04 February, 2013

My rosary part untied and some other incidents

I forgot to finish up the multi-lingual mass and prayer book, so I'm working on it tonight. I hope it would be done by tomorrow morning for sure. I need to work more to keep up with everything I must do now.

I got quite a good understanding and updating of my gang stalking book from my experiences here and the V2K perps threats. The V2K perps mention about the importance of the family and the connections and you cannot do anything against us like that. They do have certain threats and they are like of what they are making for their traps and their plans. However, I learned these V2K perps threats are not reliable as they do not know the Christianity and they claim themselves as Soka Gakkai members. They can put importance on the connections and how they can ask favor from the high rank members in the churches for their "witch hunting" on the Targeted Individuals. That kind of information gives me the insight that the comparison of the tendency of the current church and of during the Middle Ages when the riches can buy the guaranty to go to heaven and how the high status people can take out certain people from the society or label them as something bad. My defense against such argument is the early church as the model when the St. Peter and St. Paul were working in small members from Antioch to Rome after the (known) history of St. John and the Virgin Mary ends in the south of Epeshus. If the NWO is supporting the communism style due to the surveillance and controlling in the US is modeled after China, then we should tell every one that the new religious phenomenon is that the religious people are controlled by the police and if the police does not like a priest or a sister, the informants can make up the claim to move the one out from the church. Well, that kind of thing would be in my book. I'm doing what supposed to be helping the church in a long run. As long as I assume, Jesus won't be on the side of the people bullying others. He would say peace to others instead of kicking them out or robbing them.

Well, I woke up at 7.30 this morning and saw the kitchen light was on. It happened twice since I started to stay here. At the rosary prayer from 5pm in the church, I saw the tied string next to the VM medal of my rosary was untied for couple of rounds to make the string very loose. Last night, I went to the church and prayed rosary, and I did not see such a problem. The rosary had the string loosen at the crucifix and it happened on few days before the purchase of the rosary. I bought it on the next day I lost my Altötting rosary parts in the Cross Mountain. I saw the part which got loose today was loose for about one round at that time. So, I tried to pull the string to make that part tight every time I pray rosary. I kept my new rosary in the inner pocket of my jacket. After I used it yesterday night, I did not take it off from my jacket and it was on the desk near the kitchen.

When I came back, I checked the handle of the doors toward the balcony. I'm living in a quite good location with nice rooms. It's just off-season and some accommodations are offered in reduced prices. Well, both doors had handles pointing 4.30pm degree. If it is at 3 o'clock, the door can be opened, and 6 o'clock to be closed. I don't know what happened but nothing much looked to be stolen or damaged. I might need to put something in front of the doors to know if they are opened from outside or not.

At the church, I tried to record the rosary damage and saw a female Italian group showed up and tried to sit down on the bench 2 rows to the front. I noticed the one on the right had Jack Wolfskin jacket. There should be very few people except Koreans visiting Medjugorje and it was very rare to see someone with Jack Wolfskin jacket again. So, she would be the 4th person, so far. I think she is probably a perp. There was an Italian mid-aged woman who sat right side of me and did not take communion when both side was bared by the people did not move. Perps do some funny skits. I hope they use NYPD or FBI for better perp identification of themselves.

I bought some breads on my way back for "Abendbrot," I saw a guy with a gray sweatshirt with hood also came to buy some breads there. But when I was walking toward the hill, the guy was quite fast walking behind me. I first thought of running, but decided to film him and let him pass first. He was walking fast and passed me. Then there were two men from the behind showed up and I led them pass as well. Then I walked from their behind, I saw one of them went into the house just near where I'm staying!!! That is a typical residence of gang stalkers. The first one was like a teenager and the two men were in middle ages. You can check the video below for today's event. And don't forget to check the Delta Security guys hanging around in front of the church. There was one standing on the left side of the church as well. I was expecting to get some events would be in the church, but they did not. By the way, the Dinamo guys are staying in Medjugorje, so if you want to see the famous football prayers, you can come here. I'm a Dinamo fan, and that would be proven by the video on my blog about arguing with the pizza guy in Split who told me that wearing a Dinamo T-shirt in Split is dangerous and someone might kill me. There are Croat areas to the north from here where people put Hajduk signs, but Medjugorje welcomes Dinamo as well as a part of Croatian National Team, which often do the training in the sport center here.