30 December, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 30th, 2014

Belgrade is a quiet city with some small events here and there. I bought an external DVD-ROM writer yesterday. It was pretty hard to find in the small PC shops in Zagreb. I could find one in HGSPOT but never had the chance to go there when I was in Zagreb. So, I can burn DVD about the German cars from 2013 in one package. I can sell it if anyone wants it to buy the record. Maybe, I should add the story of how I was stalked for 2 years like the Anne Frank Diary to make it fun more than just the bunch of German car list. I might be selling these DVDs in front of Anne Frank in Amsterdam or the synagorge area such as the one in Budapest. Maybe 15-20€ for one DVD copy. What do you think? It's a good investiment for 4090SRD DVD-ROM writer?

Here is today's German car.

I saw 2 Asians today in the city center. Not so many Asians here.

I was taking 75 bus but today, I couldn't find the bus stop. It was across McDonalds and I used it two times already. And this time, the bus didn't show up. How come? I took 77 and went to the shopping mall stop and there I found 75 sign.

I'm moving to another place in Belgrade tomorrow, so it's not this far away from the city center and should have more people around. It's safe to be in the area with crowds. The V2K perps say that the spot I'm heading would be owned by Chinese and there would be some Chinese raid with Japanese who is helping their gang stalkers' investigation. The V2K perps warned me that they might try to rape me so that I might have a child and that would be the sign of prostitute or something and also good for increasing Japanese population. You know, that's all about the male view of how they could do all the covert work for making someone up to be a prostitute.

Here is the video.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 29th, 2014

I saw one Munich car near the bus stop. A boy caught at the store by the alarm while I was about to exit. Good thing I caught him beeped, yay! Muslim family in the shopping mall. It's very rare to find Muslims in Belgrade but I encountered one. The flying pans on the wall were a bit far from where Muslims were. A good flying pan should make a good noise like a gong...

No Internet Privacy for woman under Shariah Law

I've found an article telling that Muslim women cannot keep the password for their own from their husbands. It sounds bad for these Muslim perps who would pretend to be Muslim and claiming someone to be a Muslim also. Anyone who is Muslim is possibly violating the human rights.

In a lecture delivered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on December 16, Palestinian cleric Sheik Khaled Al-Maghrabi said that for a woman to have a cell phone, laptop, or Internet account that is blocked with a password unknown to her husband constitutes a violation of Islamic law.
Read more at http://conservativevideos.com/heres-shariah-law-apparently-say-womens-facebook-passwords/#4573VuZz37zxSpvD.99
These days, I've been warned by the V2K perps that they could use the Muslim cops to disactivate my blogs and such. It's so scary how the women could be claimed to be Muslims and their rights taken so easily. The gang stalkers could pretend to be Imam or husband or whatever and claim the female target as their property. What to do with such identity theft? We call hacking illegal in Western society.. Meanwhile, there are some countries or crazy people in the 3rd world community thinking the Muslim women should do what and that and even applying it to the non-Muslim women. And we see what is wrong to hate the Muslim men who want to control everything women do.

29 December, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 28th, 2014

Here is the vid from yesterday. Some German cars in the city and such. I might upload all the OSAM videos from past couple of years to these pay-per-view sites. I found some sites are good for backup and sharing for making money.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 27th, 2014

The video from the day before yesterday.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 26th, 2014

The vid from the day I traveled to Belgrade from Zagreb. Many German and Swiss cars were traveling on the road. I saw some Netherlands Muslims eating their own food at a parking lot.

26 December, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 25th, 2014

It was a quiet Christmas compared with last year and the year before in Krakow. I think Croats are spending more time at home for resting and family together than having a big party in the squares. It was so much fun in Krakow eating and... well the night of 24th was not that fancy like here in Zagreb. Stores were closed everywhere.

Here is the video from today. Swiss car at the tram stop. No fighting but just strangely many Asians in the city and showing up near the theater at the Cathedral.

25 December, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 23,24th 2014

Sretan Vožić! It's Christmas and I finally finished gathering this year's German cars and such in one file - 1.76GB size with few videos. I shall share the photo version by tomorrow and the videos in a different package. Together makes the files to be complete for 2014 German cars and other suspicious gang stalkers.

