28 February, 2013

Doppelgänger - a classic PSYOP in Germany

Long before the human experiment by Nazis, there seem to be some social studies done for the military or the wealthy crooks. They were interested to manipulate the opponents in order to win against them. To win against someone, people can use either a sword or a brain. PSYOP is categorized as the latter.

Doppelgänger is quite a new phenomenon dated back to the use in English in 1851 and the origin of the word means "double-goer" in German. The mythology says that a Doppelgänger seen by one's friends or family means the bad luck of the person, and if the one sees his Doppelgänger, it would bring a tragic death.

Well, recently, I saw some people who pretended to be there with similar facial feature and make-up and looks like me from "far away view." Then I thought they might be seen by other perps and these perps would witness something suspicious for making up a crime eyewitness, such us visiting a mosque or something to do with theft or such. They might do the identity theft as well if they can obtain a copy of my ID, you know. Well, Koreans or Chinese would be interested to use the identity theft to get a work permit in Japan.

I learned about the Doppelgänger theory as the V2K Japanese perps were speaking about Doppelgänger and they can claim me gone crazy by seeing my double. I'm not that delusional, but I was worried that the 2 Asian woman near me might take my belongings at the bench.

And I thought the origin of Doppegänger might be a PSYOP and covert operation to make an informant whose facial and physical feature is similar to the target. If it was in the old country side town, there would be only few people living and the neighbors know each other. If the government or a local police wants to check out a house of a suspicious person, they might bring an informant who looks similar to the person and led the one to get into the house or around the town. And seeing the double by the target might cause the death because the police or the government wants to keep their activity secret.

The V2K perps were also mentioning that they don't want Koreans in Japan, so they want to use Koreans for the harassment to claim me as if those Korean-Japanese. Maybe, that is the reason why many Korean criminals with Japanese names are often listed in the Japanese name on the newspaper but escaped to Korea. My family has no Korean origin and probably none in my relatives except a cousin who is an ex-translator who speaks over 10 languages know Korean. The V2K voices told that the Japanese Koreans in Korea needs some more people to grow their population there, and that is one reason they want some Japanese women. I have no travel history to Korea nor the knowledge of Korean. I heard the V2K perps got problem by the perps in Germany reported that I speak Korean. Well, I speak a bit Croatian but not Korean. There is still a Korean group in Medjugorje, and I don't know why there are so many Korean travelers around. If I move to somewhere, there would be more Koreans. Then, I would report it here.

No more Mafia Wars for next month. So, I will finish my book and a new one in Japanese. I never thought my Japanese blog got a potential readers and the income opportunity.

Today's gang stalking trend - alarms

I went up the Cross Mountain today. It was sunny and not windy nor cold. At the foot of the mountain, 3 woman showed up and asked me if this is the place where the Virgin Mary appeared. I replied shortly as I was praying at the first station. Then they asked the same question to the clerk at a store nearby.

On top of the mountain, I saw Asian people - Korean and Chinese, a typical perps in my gang stalking experience. I went up and tried to pray. Then I heard a siren from far away. It reminded me of the alarm at the side of the entrance door of a bank on top of Konzum in Široki Brieg yesterday. It happened right after I left Konzum with groceries. I will add the analysis of the gang stalking activities at Široki Brieg and the video if I have time. It is a small city and not much people around. So, I can tell who are the neighborhood watch teams. Be aware of the ethnographer of gang stalking. Well, I just make the Međugorje perp list by tonight or tomorrow morning.

Then, there was a man just holding his groin for awhile and walking. I saw him holding his groin when he appeared from the edge of a building on the street. Then he just passed me and walked away. At the church, I heard another alarm from somewhere. That one sounded like a security alarm rather than the siren. At the church, a couple with a small kid sat in front of me. There is not so many kids around, so it was easy to assume they are highly likely to be perps. And the woman who sat left side of me had a tatoo "My LastAdam" in her left arm. I don't know what it means, but it sounded funny for a Catholic.

By the way, the perps seem to be planning to claim me mental problem in next month. That would be the only thing perps do if they got any chance to complain about my videos. I'm fine for that one as multi lingual and what happened to the bishop in Jack London's book, Iron Heel. But it would be hard for them to make me childish. Well, the perps said Međugorje is childish and it's like the area for kids' dreams. These people only want exploitation and getting social status out from others failure and loss, so I don't really know what they can believe as peace.

25 February, 2013

OSAM video from Feb 24th

There are 4000 people from the Eastern Europe as it is noticed on the Medjugorje official website.
Around 4000 pilgrims will stay in Medjugorje from February 22 to 25, 2013. These are the pilgrims that will stay in Medjugorje for free - parishioners will provide accommodation and full board service for each one of them. This is one of the many actions that parishioners undertook in association with the Parish Office as a part of the new evangelisation and their own response to Holy Father’s invitation. This was the opportunity for pilgrims from East European countries such as: Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Albania, Serbia, Monte Negro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to come to Medjugorje for pilgrimage. All those pilgrims due to their low incomes and numerous families were never able to come to this place in the past. Medjugorje parishioners have once again shown that they have great hearts and have confirmed once again why Our Lady had chosen this parish in the special way. (http://www.medjugorje.hr/en/news/joy-of-the-fellowship,4570.html)
 Here is the information of the following video.
- The boy stairing at me during the mass. He was doing it for a long time, and it looked not normal, so I filmed the incident.
- The woman and a teen girl wearing a head covering during the mass. The teen girl was putting on and off her head cover several times. It looked like the Muslim skit done by the gang stalkers and they might use the snitch jacket technique to claim someone else was putting on and off one's scarf.
- The synchronized coughing. It often happens during the rosary prayer or the mass. Even when there was less people in the church at January, it was happening among few people. The mass yesterday got too many people listening outside as well. More people got coughing on the same time. Must check for the Electronic Harassment proof for the TIs.
- During the adoration of the blessed sacrament, my body got suddenly hot and felt extreme thirst. The V2K perps said that they moved my body fluid to the intestine area. I resisted with eating candies to make my mouth not dried up and stayed away from fainted. I think other people got the same effect around me or somewhere, as I saw another woman sat in front of me with sweating face.
- Around 10pm, I arrived at the Blue Cross. No one was on the street on my way to get there, but when I arrived at the cross, 2 men showed up and they sat at the bench. They started singing when I left. It was a nice day to take a picture with a full moon on the sky.

