27 February, 2009


For the healthcare institutions, workers, insurance companies, consumers, patients in the US must go through this act.

If you are wrongly brought to mental institutions in a strange circumstance such as questioned the mental stability right after became a whistleblower, you might have right to represent yourself with this act. Customers has right to be informed and the medical care and medical researches. This would be a hope for those falsely claimed as mentally ill.

For more information, read this page.

Consumer Bill of Rights and Responsibilities
Chapter One
Information Disclosure

Statement of the Right Consumers have the right to receive accurate, easily understood information and some require assistance in making informed health care decisions about their health plans, professionals and facilities.[/b]

This information should include:

* Health plans:4 Covered benefits, cost-sharing, and procedures for resolving complaints; licensure, certification, and accreditation status; comparable measures of quality and consumer satisfaction; provider network composition; the procedures that govern access to specialists and emergency services; and care management information.
* Health professionals: Education and board certification and recertification; years of practice; experience performing certain procedures; and comparable measures of quality and consumer satisfaction.
* Health care facilities: Experience in performing certain procedures and services; accreditation status; comparable measures of quality and worker and consumer satisfaction; procedures for resolving complaints; and community benefits provided.

Consumer assistance programs must be carefully structured to promote consumer confidence and to work cooperatively with health plans, providers, payers, and regulators. Sponsorship that assures accountability to the interests of consumers and stable, adequate funding are desirable characteristics of such programs.


I'm working on to get my medical records and how I ended up getting mental health record in the below condition. And I wanna know how it is possible of changing so much in diagnosis. I was first claimed as suicidal while I denied and psychiatrists made up something to keep me in El Camino Hospital. Thanks for Blue Cross of California paying 1 week hospital stay and the expensive medication.

1. Suicidal and harmful to others (10.16.06) - claim was done by Dr. J.A. English-Lueck, Sgt. John Laws and another police officer. I denied their claim as I was on my way to a class. I have the voice recording of this.

2. Suicidal and harmful to others (10.17.06) - from Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, the paramedics sent me to El Camino Hospital. They wrote so in the admission form to the second hospital. I only had urine examination twice in SCVMC.

3. Gravely disabled and harmful to others (10.20?.06) - Dr. Peter Newsom diagnosed me so in 5 minutes talking in the hallway. He also tried to set 14-days hold to me.

4. Voluntary Patient (10.20?.06) - I signed the form Dr. Peter Newsom gave as the option to be released on next Monday.

5. Paranoia (?) - Dr. Kent, the old friend of Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen of SJSU counseling service held several group session. At that time, I was able to realize answering "I was a bit paranoia about students' discrimination" made better for my situation. The SJSU Psychology major student, Hilda B., resident of Campbell, and my old friend from DeAnza advised me on the phone to say "paranoia" so things would go easy.

6. Paranoia, or what? (10.23.06) - After I agreed with Dr. Robert Burr that I will cancel the investigation of SJSU Equal Opportunity Service about student discrimination, I was discharged.

I would like to know what this hospitalization by Dr. J.A. English-Lueck and Sgt. John Laws was about? I never said to be suicidal from the beginning and everyone in SJSU, SCVMC, El Camino Hospital made lies. Too much lies makes things so strange. I just wanna know how they are trying to cover-up everything. The medical records from the hospitals and the insurance should much as well as the evidences I have.

26 February, 2009

February 25th, 2009 - InterDiscount at Zofingen

I visited InterDiscount in Zofingen yesterday afternoon. My camcorder needed larger SD-card if I want to film much longer. So, I had the exact image of what I would buy (4GB SD-card) and visited the store. I tried to find it in COOP last time but the it was not on the shelf. This time, I went to get one in InterDiscount as it should have some surplus of the products. When I was comparing two types in the store, I found Kingston model had a damage on the plastic package. It was like a sharp knife cut. There were two Kingston model on the shelf. I moved the damaged one to the back and tried to examine not-damaged one. If my finger prints were on the damaged one, that was because I had to touch it to move another one on the behind. I am not sure if the damaged was caused by the organized stalkers but they should know I would report this to my blog. It is quite funny I have to share information in different InterDiscount again. Last visit to the store was in Aarau and I posted the information. Now is about Zofingen. How could this happen? I would take statistics to find incidents that are noticeable.

