26 March, 2012

Mobbing and reporting the TI's suspicious activities.

I found the mobbing to take out someone from the class or workplace is done by the perps there. They are asked to report anything suspicious. I saw some people just leaving somewhere when I communicate with that person or after I made a comment in the room. Also when I work with another person, I found that person only take few suggestions from me and do it all on one's own. So, the result is 95% another person did. Is this how to make a TI useless in the workplace or from the school?
I wonder these might be a psychological analysis. Sometimes, the people around me also act like something weird while I hear someone else is much like crazy like claiming no money, no job, nowhere to go and trying to runaway to small cloister and lock oneself up. I don't know why people get that much worry. I don't have any problem so far, like the time someone stole my wallet in Amsterdam and I only had T/C and some foreign currency till became an asylum seeker in Switzerland. Then I got new credit card and bank card from the banks. Say, I found the way how to get helped from the Virgin Mary and still my life is fine. I wonder why people get desperate that much. They seemed to be working together for claiming the border personality or something. If many people claim something that could be similar to what's on the BSM symptom list after manipulating the fact with their own subjective opinions.
Shall I tell you something funny? I was in the church and was so sleepy and I was barely awake to follow and reply the mass. My eyes were a bit blur and was watching the window. I saw a large cross and felt the feeling of sleepiness that is like the time someone really going to fall asleep. Then I felt like the feeling that it is how the people go to heaven. I don't know if it was done by these electronic harassment, but it was a bit funny as they were just trying to make me sleepy and there was not a actual cross that large on the window. I don't know how that cross image in just a black color came. I was awake enough around the time of the communion, then I looked around the church about how the cross image came. Sometimes, when people stare something for long time and close one's eye, the one can see the object as an afterimage. I thought the cross was like the afterimage. There was a small cross on the alter and nowhere around had the large cross that seemed to be the source of the afterimage. I know I saw the cross at the area near the top window behind the alter, and I could see the shape of the window, so I could see the color of the window as well. This is different from the afterimage. But after seeing it and I was somehow awake and felt much relieved. Perhaps it was done by the normal EH, but it was just strange. I found out the praying really help me to feel good. There are two Catholic churches in the city, but this one seemed to have quiet. 
There is a balcony in the place I live, and someone asked me how to open it. I wonder if that is something the perps around me might do something like throwing my body while I'm asleep and putting me the sleeping gas or something as they got paramedic workers and doctors, and especially the Muslim ones who hate me for what I believe about their religion. I put something behind my sleeping room door, so that I can get my room to be closed all the time. If something happened to me, then you can tell it was a murder. Who want to kill oneself? That's what Dr. English-Lueck made up at SJSU. And others who are working for the US intelligence in Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and El Camino Hospital. I never said such while the perps and the FBI people are expecting their target to commit suicide. The FBI even threatened MLK for his affair they made up to suggest the suicide. My case is like that.

Voice to Skull is a covert cohealla implant.

