02 June, 2017

Organized Stalkers Around Me - June 1st, 2017 - Japanese Yakuza/Agent Yuki Hosoya included

Here is the recent video log from yesterday. I traveled from Podgorica to Shkodra. There were so many Asians in the bus and one Japanese girl was also in for the solo travel. I saw the passport pile and only 2 Japanese passports in. So, I'm sure Yuki Hosoya would be the one doing the ID theft for using my name and engaged in the prostitution for money making for the trip and even claiming to be a Muslim. I see these people before. So, just do the background check of Yuki Hosoya who is probably the Japanese agent who just came for the surveillance. The name sounded like Hosoya Yuki - the pronounciation is just like a joke meaning the "media go" and that is the favorite of the Tokyo Yakuza people who often got pervert male who makes the orders of who to be added for their teams. For example, someone's name would be Keisuke and that means KeisatuTasukeru (police help) and someone with the first name comes with Tomo (Friend in Japanese) and the man would ask to call him as "friend" instead.

As far as I know, the girl could be one SDF woman who experienced the extreme incident such as the poverty in the mountain or somewhere to have a broated face with very skinny body lines. I've seen someone like that in Dublin Barista School and she had the fatty face with very skinny body. The Voice To Skull people said that these people could be eager to be the shellfish inside for hiding in the ocean. And this Yuki Hosoya could be related with Japanese old elite club from the prime ministors' families in Croatia. They had Mr. Eda, Mr. Kan, Mr. Noda, Aiko club, Makiko Tanaka's family, Mr. Owada - the one who was on the wheelchair and moving in the hospital bed with the wheel toy, and Mr. Kaku - the one Yuki Hosoya would be part of the mafia club for exploiting others' wealth. Also, she could be one of Bol mafia's friend to be in Croatia. Anyway, I share the information to Interpol and other places.

I'm expecting to get enough compensation to get a new investiment citizenship somewhere to get rid of my ex-Nazis like citizenship. No German, no Korean, no Japanese, no Italian and my citizenship should be cleaned out. And I'm learning Hebrew for the best way to put some posters around about my German stalker list on sale. If I get enough money, I might have my own chapel like museum for my own for the prayers. Isn't it good to have a church in the big mansion like the old timers' way? And I could get the No-Muslim zone for my own safety. And who would be claiming me to be a Muslim so they could steal my stuff for the investigation? I'm anti-Islam and staying away from Muslim areas if it is possible. I could get my own cuise ship to be somewhere in T-shirt all day long.



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