There was a clerk talking with a male customer about the product at the casher. And the damaged Kingston plastic package was hanged behind of the clerk. I am not sure why nobody saw the damage of the product package just behind of the casher to remove it from the shelf. There was another clerk was on the phone and he disappeared just behind of the store. I have seen clerks receiving phone calls quite often I found some kind of a skit was going on in the store. This could be just a coincidence but I would like to mention. When I decided to buy the non-damaged Kingston card, I had to wait awhile at the casher as the clerk was busy talking with the customer. Then I found people showed up and settled near the walls of each corner. The store seemed to get crowded but near the casher had no people around – except the clerk and the customer and I.

I just found the damage of the package quite strange as well as the situation. Some one I met in Aarau Caritas over one year ago showed up in front of my home and started conversation in Zofingen. I only met handful of people in Aarau Caritas and one of them were able to show up in front of my home which is just in a rural area. Because of the

For the tendency of organized Stalkers, I think they wanted to make up a claim about me for stealing or shoplifting. Instead, I post the incident for the real crime prevention. If they wanted to claim me stealing something while they take the product, they would find the fact of my purchase of undamaged one very strange. I post the receipt and the picture of the actual product here. The clerk, Sebastian Regez, was the one who was on the phone. Since his name is on the receipt, I guess keep his name in my blog as the witness of my purchase of the product. I am just curious what happened to the damaged one. I hope they do not make me as the suspect of the damage because of my finger prints on it.

25 February, 2009

I will try to get my medical records.

Yesterday night, I called both Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and El Camino Hospital through Skype as it was the cheapest way before I really consult with a lawyer. Santa Clara Valley Medical Center had answering machine only for customer service. And El Camino Hospital female clerk told me that they received my request which I have sent on October 3rd 2007. When I asked her what happened and why I have not received any reply from the hospital, she told me they sent the invoice to Japan. I never heard my family got one at all.

Since I contacted lawyers to receive my medical records from these hospitals, I got replies. This is not about lawsuit but to get my medical records. The lawyers has no risk on becoming a mediator to get the records from the hospitals and send it back to me. Still, it seems to cost over $1,000 for just getting the records.

But I learned about HIPAA, which protect patients rights. If the hospitals neglected my human rights, I can file the complaints. I think this should be a hope for paying over $1,000. Say, I think it is important for me as I do not know how long I can live while being targeted by the organized stalkers nor know the truth of what happened in the hospitals. I will reports to others as things go.

While I was thinking what to discuss with the lawyer for consultation, I figured out something funny and could be noticeable:
- On October 16th, 2006, Dr. J.A. English-Lueck, Sgt. John Laws, and another SJSU police officer claimed me suicidal and harmful to others. I denied it during the conversation, but the police said they believe me so and handcuffed and sent me to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. This whole conversation was recorded and you can watch it with transcription on my video.
- On October 17th, 2006, I was sent to El Camino Hospital by the paramedics in the ambulance. It was exactly the same as the SJSU police predicted. On the administration form, the EPS (paramedics) wrote I was making suicidal comments. I have the copy of this document.

So, how could I became "suicidal and dangerous to others" in one day, or about 12 hours? I never ever wanted to waste my life and I believe suicide is the worst form of wasting life. I am thinking how I can fix this false information about me so that FBI or gang stalkers (or Kantonspolizei in Switzerland?) do not murder me and claim the death as a suicide.

20 February, 2009

Implant? behind my ear

After reading this posting, I examined behinds of my ears. Then I found a tiny bump behind of my right ear. I only have the bump behind of my right ear, so this should be something noticeable. If I had something like this from my childhood, I probably knew it when I wash my hair.

The below is the picture I took with my digital camera. The bump is tiny so it may be hard to see from physical examination. But I feel something inside of the bump when I touch it.

Later, I searched through the Internet, I found some information about artificial middle ear. According to this Japanese website, it says the artificial middle ear has two parts; the part to be implanted behind the subjects' ear, and the transmitter which send sound waves. The implant may be attached with the skull or its transmitter should be close to the cochlear. Since the implant can get signal to be activated, the implant can be used almost lifetime without changing battery.

I do not know having a bump behind of one's ear is a characteristic for the voice hearing or electronic harassment victims, but this fact should be investigated by their own. Touching behind of one's ears are nothing much to do, right? You can do it while reading this.