I've been so busy for my work and such. No more MW as I cannot have time for the Internet these days. However, I found something interesting. I met someone speak Japanese and others asked me about where I came from. That guy said there are some people from that area. Then next day, I suddenly got high pitched tone hearing and the vibration of my body like of the electronic harassment effect to keep me awake for 2 days. The V2K Japanese perps were saying that they want me to look like a Muslim and they said they got some Muslim perps doing these EH effects and also the Soka Gakkai people for adding the harassment. The Muslim perps seemed to be doing it as I am not faithful. Say, it seemed be China and Saudi Arabia are part of them as the Muslim perps seemed to be loving tourturing people who are not following Islam and I heard V2K perps said that they brought a Chinese pharmacist from Shanghai? for 7000€ or something. I don't know about the pharmacist, but the high pitched tone was really the max volume so I could not sleep for 2 days. As I'm Catholic, I prayed Ave Maria while trying to sleep at night for the third day. Then suddenly the V2K perps got problem and they seemed to be complaining about why they are doing it to a Catholic while they thought their task was to harass a Muslim who don't follow Islamic religion. So, I thought about I am fine for burning a Koran if that is for showing my no interest on it or the pervert founder about it. I bet the same goes to the Muslim leaders in this area if there is any as they might love helping such torture for non-Muslims claiming them as Muslims. So, later the noise was almost gone and I was able to sleep. I saw some Japanese looking perps later, so I can share their pics. They might be the one related with it. By the way, I found the area which is the source of the noise (the dot on the pic) and when I pulled the two parts on the arrow signs on the pic, I found the volume suddenly reduced. It was happening only on the right ear. I got some far away noise as if through the left ear, but it seems to be less noise. It sounds like a possible cohealla implant. I could share more details about other critical informations from the recent incidents, but I would like to keep some time off. The scarely thing is that, the V2K perps were saying that if they continue the high pitched noise for 4 or 5 nights, the victim might be dead. I think that is a critical way to kill someone or drive the one crazy. I don't know what happened to the picture. I kept it on the vertical angle but somehow I cannot make it to that way. I tried it with the viewer and the picture is fine in that way, but I don't know why it's different.
Please check the real cohealla implant. It's really identical, isn't it? Now we know why TIs are hearing voices or sounds. It's not a mental illness. It's a human experiment. I heard the local universities and students are involved for the new MKULTRA program. I wonder if they did not stop, then we have a right to get the investigation to have peace. The people with V2K might have the cohealla implantation. What if you get this and cannot sleep for few days? You could say that you are the victim of the human experiment like the UFO abductees. Also, I wonder why the effect suddenly reduced when I pulled that specific part of the ear. Is this the same for the below cohealla implant??

Also, these V2K perps were saying that I was only self- baptized because of my writing in the French trip and I was seeking the time for the baptism opportunity in Lourdes. At that time, the priest I met said they could do the emergency baptism but he also told me that normal way is usually after the catechism. And they want to believe I'm not baptized. Later, I found an opportunity to get 3 month catechism and had the small mass for my baptism day in a Catholic church. Well, it's up to the perps to believe what they want to believe. But I can say from the fact that whatever perps are saying and spreading is the false information. And it seems the perps might be willing to make up lies to claim me as a prostitute or something. Well, that would be a good way for harassing a Catholic who has the chastity as an important factor to avoid the gravely sin. It's Easter time. I wonder why these perps won't get shamed from what they are doing. Do they fast? I do when I have chance and I'm not under the EH harassment to make me having sudden artificial hunger. I think TIs got implants like the small RFID chips around the skull for checking the electromagnetic wave activities on one's brain. It can reduce the brain function and ohter effects on the brain. Also the speech control by the sub vocal code jacking with the implants. 

24 March, 2012

Black is White and White is Black - the mechanism of new mental-hygine process

The CIA and FBI guys have the famous slogan, "black is white and white is black." This is the system of the NWO. When someone says "black is white," like the 911 attack with some strange incidents like 3 buildings collapsing in the free-fall motion and some one speaking "pull down" before the collapse. If I know New York became a symbol of the new propaganda for the total control of the world population with the fake terrorism attacks done by the informants, I would be able to stay away from these "criminal/terrorists searching" mafias who are the actual gang stalkers. The FBI agents get points and promotion through adding the suspicious individuals on the certain indexes like "Communist Index" and "Muslim Index." While they are making up the false witness and getting recruited into the criminal ring for creating the false criminals and mental patients, more innocent citizens are disparaging from the society. In a long run, we just have the informants owning everything while their non-friends ending up in hospitals and prisons. Look at what happened in the US and why there are so many homeless population while no one notice. Basically, the gang stalking mechanism can take the targeted person from the society while the society is owned by the local elites and controlled by the police informants. What kind of social system is it? We used to have democracy, but now we lost the "citizen" population and this part was replaced by the "informants."

