31 January, 2008

One week off from Internet

Hey, I'm back!

I decided to take few days off from Internet surfing. It was to save some money while I do not have specific purpose of using Internet for everyday. I am not Internet addict, and I did not wanted to make myself obsessed with the convenience of Internet. Anyway, it was cool not visiting the city for a week.

Do you wanna know what I was doing in the last week to today?
First, I typed up a short reference about gang stalking for the new comers. It will be posted on free ebook site for the convenience of readers as well as the link below. We have many gang stalking related website but only few people write in literature. My plan was to make gang stalking well known, so that people will check out the word on the web. We need more people to know about the gang stalking, then we can bring it out as the global level social problem.
Then, I started studying Russian. Why Russian? This is for the emergency purpose. If my problem was with America, then I must look somewhere more neutral about their influence for my safety in future if I cannot stay in Switzerland. I have learned how to prepare for the worst. If I know Russian, then someone in Eastern Europe might find me interesting and let me stay in their country. Yeah, I am aware of Russians... I entered their consulate general in San Francisco, but I did not do anything with them at all... Well, someone from the consulate general drove out and looked at me when I was wondering to visit there or not in my car on the street. After I walked in and they told me they don't do what I showed on my letter, I don't know why but I had trouble opening the entrance door. Well, I learned that when some people ask help in embassies could be allowed to stay inside. I don't know about their purpose, but I am sure that my action was not obvious for a foreign student who was stalked by FBI to make me scapegoat of SJSU. False mental illness claim and false charges are what San Jose State University tried to do on me. I do understand that Russians had no interest helping me to have a safety of my bird.. Anyway, the United States already killed my another bird before. And my bird is kept by one of the psychologist perp.

I like Russian literature, and I guess learning Russian would be good for that part of my interest in future. Right now, I just learned how to read Russian alphabets and some basic vocabularies. While using textbooks and worterbuch in German, I can gain some knowledge in German also. I have studied American culture and their social science. If that knowledge is useful for someone and gives me a safe shelter, I might need to take it as an opportunity. If someone want a trading with the US, Japan, Switzerland (plus EU), I am here for you!! Ja, just kidding. I'm still the property of Sussies. If they really work on letting me go somewhere, I know where to visit. Bern has so many embassies around the world including Kuba. This time, I know how to ask asylum in foreign country as I have been on exile for more than half a year.

Since I felt I got writing block, I took a week off from OSAM film production. I got about 3 weeks length evidences by now. The next step is how to create analysis films. And sometimes, waiting period is important to get enough impact on the situation. Timing is important for some propaganda techniques.

23 January, 2008

2 choices that the US had before 911

22 January, 2008

Some files for evidences

Ah.. these files below are for my use only. Do not ask me what they are or what they are talking about and who. People work together to help the gang stalkers and it is the evidence that how lawyers even the TI asked for help are not really working to correct data to support the person who asked the advice and help.


Human Rights Violation Checks and Terrorist Claim Clearance

After 911, we have seen the discrimination against minorities around the world. Because of the local level surveillance, the terrorist claims would be stamped on the people who are not favorable for the local authorities. It is like the local government now has a right to work on witch hunting on their own. When I checked some Japanese TI films, I noticed that some of them contained the posters like “Guerrilla Warning” in residential area or town. Before 911, I think we had chance to clear out our bad credit records because of any reason – including mistake by the credit company. How about these days? No one really seems to have such choice of correcting data.

And guess what gang stalkers are doing. Collecting information in favor of their ways.
If someone is targeted as a terrorist, is there anyway to clear out the claim??
What the police are doing is that trying to claim the target again for mental illness, so that their mistake will not be mentioned.

How come there is no way to collect or check our government records these days? DAARPA has been working to collect data world wide, then who are actually capable of handling these data and changing data? Not the individual, but the government.

It's funny that a poet is now considered as a terrorist. Yes, words are stronger than any weapon. I kinda like making fun of local Aarau Polizei for stalking me. What is the problem if I correct data of the people around me talking the samething like in Role Playing Game for anchoring, and people stalking me. They sure being offended by the evidences. But why they really have to care so much about one refugee? More they involve in my life, more chance and claims I get for their connection with the US government. I have seen a mid-age woman who has a dual citizenship and from Texas. If she has been working for the stalkers, then everything makes sense including the harassments by the Eritreans at Caritas.