Things you need to know to communicate with perps

Since I have been skipping posting to this blog. I decided to post something useful this time. The below is the links to teach you about the organized stalkers' communication styles; fallacies, misconceptions, etc. Their arguments are usually based on Straw Man or other strategies. It is a shame that authorities and the people working in the national defense are the expert in such fields rather than ethics and something healthy. No wonder why our society has corrupt.

List of fallacies

List of memory bias

List of cognitive bias

Straight and Crooked Thinking

I hope this listing would entertain the reader of my blog while I'm skipping so many days without posting.. And actually, this should be a good reminder for myself.

Oh Gosh! 41Kbps!!!

Since yesterday, my Internet connection was so slow.. When I checked the speed analysis, I was simply stunned. It was just 51Kbps. Worse than the old fashioned dial-up..

It took me 3 hours to post only 2 comments to my online class yesterday. It was almost an overnight work till 4am. I paused sometimes to wait for connecting as I thought it would be a matter of bad connection.

Then today, well actually yesterday as it's about 1am, I tried to post some assignments to my classroom. That was over 8 hours work. Since the Internet was slow, I tried to connect it waiting till the afternoon.

But it was funny that when I had extremely slow Internet connection, most website I browse everyday did not show up and ended up in white blank page. It reminded me of the news of someone cut Internet cable in the sea. In such case, the regular websites may not be visible because of the slowness of the whole Internet access. However, the simple websites just made of handwritten HTML with no picture would be still visible. Let me show the screen shot of what it looks in the life slower than dial-up connection. Check out the bite size. Downloading a free software could never be possible in such a lifestyle. What I learned from my experience? Prepared for the worst and always post my assignment earlier. Learning from small emergency is a good way to prepare for the worst scenario.

Because of the slow Internet, I wasn't able to finish translating the Zeitgeist website. Well, most part is done, so after I finish the "Support Venus Project" page, Japanese translation of main information is done. Cool to complete them by myself.

By the way, current speed is about 244KBps, and I can connect to the Internet anywhere in Switzerland except in wild areas or too close to Germany where Deutsch T-Mobile covers the frequency. Hopefully, if nobody is able to translate the new movie for Zeitgeist into Japanese, I can do some help for creating subtitle of it. It would be nice if someone else do so, though.

13 February, 2009


I have been receiving messages from IAMLOST frequently these days. Since he mentioned reading my German blog, I just posted my response and his comment there. Some radio DJs does the same, get letters or messages and post them on the broadcasting. From the first message, he told me having mental disease and suggested to visit a psychiatrist. It was February 3rd 2009. Then, I got another one on 5th, 7th, and 12th. All of his messages he just tries to persuade me to admit having a mental problem. How many normal people stick to tell a stranger having mental problem?

Yesterday, when I logged into YouTube, I found another comment form IAMLOST. I posted it on my German blog. Few hours later, he sent me another message telling me he read my blog posting. I posted the message to the blog as a evidence of such a short time response from him. It was just 3 to 4 hour duration he sent me another comment.. I felt like he is checking the message and online for whole day doing so. Otherwise, I cannot understand why he checked my blog posting during regular weekday and sending me a long message back to my YouTube account. Usin RSS could be a possibility, but what is the point sending same message - you have mental problem - to a stranger?? In his comment, he wrote me my videos show symptom of paranoia. Paranoia is the word I used about him in my posting - as he just sticked to me and kept sending messages.

And when I logged into YouTube today, I found another message from him. Well, is this like an "obsessed fan" does to celebrities? Like sending messages to explain how he feels or how he thinks about the target?? I do not know him/her at all. It sounds pretty creepy as he just kept sending messages. He surely has some obsession problem like other cyber stalkers. I can tell his problem clearly - he is sending messages to a stranger to look things just like he sees. I think this is a characteristic of Gaslighting, too.

I guess "IAMLOST" - tne name says where one's mind is. I hope he has some psychiatric treatment to find something interesting to do than sending "obsessive" messages to strangers. And I hope he minds his business rather than strangers. And I hope IAMLOST understands why I am posting his message and commenting on my blog instead of replying to him. Sending message to someone in paranoiac state is just a waste of time. I am wise enough to use his message as an example of how cyberbullies are obsessed with their target and keep telling their views for coercive persuasion. Clear enough? While IAMLOST wrote to me personally and read my blog entries, I used his messages as examples and shared how things will go with cyberbullies if the one does not ignore - result: they keep continue the communication and telling how their view is right to "a complete stranger."