The history of mental hygine is well written in this article.
Zusammenfassung meiner Botschaften: Die Mental-Hygiene verschmolz 1968 mit der Sex-Revolution der talmudistischen Frankfurter Schule zu einem giftigen Cocktail, das innerhalb von ein paar Jahrzenten die Jahrtausende alte Europäische Kultur, Religion, Moral fast auslöschte. Sie hatte 1948 die UN-NRO, die “World Federation for Mental Hygiene” (WFMH) gestiftet- mit Brigadier-General und Militär-Psychiater John Rawlings Rees als dem ersten gewählten Präsidenten. Rees hatte die Tavistock Clinic gegründet – ab 1947 das Tavistock Institute – nach eingehenden Studien über den Zusammenbruchspunkt des Menschen, und wie man den zur Massenkontrolle nutzen kann. Dafür bekam er Hilfe von Sigmund Freud.
Rawlings Rees besuchte fleissig die Nazi-Prominenz, Rudolf Hess, in der englischen Gefangenschaft. Heute unterzieht das Tavistock System die angelsächsischen Führer einer globalistischen Gehirnwäsche. Ein anderer Begründer der WFMH war sein Freund, General und Psychiater Brock Chisholm, der erste Generaldirektor der WFMH-Schwester bei der UN, der WHO. Brock Chisholm wollte jegliche Erinnerung an die alte Erziehung zur Sündenbewusstheit entfernen – mit Gewalt, sogar, wenn nötig. Ausserdem verband Chisholm Mental-Hygiene mit Weltbürgerschaft und gründete die “Mentale Gesundheit und Weltbürgerschaft”.

In Germany and many part of the Europe got local Firefighter/Ambulance/Police and the local informants team working together for taking out the Targeted Individuals. They often do the orchestra of frequent siren and appearing on the street where TI is nearby. If you don't believe that, please check out the TI's blogs and the locations where they live. You should be able to hear the sirens and frequent appearance of the certain special vehicles as well as some other cars with their head lights on. These people are the informants and they can do any nasty things in order to full fill the order of "taking out the unwelcome person" from the society. They often try to drive the one away from the society to make the one go back to their original place, where the local members are responsible for harassment. The target are always unwelcome anywhere, though.

So, what is the process of "black is white and white is black"? It's really simple. These people turn everything what they say as what their victim did. Also, they claim what they did as what the victim did. This way, they don't get any feeling of the remorse and only get the anger from the fact what happened and put the anger toward the victim. Pretty crazy to think about, but that is what PSYCHOPATH can do. And often the people around the victim are welcomed by these SOCIOPATH who became the norm for the people around the victim. So, the people around the victim would get the rumors from them and also engage in the mobbing toward the victim. If you don't believe it, check out what happened in Meininger Hostel in my recent video. All employees are making some kind of mistakes for the gaslighting. How often one guest gets such a treatment like nearly evacuated from the bed at 2.30am by being asked to show the evidence of the room stay while the hostel made the mistake for assigned the person in a different room and Chinese people occupied the room claiming about stranger in the room, then next day the bed is cleaned and the belongings on the bed was taken away, and the new room number with the wrong date is added on the paper.

By the way, these sociopath are the product of Superhuman.

What is the new Superhuman project? I'll explain a bit with the young adult perps.The juveniles and the sex-abuse victims are often asked to work for them for the propaganda of taking out the child abusers. That is why many young perps are the sluckers like high school dropouts and hanging around in a group. The single parents with small kids are also engaged in the gang stalking as they can get small money from the mafia group. These people are also the victim of what they are as they are formed in the groups and the peer pressures and the norm that the target must be destroyed by the any means. Because of these suddenly showed up many single/couple parents with kids around the victim, the victim is often claimed as pedophilie when the one does not like to go out with their members for the hypersexual claim and prostitute claims. From this reason, I think some Catholic victims should get a help for others who are capable to film the situation like sudden increase of parents with kids. I currently got this children encountering, but I got less chance to get the parents' face pictured for the gang stalker list. But I think it would be more interesting to show the ratio in the area with large kids appearance. These people learn how to be the slave of the society to keep the social system. When the elites say who to be taken out, they will help to take the one out without any ethical reasoning. Job must be done - the same goes for the business intelligence. There is no need of remorse as the result and the achievement is all. Manipulation is the best tool for cheating the fair play game. In the group, they manipulate someone, and the result is the train of false witness done like the witch hunting. The result only shows their victim is a which, the unwelcome person. Police control the world and thus COINTELPRO still continues.

