28 February, 2013

Today's gang stalking trend - alarms

I went up the Cross Mountain today. It was sunny and not windy nor cold. At the foot of the mountain, 3 woman showed up and asked me if this is the place where the Virgin Mary appeared. I replied shortly as I was praying at the first station. Then they asked the same question to the clerk at a store nearby.

On top of the mountain, I saw Asian people - Korean and Chinese, a typical perps in my gang stalking experience. I went up and tried to pray. Then I heard a siren from far away. It reminded me of the alarm at the side of the entrance door of a bank on top of Konzum in Široki Brieg yesterday. It happened right after I left Konzum with groceries. I will add the analysis of the gang stalking activities at Široki Brieg and the video if I have time. It is a small city and not much people around. So, I can tell who are the neighborhood watch teams. Be aware of the ethnographer of gang stalking. Well, I just make the Međugorje perp list by tonight or tomorrow morning.

Then, there was a man just holding his groin for awhile and walking. I saw him holding his groin when he appeared from the edge of a building on the street. Then he just passed me and walked away. At the church, I heard another alarm from somewhere. That one sounded like a security alarm rather than the siren. At the church, a couple with a small kid sat in front of me. There is not so many kids around, so it was easy to assume they are highly likely to be perps. And the woman who sat left side of me had a tatoo "My LastAdam" in her left arm. I don't know what it means, but it sounded funny for a Catholic.

By the way, the perps seem to be planning to claim me mental problem in next month. That would be the only thing perps do if they got any chance to complain about my videos. I'm fine for that one as multi lingual and what happened to the bishop in Jack London's book, Iron Heel. But it would be hard for them to make me childish. Well, the perps said Međugorje is childish and it's like the area for kids' dreams. These people only want exploitation and getting social status out from others failure and loss, so I don't really know what they can believe as peace.