Jewish conspiracy and gang stalkers

I have contacted with some lawyers and figured out one of them recommended me to vist Stadt Aarau. As I am a refugee and cannot contact with Swiss authorities, I think I should contact the place anonymously to check out if they really have a free consultation like lawyers for refugees.
Well, I did not visit the place and stayed at home to take some rest due to the flu. I am still sick and my brain is not really ready to play with perps. Good thing is that I already done what I supposed to do. Contact with the lawyer at Caritas and then some in local area. They insisted that a refugee from Japan is impossible to get accepted in Switzerland. Well, how about that Chess champion granted in Iceland? He was a US citizen and was targeted by FBI because of playing chess in wrong place. I found his articles about his criticism on Jewish conspiracy and his positive expression about 911. If these things are some triggers to the victims of FBI and gang stalking, then I must consider my situation for comparison. Let's see how much information is similar in my case.

Criticism of 911. I don't know how much US government concerned about me for my activist activities before and after the terrorist attacks. Before 911, I was an active student taking leadership programs and social science classes. I did not really do anything since I spent too much time reading books and Internet articles rather than working on particular group to do something. It was right after 911, while I was taking one of political science classes, I figured out the some changes in the atmosphere of the activists. I found some students were gone from the campus as some facilities were talking about that. Also, I found a foreign (Swedish – Cameroon born) physics professor died of a massive heart attack in his home in Palo Alto, CA. You know how many American scientists studying sensitive topics are died of heart attacks or disappeared. Then, I figured out that on campus anti-war protesting was some what mild. That was the time I kept distance from other classmate taking leadership programs.

My case? I criticized FEMA and the replacement of Mike Brown for the aftermath of Katalina. Well, my essay could be still on the web. The instructor used an Internet site for checking preasurism and recording purpose. If the US government decided to target on me, it would possible because of that. Strangely, I wrote that essay during Fall 2005 when I had problem with Chinese elderly at the volunteer site. One time right after the 911, I was talking about my plan to create website about Osama bin Ladin with my friends. It was the time people were talking about bin Ladin and CIA connection, and I was thinking to create a pro bin Ladin website with a name “Osama bin Ladin (CIA) Unofficial Fan Site.” This was nothing more than to share the similar materials people are discussing about the 911 conspiracies with the US government. What we know is that CIA owns some surface weapon companies and they are used to send goods abroad. CIA hires informants among any category of people.

Then, about the Jewish conspiracy, I don't know how much Jewish are involved in my case. Gang stalkers have perps from almost all the types of people of jobs and ethnicities. I really don't see the point targeting only one ethnic group responsible for the stalking. Well, what changed me is the activities of Mr. Kissinger and other pro-Israel lobbies with dual Israel-US citizenship. I don't know who is really handling the debt of the US or the loss from the wars in the Middle East. The US government got suffered pretty much from the post 911 policies and I am aware that some are criticizing the classical Jewish conspiracy for the cause. In my case, I am only working on the comparison with Bobby Fisher's case. I am neutral.

My case would be related with Jewish conspiracy, if I have to mention the name of the physical anthropologist who I got problem with in the past. Well, I recently figured out someone similar to her background is in a different department of the same university. That professor was a Canadian and I sent information to the Vice President of the United States. Later, perps at my apartment in San Jose were talking “Elizabeth is mightier than the President.” I don't know what president they were referring to. But they also said that “all anthropologists agreed” for the marriage of me and her. I don't know why it was necessary. Well, I might be scared at that time and might be asked to stick to her for my own security purpose. I figured out that she sent undercover cops to delete my claim on her past relationships with other famous anthropologists.
It was the same period that I was studying about the particular Jewish groups in East Europe. I was thinking to write a short story from my research. I cannot remember the name of the group but the name starts from S, Schekidim or something like that. There are some books available for study about them. When I was in El Camino Hospital, I heard that Dr. Weiss checked my DNA and found out that there are only 3% similarities with Jews. I don't know why people are checking me for Jewish conspiracy. There are some Jews like Hakka in China, but I don't know about it in Japan. The perps in my San Jose apartment also said that Dr. Weiss checked my parents' physical features and thought that they have no connection with Jews. Well, yeah I am 100% Japanese origin and my families don't have any marriage with foreigners at least several generations.