I'm crazy as I believe the black supposed to be black and white supposed to mean white. Also, I have certain remorse and ethical feeling. These makes me to feel like human rather than a machine for the society. If entire population is manipulated, no one will be sane in the society. Thus people will start saying like two air plane crashes on the side of the building can cause three buildings to go down and the physicists cannot really prove the mechanism at all as scientific formulas cannot make a plus sign to be a negative without particular reason.

20 March, 2012

The mechanism of increasing Muslim extremists

From my own experience, I learned the following.

  • Not all the Muslims are counted as Muslim and added to the FBI's "Muslim Index." It's like how the holocaust victims were larger than the Jewish population. I probably counted in also despite of non-Muslim person...
  • Some extremists are part of the FBI's cell team. They work for the part of the exercises and to manage to control the "extremist" group. The system is like how the FBI informants create a rival organization to kick out the original which is the controversy and needs to be taken out by the COINTELPRO. Their activities are used for the military drills for the prevention.
  • The local Muslim police informants act wildly for the gang stalking and other extralegal activities. Police informants are the intelligence team. If they visit the foreign country, you know what would happen. But these people are often work in the foreign countries for helping the joint "anti-terrorism" projects.
  • Barak Obama is a Muslim. And he has the infamous "assassination team" targeting the US individuals. 

Can you see how we can reduce the Muslim extremist population to have a safe world?

18 March, 2012

American perps these days

After some trouble with Japanese and Chinese perpetrators, now I have been stalked by American and British-accent English speaking perps.

Yesterday, I went out to eat fish&chips for St. Patty's day. When I approached near the restaurant, I found suddenly people with kids showed up. Well, I often take a picture of the restaurant, and it was quite hard to get the picture "without" kids because of sudden children with kids surrounding the restaurant area. It was like some parents wondering around on the street while taking picture of their kids or kids running around on the street. I tried to take a picture after passing these kids. Then there was a kid running out from the restaurant entrance. It's not a restaurant with kids logo or some Toys'r's looking place. It's for the traditional dining-in customers.

Then I thought maybe I should wear a T-shirt with "Warning: A Catholic with frequent children with concerned parents showing up for the gang stalking for the claim of child molester/child abuser" or film a documentary of how these parents with kids settled on the street like 20m distance for the gang stalking skits.

When I went in, there were two guys with a waitress talking in the reception area. I wanted to settle down in a quiet place, so I went to the back of the garden area. But before that, these two guys also made a move and they settled on the garden area. I took the table behind them as the rest seemed to be really back like the edge of buildings and was really a corner. The waitress was spontaneously talking with them. It's a typical gang stalking skit like they know the stuffs for asking favors and claiming the target for any suspicion to make them work for them. These guys are speaking in American English and they seemed to be only drinking Coke. They had another large coke later. The waitress showed up and she was talking with them whenever she has time during her job on the backside. Here is the pictures of them. They showed up for drinking 2 large cups of Cokes and saying they don't have money to order a food. Do you see people like this in an Irish Pub? I wanted to see what's going on in St. Patty's day there. I saw two American guys chatting with the waitress in front of me and they are only drinking Coke instead of Guinness or something more popular thing in the restaurant. They could get cheaper Coke in more fastfood looking restaurant or cafe instead.

And there were some people with kids back in the garden also. These people settled more nicer part in the garden. Since I settled and was eating my lunch, I saw a woman with a small baby on her hand showed up and walked toward the edge of the garden where there is nothing interesting and unpaved. I took the picture of the group member, just in case they might be also from the US.

And here is an interesting person with Balak Obama logo T-shirt I saw today. How many people own these T-shirt or shops selling it in Europe? I wonder if the gang stalkers are now hiring the US Army for the part time stalking jobs. A nice T-shirt logo anchoring, isn't it? I went to the church and came back. Only that much activity, I saw something strange around me.