24 February, 2013

2 Asian women showing up near me in the crowded church

This early afternoon, I went to the garden of St. Francis. It was very quiet as there was only few people - a man with two kids and a coupe. A male worker was working. No one bothered me, so it was so peaceful. But when I was walking back to the church around 3pm, I saw some kids playing football on the garden at the house with homemade honey sign. Also the house left side of it got 4 or 5 kids standing at the fence holding the fence bars and all looking at the street. The couple left just before I left there and the woman was walking while the man took his car. These kids looking at the street tried to shout at me but I was walking on the other side of the street ignoring them as I thought these kids were asked to do some favor for attracting the passerby together for the false witness program as what the women with kids would do in the church for the gang stalking. I saw one small pebble was thrown in front of me by these damn naughty kids, but I ignored them. I don't know why those kids are in two gardens and few playing football and others just looking at the street. These kids without a ball could do something more than just checking the very quiet street only few cars passing par 5 minutes or less.

I offered a small blue candle at the grave of Fr. Slavko Barbarić on Feb 10th, and it was gone while the red big candle next to it was still there. I saw it since Feb 6th and I have no idea why mine was gone.

At the rosary prayer, there was an Asian woman with similar make-up like me and similar facial feature stood near me with her English speaking female friend. She left during the beginning of the mass, but she came back with the Asian woman who has been visiting the church from last month or before. I thought the second one as a perp as she and I were the only Asians regularly visiting the mass and she got similar facial feature and height as me. Well, if it is on the surveillance camera, I could be mistaken by the new Asian woman with the facial make-up. Here are these Asians' pictures.

You know, I got my balcony lights on sometimes when I came back from the church at night. Two times the living room light was on and one times the storage room light was on one time when I woke up at morning - I mean around noon as the V2K perps made me awake till around 4am till several days ago. They use the high-pitched tone like the ultrasound device at the eyeware store for keeping me awake also. I wonder what was going on with some Asian woman with similar height and similar facial feature from a bit far away view doing. I have no idea who is entering my room (police for the black back job?) and what was going on with the light. I hope it would be not these suspicious Asian women pretending to be me and doing something strange, especially in the balcony area where others can observe from far away. I hope no one in Mostar mistook them as me for the false witness on visiting mosques there. I have never been to a mosque in my life and only the mosque-like building I visited is the ex-mosque and ex-church museum in Istanbul to see the famous ancient Jesus mosaic. It would better to share their information before I would be listed as a Muslim. You know if some people wipe out mosques, there would be no more problem with Muslims nor Koran readers. I support Croats and I like the history of Herzog-Croats independence on the area here. I got even stalked by the suspicious Muslims in München. I think I corrected the perps who are probably working with the Muslims for the gang stalking to target the same individuals here. They would be the one trying to get the advantage of the local politics and pretend to be Muslim or Christians. I don't know why the local perps cannot take communion in the church but visiting there often.

Ok, here is the video from today.

23 February, 2013

Some funny incident today

It's already Saturday, but I think I post about the things happened yesterday.

Well, I went to the Cross Hill yesterday and climbed up about 30 minutes faster than the official prayer group. At the first, there was a boy trying to walk in front of me, but I tried to ignore him. There was a problem like if he is in my eyesight, I got a bit less conscious as if the person get a magnetic device behind one's ears to get one's direction controlled via the satellite. It's tested in Japan and was on the news. So, people can check the video on YouTube about it. So, it was like the way of choosing the pass was unconsciously decided. So, I tried to look only the feet and the problem disappeared. The V2K perps were saying that the perps bring kids in order to get money and the child-molester/pedophilia claim using the eyesight monitoring surveillance - just like what NSA does. So, they frequently showed up.

When I was walking up, there was a Polish group with a sister going up together as if the same tempo. Also, there were two teen girls came from back. And often a woman from the Polish group stayed near me while I was walking behind from them. I filmed them for the evidence. I might share it tomorrow.

While I way walking, the V2K perps tried to make think "I'll give my computer" in Japanese. The perps seem to steal my bag with computer later with the belief that I want to give it away. Also, they said that they gonna use the age issue for the harassment when I moved to another place later. So, this is a prediction of the future skit by the perps. The Japanese perps would say, "Obasan" and that would be used by the local perps. Japanese dialect speaking perp uses the words like "ザック" for the backpack and "火遊び" for the nightlife entertainment. He seems to be old and using very old-fashioned Japanese words like in 70s or 80s. When they describe a crazy person as "頭にプロペラが付いた人" (someone with a propeller on his head). I might be able to write up his or other country bunpkins sentences. These people might pick the words in different languages and translated it into Japanese for the convenience. They seem to have the voice to text translation software.

Oh, I forgot to mention. The regular perps were laughing with a specific phrase: "Oh, no, it's a rotten apple pie. And it's still a rotten apple pie." The speech was made in a specific style - British English? or military accent. I can upload the mp3 version recorded by my voice to mimic it.

At the top of the Cross Mountain, I tried to practice the meditation used by St. Clare. I laid down facing the blue sky and posed like Jesus on the cross. When I was reading the prayer from a book before doing that meditation, I heard the "baa baa" sound from a sheep. There are some sheeps kept by the schepards down the mountain, so I thought that was normal. While I was meditating, I felt completely in peace. There is no traffic noise nor prayers as I was a bit far from the cross monument where people gathered. Then suddenly I heard the "bang" noise - probably of a flat tire of a car from somewhere. It reminded me of the noise when Jesus died. It happened like just as normal. You know, everything is coincidence. But the way how that happened made me satisfied to get some inspiration to think about my prayer and the quality of the prayer. There is no meaning of hearing sheep baa-ing or the flat tire loud noise. But I got some sense how it would be to hear a noise when I would be on the cross. Besides the perps, I think I got some good memories from my pilgrimage. There were huge crowd outside the church from many pilgrimages. I saw Russians and Polish groups today. Then I found out that the too many people make the perps impossible to do the skits regularly. That would be why I did not notice the active gang stalking in Medjugorje.

22 February, 2013

Feb 21st - gang stalking watching at Medjugorje

As usual, there were couple of certain phenomenon going on here. I can list them as the normal skits by the perps.

- kids surrounding me. they often shout "mama" not papa and makes noise. If a kid sits in front of me, he will very often look back and stair at me.
- Asian groups or individual near me. I don't know who they are, but there are still some Asians staying around. I saw a bold old Asian man who visited the Cross Mountain group prayer 2 weeks ago. I don't know if he came with other Asians or alone. And the Asian woman with the Peace Group yellow bag is still around.
- An individual who prays rosary in a foreign language loud.
- The perps who sit on the same bench with me but not willing to take the communion till I start filming them. I got nice example from today's video. Check it out.

Now, tell me if I am a mental disease or being surrounded by the gang stalkers who are engaged in the PSYOP with psychiatrists who can create a program for the sensitization to cause mental problem. In my case, I studied social science fields and knows culture and psychology quite well, so I can analyze the norm and the phenomenon occurring to me. Some people wrote about Medjugore, so I think I can write about the gang stalking activity in Medjugorje from my experience. It's not religion but the information about the area.