Well, I saw Munich cars around - one near my hostel. Also, I found my shoe sole damaged. I could add the pic here but it's already 2.30am... must sleep and burn the photo files on DVD-ROM by tomorrow.

Here is the video. You can see the fight in the tram at night.

23 December, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 22nd, 2014

Some or so many German cars and Swiss cars. I omit all to be shared here but in the film.

One US car. Quite rare to find it in Zagreb, you know.

One eye-patched woman. My video got better view of her white eye-patch. Everyday blind or eye-patched person showing up.

Robbery in Spar, I guess. Check the video for the detail. I don't know why that happened.

Enjoy the video.  Ah, my tooth fixing failed and I have to start over from the first implant. The V2K perps told me that the screwing part is corrupted for the first one, so it might be true. The V2K perps warned me that the final one to be attached might have the implant for making static charges and could kill me with heart attack. These V2K perps were talking about a small kid to hold the remote control for the heart attack causing. Well, it failed, I guess if that was really happening. Now the V2K perps telling me that the first implant would be replaced with the one that can create static charges. Anyway, that will be after Easter next year. I hope I survive that much time.

21 December, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 20th, 2014

Here is my video from yesterday. Some German cars. I don't understand why there are some German cars near the tram stop. Also, one blind man like everyday encountering of blind person these days. How often you see a blind person? It's so frequent in Zagreb. How come?
Some Muslims also at the main square. The V2K perps told me that about 5m diameter from a Muslim would be monitored by the see-thru technology from the satellite. Nothing good to see a Muslim around near me.

Here is the video. Time to gather up German car photos from this year for sharing.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 21st, 2014

I have seen many blind people in Zagreb. But today is the one with mono glass. Just see how strange he has it.

Some Asians in the church area.

The women speaking in English about the life in California to security issues behind of my bench while the concert today was canceled.

The video.

19 December, 2014

Possible 2000HRK theft

I've having problem waking up in morning till 11.30 or so no matter I take melatonin at night. On Dec 17th, I went to ATM and withdrew 2000HRK in 100kuna notes. It was rare to see 100kuna notes instead of 200kuna ones and was quite a stash - 20 notes instead of 10 notes. And today I went to arena and found my wallet only conains 200kuna notes which is more than 10 of them - 2000HRK value, right? First I felt something funny like tricking my brain. Then I remembered that might be the right money - I have 4000HRK from past withdrawal for the dentist and I took 2000HRK at Kaufland and paid 1200HRK for the rent the day after which is 17th. Then I withdrew 2000HRK more for the extra for the future payment for the dentist which is slightly over 5000HRK. Say, I have more than 6000HRK now but I just don't understand what happened to that 100kuna notes. It was the day I paid the rent and thought I could keep 200HRK notes instead of using it before I withdrew from that ATM - the one near the McDonalds at the flower square. I just try to withdrew a bit more at the same ATM tomorrow, I have the receipt and wanna know what note it wil spill the money. But I don't know why this sleeping over happening while the V2K telling me they wanna steal my bank card. They say the China mafia stole my money and claimed that is for them to travel to Istanbul. Anyway, there are 2 Germans I saw this afternoon at the hostel and a German car here. Any connection with the 2 year long German cars showing up around me in Europe.I can't sleep because of the high pitched noise. Then I realized that the 100kuna was gone so easily - I paid some like for the tram ticket and such. I'm just sharing this here and will post the result checking the ATM tomorrow for over 1000HRK withdrew. That was at the ATM, MBNET on KVATERNIKOV TRG 2.

Link from my FB posting. I taped all the door and the door frames - I found the frame tape not properly added and repaired this night after finding 


I just checked it and withdrew 1000HRK. I saw some 100 notes spilled with 200 ones. But that was the mistery how I ended up with only 200 notes in my wallet... How? 

18 December, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 18th, 2014

Here is the video from today. 2 eye-patched people, one blind man, some Muslims, and German cars.

I saw an eye-patched man on my way to Arena Mall.

An eye-patched woman at the cathedral tonight. How often people see these eye-patched people? They often show up when I encounter Muslims.

A blind man outside of the shopping mall.

And a Muslim family at KFC and McDonalds in the mall.

2 Muslims with white head covering at the main square. Not so many Muslims in Zagreb during Avent season.

One Spanish car and German car from today.

