02 February, 2013

Some incidents at KONZUM in Medjugorje

I sometimes use the local small stores but when I need to buy something specific that is not find in them, I visit Konzum and Namex

This morning, I went to Konzum to buy some groceries for the weekend. The store had some customers inside just as usual. I went around the green section, and I thought to buy a pack of carrots. I picked the one on the tray but thought it would be better without tray with more in it. I picked the carrot bag and saw something dropped to the carrot box on the bottom shelf of the container while I put it in the shopping basket. I saw the carrot bag had a cut, and I tried to put it back to the container to pick another one. At that time, the female clerk who was working at the cashier when I entered the store showed up from the behind and picked the carrot bag from my hand. She saw the cut and kept it in her hand. Then she suggested me the green lettuce which was on the shelf next to the carrot box. I just picked up another carrot bag, but I did not need to make a salad, so I refused politely. Then I moved to the other area and I saw her passing me to somewhere.

At the cashier, I waited normally on the line and waited normally while the female cashier scanning the goods on the counter. As I bought quite a lot, I started packing them. Then she finished scanning and the screen showed the sum. She noticed something, and said "shit" and tried to check the bag I was packing and checked some of the goods inside like the cedevita candy and something. I saw something fishy like at Tengelmann in Germany going on, so I started filming the incident. At Tengelmann, the stores in several area in München used the security alarm beeping at the entrance and at the cashier for making up the false shoplifting claim. You can watch the video from my past postings. This time, the clerk failed to scan what was on the counter and she passed them to the packing area. I don't know why that happened, and I don't know why there was a carrot bag with a cut and some carrots fell when I picked up and a clerk noticed it. Well, for the TIs, we can say like there are people mind controlled remotely and they can act or say certain things for the sensitization on the victim.