02 March, 2008

Residents stalked me and confested themselves as ciminals.

This happened today when I started to walk to the Aarau Bahnhof from my home, Casa Torfeld I. The dyed hair man stalked me and another man also followed me to the train station. During the way, they taunted me and talking about stealing my bag. Probably, they know what I am doing and they really want to damage my laptop. If such things happen in future, this film would be the evidence of their crime. Still, Aarau Polizei won't think them as the problem of the refugee residence. They drink and smoke and just playing around or watching TV all the day. If they did not start interrupting my study or reseach on gang stalking, I would not start filming them to defend myself. Moreover, if they think my filiming them bothered them, they could just directry visit the police or call the police. Because what they are doing is trying to make a false claim as they got some money from who ever. That is what I got as my experience.