you would get an extra remote control. But this woman did not have such a chance from the hospital.

My conclusion is that we better check out what types of frequency and control devices are used for e-harassment. And if they are using ordinarily car-alarm type signals for e-harassment devices, then it makes sense to me why the US gang stalkers on wheel pointing me gouge in his hand. The remote controls for car alarms can work through the walls. I could turn off my car on the basement garage from using the gouge from the second floor of my apartment in San Jose.
Now I have to check out what types of signals car alarms use. As for the penile implants, there should be some medical research papers available.