25 April, 2016

Organized Stalkers Around Me - April 24th, 2016

Guess what? I reported the past hospital incident and the Zagreb-Budapest strange Japanese man with so many Korean/Chinese speakers in the bus to the police. They put the stamp on the documents. So, they could tell me about the situation later.

Well, the current story. So many German cars. Well, nothing stolen but just the church visitors who look strange. The first day mass got a woman with a Japanese dolls printed bag and she did not take the communion. The next day at the church had some people who held their hands and sat few benched in front of me. The third mass was at the Franciscan church and some Asians also visited and they did not take communion. The friar was talking and someone took the photo with flash near him and he shouted. The forth mass was in the Dominican church and it was today. I saw some Asians visiting and they held hands together during the "our father" praying. I don't know why some people held hands like that way. They took the communion but they seemed to be friends with the couple - a woman wore the head covering - from the nearby Chinese restaurant around the corner from the police station. I saw them walking when I was heading back from Arena mall after my early meal and bought a new travel mouse. My old mouse was not really showing the red light as if the line was cut. The new one is Genius travel mouse. I hope it will function more than half a year. My old mouse I bought in Au Park mall in Blatislava last year around September is Verbitam made. Nothing wrong with these mouses and they should be working fine for long time. My Microsoft Optical mouse I had for a long time was working from my stay in Switzerland till my stay at RoadHouse in Macedonia. The left click did not really get the clicking feeling and I threw it away after it no longer functioned for the clicking. Then the second mouse went the same fate with no clicking feeling nor noise of the left button.