03 February, 2013

The youth fest and the very smart girl joined the group to go to the hill

I sometimes have times when I encounter so many parents with kids or young teens. They just happened to be around me but it happens almost anywhere I go. In Germany, I noticed the occurrence was the parents with kids stand to each other in about 20m distance. It's like how the Muslim beggars are sitting on the street around KFC in Karlsplatz in München. These parents with kids stand in such distance yet they just happened to be on every street like that way. When I walk on the street, these parents with kids often try to walk in front of me, so that their friend perps can observe the situation as if I'm following them for the child molester/pedophilia claim. Gang stalkers make a single person with no proper job respect in the society or the social status in the area as an easy target. They would claim that person is suspicious and try to harass the person. They might use their kids for the crime prevention reward or the compensation from the victimization. The teens are also recruited in the job for small money like few dollars/euros per hour. The reason is simple; they still don't have the sense of moral and ethics, they need money, surveillance and false witnessing are easy jobs comparing to the job opportunities at their age and skills. Not so many people can hang around long time on the street unless they are jobless or working as the plain clothes officers. The parents with kids are often a large family or a single parent with kids and they are likely to have some financial problem. The areas where the corruption is normal such as China, people do have the sense of reality with such dirty jobs.

The first few weeks, I did not have much trouble as a visitor. I'm finishing up my 'Gang Stalking in Churches' book during my stay. It would be a free PDF. I cannot sell my book so much, so I'm thinking to sacrifice my time and effort for the sample book. I might make a sample version with less pages free and the complete version priced.

This morning, I attended the morning mass. On my way, I saw a woman with a kid showing up from the left and started to work in front of me. I thought the perps might use parents with kids for the pedo/child-molester claim. The perps needs motivation and plans of what to investigate on their victim. The tendency here in Medjugorje is quite interesting, but they seemed to use the same strategies and claims they used before by other perps in other area. These conspiracies are added a bit by bit by other perps. For example, the Muslim conspiracy never made when I first visited Medjugorje in 2009. At that time, I was looking for the baptism opportunity and I asked Fr. Svet for the possibility. I ended up finding a church in Egypt where they had a Japanese woman working in the city got baptized a year before. The perps make up the claims for COINTELPRO and the victim is never treated as innocent from their conspiracies. So, when I saw the woman with a kid, I thought the perps would bring more parents with kids for the gang stalking.

Before the morning mass, I sat on the bench attached to the right side wall. I saw a young boy of the junior high age and he sat on the bench on the same line but his seat was behind the pillar near the VM statue. I saw him wearing a sweartshirt with US flag on it. Then I saw a woman with a small boy who sat at the back edge of the bench which I sat. The boy wore a trouser with a US flag on its right thigh. It seemed like the perps using the US flag for the psychological anchoring. If they use FBI or NYPD, it would be much easier.

At 2pm, there was an event to go to the hill where the Virgin Mary appeared in front of children. When I was climbing up at the very back of the group with a priest, I did not see anything strange. I did not see a kid with her mother till the 5th station. At the 5th station, we were praying the rosary and praying at the monument, a woman with a girl showed up from my left and they suddenly stood in front of me. The girl was holding a red umbrella and the woman had a purple one. It was a surprise to me as I did not see them on the sight till I saw them suddenly showed up from the side. I wanted to record the incident, but I was not sure if that was the only kid with the parents or some more showing up from behind. At the another station, I walked forward of the group to stay away from the kid with her parent. This time, the girl was following the priest and the girl started to pray Heil Mary with the mic after the prayer at the station. At her very young age, she could recite the rosary prayer. I'm not sure how many kids can do that, but I saw such strange thing at Casa Torfeld I, the refugee residence in Buchs, Aargau. At that time, 2 small girls invaded my room and started talking to me while I was reading my Bible. The smaller girl had a rosary hanging on her neck for the psychological anchoring while the older one was very quickly talking to me in English. I think that video is available on this blog, so you might be able to watch it or on YouTube.

At night, I went to the rosary prayer. I saw the group of middle age Asians, but they occupied the top left side benches. There was an event for the Franciscan Frama, the youth group, and the youngs were given the "T-shaped" pendants. It reminded me of the day of Hl. Korbenian in Freising. Kids received the Hl.  Horbenian pendant from the group walking around in the church with the relic with the holy body. After the mass, some people were taking the picture of the young group participated in the fest, so I filmed that one for today's video blog. Indeed, there were lots of kids and teens showed up.