21 February, 2013

The incidents from Feb 18th to 20th

After the last post, the perps seemed to be quiet. But again they tried some tricks for the gang stalking activities. I don't know if that is fun for them doing that at the religious place like Medjugorje, but I can tell they are like cockroaches that can be find anywhere around the world.

The Asian priest is gone and the Asian group seemed to be gone as well. However, there are still some Asians visiting the church. I don't know if they came individually or in a group. I saw them not communicating each other or gather in one area in the church, so it looks like they do not participate in the group activities together. Otherwise, they would be sticked together not to miss where to go or what to do next. There is an Asian woman who frequently sat near me. I moved to another place at the first time I saw here near me. Then one time I saw her with another woman who put on an yellow "Medjugorje Peace Group" backpack till two more women with the same backpack came. The Asian woman suggested to sit on the bench two rows front from mine. So, I filmed the incident.

And yesterday, the Asian woman was alone and sat on the right edge of my bench. As I sat on the left middle, I just stayed there as another woman occupied the middle area. She does not have the yellow backpack and she seemed not looking for the women from that group. So, I assume she is a bit strange than the normal visitors.

There was an elderly man with white hair sat in front of me. He held a rosary but he put it to his right and it was there till he left after the mass. The rosary had "INRI" part missing. I don't know why he put it there and how I encountered a broken rosary this time in a strange way. I did not do anything, so the church worker took it away for sure.

I went to Konzum to buy some foods after the mass, the singing, and the rosary praying. I had some time, and I quickly went back to my flat. I found the balcony light was on. I did not touch the light switch yesterday nor get around the spot, so I'm sure it was done by someone else. I don't know if someone entering my place while I'm at the church for the evening mass or not. Anyway, this is the third time the balcony light was on when I came back. Later, I headed to the church for the adoration of the blessed sacrament.

On the way back, a tall slender man started to talk to me. He said "Hello" first and then he offered me a medal. He was speaking in English. It happened at the middle of the road and there were more people walking out from the church. I said "No thanks" as I was in hurry to go home after 10pm. But he tried to speak to me as if he really needs to give the medal to me. So, I asked him why he don't ask others instead of only talking to me. If it was in Frauenkirche, there is a guy at the statue of the Virgin Mary near the entrance doors and he gives away the medal to the visitors there. These people are offering the miraculous medal, but I already got 2 medals at Frauenkirche and the original from the church in Paris. I think I said that "I have it" after rejecting the offer. You can check it on the video. But he tried to communicate with me while walking together. So, I figured out he is a perpetrator. He claimed to be believing in Jesus but the use of his explanation of his religion came on the strange way as if of an excuse that he cannot just leave me alone. He said he lives in Medjugorje and speaks English and Italian. Now it would be easy for others to know who he is and what he does for living - a police informant or the economic hitman?

About the relationship of the Children of God and the US intelligence, you can learn it free from Martial Thomas' book, the New Phoenix Program. And other issues would be found in various conspiracy books with valid resources.

17 February, 2013

Some people might be waiting a wrong master

My theme for this trip in Medjugorje is how to be ready and to be alerted. The maytr, Pater Rupert Mayer wrote a nice prayer:
Herr, wie Du willst, soll mir geschehn,
und wie Du willst, so will ich gehn,
hilf Deinen Willen nur verstehn!
Herr, wenn Du willst, dann ist es Zeit,
und wann Du willst, bin ich bereit,
heut und in alle Ewigkeit.
Herr, was Du willst, das nehm ich hin,
und was Du willst, ist mir Gewinn;
genug, daß ich Dein Eigen bin.
Herr, weil Du’s willst, drum ist es gut,
und weil Du’s willst, drum hab ich Mut,
mein Herz in Deinen Händen ruht.
I wanted some quiet time to think how to be ready and what means to be ready. There are some ways to be ready. For example, knowing the foreign language prayers to be ready for the foreign mass when you go to a pilgrimage. You can participate in the rosary prayer in another languages. For me, Latin is a must knowledge. There are prayers out there not so popular but known to be the best for the prayer in different languages. Also the knowledge of the history of the apostles to know what they were expecting and what they needed to know to be ready.

Due to the gang stalking, I found it's better to be alone than in the group with perpetrators with ill wishes as if the victim to be caught or commit a crime. I wonder what these perps were praying at the church. Do they really have religion following Jesus? The V2K perps told that the paper inside of the locked box says "The heaven is ours" in anagram. If the perps are bucked-up by the Pentagon and working for the surveillance and COINTELPRO, then they are only using the religion for the controlling tool just like cults. There are some cults funded by the CIA for the mind control and new "project superman" type operations. I don't know those people understand what means to hold a cross and follow Jesus while their actions are more like a which hunting of the certain individual. If it is during in the witch hunting time, the accusers would kill people first. Then they would tell other that the God will make the judgment of who would go to heaven or who would be witches. It's up to God. That's the ultimate military ideology of the religion.

Yesterday, the people sat on the sides of me did not stand up during the communion. But when I was filming them for the evidence, the two men to the right noticed my camera and joined the line for the communion. The perps got priests who are not willing to read the gospel on the stage and visitors who are not willing to eat the Christ's body. I'm fine to be on the witch hunting and proving my innocence and their wickedness. Some people are like snakes, so it is better to be warned. There was a Korean confession sign, but the only Asian group I saw in the church is the one with the priest.

And here is the better pic of Japanese mass.

15 February, 2013

The Cross Mountain group prayer and the Japanese Mass tomorrow

As I thought, there were some parents with small children going up the Cross Mountain in the group prayer. It was a big group more than 50 people going together. I just got some gas problem on the way. It happened around the S-intestine area and made me uncomfortable. Also, I had some sudden active stomach and made me feel a bit to throw up. It was not that serious. While I was going up the mountain, there were some women with kids going near me. One occasion, I found a woman with a small girl tried to stand in front of me while we were praying at the station. I passed them during the end of the prayer and was climbing up. The small girl and the woman was walking behind me for quite a time. I thought they were the perpetrators, so I filmed them with the explanation. Later, there was a woman wearing a green jacket and a boy showing up and they tried to stand in front of me. So, I filmed the situation. I have no idea why the perps love to use their kids for harassing the Catholic TI like this. The V2K perps warned me of not to mess around with the certain people or they have the connection to Vatican for punishing me. Well, I am sure that they do not wanna know who are the ones related with Vatican and engaged in gang stalking. I'm helping the future victims to stay away from those perpetrators who can make up the story and are friends of police officers for the COINTELPRO. There were two elderly Asian man participating the group prayer. The shorter one looks like a Philipino and another Chinese or unknown but I saw him holding a prayer book with vertical lined letters possibly Chinese or Japanese.

