18 March, 2008


This is the film of yesterday. In front of a hotel, someone taking pictures at night. I don't know how much strange phenomenon I have seen from taking picture anchoring, but I guess that is how the perps felt as threaten for their being and now using it back to me for gaslighting.

I have been collecting nice volume of photo taking people in strange locations and in front of me at the train station sometimes. People would say it is a person's free will to take photos, but what if their purpose if for a psychological damage on a certain individual? In my case, I am trying to prove the impact of seeing certain activities or objects for phychological damage. It was fun to hear someone sat behind to the left from my seat in the train talking about "photo criminal."

I am aware of the gang stalkers trying to claim me for the violation of privacy or other issues. Then, I must say what I have done is to look for an organization or an institution for helping mobbing or other kinds of psychological abuses. If there is none and we feel the need for one, my aim is to get to the point to establish such organization by sharing enough information about how psychological abuse looks like from my firsthand experience. I am showing what I see using my camera. Without a crucial proof, the targeted individuals are always called as mentally ill. My challenge is to prove the mobbing and other types of psychological abuse by the community members. If Nazis, Gestapo, Stasi were wrong, then I am informing that our society are now having the tendency of such totalitalian culuture these days. If the residents does not like me filming their harassment, then they can simply stop calling me "One Bottle" or just keep distance from me. Because they have to harass me for some reasons, they show up to where I am - including my bed room, train station, kitchen - to work on the harassment. If you see my OSAM films, they address the issues in certain places. I do not follow them to their rooms or staying where they are. Instead, the perps come to where I stay and start working on certain anchoring or other abuses.

By the way, the issue went to the cort. I don't know how they handle the case, but it sounds like I will get a letter from the court in future. Let's see if they are working fair to collect information rather than getting testimonies from the residents who have been telling lies in my films. Drinking, stealing, the toilet mess, that was what the residents made up and I felt the need of someway to prove my innocence.