29 April, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 28th, 2016

I was sick all day long from morning and I had to postpone everything to tomorrow. Now I have a tight schedule but still doing fine.
When I woke up, I had a sudden high pitched noise hearing and then got sick with vomiting and throwing up yellow liquid. The V2K perps told me like shouting and they said that was a detective from Tosa and also Soka Gakkai members with Chinese and Koreans for the harassment through the university workers' equipment. They said that was for the see through monitoring but they hit my head with it to make me feel dizzy.

When I was at the bathroom, I found an Asian woman also in the lobby area with a old guy. Then I saw 2 women talking in Arabic on the phone for quite a long time and one of them seemed to be a cleaning lady. They later left and no one was around in the reception till night or something.

When I left the hotel to buy something, I saw 2 Korean guys outside as the V2K perps told me. The V2K voices said that they would bring 2 Koreans and it happened. And when I came back to my hotel from Billa, I saw a woman standing at the entrance door. I saw a German car in such a short trip to the supermarket.

I'm still tired and just feel ok without vomiting.

27 April, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 21st, 2016

Nothing but video. I must go out by now. I will add more from the past stay in Budapest tonight.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 26th, 2016

The video from yesterday's trip Budapest-Vienna. When I arrived to the Vienna bus station, there were these Muslims.

At Votive church, I saw this guy taking photos so long time. Also, I saw 2 Japanese women walking.

There were some German cars around. One parked across my hotel and another near Votive church.

25 April, 2016

BitCasa dying and I need extra time for moving files.

I have less than 200GB file backed up to BitCasa and now I need to move them to another crowd. The funny thing is that some files are deleted or edited by the secret police. Some files went missing when the room invasion occurred. At least, I know where such room invasion happened at night. Ravenice Hostel, Road House, Youth Hostel, Hostel 36 Rooms? in Berlin, Hostel Lemon in Denovici, etc. I can list these dangerous places I stayed as the warning for other TIs not to stay there.

Well, I've heard the perps also did the damage on my documents for the vandalism. So, I need to review what was damaged. As far as I know, my diary got missing days for deleting the information. That happened before.

I can post things but it does not really make money to me and I have to put a price on what I write to make it productive and producing something to me. Well, at least, I can tell I might be able to finish few books by this week and even try to get help in the area with more neutral people around.

I'm heading to Vienna tomorrow. The V2K perps told me that they gonna invade my room and they said they have the plan. So, I need to check out what would happen.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 24th, 2016

Guess what? I reported the past hospital incident and the Zagreb-Budapest strange Japanese man with so many Korean/Chinese speakers in the bus to the police. They put the stamp on the documents. So, they could tell me about the situation later.

Well, the current story. So many German cars. Well, nothing stolen but just the church visitors who look strange. The first day mass got a woman with a Japanese dolls printed bag and she did not take the communion. The next day at the church had some people who held their hands and sat few benched in front of me. The third mass was at the Franciscan church and some Asians also visited and they did not take communion. The friar was talking and someone took the photo with flash near him and he shouted. The forth mass was in the Dominican church and it was today. I saw some Asians visiting and they held hands together during the "our father" praying. I don't know why some people held hands like that way. They took the communion but they seemed to be friends with the couple - a woman wore the head covering - from the nearby Chinese restaurant around the corner from the police station. I saw them walking when I was heading back from Arena mall after my early meal and bought a new travel mouse. My old mouse was not really showing the red light as if the line was cut. The new one is Genius travel mouse. I hope it will function more than half a year. My old mouse I bought in Au Park mall in Blatislava last year around September is Verbitam made. Nothing wrong with these mouses and they should be working fine for long time. My Microsoft Optical mouse I had for a long time was working from my stay in Switzerland till my stay at RoadHouse in Macedonia. The left click did not really get the clicking feeling and I threw it away after it no longer functioned for the clicking. Then the second mouse went the same fate with no clicking feeling nor noise of the left button.

22 April, 2016

Gang Stalking Analysis - Muslims Show up few days before the departure

I found some Muslims show up few days before my departure from the city. They just show up and I see them no matter how rare to sight a Muslim in the area. When I moved from Taban Bar & Hostel to Youth Hostel, I saw some Muslims gathered at the tram stop but they moved to the other side and took the tram I wanted to take. And there was another Muslims walking in front of Youth Hostel. Is this causing the room invasion of my room no matter where I go? Why don't the people catch the suspicious Muslims instead of a Christian TI?