Then, the LLD99 instructor Rosenberg was a Jewish. I don't know that until she talked about it in the classroom as well as the lawsuit defending cost.

When I was in Paris, I was contacted with a converted Jewish perp. He is from Mexico and said that he only stays in Paris for few weeks. However, he gave me the phone number and the mailing address. How many travelers have foreign mailing address? He also showed me some letters from his Japanese friends in Japan. I met him at Hebrew food restaurant – Johnathan? At that time, someone in the restaurnt gave me a name card of “Messiah” lives in New York. Since that guy was weird, I avoided seeing him, however, I accidentally met him next day with his friends and had to join for coffee. I don't know why he is converted from Catholics to Jewish and avoided my conversation about Torah. He also mentioned about his divorce from his wife. Everything he said and acted seemed to against the teaching of Jewish religion. Well, it was funny to see him with the Jewish people with traditional black hats at the coffee shop in Paris.
Now? I don't know why Eritorean visitors in my heim were stating that “I like Jewish.” Yeah, that is what I corrected as my evidence when I asked them if they are still working for Christian religious right violation.

Gang stalkers are the people without real faith. They can mimic anything in order to get advantage from doing so. I don't know if their activities actually helping to build a Jewish based New World Order or not.

21 January, 2008

Lawyers making notes for specific stuffs.

I don't know what lawyers in Aarau are up to. The one I talked at Rechtsberautengsstelle fuer Asyl Suchende Aargau, she just took notes on the stuffs that how I was imprisoned in the United States and my family - like how many siblings etc. Then, she took notes about these issues instead of about the people playing with religious icons in the Caritas or at my heim.

If the United States are still looking for the al-Queda members, I might tell where they are. These Somalians and Eritoreans are capable of manipurating the Christian icons and figures. What terrorists Muslims do? They work on destroying Buddhist statue and other stuffs. Yeah, these countries are also the place tought as the terrorists members are hiden. They have cell phones. Guess how many terrorists are being infilterated in the society? Then what we can see is how they are treated well in the society. Next bombing by them? Sure, it would be done by them and probably someone else might be responstible for that.

18 January, 2008

Zivilrecht und Verwaltungsrecht

So far, I got pretty much evidences and possible involvement of the United States.
Yeah, Internet jamming is the technique American NSA has. And I took the video that there is no choice for swisscom log in screen and it is the swisscom wifi portal... Isn't it strange?
Europe has own NSA and is based on cyber terrorism prevention.
Hey, is uploading the evidences of gang stalking a type of terrorist threat?? Or checking Wikipedia???
I don't know what kind of evidences these people are correcting. What I can say is that perps are correcting lies. The manager of the heim even could not explain about why the police searched my room on October 29th 2007. The below is his explanation and the Somalian guy and his friend at the entrance. I stood at the hallway and turned on my digital camera there and kept my camera outside of his office. Kein problem, huh?



17 January, 2008

I contacted a lawer (again).

This time is about Kanton Polizei and the investigaters in my heim. They are working on COINTELPRO. One of them told me that she is an Italian, and she told me that how they are working together for "control."

Vandalism and destroying rosary are what they are doing. And mobbing for harassing the target. I don't know if they are really working like Stasi Polizei during Nazis regine. Yeah, Americans imported Nazis scientists and scholors under "Paper crip project," and their technologies are spread to the world by FBI and CIA in the name of training the local cops.

Well, guess what? I am still working for the activism here!

One of the cause for terrorism is POVERTY! And what is going on in the US and other nations? More social divide - richs get richer and poor gets poorer. Who is really spreading the cause of the terrorism? MNCs and other government policies focused on the national interest of the United States more than their own nations!!!!

16 January, 2008

I support Russia's Christianity Revival.