17 December, 2014

Few things V2K perps told me these days

I've heard from the V2K people that Japanese cannot fly to abroad from today as Japanese yen won't be exchangeable with US dollar. So, less Japanese perps able to fly abroad.

They also talked about the replacement of Japanese by Koreans in next year. It could be around February to start killing Japanese using the scalar wave - "ko-jo wave? - two scalar waves aiming to each original so the effect will increase." The V2K perps say that they can kill people by adding extra vibration. They say that the scalar wave goes like making a circle and travels.

Next month, S.Korea might start a war against N.Korea. It helps such above Japanese killing for the population replacement.

I don't know why they are telling me, but I just share that for fun.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 17th, 2014

Here is the video from yesterday.

I saw one German car at my hostel.

I saw some blind people stood at the tram station.

16 December, 2014

Tampering of my clothes

I just found a small hole on the clothes. They look like shape. I just don't understand to find such a weird shape holes.

15 December, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 14th, 2014

The video from today, mostly at the mass. I saw some solo walking Asian men around but they just left. They might be showing up just for the surveillance reason like I've gotten an RFID and they just show up for checking. I just wanna know why they do that - could be the harassment by the Korean groups who are harassing Japanese Christians in the church.

Well, I'm sleeping long time these days. I don't know why. I go to sleep around 1am and wake up around 8am to 8.30am. But somehow I've getting very sleepy and slept till noon. Well, I should have not waste time sleeping but that is happening. It would be a mess if I'm working at a office or commute to somewhere. Hopefully, this could be improved if I have some real schedule than jut to work with my computer. Things delayed and wasting time. I must put my TODO list next to my phone which I'm using for the alarm.

Oh, I haven't check the cars today as I was not in the mood to anything. Just had the headache in the morning and stomach problem from last night after eating the curry bottle I bought.

14 December, 2014

Today's German car.

I just went to a supermarket today. I felt I didn't work on my books these days, so I forced myself to be at home with at least my word processor to be open. The result? Some pages - less than 10.

So far, I'm working. And my French and Hebrew studies are quite ok. And I will make some yellow badges as the protesting against these German cars. I would add "אני לא יהודי, אבל אני אדם ממוקד" on the yellow star instead of simple "יהודי" letters. It could be easy with simple Targeted Individual in English on the star. 

13 December, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 12th, 2014

TGIF - I saw a Muslim woman on the street.

Some German cars traveling around. I saw more filmed.

11 December, 2014

German cars from yesterday in Zagreb

Nothing much here. I'm partly slacking around with H5 slots on FB and just working on my books. I should have type up the contents of the books but somehow I get the inspiration of writing something else and finish the index making. You know, that only gives me to have extra efforts for the future books. Well, I just need to get focused on the things I suppose to finish. But somehow, it's quite hard for making the tasks done one by one in order. Well, that's probably the EH effects on me now for discouraging me to be productive.

The German cars form yesterday. 1 KA, 1 DO, 2 Munich cars.

A woman with a German flag bag.

Ah, I need to finish making the German car list for this year, too.

06 December, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 6th, 2014

Here is today's German car.

Also, I saw 2 German speakers walking.

Polish car on the street. Quite rare to find.

2 Japanese speaking women showed up at Fries Factory near city center.

Me? I'm trying to finish up the German car list from this year to share. Also, my book would be published soon. 2 Poetry books and the long waited Gang Stalkers in Churches book. So far, I have time to work on these books concentrated here.

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 3rd, 2014

The day I visited the dentist. I was sick on 4th and slept whole day and yesterday I was still dizzy and just worked a bit with my book and French.

In the video, you can see a man in Japanese logo and a Munich car in Zagreb driving along my tram. I didn't see a German car yesterday or the day before as I stayed on my bed because I was sick. Good I don't see one parked outside.

02 December, 2014

Organized Stalkers Around Me - December 1st, 2014

I left Germany yesterday night. On the way, I stayed in Ulm for the late lunch and early dinner. I saw 3 Asians - one in gray hair with Jack Wolfskin jacket like me - sat across my seat. There was one more Asian came and sat near the WC room nearby. They were talking in Chinese and I don't think there are so many Asians in the area. I just saw them as the only Asians around from that train stations. Are they human traffickers or something?