09 March, 2012

Koreans and the Virgin Mary for the Island

I often encounter Koreans and Indians in the church areas and they seemed to be engaged in the gang stalking. They might have a different agenda against Japanese, so I guess I should be careful with them. I found a following article about the island which is Japan's property but Korea is claiming as theirs. They build a statue of the Virgin Mary for the protection of the island in Korean name. It's rather political. I have seen the gang stalkers like using the Virgin Mary for their own harassment through their gang stalking activities. Like the group of young boys and few junior high age boys in a group and jumping in front of where I stayed for reading a book in the oceanside and causing my beach towel to get wet from the splash in Split. The boys were shouting like "Our Lady of Mexicana" and jumping into the water. Well, it sounds pretty much like what Koreans do, isn't it? I don't know them but they start the harassment like that.

Not all Catholics have intentions to be no harm on strangers. So, I guess it is good to warn others what sound more of political and potentially controversial. I stay away from Korean Catholics as they might have some wrong view of the Virgin Mary. If they target "Soka Gakkai" Japanese, then I don't mind about them. But targeting another Catholic with their own view, I don't really know if that is fine.

【竹島問題】「日本による苦痛を共にして下さい」… 韓国カトリック教会が『独島を守る聖母マリア像』建立 [02/04](1001)

1 犇@犇φ ★ 2009/02/04(水) 20:36:35 ID:???



幅 60cmの大理石像で、李グァンス(ヤコブ)さんが製作・寄贈した作品だ。




▽別ソース:Naverニュース(韓国語)(2009-02-02 11:21)

07 March, 2012

Japanese gang stalkers

I don't think the area I live now have many Japanese population. I don't check the news, so I don't know if Japanese are really evacuating from their country due to the radioactive pollution. The trick done by the Japanese government is; they transported the foods from Fukushima and let the people in Fukushima to eat foods from other prefectures. It's like the exchange of the materials to balance out the radioactive intake. You can find the products from Fukushima area to be found in Okinawa. Also, about the half of food products are imported to Japan. Thus, the Japanese don't get too much damages from the cesium intake. But you can see, the people who are helping the propaganda of eating food products from Fukushima get health problems or heart attacks. Only the ignorants and crooks live longer these days.

Well, I have been encountering many Japanese here. Sometimes, I got some Bosnian people - weird but that happens to me as I saw their passport. It's OK to see some people from the neighboring countries though.

Today, I was walking on the street and saw some people with small children. After them was a group of locals walking. Then after the locals were some middle-age Asian women. They were talking in Japanese. That area has no Japanese restaurant or supermarket nearby. So, it's a bit odd to see them. Maybe that was the Soka group doing the gang stalking using the small kids. Since Japanese showed up so often, I got some evidences. I can share the facial pictures of them to double check the Soka Gakkai people in the local area. Or the TEPCO or something specific. Cults often stalks someone and also some Japanese companies with certain interest. I missed to film them as I was not aware how I could encounter the Japanese in such a occasion.

Here is a good example of how it is. One day, I sat in a train. There was a seat available in front and next to an Asian woman. There were some people standing. So, I sat down there and saw the woman holding "Chikyu no arukikata" (the popular traveling guide in Japan). Next day, I visited a shopping center to buy something. I saw the same woman with the same clothes and the same book in her left hand. How many people with a guide book walking around in a shopping center? She was hanging around when I was in the same section. So, I decided to take the picture of her for the future encounter. Well, I did not see her again - she might be hanging around me but I was pretty busy these days so I did not have time to do anything with the perps. You can see the book on her left hand. I could take a better picture if I was not in hurry.

05 March, 2012

Meininger Hostel in München, Germany

Do you know what makes a hostel/hotel a bad place? It's all about gang stalkers. They harass the target and sometimes do the theft and damages on the target's belongings. Here is a good example happened recently and I got full information recorded. There were many Japanese people showed up but that part would be for the Japanese perp list and for the Japanese TIs. Some of them are majoring in medical fields, so I can imagine that they are capable to handle covert "UFO-type" implanting to other chemical uses. I got many Japanese perps still, but they seem to be no harm, just hanging around behind some mothers with children walking toward me or something. But it is nice to mention "toxic people" so someone won't get a pray by their gang stalking activities.

