12 April, 2016

An incident during watching "1944"

I posted this on EUCACH yesterday after I went home from the movies. I had the threat from the V2K male voice like African Americn guy and said that the movie is not allowed in Saudi Arabia. I'm Christian and got nothing to do with Muslims in my life yet the gang stalkers are taking the side with Muslims for the harassment.

I have been watching the JFF movies everyday since the last festival in April last year. Today, I watched 3 films at Kino Europa. After the first film, I bought the medium popcorn for 16kn and I watched "1944". I had that nigger voice telling me that they want to make my hard disk drive half next time of their invasion. I don't understand why they supposed to say so. They also told me about the story of how they checked my prayer of the day book white letter package with some prayers. I put the Thessaloniki book mark made of the leaf in the same letter package with the Greek prayer I received in Easter time in Athens church last year. The nigger V2K speaker said that they check the letter package and questioned me of why I don't have anything like drugs in it. I think that is the same guy who spoke about trying to stomp on my lower stomach after my death to crash my obery or intestine by jumping again and again. I was pissed off and shouted later in the lobby after the movie and during the movie I said "Nigger is nigger" and such. I don't like the lower uneducated stupid niggers acting wild like monkeys with civilized reasoning from their human looks. Well, I watched "Chack Noris vs Communism" later and another V2K guy told me about Polish border helped to bring the American films and 1 porno movie for the male border control officer for passing through. Also, 20€ value cigarettes and such were given to the secret police for each movie showing night. They also told me that all the video ring members were killed after the discovery. They said that these guys were high school age and had no skill to work. The video show story was told from the widow who loved the movies too much. Also, they said that the guest director is from European Police union and to represent the US Army's justice system is better than the last one who killed no one forever by manipulating everyone. The nigger V2K said that they cannot watch "1944" movie in Saudi Arabia. I don't understand why they complain about the Saudi Arabia story in Zagreb. The perps told me that there would be a Jap man called "Mr. Ogasa" to be in the room to look like I would be with a Jap man. I don't know who he is but it could be good to share it as a perp guy.