17 March, 2008

Ex-chef was not in the office.

I talked with the person in the manager's office, but he said that he did not receive anything from the Aargau Kanton Polizei. The ex-manager was not there, neither.
I gave him the short summary of the incidents since last year to him. He said that he would give it to the chief of both Casa Torfeld I and Casa Torfeld II. When I asked him his name, he did not give it to me. I told him it is for giving the name to my lawyer, he said I don't need a lawyer. He did not even know the chef of Casa Torfeld II.
So, Ivisited Casa Torfeld II and talked with the lawyer. At that time, the red jacked man of room 2 was there and worked as the mediater. The chef asked me why I visited Casa Torfeld II on last Saturday. I told them that it was necessary to obtain the name of the person live in the ground floor to make sure who was shouting "one bottle" every time I walk out.

On my way to the Bahnhof, I saw the Somalian man in Daihatsu SUV drived by the neighbor. This is how mobbing works. Continuous harassment to cause the mental break down of the target. The residents have been talking about how they want to send me to hospital. I guess, the point is how much Swiss constitution deal with the emotional abuse and mobbing. What I filmed is the continuous psychological abuse studied by Prof. Heinz Leymann. Now what?

At this point, there is no one gurantee the safety in the refugee residence after I talked with the detective at the Kanton Aragau Polizei.
I know no one would believe my story, so I need to share some information to proove what I am saying is right and the others are telling lies.