12 February, 2009

Characteristics of Cyberbullies (Internet Troll) engaged in Organized Stalking on the Web

I have been collecting information of the cyberbullies commenting my videos on YouTube. I found similar characteristics of their writing styles, so I decided to share some yet I have not studied the cyberbullying from psychological aspect. I think their styles are same for other organized stalking victims as they always use same strategies for their activity.

  1. Cyberbullies push their subjection and deny anything from others' opinion. They only complain from their point of view while they deny anything including explanation from the target. It reminds me with my conversation with Dr. Wiggsy Sivertsen on the phone, she said my claim of students stalking was just an imagination and wanted to stop the “accusation” on students and the investigation of Equal Opportunity Services. This is called “Coercive Persuasion.” Psychologists including Sigmund Freud himself used it to shut up their patient to listen to what they believe.

    Example: I have some comments on my video saying they do not understand the language and there for they cannot see any problem – like someone shouting “I kill you” etc. These commenter may be the same people complain about problem communicating with outsourced customer services to India, you know what I mean.

  2. Cyberbullies write stuffs to accuse the target. Bullying is actually a type of accusation. It just has no logic or reason to do so. Their writing often contain something offensive. They want to accuse something toward the target no matter the accusation is not their business.

  3. Cyberbullies often use F-words and slanders. These offensive words go together well with their illogical accusation.

  4. Cyberbullies involved in organized stalking can write awkward comment in the place mismatched the information they share. I got comments like telling me what I'm doing in a dark room – those days, I was using PC typing at night on my bed with no lights on to save some electricity bill and avoid to get attention from the stalkers on surveillance. The video s/he commented had nothing to suggest dark room at all. It was much like a comment was posted to harass me. I think this can be like a type of horror story – a stalker watching the target writes letter to tell how he saw the target doing what.

  5. Cyberbullies can make up something to accuse the target. They tell lies and make up things and ridicule the target. In my case, I had a comment spreading false information about the video. That was done by a supervisor working for Ford? in Canada - I shared her comments in this blog before.

  6. Cyberbullies' writing styles are accusation, ridicule, false claim, exposure of privacy. If the cyberbullies are engaged in organized stalking, these styles are added; exposure of further privacy (from their surveillance), suggestion to visit a mental hospital. I would include “mental problem” accusation as a normal cyberbullies' technique as it can be categorized also in slander, but I think suggestion to visit a psychiatrist is something much specific.

  7. Cyberbullies love trying to mind others' business. In normal Internet communication, people do not care too much about people's doing. Cyberbullies take others' doing serious and try to destroy it for their desire – spread false information, interrupt regular communication, start conflicts, etc. If I share some video of people shouting me “I kill you” or something, normal viewers do not have to care about the privacy of the people engaged in mobbing in it. By joining the side of the bullies in my video, probably cyberbullies can feel sense of dominance as their self-esteem is so low.

Conclusion? I am still doing the research, but it seems cyberbullies have some mental problem that is harmful for others and the Internet environment. I can make some videos to warn the psychological problems of cyberbullies and suggest them to visit a psychiatrist for their problem.

By the way, I contributed the Japanese translation on Zeitgeist Movement. Since I was spending my time for that volunteer work, I couldn't post much in my blogs. My life is just the same. I have one week break from a new class. The few hours before the class end, a classmate suggested me to go back to Japan by telling me if I am innocent I could get protection in Japan. It was funny how just a classmate suggest something obvious - he should now what means to be mind one's business. I can share the screen capture of that comment, but I thought I would wait till the next class. Think about that war-loving top person of Japanese Self Defence Force and mysterious deaths of Japanese politicians, Japan is not safe place at all. I heard the organized stalking victims in Japan are often followed by Japanese Self Defence Force helicopters. Actually, I already got some Japanese comments or messages claiming me for something right-wing or left-wing Japanese group. How could I know them or related with them in my life? Up to the graduation of my senior high in Japan - I had not much trouble. I was the president of the student body in my senior high and such. You know I am just an avarage student with a "good looking" resume. Then, I lived in the US for 6 or 7 years. If Japanese tendency of harassing foreigners calling them "外人(Gai-Jin)" and people came back from abroad "帰国子女(Kikoku-Shijyo)" causes me to be something different from ordinary Japanese, I think that is possible because of my lifestyle. But not like Kaku-Maru or something unfamilier groups. I might write a comment in forums that might relate with certain Japanese groups to share the incident of SJSU police officers kidnapping me. It was part of my protesting. Seriously, I feel sick about these short-sighted Japanese perps trying to claim something up for others. Because of their short-sighted brains, I fear they can kill me by having delusion of something.