Gang Stalking Analysis - Zagreb Cathedral

I found some strange things going on at Zagreb Cathedral.
1. Asian groups with one person in a mask trooping around.
2. The mass delay for one hour for some times and Asians showing up.
3.Communion time theft from the target's belongings left at the bench and not moving people at the same bench to prevent the person sat far from the aisle to get to aisle.
4. Church clerks' involvement with the gang stalking

Gang Stalking Analysis - What is gang stalkers' sensitization?

An example video about the sensitization process of a Targeted Individual. You can see how the black Jack Wolfskin jacket woman and a man showed up to make me notice about it. I have the black Jack Wolfskin jacket for my own. So, you see how it works. Oh, she/he got one similar to mine. Then few more same jacket sighting on the same day to make me aware of looking for the next one in the city. No other color Jack Wolfskin jackets around. If I saw another color, I filmed it already.

And tattoo for the sensitization as well. Chinese character tattoos are rare and I can read it to get the meaning. Also the Shin noodle Chinese character logo to make me feel like "oh, here is another Chinese character I saw today" to wonder about seeking another one for the clue. How many of them or something. It could be yellow cars or FBI logo caps.

By the way, I'm sensitized to German cars because I encounter German cars everyday for four years.

Gang Stalking Analysis - Sensitization at Zagreb Bus Station

I found this movie from April 20th, 2016 as a good way of explaining how the gang stalkers are related with the Islamic terrorism and other crimes in the area. How many people are blind and how many eye-patched at a bus station? How many got masks? Then see this video and think about why these people show up and others are acting normal.

21 April, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 20th, 2016 part 2

I made a mistake of the arrival time and had to find a hotel by my own without WIFI. Luckly, I found one at the most expensive area - 90€ per night for a single person. Well, it was a good room with a large TV and a bathtub. Breakfast included.

Some perp like figures here and there.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 20th, 2016 part 1

I moved to Budapest from Zagreb yesterday. You can see Muslim terrorist supporters at the bus station. I saw one eye patched woman for the gang stalking skit and shouted to her. Then I encountered a masked guy at a cafe. At the first floor waiting spot, I saw a man in mask sat next to me and an eye patched man approached to the waiting area. The same area instead of the other spots. Then I saw few more eye patched and masked people while I was waiting for the bus.
The bus driver asked me "one person or two person" for the luggage and then he charged me 5€ and he was speaking in German instead. Why German? Well, there are about 10 or more Asians in the bus and one more was a Japanese. The Japanese guy sat in front of me and I insulted him as he would be the possible thief. A typical gang stalking situation happened all day long. You see the Budapest section on the part 2.

19 April, 2016

Gang Stalking Analysis - Zagreb Cathedral

It used be a good place of worship of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. But now, there are tons of gang stalkers and people steal and damage bags and such. In the video, I explain 4 issues at the cathedral area.
  1. Asian trooping groups with one person wearing a mask for the masked militant among them skit.
  2. Asians surrounding an Asian target and the mass would delay for 1 hour at the evening mass.
  3. The bags and belongings would be stolen/damaged during the communion. Also, the gang stalkers would stand up and don't move from their benches while others stand along the aisle to receive the holy bread from multiple priests walking on the aisle. 
  4. The church clerks participate in the gang stalking. They could put off the candles right after the target lit one. Also, the yellow Star of David hand made accessory on a girl's head video. She sat with some others and a man looking at the bench from the side all the time. 

Gang Stalking Analysis - What is Gangstalkers' Sensitization?

I thought of making some videos more than OSAM, the gang stalking video blog. Here is the sensitization explanation. I could be voice recording of the information but I was not really taking much time for it today. Well, I hope it is useful for some people explaining what makes Targeted Individuals crazy in the gang stalking victimization.

18 April, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 17th, 2016

This is from today. Normal Zagreb cathedral visit but I felt like I should be standing instead of sitting at the bench because I'm "colored." What's going on in the church since yesterday? I don't know, but I feel like so. But it's better than at Savski Gaj where half of the Sunday mass visitors did not take communion and the church was full. I guess, I might need to visit a small church for safety from the thieves. No no-moving from the bench line to make the rest to be skipped at the communion. I walked to the entrance area to line up there. I learned enough from the observation.

I saw the nose bandaged woman again.

After the mass, I saw a hijab woman walking across the cathedral. I filmed her and taunted her.

Then I saw more Muslims in the city.

I ended up eating grilled pork and used the fat to wipe the benches around and even touched one Muslim woman with the pork!!! Yeee. I'm gonna gone crazy seeing too many Muslims around me.

But it was fun with pork on my hand and hitting a Muslim woman walking. They don't know what touched them, hee hee hee.

