28 March, 2008

David Lawson´s Cause Stalking, the book.

I got that book two days ago from the FedEx guy. The book is very small and I was surprised about the size. If I have a chance to look at his previous book, Terrorists Stalking in America, I would have better understanding of the size and shape of his new book.

He mentions several important points. For the targets, he suggests to explain others that the stalkers are members of extremist groups. I think it is important to have a good explanation of the people randomly appears for surveillance of a certain individual. Normal folks do not track down another person if it is not his job or having mental problem believing oneself as a cop or something.. This would make sense why the Italian speaking woman shouting herself as “Italian Mafia” and “Detective.” Some people do have mental problem not really understanding who they are. I don´t know why the people lived in the Chiasso refugee center were doing road work in work uniforms and sometimes doing “patrolling” on the road in their regular clothes.

They are often the dead-end job workers. I think that is also true from my conversation with Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen. She mentions about the Counseling Office clerk that the clerk won´t get promoted. Well, guess who are actually choosing the targets and controlling their activities! I have seen samething at the Equal Opportunity Service office above of the SJSU University Police Department.
From my case, I can argue about several topics he writes about. First, some of them are really the government workers. Lawson denies the involvement of the CIA or other agencies, but I saw some in my experience. I saw Mary Rodriguez(?) in El Camino Hospital. She is a cultural anthropologist expert on Chinese culture who published several documentary films about China. When I visited the consulate general of Russia in San Francisco, there were tree trimming work going on in front of the old red brick building. If you watch some FBI related movies, you know such surveillance is common by the government agency. When I left the building, there was an Asian man taking picture on the street with a professional camera. And later, I saw some government agent workers driving cars with the Department of Defense stickers. Some of them I took pictures. It happened at San Carlos Inn on El Camino Real, the Pacific Inn on El Camino Real, Travel Lodge in San Francisco, etc.

David Lawson also denies the use of electronic weapons against the target. From my experience, I learned how the devices work. I also got some idea of the persuasion techniques and how it works to confuse the subject´s mind. When Lawson started the investigation, they might not use such weapons for some reasons like costs or the technologies were not available. When I was stalked by the SJSU students, I saw them talking about how they purchased cheap bugs by themselves and later they were bragging how they got over 1000$ value equipments. In one occasion, I saw a car with a woman on the back waving a handy antenna at night. It was after someone stole my car´s licence plate on July 18th 2006, and before the Fall semester started. What I have learned from the entire San Jose incidents was that there is a layer of surveillance against one individual. The NSA first used the sonar or other devices to make the subject act quite awkward. I actually experienced some weird incidents and emotional shift after someone vandalize my car on March 9th 2005, one year before the SJSU students really started the mobbing and stalking. Then I saw some cars with out of state moved into my apartment. It was only few at that point, then at the end of 2006, almost half of the cars in the apartment basement were out of state cars. They defined themselves as NSA and some of them said that recruiters would get ones´ name eresed from the official document to get a new identity. Shall I talk about another version of Family Jewel or not?

I am not supporting the invasion of Iraq by the US government and their allies. But it does not really mean to label me to be a terrorist. I am not interested to join any kind of intelligence agency or military, but it does not mean I am not supporting the country or rejecting the need for national security. I support Darai Rama for the peaceful solution for Tibetan problem, but it does not mean the Tibetan aggressive rebels as terrorists. China would say that East Turkestan resistance are terrorists. The United States knows which countries are the “axis of evil” and supporting terrorism. Political terrorism actually killing the freedom of speech and the ability for critical thinking.

Everyone want to have a cause to justify their actions. I agree that the gang stalkers are actually looking for an output for their rage. People are angry because they do not know where to put their energy to improve their life from the dead end. In the past, the activists became the vehicle to push their power up to improve their life and people could gain self-esteem. Now, the power is used for oppressing each other and more rage are generated from the conflicts. I do what I have to do. I do what I believe to be right thing to do. I do what I wish improving my life. For the gang stalkers, they lack such self-improvement in their lives. If the gang stalkers know they can find a cause for creation rather than destruction, their mental problem would be cured.


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Orgqanized Gang Stalking and Cyberstalking, Chennai, India.

David Lawson's book cause stalking may not be available but excerpts from his book are available in different websites and blogs.