07 March, 2008

Find a new place to stay

I have been searching studio/1 bed room type places. Probably this is a good opportunity to know about other cities and towns around Aarau. I knew Olten and Baden since some people mentioned these names and they are on the traffic signs. Since I could not find a pretty good Kanton map covered everything, I purchased on at the local bookstore. It's a pretty fun work to search the rooms and areas through Internet “immobilien” sites. I'm really lazy to memorize the German words and I did not care much about communication. If you can read what is on the books or newspapers, you just wanna trust your memory to understand the sentences rather than thinking in German to catch the whole meaning of the sentences. Well, you know I'm busy studying German and doing research for apartment.

I could afford to stay in a room rent, but hey, I don't wanna get a perp as my roommate. It will be hard for a non-German speaker to know what kinds of rumor the local perps will spread in a new place. Less interaction with people is more desirable for to build a new social tie, so I can check out who is related with who and how to represent myself to each of them.

By the way, there is an English forum on Swiss domain. I think that forum looks cool since they have language section. I already found some information useful to improve my German. I'm not sure if there is anyone in my area studying Japanese or English, I might help someone in exchange of giving me free lecture for German. Language schools cost pretty much and it is about 450CHF range for two day sessions per a week. I might practice my German from the textbooks for the kids and the forum information. For real speech practice, I guess I can do with the perps hanging around me. Now I learned the use of them, but they can get what I'm trying to say by the V2K device. I am not sure how this works, though.