25 June, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 22-23rd,2017

OSAM from June 22-23rd, 2017. I traveled from Thessaloniki to Podgorica. I made a mistake on the bus time due to the time zone change but the bus company led me use the purchased ticket. That was the positive thing about Greece.

Goddies clerk boiled the penne pasta in one basket but she put the extra left over type some penne in another basket to be added into my dish. So, I just threw away the dish. I did not want to get poison on the trip day. But I've learned how something would be contained outside from the plastic packets for the each meal.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 24th,2017

Anti-Semitism from yesterday. I bought a nice Israel flag for 20€ in Thessaloniki not far from the Catholic church there. If I use the yellow badge, some perpetrtors thought me crazy. So, I just use the Israel flag like a cape from now on. Look at the German car parked outside of the hotel and it left with the "fuck Israel" shouting boys.

How to be in danger in Podogrica city center? Hmmm? Only for the Jews or what? Now, I found it better image on the audience as the German victim related with Israel.

Can anyone tell me how much I can get as the compensation from these 5 years stalking German car owners and the anti-Semitic mobs?

21 June, 2017

The best conservative Forex formula?

This is a funny formula I created from my statistics beginner knowledge and some practice making to learn how to write a book about Forex. Here is just a show off of what I'm doing with the demo accounts.

The 5 results from the Forex currency purchases. The value would; increase, decrease, even, sold at the stopping loss rate, sold at the total win rate. The currency has some value above 0.0000 while the currency is backed up by the countries using it. The PIP would be added for this 0.0000 calculation. Most Forex sites give the customers to see only their profits without no hidden costs such as the fees. Fees would be calculated for showing the profit already. The CDFs would be sold with 5-10€ handling fees, so I only discuss the Forex trading here to explain my Forex formula I'm into the practice.

1000€ for the potential gambling as the good example with the easy calculation purpose. For the real trading, the total would be calculated with 1000€ x (number) = total deposit. I would just say, half of the deposit to be used as the safe way of trading. For the trading, 2000€ total would be the safest way of preventing the total loss.

So, the half of the amount would be 1000€ when 2000€ is the deposit.

1000€ / 5 = 200€ * 5.
What it means that the trading change would be 5. So, 3-4 out of 5 purchased currencies to gain the profit can make the potential total money for the trading. This is the psychology of me in gambling saying what to be used and not to be used as the safe stuck to keep the gamble going on.

Note: I'm not explaining what to buy for the trading. But it should be something moving and stable for making the increase for the weekly level chart at least. I can discuss this which to buy in another posting.

I think the best profit making chance would be around 7.35-8% profit increase from the original purchased value. Total win could be around that point and the Stop Loss value must be hell below if the trader is certain that the value would go up later. I would rather set any SL value if the country is not going to corrupt.

Here, I just use 6% as the beginner's profit making point on the Forex trading. This is just the easy understanding explanation. 200€ with the 6% increase would give the trader 12€ from the profit. This could be counted as the simple backed up money for preparing the losses of the same amount. Any loss plus the same amount win would still keep the trading money even. How many times the first gambling would be? Of course 5 chances! 5 of the 200€ trading slots gives the trader (gambler) 5 potential wins and 5 total losses. Since the winner can sell the currency anytime profitable, so I omit the 5 total losing chance. There should be 0.5% wining is just enough for the beginners sometimes. But that is not really the case here. So, the basic aiming is 3-4 wining out of 5 to keep the winning time above the losing time to be safe to continue trading. The currency trading to be calculated simply by the probability check. 3 winnings out of 5 can give 200€ value back after 5.56 times of trying the 5 currency tradings. And 4 out of 5 winning could be 4.1 times. So, the optical image of the winning ratio can be increasing one slot more after the purchase and the practice of 4/5 or 3/5 winning in total at the 5 currencies trading after 4-6 chance checking. So, if it works, just keep the 5 times trading as the original way and keep the 200€ as the optional one more slot for the trading.

