21 January, 2019

I have been spending my time studying Hebrew, Spanish and writing poetries

I have been working hard studying and writing new books. I have 100 poetries type books to be ready. One is called "LIFE IS..." and another to be "100 prayer book"... also about 100 sexual attitude poetries for fun. It's about the materialism and sexuality in it. More like a better feeling about the sexual images than the actual visual meat-cause things. What to be pure and to keep pure is written in.
I could write some more books but few sentences to one page long short stories are more pure for the new idea to be typed up. So, that's why I'm working on my poetry part now.

Love is a heart

Love is a heart

Love is a heart that never gives up
It’s own will to suffer or to be loved
Love is a bare heart, no dress up
For its image to be something liked

A small heart, a better heart
The innocence and the beginning
A large heart, a brave heart
The love completed but no ending

Every time, I see you
That is the day like the love begins
Every day, I see you
I fall in love to start over again

The moisturized car window
You draw a clear line palm size heart
I saw it with the neon lights on
From the illumination of the street light

“My love, what would you like to add?”
You replied, “of course, ‘love and your name’.”
Then I felt something a bit quite odd
“From the outside window, will it all the same?”

“Yes, we are,” you answered cleverly
You drew the capitalized LOVE and my name
I went out and watched them carefully
I wanted to make fun by kissing the heart frame

You kissed me from the inside of the car
You kissed my name and the heart to give me
It was the glass window with the love letter
I found the meaning of love, a coin flipping game

Each side of a coin got it’s own meaning
The head meant ‘you are mine’ and no losing
The tail meant ‘I am yours’ to be challenging
A lovely heart with both sides for sharing

“Mon, I need to draw a new heart,” you jerked
“Why not with a kiss on my name?” --- juiced...

16 January, 2019

Organized Stalkers Around Me - January 12-15th, 2019

I haven't make OSAM videos because I got Olympus Tough and it got only one size of photos and films and the data is so huge. So, I was tired of making it. The quality is quite good but still 5x zoom won't pay off for the price. It could be useful in the hard rain time or even dropped under water type accident.
Here is the video and so many German cars are around me. There was a German car parked outside of my hotel in Budapest.