During the rosary prayer at the church, some Asians came and an Asian woman sat on the same bench where I was. I saw some other Asians sat on the bench to the back. I think I saw the priest who did not read the Gospel yesterday were with those people. I moved to another bench while filming the woman who sat next to me. If she is a perp, she would just make a conversation with me for the information gathering to use it for the gang stalking.

After the mass, I saw the electronic billboard showing the masses tomorrow. At 9am, there would be "Chapel Japan     OSTL" and I assumed there would be a mass in Japanese. I have never seen a chapel named Japan here, so I think that is something to do with Japan for sure. The Asian people visiting from yesterday might be Japanese. If the priest is from Japan and is here for some covert operation like Thomas from Zürich at Goethe Institut, I can understand why he did not read the gospel yesterday while he held the red book. In such case, I am eager to share the Japanese people's pics here for my own safety.

And here is the video of what happened today.

The evening mass of the Velenteins' Day

Here is the video from yesterday. During the rosary prayer, three Asian women of 20s came and they tried to sit on the bench 2 rows, 1 row front of me, and next to me. So, they tried occupy the left edge of 3 benches by each. I saw that style in St. Joseph church in München, so it might be how the perps try to take each bench for their surveillance team. But the woman sat on the same bench actually changed mind and also others moved around. They ended up like this, 2 women sat on the bench 2 rows to the front and one woman sat in front of me.

There was an Asian looking priest showed up during the mass but he did not speak the Gospel even he was holding the book. You can check the rest of the group. It's not a big group as the Asians are less than 30, maybe around 20 people. Are they Koreans like what the V2K perps said? Now, I'm heading to the Cross Mountain for the group prayer. TGIF.

The mulit lingual mass and prayer book is ready

I created the multi lingual mass and prayer book for the convenience of the pilgrimage to the sacred places. It comes with the mass order and rosary prayer in 8 languages. I wanted to upload it to memoware.com, but the server got problem and I could not log in.

Here to download.

14 February, 2013

A very short explanation of gang stalking

Gang Stalking: the legal hate crime in the local area with human tracking essence. It also contains human experiments done by the hospital and academic harassers to get a free Guinea Pig in the area.

If you want to use this phrase, please take it for the slogan or protesting. But I got my copyright for the same phrase in my book.

Sleep disturbance

From last couple of weeks ago, I have sleeping problem. I could hear the high pitched tone as if of the noise in the eyeware store. I mean the ultrasonic type glass cleaning machine. Also, the V2K perps tries to talk to me continuously and sometimes makes me to speak up what they say with vocal code jacking. US Army already got brain jacking technology and the NSA can search the brains of all Americans and some people in interest remotely. So, I can tell that it's not a matter of psychological problem but something about the military and intelligence doing.

The Japanese V2K perps sometimes use the technical words like "カ軍" to refer the US Army, and "カ空" for the US Air Force. These V2K perps recently had some people from countryside and were talking to me in strange dialect, so it made me to be aware of the whole sentences they said rather than just listened through like of radio talk shows. That part, I explained in my Twitter postings. There are some people in those speakers who are talking about "予科練の子" which means the students from the lower devision in army. Also, they explain the Japanese Self Defense Force as "Jの人たち" and it seems the police officers are using such explanation. These people had problem in Zagreb as they seemed to have done "天ぷら" which means flying search. They also say that they need to confirm me to understand Korean as some informants in Germany made a false report like that.

Due to the sleep disturbance, my work is slow. I cannot spend my entire morning but sleeping and cannot sleep till 4 or 5 in morning. Perps might need my missing morning time for their suspicion of me visiting Mostar or mosque there with their false witnessing friends there. I know it would be way better to waste my morning in my bed than suddenly getting deadly sleepy outside with the electronic harassment. It|s not natural, so I cannot help myself keep awake with a cup of coffee or chewing gum. In the worst scenario, perps can steal something while I felt asleep and not attentive to my belongings. I already got some theft damages in Germany and other countries and which cost me too much. At Goethe Institut, someone stole my fountain pen more than 89CHF value while I was making few pages copies from a textbook in the library. Ignacio and other students studying there and engaged in the gang stalking might know their friends involved in such thefts. Now, you know the importance of sharing who would be the potential involved in the hate crime and crimes in the area.

Ash Wednesday

It is raining here in Medjugorje. I went to teh church early today to read a book related with the Virgin Mary. The statue got another sign, Medjugorje, instead of Lourdes. Sometimes, the sign is switched back.

Just before the mass, many people came and the benches near me were occupied with women with small kids. Especially, the bench behind of me was occupied with the women with kids. I have no idea how they were able to find the space around me while other benches were occupied with adults. I found a good idea of filming those irritating noisy kids with their gang stalking parents. I put up my "Cause Stalking" book and filmed them. It's just damn fun. Maybe TIs should film perps with gang stalking related books. The woman wearing the red coat and sat in front of me stood up but could not take the bread. These three women might be from the US as I saw them donating US dollars.

Enjoy the video blog.

11 February, 2013

A strange group of people who did not take communon but sat in front of the statue of the Virgin Mary

I did not go to the hill for the group praying yesterday nor the morning mass. I'm kinda tired of perps and spending some time for making videos and explaining about their strange activities. Actually, I was busy of praying the FB game for some events going on. It was a nice break for me to spend some time thinking and just clicking mindlessly for awhile. People might say it's a sway, but the game helped me to stay away from the sensitization at the church. Gaslighting and the sensitization techniques can make the victim's sense of what is usual very dull. By getting the normal unchanging reality from the game gave me a chance to calm down to think what went wrong inside of the church. It's just like the chance to make me think from the third person's view to be objective.

I saw a group of people heading to the hill yesterday afternoon, and I saw few kids going that direction with the adults. I'm assuming that there were some more kids visited the group prayer there yesterday.

At night, I went to the rosary prayer. Just like usual, a couple came and sat behind of me and prayed rosary in very loud voice in Italian. I filmed his voice and left to another seat few rows a head. That's what I filmed. There were already some people sat there, and none were praying in Italian. So, it was like what it used be and what was usual. Around the mass time, some people came and somehow there was a man and he took off his jacket and was in his white thin long sweatshirt. When there was a French group in the church, a man from that group was wearing a T-shirt during the mass. I don't know if some perps are doing some taking off jackets for some skits or not. The good hearted people or the security surveillance team can just give the seat to the people with kids So, there was a couple with a kid (or two? I forgot) came and sat nearby. The bench was already full, but some people  gave the seats like that way near me. Also, the man sat right side of me went out before the mass and another elderly man came and sat there. He took the communion though. The woman to my left and the bunch of people to the frount rows toward the Virgin Mary statue did not take the communion. That is the highlight of my film from yesterday. Also, there were many people in my area standing but did not take the communion, the friar came for giving the sacred breads to the visitors, but he skipped some people including me and went to the back. Then later he came back from the back of the church and gave the breads to some who were standing there. I saw not everyone was taking the communion even they stood on the aisle. I don't know what kind of skit doing and if the church workers were informed to help their skits or just happened to be mind controlled remotely to do that.