05 February, 2009

AG411409 - A rosary car for today

I went out this afternoon. Since I posted the incidents at the Post Office, it seemed the employees stopped engaged in the harassment. That sounds good. No more jamming of the customer ticket machine and customer lined without tickets before me or something like that. I guess this practice may still on in another rural post offices if another foreigner is targeted. But knowing the tricks make others aware of what can be done and who is behind.

Then, I went to a supermarket to buy some groceries. On my way home, I crossed the intersection I often see a car with rosary. This time, I saw another one with a wooden rosary hanged on the rear view mirror. There are about 3 to 4 cars lined on the street, but the car with a rosary was in front. This should be pretty impossible to happen unless someone planned it, don't you think?

Since my digital camera has vibrating problem and it was pretty dark, I just wrote down the license plate number. There was a police officer stood at the intersection. The license plate number is AG411109 and the it was white or light color.

I wish other perps should have their name tags on when they engage in organized stalking. Then I am able to keep the records of them. Since rosary anchoring is the primary thing they are doing, I just keep records of the license plate numbers and photos. Well, people can claim me these rosary siting is a coincidence. But I have much clear evidence in Buchs AG neighborhood and the skits by the Casa Torfeld I residents. I simply continue to collect the information of continuity of same incidents in my life. This is a scientific approach. Think about the statistics of calculating the possibility of seeing a car with a rosary in the same intersection about 80% of the time going out. The cars are stopped at the same side west bond towards the city. Perps should now statistics if they want to tell me if it is just a coincidence. By the way, I got B grade in Statistics class when I studied it. But I can still remember how to draw the Bell Curve and some statistic formulas.

04 February, 2009

How to keep one's mental state healthy - my relaxation techniques

The belows are my empirical knowledge of how keep the psychological wellbeing of oneself. I recognized that some people may think the list helpful. Living in modern world makes everyone stressed due to the complicated social structures and the environment. The victims of organized stalking are on the most edge of such pressures. I am hoping that you might remind these methods when you need to get rid of stresses. Unfortunately, the people who really need these advices are usually off the point and cannot even recognize how to keep them mentally functioning. These people do not have chance to look for help nor know what they need to know. By the way, I found out sociopath and organized stalking members might have different strategies than what I addressed below. When they are frustrated, they often act out violently or engage in blaming others for their problems. From such aspects, I think they could be easy to find through simple surveys. How about someone creating “sociopath test”? Oh, I forgot that the famous psychiatrists and psychologists are part of them. But a sociopath psychiatrist can create one as he or she knows what makes oneself a sociopath. If a sociopath psychiatrist does not know oneself as a sociopath through self-analysis, then the one may not create the test.

My suggestion here is a kind of relaxation technique to keep stress out from one's everyday life. If you know how to deal with stress, your mental health should be fine unless you are drugged by chemical weapon or something. I might write about how the chemical weapon likely to work in another posting. Mind control works extremely well when the subject is under high level of stress. That is why cults use several strategies – lack of foods, water, sleep, etc – to keep the subject stressed. If the subject is stressed, the one cannot think logically or evaluate one's state correctly. That is why I explain these techniques to others this time. You do not have to do all these methods. You can pick one or two for your situation. Everyone has different life style, so some of them should fit in your situation.

  1. Take 10 minutes break per one hour work – this is from one of my class at DeAnza College about preparation for college study. If you really enjoy your work, you may not need a break, but the subject is something stressful, you need some time to relax. The Mine Sweeper and other short puzzle games may serve this job.

  2. Take 2-3 hours off from stressful environment per a day. Watching a movie full time or read a chapter from the book can help you to have time not thinking about something stressful.