1/3 of the Kosovo population should be in Switzerland, but I have never seen anyone from the country. I am just a refugee here like Kosovo people. I am surrounded by the gang stalkers capable of speaking multiple languages...

Well, I am extremely happy to hear Russian president support Christianity while G. W. Bush is supporting Jews and Israel. Virgin Mary was right... We had to pray for Russia as she told the children at Fatima.

Man, I cannot believe what I am figuring out. There are huge infiltration in the United States government. Homeland Security Michael Chertoff and Attorney General Michael Mukasey have dual citizenships in Israel and the US... Now I can believe the conspiracy theory of the Israel's involvement in WTC attack and why Israelis had less damage from the terrorism.

If Virgin Mary is right, and what I really had done on the last day at the US is real, I think.... I think Armageddon is going to happen in the soil of the United States. I really cannot say what I did. The US agency knew what I did, and somewhat Frankfurt was the land for the hope as I declared that day. Next day, I bought a ticket and traveled to Frankfurt. The good thing is that KGB already have my file as I ran into the consulate general of Russia while I was stalked by NSA in the US.

I believe that strong religion is what people need to keep a state in stability. At least, Virgin Mary cared about Russia in the past, so it would be good to have a strong Christianity in Russia. At least, some Jews in the US are worshipping money. Using Christianity is a good opponent for how to be the justs.

Well, I know gang stalkers are also in Russia.. as I saw some inside of the consulate general of Russia in San Francisco.

Anyway, if Russians honor Virgin Mary (I know it is a little much), it would give them some miracles. Mexicans won the war with Our Lady of Guadalupe! She can be the one to defeat the evil as she is on the moon as it is written in the last chapter of the Bible. At least, I ran away from the United States with my American Catholic Bible. I hope anyone who can consider Christianity important would make better impact on the Americans under Bush Administration.

So, George W. Bush visited Jerusalem.

I have read articles about George W. Bush visiting Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Gaza.
It's just amazing how he visited Bethlehem after I mentioned about Virgin Mary in this blog. Well, it could be just a coincidence. Last time I noticed was the day after I read an article about how returned US solders from Iraq are suffering because of the health care problem. The next day, I found an article that the US president decided to improve health care system for military workers.

About the Gaza, all I can say is that history repeats, and people make same mistake again and again. Jewish elders might commit crime of sending Jesus to be crucified as it is written in the Bible. Then, Jews have been targeted for racial discrimination and the most significant one was Holocaust. Now, Palestinians are suffering from Jewish occupation.
I hope Jews respect what is written in Torah and Talmud. “Love your neighbors.”
Indeed, human beings are sinful animals.

“Bread and Circus” is not really functioning in the Western countries.

  1. Food stamps are not really working in Western countries.
  2. Gang stalking cheep entertainment is not really producing fun for citizens.
  3. Gang stalking to rob the TI is not really working as everyone is already poor because of the poor economy.
  4. Food gets expensive than before.
  5. Gang stalkers maybe getting paid, but they are not doing something for economical expansion.
  6. Too much money is wasted for bribery.

Iran's wise choice – keeping away from globalism.

I have read this article, 10,000 Apply For A Job AT One New Wal-Mart!. When I took business class, I learned about how Walmart is succeeding in the global economy by out sorsing. Nowadays, outsourcing became very popular, and brought serious unemployment rate due to the cheap foreign labors and manufacturing costs. Globalism made everyone to get connected and it is true for merchandises. When we look our economy in micro level, we can see large companies taking over the small ones. It is just like animals do in the nature – small animal is eaten by the large one.

Before the 911, we have more chance to talk about the danger of out sourcing. I sometimes volunteered at U-CAN, the anti sweatshop NGO. These days, it seems no one really care about the issue of sweatshops nor child labors because on-going warfare is too much fore everyone.
Embargo is the only way to keep a country secure. Japan had few hundreds years of “Sakoku” period until the American ship came and forced to open its market for the world. When a country work on embargo to protect its own citizens, some one might call it as the dictatorship. I do not know about North Korea, as the citizens seem to have not even enough foods. Russia and Iran may be another examples. When we live in Western countries, we do not have a chance to see their products. Well, I might see salmon or other fish products from Russian property, but I am not sure. While big corporations like MNCs gets bigger and stronger, all the common folks lose private companies or shops.