After the mass, the people around me just went out. There was a woman with a kid came and sat on the bench where I was. So, I filmed her for the gang stalker's child molester/pedophilia claim. I have been seeing so many people with kids around me when I sit in the church. The day before, I saw teens showed up and sat on the bench to the front from me in a group. On of them took out her jacket and was wearing a pink sweater. The woman sat next to me also wore a pink jacket at that time. The color pink is often used by the perps for some psychological anchoring.

When I came back, I saw two woman checking the light at another entrance to the building. The light was on and it was dark enough to check out the ceiling. When I went back to my room, I saw the entrance door lock got unloose cover. Here is the picture. A proof of the black back job?

The V2K perps were saying that they are going to use the stocks for helping the perps to get money. They say, the police will help which stocks to make money in order to give some rewards to them. A nice insider joke, isn't it? We know how some people made money at 911 with the stocks, but no one talks about it. Also, the V2K perps say that the concentration camp in this country is owned by Germans. So, they said it is an irony that I speak German. Another issue is that they say, another Korean group might come in this weekend or something.

Now, my personal FB game boom is over. I'll try to work hard on my book and the analysis of the gang stalkers. The analysis of Medjugorje is also ready later. The tendency of the perps are the migrants and the workers who speak foreign languages. Certain people are the core of the intelligence. I only see the ones speaking French and Italian here, and perhaps German. Now we can imagine who knows who in the intelligence related with those nation from my analysis. It's better to be working hard before the Lent. And I need to eat more meat in few days.

10 February, 2013

The mass yesterday and day before yesterday

The day before yesterday, there was nothing much happened. I saw the Asian woman sat on the bench where she usually is and the Italian woman with gray hair sat on the same seat like one day before. It was as if people kept in the same position as if they pretended to be normal while I'm the one complaining about something strange like a stranger always sit near me especially on the back and praying the rosary in a foreign language loud. It's a form of gaslighting. Such a claim without a proper evidence won't make people to believe it.

So, here is my video blog from yesterday.

When I left my home, a neighbor showed up and headed toward the church. She was walking in front of me so I took a picture. I was going there a bit late, so it was a bit strange to see a neighbor also going to the church late as well. I think it would be a famous synchronization strategy of gang stalking. There were a Italian couple sat behind of me and the man shouted rosary prayer loud. He could sing some Croatian songs during the pause of rosary praying, so I assume he came here often and knows a bit of Croatian. There were plenty of the Italian speakers around. I heard V2K perps saying a famous Buddhist mantra in Japanese. When they use the sub-vocal code to send their thought to be heard by their victim, they can record the victim's thought by the sub-vocal code movement. They wanted to make me mixing religious actions. Later, I saw an Italian speaking woman sat to my left holding hands in front of her as if of praying in a Buddhist temple. She was doing it during the rosary praying. The woman to my right can pray rosary in Italian, but she seems her Croatian prayer is better than her Italian. So, I assume her primary language is Croatian but learned Italian later. I noticed that she cannot pray all the rosary prayer in Italian such as "Glory to be."

The V2K Japanese perps threatened me to go to Moster, so they can make up the story of me visiting mosque there. It's a shame if I get near the area with Muslims, the perps including the Mulsims try to make up "Muslim claim" against me just like of shoplifting claim done by some stores in Germany. Well, I thought back like "they think Moster as a ghetto area with Muslims. If it was the time of Nazis era and the area with Jews are often called as ghetto. It's funny they think Muslims are in the same status like criminals even here." Anyway, the V2K perps were saying that they recruited some taxi drivers for the witnessing. I've never been to the area with Muslims in BiH. I had already over 640€ damages to my belongings in Sarajevo 2 years ago. I don't wanna see anyone dangerous. It's a shame that even Medjugorje got some extremists like gang stalkers doing the selfish patrolling. I'm thinking to make the Medjugorje perp list for the visitors and for myself in the future visit. I came here in 2009 and 2011 and so on. This area was safe at that time and I had not such harassments. Perhaps, the staying in Germany made me to get more accusations of shoplifters and the relationship with Muslims. I've never go out with Muslims while Muslims are mysteriously stalking me in the street in München and showed up in the classrooms.

08 February, 2013

The tendency of disappearing the middle class and the church behavior

The New World Order would make the people categorized in two types - the controlling ones and the controlled ones. The first will own the wealth, power, property, human rights, and they help each other as the insiders. Meanwhile, the second would be test subjects of big companies, known as normal civilians without connection, Sheeple.

The current tendency of the diminishing middle class can bring the church to revive the old tradition of only serving the riches. Currently, active orders might have more control and power to the area they are working due to the interest of the church workers and the people giving the financial backup for them. But what happens if only the rich people can make the donations to support the church? Do the church needs to sell indulgence papers like in the Middle Ages? What happens with so many homeless people on the streets? I'm talking about the US. 1/8 of the Japanese are under poverty. Not so many people might be Catholic or regular church visitors. What will happen in the NWO time? The church will make sure their finance meets the demands and keep the enough believers in the area. That is the business part of the church management. What would be the rest? Some downsizing of the church workers, maybe. The church might be treated like a simple local organization as if a youth football team or a local music bands. They could get certain funding and remain in the area for the local entertainment. Even during Nazis era, Germany had the Catholic church doing what they believe. Politics can take out certain people out from the church and the church has no problem following the orders from the police and politicians. A couple of martyrdom from the church workers like the Nazis era, maybe?

The corrupted part of the church with perpetrators might teach themselves for the indulgence on the certain occasions. For example, the history of the indulgence goes back to the time of the Crusaders. The church gave the Crusaders the indulgence for their charity on the church politics. The wicked perps might believe themselves like so and believe what they are doing can give themselves indulgence. If they do, "Snicth jacket" trick and they commit a crime and put it on the victim, probably the victim will receive the indulgence instead. It's too sad to find those perps who cannot take communion, and now trying to take communion to cover themselves as if Christians. Still, some devoted and passionate perps are more likely not to take communions. If they know what they are doing is false witnesses and surveillance on innocent people while they hope the victims to commit a crime, then there is no way they look innocent in the eye of God. You know, it is a common sense that people don't want to think the Nazis SS Catholics went to heaven even they involved in the ethonocide from the moral view. There are few views of the indulgence even inside of the church.

Oh, here is the video from yesterday's mass. Somehow, two people speaking Italian came and did quite a prayer out loud. I think the perps now are trying to cover up what they were doing - sitting behind me and praying out loud. What happened to that Asian elderly woman with several people on the bench who did not take communion? It was the first incident of those people sitting behind of me and praying in a foreign language out loud.