The new way of seeing Forex trading from the pure statistics and mathematics approaches.
And the above formula helps to see how people actually lost without hoaxes.

And the top secrets are what, when, where to buy the currencies. Also, the psychological reasoning of the Forex trading is one of the top kept secret, also. The psychology? I would say that's true.
Such parts are not shared on this post. I would rather do some more basic researches for writing the Forex trading.

I'm thinking to write the parody book named "The Wall of Wolf Street" after seeing German stocks just went down and always down after my demo account purchase of the small potions such as DTE.DE (T-com Germany) for 100€. It was just the joke and my first purchase option from the recomended list and went down and still down. I'm working on Forex now, but I might try the Black Monday formula research with the multiple German stock purchases from my virtual money account. 

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 20th,2017

I haven't use my blog when I was in Skopje. My Facebook account was banned 3 times in Skopje in February, April, and June. 24 hours, 3 days, and 7 days banning. The V2K speakers told me that the Chinese are responsible for the Facebook money account swindling from the Facebook users in Skopje if the user is counted as an Asian. They would close the account and steal the money connection. I don't use the FaceBook for purchasing anything. So, I avoided any further trouble except the long term banning. Well, I just share that information here. I'm in Greece now. Should be safe to share stories here.

Here is the video from today. I traveled from Skopje to Thessaloniki. I saw some German cars and a Romanian car was parked outside of my hotel. The location is nice. No harassment at all. Creek but still a mild tendency of just the locals around.

02 June, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 1st, 2017 - Japanese Yakuza/Agent Yuki Hosoya included

Here is the recent video log from yesterday. I traveled from Podgorica to Shkodra. There were so many Asians in the bus and one Japanese girl was also in for the solo travel. I saw the passport pile and only 2 Japanese passports in. So, I'm sure Yuki Hosoya would be the one doing the ID theft for using my name and engaged in the prostitution for money making for the trip and even claiming to be a Muslim. I see these people before. So, just do the background check of Yuki Hosoya who is probably the Japanese agent who just came for the surveillance. The name sounded like Hosoya Yuki - the pronounciation is just like a joke meaning the "media go" and that is the favorite of the Tokyo Yakuza people who often got pervert male who makes the orders of who to be added for their teams. For example, someone's name would be Keisuke and that means KeisatuTasukeru (police help) and someone with the first name comes with Tomo (Friend in Japanese) and the man would ask to call him as "friend" instead.

As far as I know, the girl could be one SDF woman who experienced the extreme incident such as the poverty in the mountain or somewhere to have a broated face with very skinny body lines. I've seen someone like that in Dublin Barista School and she had the fatty face with very skinny body. The Voice To Skull people said that these people could be eager to be the shellfish inside for hiding in the ocean. And this Yuki Hosoya could be related with Japanese old elite club from the prime ministors' families in Croatia. They had Mr. Eda, Mr. Kan, Mr. Noda, Aiko club, Makiko Tanaka's family, Mr. Owada - the one who was on the wheelchair and moving in the hospital bed with the wheel toy, and Mr. Kaku - the one Yuki Hosoya would be part of the mafia club for exploiting others' wealth. Also, she could be one of Bol mafia's friend to be in Croatia. Anyway, I share the information to Interpol and other places.

I'm expecting to get enough compensation to get a new investiment citizenship somewhere to get rid of my ex-Nazis like citizenship. No German, no Korean, no Japanese, no Italian and my citizenship should be cleaned out. And I'm learning Hebrew for the best way to put some posters around about my German stalker list on sale. If I get enough money, I might have my own chapel like museum for my own for the prayers. Isn't it good to have a church in the big mansion like the old timers' way? And I could get the No-Muslim zone for my own safety. And who would be claiming me to be a Muslim so they could steal my stuff for the investigation? I'm anti-Islam and staying away from Muslim areas if it is possible. I could get my own cuise ship to be somewhere in T-shirt all day long.