18 March, 2008

The substitute said that I can use the phone in the Bahnhof.

Well, I have no idea who really will be the chef. It seems there is no one to care about the possible murder in the refugee residence. Yesterday, the Japanese translator told me that threatening of "I kill you" would be enough to concern for the Swiss government. If a murder happens in the refugee residence, the government would get in trouble. I don't know what is going on, but I just post this film here to prove I did my best to search my safety in my situation. I visited BFM in Bern to ask about my passport for the purchace of the mobile phone this morning and stayed in the room with key and a telephone for three nights.
Now what? Let's see what will happen next. For the readers of my blog, I learned from the Kanton police that they know my YouTube postings. Hopefully, they know the chronological view of what happend from my side rather than the people telling lies.