30 March, 2008

Somalian Guy kicking me in front of Aarau train station.

Check out the film below. This is the reason why I got Wifi connection at Aarauerhof Hotel now. You can see a typical good example of mobbing. The Somalian man and others including the Dyed Hair man started shouting "one bottle" when I turned on my camera. Then the Somalian man rashed in front of me and tried to hug which I avoided. You can see how he started hiting me and kicking me. Someone vandalized my room and the Kanton police has the record about it. Then about the PC incident, they said it is hard to prove how my PC is damaged by them as my PC was in my backpack and the Dyed Hair Guy attacked me from the behind.
This time, you can see how the Somalian man hit my head from behind and then he started kicking me from the front. I am just curious how the police officer will react with the video.
At least, it can tell how I tried to avoid them and not to talk with them.

Actuall, the Somalian man stalked me from the neighboring building on Gardensweg 19? and shouted me "one bottle" in this morning.