Meininger Hostel I got:
- One Stanford-logo man
- Some US Army related people
- Some Japanese travelers
- frequent police officer visits!!! (featured in the video)
- frequent passing of fire tracks, ambulance, and police cars.
- damages on my suitcase, missing pile of notes and my few textbooks

The below video shows the footage of the day I was in the room #611. I moved my luggages in late afternoon and I was away till 11.30pm. There were 5 Chinese speaking women in the room which is 6 bed room. After 2am, I heard some women and a man talking in the room. The man started to wake me up asking "what's your name?" and treated me as if I'm a stranger walked into the room. I was in the different room before and but the staffs did not recognize me at all. When I went back to the room, the Chinese women were there but they did not ask me anything at all. My luggage was there, so they should know someone else already put stuffs in the room. I should mention here that I found the damage on my sleeping bag's cover which I left on my bed to claim where I would sleep. I did not film it but I got picture of the damage to share. The reception guy, Paul, started asking me to show my room key or some proof of my reservation at 2am. So, I started filming the situation for the evidence of what was going on at middle of the night. I don't film in the dorm room normally unless I cannot access to my voice recorder or I was in the possible threat and physical damages from others. Although the Chinese women were with Paul, they went back to their bed pretending to sleep. So, I felt like it was the set up for the gang stalking skit, and started acting like a journalist. I asked the Chinese women why they asked reception for stranger in the room when they are 5 people. They say that they were in different room but they had "problem" and moved here and so on. What kind of problem is that??? Anyway, they brought someone to wake me up at 2am. They all left in less than 3 minutes. All of them had small luggages as if they are temporary hired or the gang stalking and working or visiting for such purpose. These Chinese women had no logic at all. They did not rent up the room paying for the six people, so it means they should expect someone else in the room. I wonder if they are student in UK or something showing up for the gang stalking purpose. If so, you can imagine the level of their logical understanding, I mean the basic algebra part.

Next day, I was still in the same room while no one else was in the room. In morning, I found the damage on my suitcase. Which originally happened in 4U Hostel, where another woman had similar suitcase damage. Also, I got my towel got hole on it for some mysterious reason. I got some video about that incident to share later though. And one US Army cap wearing old guy there asking me about my external hard drive. He asked me if the device is connected to the Internet or not. Strange question, isn't it? I glued it with textile glue, and it was quite sticked well. But the suitcase was again damaged.

I came back at late afternoon and found someone cleaned the room. I found my paper bag with some textbooks and papers in it missing. I put it on my bed near my pillow. Who wants to steal old books and notes? The bag was gone!!! I complained it at the reception. Later, I came back and found the bag was at the reception. I picked it up. The female clerk mentioned me that it was the day I supposed to leave. I said I have a room till Saturday, the next morning. They asked me to see my card and such. The second time the hostel workers asking me to show the proof of the reservation. Last night, I supposed to be in #309, but the clerk gave me the key for #611. It's not my mistake. And again they asked me to change the room. I have no idea why they are using computer for booking while they don't know where they send their guests or how long they would stay. Monkey work, or worse. Isn't that what people would call as mental problem or paranoia? As for the TIs, I often get the claim like that while the people claiming are acting like that. Then they gave me the new key, but this time they made the mistake on the date, which they put as February instead of March. A big difference, isn't it?

Just like the regular stores, restaurants, and hotels where gang stalkers often showed up, the hostel often has the police officers visiting. However, these cops won't do anything about the damages on the guest's personal properties. Intelligence work? Or the CIA face company? Either way, you see what it really look like to stay in Meininger Hostel as a TI. Property damage and gaslighting. Tell me why the police showing up and the damages and strange harassment going on. Isn't it COINTELPRO?

I hope you now know what the perpetrators working in hostels look like.