Legal version of FBI's Operation Cinderella is installed in UK

Do you know Operation Cinderella? It's one of the kinky FBI's black operation. It was a code name for some FBI agents who knew the location of the surveillance cameras and the girl's locker room in a high school. At the day of the school event, the high school girls changed clothes in the room and the agents were able to check through the surveillance cameras. Later, the coworkers informed the incidents to their boss and these peeping toms in the bureau.

UK, one of the most enthusiastic NWO supporters like China and Russia, has interest in checking what is going on in the bathrooms. Such behavior and curiosity is shameful in the country due to it's polite culture of gentlemen. Under the name of security and the community watch, the peeping toms are legally getting paid for their hobbies. CCTVs are installed in changing rooms and bathrooms in the schools in UK.
A total of 825 cameras were installed in the bathrooms and changing rooms of 207 different schools across England, Scotland and Wales, according to data provided by more than 2,000 schools.
IMAHO, I think the country got something to do to help the kids instead of checking what they are doing in the bathroom. NeverSeconds is a blog of Martha Payne and she shows her school meal pics on her blog.
The above pic is linked from the below site. I made a simple quote from the article.
A primary school pupil has raised eyebrows - and lurched stomachs - by posting pictures of their 'shocking' school dinners online and rating them out of 10. (http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2012/05/09/primary-school-childs-never-seconds-dinner-blog_n_1502327.html)
School safety should be important, but why the school needs so much cameras around while schools want to ban pictures of a girl taking her poor meal at school and posting them on her blog? That sounds a real tyranny like in the book, 1984, to me.

06 February, 2013

A "Lourdes" sign to the Virgin Mary statue at St. James church in Medjugorje

After the second Korean group lleft on Tuesday, the new German group came. That pattern reminds me of the Korean tourists group showing up while I was under the small damages in 4U Hostel in Munich. At that time, my suitcase was damaged and the police rejected to file the case at the office on the corner of the Munich main train station. There was another woman also got a suitcase damage in the hostel also.

Well, just like my prediction of the tendency of the perps who want to shout prayers in foreign language, I got a woman sat right behind of me. She could sing Croatian songs including the long ones without problem. She seemed to be living here or visiting Medjugorje so frequently. Otherwise, people cannot remember all the songs. There should be a German group who supposed to take 9am German mass somewhere, but the normal Germans cannot sing Croatian songs so easily. There are cops in Munich who cannot even speak the high school level English. You can imagine the woman behind of me is a big exception. So, she was shouting the prayers in German while the friar was praying in Croatian through the mic from the alter. However, she joined singing Croatian songs during the pause of the rosary praying. I have no idea why she cannot memorize Croatian prayers to join the Croatian rosary praying. Anyway, I got someone praying in foreign language very loud and sitting behind of me so often.

There is an Asian woman who has been visiting the church before the first Korean group came. She seems to be the same height as I and have quite a similar facial features besides she looks more like Chinese and has shorter hair. Her information is in today's video.

If you watched my video about how I went up to the Cross Mountain to find the missing rosary part, you can remember the stranger hiding behind the trees on the beginning of the video. It's an Italian speaking elderly woman. She is quite active and attends the climbing events on Friday and Sunday all the time. However, she does not take the communion. I saw her leaving the church during the communion twice, and this time I filmed her leaving. Last time I saw her on my way home, I saw her walking into a house which had a Croatian youth group and locates on my way back to my place. I saw her yesterday night when I was heading to Namex to buy some foods. She was walking parallel to me and went into Pansion Nada, which is near Namex. I don't know if she is a long term visitor instead of a resident here.

The Virgin Mary statue had a strange sign today. It had "Lourdes" sign instead of "Medjugorje" and I took the picture of it. I don't know if it is for the special event for the church or not. It looked a bit funny when someone praying to the statue with "Lourdes" there.

Yesterday's rosary praying

One of the perp characteristic at Medjugorje is that some perps pray rosary in foreign language right behind the victim if the victim is participating in the rosary prayer. I found the high tendency of having a person who is praying in different language behind of me but that person can pray or speak Croatian really good. The person might be a local resident or a foreign worker living in the area. I studied anthropology and a bit of all the area of social science including psychology, so I am quite good at catching the differences of what perpetrators do and the normal circumstances. Who wants to pray in Italian or French, when the priest is praying the first part in Croatian? If they can speak Croatian, then they should pray in Croatian as others. Another tendency is that, the person sits next to me or behind of me pray in Croatian very fast. They try to pray in their own tempo while others are praying in harmony. What kind of effects such situation makes? I think the psychologists can tell more about that.

Here is the video from yesterday's rosary praying for the evidence of the first hypothesis. She sat behind of me and was praying in English very loud. When I started filming her some times, she kneeled down and prayed even loud.

Thanks for the Croatian people suddenly interested in my blog. I can check how many people from Croatia checking my blog on the daily page review analysis. The majority of readers are from the US and China. I got some from Rumania, too.

04 February, 2013

My rosary part untied and some other incidents

I forgot to finish up the multi-lingual mass and prayer book, so I'm working on it tonight. I hope it would be done by tomorrow morning for sure. I need to work more to keep up with everything I must do now.

I got quite a good understanding and updating of my gang stalking book from my experiences here and the V2K perps threats. The V2K perps mention about the importance of the family and the connections and you cannot do anything against us like that. They do have certain threats and they are like of what they are making for their traps and their plans. However, I learned these V2K perps threats are not reliable as they do not know the Christianity and they claim themselves as Soka Gakkai members. They can put importance on the connections and how they can ask favor from the high rank members in the churches for their "witch hunting" on the Targeted Individuals. That kind of information gives me the insight that the comparison of the tendency of the current church and of during the Middle Ages when the riches can buy the guaranty to go to heaven and how the high status people can take out certain people from the society or label them as something bad. My defense against such argument is the early church as the model when the St. Peter and St. Paul were working in small members from Antioch to Rome after the (known) history of St. John and the Virgin Mary ends in the south of Epeshus. If the NWO is supporting the communism style due to the surveillance and controlling in the US is modeled after China, then we should tell every one that the new religious phenomenon is that the religious people are controlled by the police and if the police does not like a priest or a sister, the informants can make up the claim to move the one out from the church. Well, that kind of thing would be in my book. I'm doing what supposed to be helping the church in a long run. As long as I assume, Jesus won't be on the side of the people bullying others. He would say peace to others instead of kicking them out or robbing them.