When I took poli sci class, I learned about the alternative for the unemployment problem caused by the big corporations. You know what? The core problem is that the people producing goods cannot have chance to even own what they make for their lives. Commodity exchange is the old fashioned way of exchanging goods. Fishermen could exchange their fishes with farmers wheats. That was the basic trading system worked in human history. Of course, we cannot make high-tech stuffs which are not essential for our life just like how farmers cultivate veggies.

We have tons of exchange system to go through to make even a tiny cell phone. No one exchange raw materials with another raw materials. We need something stable for exchanging our goods. Native Americans used Wanpoons (small sea shells) for trade. Then minting coins made the coins for regular trade because the coins had values by its metal. Nowadays, currency got strange custom. The cheapest coin of the currency has the vest value in the ratio. For example, the 100 dollar bill is only made by a piece of paper but a penny do have some value from its copper made.

People are much concern about money than the quality of their lives. Food costs raised and Engels told us how to figure out our live quality from the food costs. If social security is functioning, then why people starve to death in Japan, or become homeless? Social security and social aids are the most important systems to be the citizens of democratic countries. Socialist and communist countries have said the same thing to promise their citizens. Do Arab nations still give free homes to the citizens? INGOs are offering foods to poor countries, but how many individuals in these countries get them in their hands? I bet Cuba is still giving good health care for Cubans according to Michael Moore.

Gang stalkers are working to create homeless. I had to ran away from my apartment in San Jose leaving my properties. I bet the stalkers got my stuffs as my “mind controlled” mother often mention my stuffs and suggested me that the apartment manager to handle everything. She told me that before I went back. Sociologists may studied homeless, but the reality is that the homeless are claimed to mentally ill and became homeless due to the illness. Well, the SJSJ IPS people talked about me as “crazy,” and I was getting A... yeah, the because of the harassment in the classroom and professors love-triangle stuff, I received something else. Everyone around the person start gaslighting and if the person get confused, then that person may be claimed as a mentally ill. This is the reality. Because of the gang stalkers, no one cares about another stranger. This is the attitude that large companies want people to have. They want us to be self-centered and worry about own life.

While the top CEOs and government officials get advantages from MNCs and their global networks. People at the bottom are often ignored. Because of the globalism, now the line is at the middle class. Russian president is wise enough to find a new president who is more likely to keep the Western bribing issue away from the Russian citizens. They already have inside problem in several areas, and it could get worse if the head of the country is not strict about. No more gas line explosion.. I hope..

Americans get cowards. Staying on line quietly is a type of herd mind. 10,000 people were just standing and waiting on line? Come on, they could do something better than that!!! 10,000 people with “WE WANT JOBS!!!” placards could give them real jobs! 10,000 unemployed unhappy citizens protesting must be impressive for the US congress and mass media. 10,000 people is too much for the law enforcement to send them to local jails. Definitely, the government would consider to create a job opportunity than build a new prison with 10,000 prisoner capacity. Under the Bush Administration, I bet the US Army recruiters love to talk to these eligible citizens to give jobs abroad.