  3. Take one day off per a week to get relaxed. This method is also in the Bible. An ancient wisdom.

  4. The ideal is 3 days off per once a month. This may not applicable for full-time workers. But if your work hour is flexible, take 3 day off from your work. It actually work to regain your creativity. Why 3 days? That is the minimum period to make someone forget about one's work. Otherwise, the person may think about the work during the day. If the one remember it, he or she cannot really get relaxed. I heard that Morita therapy (type of psychiatric therapy named after its founder) may use similar theory. In Morita therapy, the patient is forced to remain bed for several days and do nothing. If the patient get better, he is allowed to engage in light work. Eventually, he is allowed to go back to his regular work. But my suggestion is for healthy individuals.

  5. From my experience, taking holidays or long vacation might be harmful for relaxation. It only work with new tasks or works. Like a semester class is an example. You take the class without holiday. Another class you might take is a different work for you. If you want to avoid stress from tasks and you have to go back to finish the same tasks, it is not a vacation but an attempt to escape from the reality.

  6. What you should do to get relaxed? Try to find one of these; a national best seller book, a very popular movie DVD, an insomniac computer game, a hobby that you like to spend more time on. The point is keep your brain occupied with something positive and better than your work. I prefer something that can be handled or comes with chronological strain. Watching a 2-hour movie or a ports game on TV can fit into this for a daily basis relaxation. But if your are trying to use 3-day-off method, try to play a computer game or read an exciting book. It helps you to learn something and get motivated to go back to your life from the characters in them. Traveling is also a good idea but it costs more than these. You can borrow a book or a DVD at a library. For computer games, there are free software available to download. If you lose your interest in new things, that is a bad sign for your mental health. Depression may come after – that is a theory. If you can find something interesting, you can get relaxed from participating it. But do not blame me if the book or DVD or a computer game you find is not much interesting than you expected. Read reviews about them first, so you do not get disappointed.

02 February, 2009

How to plan a RPG using MS Project part 1

These days, I have so much materials to read and nourish. My class finish in next week and I have to perform my best with MS Project now or the application icon might be disappear from the frame that pops up after clicking the Windows icon on the bottom left of the computer screen. In other words, another application might take its place of the popularity.

While typing up hundreds of dictionaries for practice, I got bored and thought about using the software to do something else for fun learning. Resources (worker) are likely to be Project Manager, Analyst, Developer, Designer, Writer, Technician, etc. Well, what if I changed it to something funny? - like a Swiss Army solder, a cow, a Swiss Guard (from Vatican), and a Yodel singer. If I use these workers for something, their attribute will be like this.

Swiss Army Solder - Warrior, or Solder.
Cow - a cow is just a cow... and it makes the RPG look like humorous and animal friendly.
Swiss Guard - Cleric/Swordsman.
Yodel Singer - Bard - you can imagine how he can reduce the aggressiveness of enemies, and if he failed to convince them, you can imagine the result of increasing their aggressiveness by making them mad.

So, I got one party with a warrior capable to use guns, a cow that can make the story something unique, a cleric-swordsman who can fight the best against undead, and a bard that can really make sense of how his/her singing damage enemy's fighting spirit.

As a RPG, they need a plan of fighting against evil or something to achieve, I thought that part can be written in a Work Breakdown Structure form go through the System Development Life Cycle. Sorry about the technical words. It's just about how to make a plan or a schedule for a project. By adding story lines in a form of a project schedule, I thought MS Project might be suited to see how entire RPG looks like. Since the application can manage Predecessors for certain tasks, these characters must accomplish something before they can do something new. Now, this sounds much like a real RPG, isn't it?

I also thought that MS Project can be used as a tool to create gamebooks. When I was a kid, I was a big fan of gamebooks. Steve Jackson, Livingstone, and J. H. Brennan were my favorite authors. I thought about using the project dictionaries to show the section of the gamebook (not really a gamebook, but similar style) and the Gantt Chart to show how the story line looks like. I guess no one will upload a template for creating a gamebook to the Microsoft website. I thought it sounds fun to try it, but I was too busy for reading. Since I do not like gang stalkers to use my ideas, I post them to my blog. I still have enough creativity like what high school level kids have.

By the way, I am working on translating a popular website. My translation will be done in about 2 weeks, so I might tell what I did voluntary. Some people just take volunteer jobs that comes with some paper works for their career. I hated such bureaucratic exploitation of volunteering and activism. I might not have proper records of volunteer works by myself, yet I think that is something much like the concept of the original meaning of voluntarily. If I am not blogging, I certainly not tell what I do daily to spend my time. Anyway, I will tell the result to others who are interested in Zeitgeist movement as I want to make more people interested in it.