Well, I woke up at 7.30 this morning and saw the kitchen light was on. It happened twice since I started to stay here. At the rosary prayer from 5pm in the church, I saw the tied string next to the VM medal of my rosary was untied for couple of rounds to make the string very loose. Last night, I went to the church and prayed rosary, and I did not see such a problem. The rosary had the string loosen at the crucifix and it happened on few days before the purchase of the rosary. I bought it on the next day I lost my Altötting rosary parts in the Cross Mountain. I saw the part which got loose today was loose for about one round at that time. So, I tried to pull the string to make that part tight every time I pray rosary. I kept my new rosary in the inner pocket of my jacket. After I used it yesterday night, I did not take it off from my jacket and it was on the desk near the kitchen.

When I came back, I checked the handle of the doors toward the balcony. I'm living in a quite good location with nice rooms. It's just off-season and some accommodations are offered in reduced prices. Well, both doors had handles pointing 4.30pm degree. If it is at 3 o'clock, the door can be opened, and 6 o'clock to be closed. I don't know what happened but nothing much looked to be stolen or damaged. I might need to put something in front of the doors to know if they are opened from outside or not.

At the church, I tried to record the rosary damage and saw a female Italian group showed up and tried to sit down on the bench 2 rows to the front. I noticed the one on the right had Jack Wolfskin jacket. There should be very few people except Koreans visiting Medjugorje and it was very rare to see someone with Jack Wolfskin jacket again. So, she would be the 4th person, so far. I think she is probably a perp. There was an Italian mid-aged woman who sat right side of me and did not take communion when both side was bared by the people did not move. Perps do some funny skits. I hope they use NYPD or FBI for better perp identification of themselves.

I bought some breads on my way back for "Abendbrot," I saw a guy with a gray sweatshirt with hood also came to buy some breads there. But when I was walking toward the hill, the guy was quite fast walking behind me. I first thought of running, but decided to film him and let him pass first. He was walking fast and passed me. Then there were two men from the behind showed up and I led them pass as well. Then I walked from their behind, I saw one of them went into the house just near where I'm staying!!! That is a typical residence of gang stalkers. The first one was like a teenager and the two men were in middle ages. You can check the video below for today's event. And don't forget to check the Delta Security guys hanging around in front of the church. There was one standing on the left side of the church as well. I was expecting to get some events would be in the church, but they did not. By the way, the Dinamo guys are staying in Medjugorje, so if you want to see the famous football prayers, you can come here. I'm a Dinamo fan, and that would be proven by the video on my blog about arguing with the pizza guy in Split who told me that wearing a Dinamo T-shirt in Split is dangerous and someone might kill me. There are Croat areas to the north from here where people put Hajduk signs, but Medjugorje welcomes Dinamo as well as a part of Croatian National Team, which often do the training in the sport center here.

03 February, 2013

The youth fest and the very smart girl joined the group to go to the hill

I sometimes have times when I encounter so many parents with kids or young teens. They just happened to be around me but it happens almost anywhere I go. In Germany, I noticed the occurrence was the parents with kids stand to each other in about 20m distance. It's like how the Muslim beggars are sitting on the street around KFC in Karlsplatz in München. These parents with kids stand in such distance yet they just happened to be on every street like that way. When I walk on the street, these parents with kids often try to walk in front of me, so that their friend perps can observe the situation as if I'm following them for the child molester/pedophilia claim. Gang stalkers make a single person with no proper job respect in the society or the social status in the area as an easy target. They would claim that person is suspicious and try to harass the person. They might use their kids for the crime prevention reward or the compensation from the victimization. The teens are also recruited in the job for small money like few dollars/euros per hour. The reason is simple; they still don't have the sense of moral and ethics, they need money, surveillance and false witnessing are easy jobs comparing to the job opportunities at their age and skills. Not so many people can hang around long time on the street unless they are jobless or working as the plain clothes officers. The parents with kids are often a large family or a single parent with kids and they are likely to have some financial problem. The areas where the corruption is normal such as China, people do have the sense of reality with such dirty jobs.

The first few weeks, I did not have much trouble as a visitor. I'm finishing up my 'Gang Stalking in Churches' book during my stay. It would be a free PDF. I cannot sell my book so much, so I'm thinking to sacrifice my time and effort for the sample book. I might make a sample version with less pages free and the complete version priced.

This morning, I attended the morning mass. On my way, I saw a woman with a kid showing up from the left and started to work in front of me. I thought the perps might use parents with kids for the pedo/child-molester claim. The perps needs motivation and plans of what to investigate on their victim. The tendency here in Medjugorje is quite interesting, but they seemed to use the same strategies and claims they used before by other perps in other area. These conspiracies are added a bit by bit by other perps. For example, the Muslim conspiracy never made when I first visited Medjugorje in 2009. At that time, I was looking for the baptism opportunity and I asked Fr. Svet for the possibility. I ended up finding a church in Egypt where they had a Japanese woman working in the city got baptized a year before. The perps make up the claims for COINTELPRO and the victim is never treated as innocent from their conspiracies. So, when I saw the woman with a kid, I thought the perps would bring more parents with kids for the gang stalking.

Before the morning mass, I sat on the bench attached to the right side wall. I saw a young boy of the junior high age and he sat on the bench on the same line but his seat was behind the pillar near the VM statue. I saw him wearing a sweartshirt with US flag on it. Then I saw a woman with a small boy who sat at the back edge of the bench which I sat. The boy wore a trouser with a US flag on its right thigh. It seemed like the perps using the US flag for the psychological anchoring. If they use FBI or NYPD, it would be much easier.

At 2pm, there was an event to go to the hill where the Virgin Mary appeared in front of children. When I was climbing up at the very back of the group with a priest, I did not see anything strange. I did not see a kid with her mother till the 5th station. At the 5th station, we were praying the rosary and praying at the monument, a woman with a girl showed up from my left and they suddenly stood in front of me. The girl was holding a red umbrella and the woman had a purple one. It was a surprise to me as I did not see them on the sight till I saw them suddenly showed up from the side. I wanted to record the incident, but I was not sure if that was the only kid with the parents or some more showing up from behind. At the another station, I walked forward of the group to stay away from the kid with her parent. This time, the girl was following the priest and the girl started to pray Heil Mary with the mic after the prayer at the station. At her very young age, she could recite the rosary prayer. I'm not sure how many kids can do that, but I saw such strange thing at Casa Torfeld I, the refugee residence in Buchs, Aargau. At that time, 2 small girls invaded my room and started talking to me while I was reading my Bible. The smaller girl had a rosary hanging on her neck for the psychological anchoring while the older one was very quickly talking to me in English. I think that video is available on this blog, so you might be able to watch it or on YouTube.