Muslims often show up around the day I would leave the place. I'm staying few more days in Zagreb. Everything went worse in the city, yet I can share the bad things in other city for help and even on Trip Advisor or other travel site for help.

17 April, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 16th, 2016

It was a busy day. I saw some Asians here and there. At the bus station, my line closed before my turn twice. The Asian couple walking at the bus station showed up to the tram stop also. The Zagreb Cathedral mass was delayed and was from 7pm instead of 6pm. I encountered such delay twice by that time. Two women and two men showed up and sat in front and back of my bench. The men did not move during the communion and the women later moved. I saw them still on their seat when I was on the line. There was this guy guarding the area to the right from me and later the right side exit.

Ah, the Asian group with one person wearing a mask was there for the trooping.

At night, I saw an Asian man walking.

And I saw the Japanese embassy employee who I met for the passport issue walking just after the guy. The bold embassy employee was wearing the pink trouser. What a strange thing, I saw!

And the German car from Munich.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 15th, 2016

OSAM from April 15th, 2016.

So many Chinese character logos for the sensitization.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 14th, 2016

OSAM from April 14th, 2016.

I saw a German and a UK car outside of the hostel.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 13th, 2016

OSAM from April 13th, 2016.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 7-8th, 2016

OSAM video.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 6th, 2016

OSAM from April 6th, 2016.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 3-5, 2016

After the JFF film festival, now I have time for something else. I did laundry yesterday and now I'm finishing one book. Too many OSAM videos to create from the past week length time. Here is the OSAM from April 3-5, 2016.

12 April, 2016

An incident during watching "1944"

I posted this on EUCACH yesterday after I went home from the movies. I had the threat from the V2K male voice like African Americn guy and said that the movie is not allowed in Saudi Arabia. I'm Christian and got nothing to do with Muslims in my life yet the gang stalkers are taking the side with Muslims for the harassment.

I have been watching the JFF movies everyday since the last festival in April last year. Today, I watched 3 films at Kino Europa. After the first film, I bought the medium popcorn for 16kn and I watched "1944". I had that nigger voice telling me that they want to make my hard disk drive half next time of their invasion. I don't understand why they supposed to say so. They also told me about the story of how they checked my prayer of the day book white letter package with some prayers. I put the Thessaloniki book mark made of the leaf in the same letter package with the Greek prayer I received in Easter time in Athens church last year. The nigger V2K speaker said that they check the letter package and questioned me of why I don't have anything like drugs in it. I think that is the same guy who spoke about trying to stomp on my lower stomach after my death to crash my obery or intestine by jumping again and again. I was pissed off and shouted later in the lobby after the movie and during the movie I said "Nigger is nigger" and such. I don't like the lower uneducated stupid niggers acting wild like monkeys with civilized reasoning from their human looks. Well, I watched "Chack Noris vs Communism" later and another V2K guy told me about Polish border helped to bring the American films and 1 porno movie for the male border control officer for passing through. Also, 20€ value cigarettes and such were given to the secret police for each movie showing night. They also told me that all the video ring members were killed after the discovery. They said that these guys were high school age and had no skill to work. The video show story was told from the widow who loved the movies too much. Also, they said that the guest director is from European Police union and to represent the US Army's justice system is better than the last one who killed no one forever by manipulating everyone. The nigger V2K said that they cannot watch "1944" movie in Saudi Arabia. I don't understand why they complain about the Saudi Arabia story in Zagreb. The perps told me that there would be a Jap man called "Mr. Ogasa" to be in the room to look like I would be with a Jap man. I don't know who he is but it could be good to share it as a perp guy.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 9th, 2016

I saw 3 Jack Wolfskin black jackets on 9th. One at Youth Hostel lobby and later in the city. One looking at me at Kino Europe for the JFF movie ceremony as the first night.

And a begger at the Food city area.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 10th, 2016

I haven't post blogs here for awhile. Well, it was because I was busy for finishing up my GS in Churches book now around 51 pages and need to polish it and add the links and photos to be ready for sale. Also, I'm participating the Jewish Film Festival just like last year. This time, I'm watching films from the first day. I've learned a lot of the people's struggles like in Social Science classes. And somehow some movies in German, French, and even Romanian made me to have some confidence from my language abilities. Even the simple "kin" for Ibrit made me feel good. I could have studied Spanish and others before and I could have better abilities for my own no matter where I am and what I do.

Well, from April 9th and 10th, I saw Jack Wolfskin black jacket guys on the street. And that's I share.

Nose bantaged woman.