At night, I went to the rosary prayer. I saw the group of middle age Asians, but they occupied the top left side benches. There was an event for the Franciscan Frama, the youth group, and the youngs were given the "T-shaped" pendants. It reminded me of the day of Hl. Korbenian in Freising. Kids received the Hl.  Horbenian pendant from the group walking around in the church with the relic with the holy body. After the mass, some people were taking the picture of the young group participated in the fest, so I filmed that one for today's video blog. Indeed, there were lots of kids and teens showed up.

02 February, 2013

Korean Group Part 2: Return of the Koreans - today's mass at the church, more events in one single day.

At the church, a woman sat in front of me and later a man and a young boy came and the boy sat right front of me. The people to his left moved and a boy and a girl came and they occupied next to him. They seemed to know each other well as if family members. Later, some people with two young girls came and they sat on the bench behind of me. I thought they were doing the child-molester/pedphilie conspiracy on me as a part of their gang stalking activity. The young boy was often looking back as if he was asked by the parents for his gang stalking job. The kids who sit front of me often do that. After the rosary praying, I moved from that area, then I started to get stomachache. It was like the gas pushing the intestine as if expanding my belly area.

After the mass, I went to the bathroom, and there was a man standing outside. When I went out, I saw two women with a very small girl with them talking with the man. When they saw me, they started to leave from the front of the bathroom. I was inside for quite a while due to the stomach pain, so I don't know why they stayed so long time inside, I mean the two women and a girl.

Then I returned to the church and sat very back seat. I saw Korean still sitting on the benches to the left from the center aisle. Later, when the event is finished and the Koreans were leaving, I filmed them from my seat with my digital camera. While I was there, an elderly woman sat next to me asked me in English some questions. I don't know why some people ask questions so often to a stranger though. She asked me if the church has the sacrament presentation today or not and such. I filmed one of her questions and my reply as she kept asking me some questions.

Oh, I forgot to say. In Medjugorje, the perps sits near a TI often do either of these rosary praying during the rosary prayers from 5pm. 1. The perp will pray in a foreign language such as Korean or Italian. 2. The perp might pray in Croatian as others do, but he or she will pray out of tempo like the others praying together, so that the TI will get confused to have some difficulties praying in one's way. These perps who sit next to the TI or the back of the TI might pray quite loud to give more effect. And those perps praying in foreign languages can actually speak Croatian or pray in Croatian also. I'm studying about these perps. There are 4000+ residents in Medjugorje, so it would be easy to identify them. In the film, you can see a woman behind is kneeling down and praying a bit quickly than others in a group.

Some incidents at KONZUM in Medjugorje

I sometimes use the local small stores but when I need to buy something specific that is not find in them, I visit Konzum and Namex

This morning, I went to Konzum to buy some groceries for the weekend. The store had some customers inside just as usual. I went around the green section, and I thought to buy a pack of carrots. I picked the one on the tray but thought it would be better without tray with more in it. I picked the carrot bag and saw something dropped to the carrot box on the bottom shelf of the container while I put it in the shopping basket. I saw the carrot bag had a cut, and I tried to put it back to the container to pick another one. At that time, the female clerk who was working at the cashier when I entered the store showed up from the behind and picked the carrot bag from my hand. She saw the cut and kept it in her hand. Then she suggested me the green lettuce which was on the shelf next to the carrot box. I just picked up another carrot bag, but I did not need to make a salad, so I refused politely. Then I moved to the other area and I saw her passing me to somewhere.

At the cashier, I waited normally on the line and waited normally while the female cashier scanning the goods on the counter. As I bought quite a lot, I started packing them. Then she finished scanning and the screen showed the sum. She noticed something, and said "shit" and tried to check the bag I was packing and checked some of the goods inside like the cedevita candy and something. I saw something fishy like at Tengelmann in Germany going on, so I started filming the incident. At Tengelmann, the stores in several area in München used the security alarm beeping at the entrance and at the cashier for making up the false shoplifting claim. You can watch the video from my past postings. This time, the clerk failed to scan what was on the counter and she passed them to the packing area. I don't know why that happened, and I don't know why there was a carrot bag with a cut and some carrots fell when I picked up and a clerk noticed it. Well, for the TIs, we can say like there are people mind controlled remotely and they can act or say certain things for the sensitization on the victim.

01 February, 2013

The Korean group is gone

The Korean group did not show up in the evening mass. I assume they went home after a long stay. There were some more people taking out their jackets for today's mass and they are in different rows. I saw a man with a small Jack Wolfskin logo sat in few rows to the front. Well, there are only 3 people with Jack Wolfskin jacket so far in the church. The situation is usually look like a cover up of something suspicious, so keeping the record every day with the time stamp makes it more unrealistic.

It's late and I need to go to bed now or I need to turn on the heater. I'll add the film and others tomorrow, the personal cleaning day. I like cleaning the room once per a week and doing it on Saturday makes me feel better to have a clean room before Sunday, the international resting day except in the Arab world.

Here is the video of the green Jack Wolfskin jacket.

Some notices on the evening mass

I checked the electronic notice board near the information center yesterday night, and it said that there would be no Korean mass from 9am from today. So, I was expecting that the Korean tourists might be already left. However they came at the evening mass. Some of them were attending the rosary prayer today just like yesterday. Unlike yesterday, there were some of them sitting on the benches in front of the Virgin Mary statue and some of them were eagerly praying at the statue after the whole event. I don't know what made them not to do so yesterday. It would be really an interesting security video the church might got from past few days. I only kept some films for my own sharing to the TI community.

I saw the fat Korean man who was in the bench where I sat and he tried to sit next to me before. This time, he was on the bench very front near the music people. So, he only sat on the back the day before yesterday and yesterday. I filmed him and another Korean who were there for the evidence today. I think I should film them yesterday for the gang stalking activities though..

As the church was packed up with people, it was a bit hard to film them before the mass or during the mass. But I was thinking to film them any time if I find a chance. Somehow, he took off his yellow "Jack Wolfskin" jacket and the guy next to him also did that. There were people taking off their jackets only around him toward the right behind area. I don't know why only today some people including those Koreans taking off their jackets. I filmed them with no jackets but that might be something as a clue of why some people to my right back coughing when I cough. It's like such synchronized events occurs in the linear way - from the statue of St. Francis to the music bands. Well, if they did it without any proper reason, they might be under the influence of the remote subliminal mind control. Isn't this much fun for investigating than those visionaries?

I've been sensitized by the Koreans in Germany and in Zagreb where there were Japanese men who were speaking unknown languages probably Mongolian or Korean. And now, there are a large Korean group showed up in Medjugorje. I think I can just do the "cause and effect" reaction to the stimuli from the psychological operation typical in the gang stalking. If they want to blame me of filming and sharing, I want them to read my German blog and this blog with the lists of so many Koreans showed up in Germany to Zagreb. I think 4U Hostel one got quite a large number of Koreans showed up.

And here is the video from yesterday. I'm filming those for the evidences of gang stalking activities in the church.