15 January, 2008

Just like any kid with great creativity, I had bunch of dreams when I was a child. When I look back my life, I figured out many have been fulfilled. Yeah, it is true that I had so many dreams, I know these are only few.
1. Studying in the US – I did it.
2. Studying in UK – I did it.
3. Become double-handed like Leonardo da Vinci – I made it.
4. Visit France – I did it.
5. Visit Weimar – I made it.
6. Open a Swiss bank account – I have one.
7. Travel around the world – I did it on my ran a way from the US.
8. Learn German – It happened to me. Not enough to understand Goethe's writings though.
9. Have a life more than a movie – It happened as I was followed by DOD and NSA.
10. Become a good artist – I know how to draw cartoons at least.
11. Become a poet – I think I am a poet of some kind.
12. Work like a government agent – Not really wanted to become, but I was thought so. Yeah, this one was possible dream than becoming a Ninja...
13. Lean how to do programming – Yeah, I know how to do it. Java, C, C++, HTML would be enough for not in comp. Industry.
14. Live in Silicon Valley – I lived there for 8 years.
15. Eat Aussie Steak in Australia – I ate steaks every Sunday when I lived in South Australia.
16. Own a Rolex – I have a good one for my whole life.
17. Eat Swiss cheese in Switzerland – I'm doing this at least when I make sandwiches.
18. Eat Fish&Chips in England – My favorite fish&chips restaurant is the one on the Brighton Pear.
19. Learn how to use hand gun – my favorite is S&W .38 Special
20. Learn how to do archery – I took archery class at DeAnza.
21. Have a life more greater than Lord Byron – I became a possible first Japanese refugee in Switzerland, and put some countries involved in my gang stalking (NSA) problem in the US. (Yeah, I must apologize Japanese ex-PM Abe for this one...)
22. Get close to a celebrity – My first kiss with a woman was with Malanie Doutey, the famous movie actress!!! She was my room mate when I lived in England! (tell her that I still keep her pirate ship drawing in my Japanese home)
23. Get the whole world in one hand – Yeah, I did it. Ask the US agents for what I really did after midnight on the day I supposed to go back to Japan.

Alright, these are enough. Now is about what I left to fulfill.
1. Study in France
2. Get a vacation home in Southern France
3. Study Anthroposophy
4. Become a good poet in German language
5. Eat Mangongonut (this is a new dream after I studied anthropology.)
6. Talk to Bundeskanzlerin Merkel
7. Talk to ex-president Micheline Calmy-Rey
8. Eat fondue in Switzerland
9. Learn how to use and create sling
10. Master Latin
11. Visit Vatican City
12. Talk to the Pope.
13. Master Egyptian Hieroglyph
14. Master Coptic
15. Master Cuneiform
16. Master German
17. Master French
18. Master Spanish
19. Get my own company
20. Create the best A.I. Program

And these are I have done and not was in my wish list.
1. Learn about the truth of 911
2. Learn about the reality of the United States and its secrete government
3. Meet Jesus Christ – Good thing is he just told me to walk with him. It's better than what he asked to Mother Theressa.
4. Become a refugee
5. Become an exile from my own country
6. Become one of America's Most Wanted figures
7. Become a TI and study them

14 January, 2008








Globalism and Sectionalism.

Benjamin Barber uses the term, “McWorld,” to symbolize the Americanization of the world. He explains “Jihad” as the another side effect of globalism and the negative force driving the movement to form homogenus uniform world culture apart.
After 911, everyone is concerned about security. But whose security, and why do we need security for? 911 was about American citizens and the US government. Because we formed a American alliance, another name is NATO, many countries are now under the problem of security. Where is al-Qaeda, then? First, the US government invaded Afghanistan in search of the terrorist group responsible for the 911 attack. Then, the US government said that they found some connection with Iraqi government, and they invaded Iraq and settled a new government. Later, they went to Somalia. Russia and China were “evil countries” in the past because of the communism ideology. Now, what is the definition of evil country?

Security issue maybe based on the free flow of human migrations and settlement. Definition of evil might be easy, anyone oppose to the benefit of the state can be evil.

We used to hear about the corruption of the American Empire before 911. These days, because of the national security issue, anyone who might be a threat to the hold of the empire would be targeted for terrorist conspiracy. In such case, infiltration of the community and the companies by the government agents is necessary. By doing so, the government can analyze the personal information of every citizens and non-citizens. The next step is the “downsizing” of the nation. This can be done by the community level government agents. All Western countries are in huge debt. Why can't they use the same technique that the companies do in the time of economic crisis? Anyway, what happen is that the elimination of family or the individual. That way, the state can take the wealth and the property (and the life) away from the particular people. Using CONTELPRO techniques, everyone is informed that the person is not necessary for their society nor in the nation. The victims are categorized as criminals or mentally ill. Yes, Jews were thought as criminals or something different from the common folks in the past. This time we now targeting a particular group of people like Black or Jews will cause a dilemma in the society. What they do is form a group and settle down around the target. Because of the physical occupation around the target, they are the first one to be contacted with if something happens to the target. They tell lies and the public will believe their lies.

In my case, this is the reality of San Jose State University. Anyone in the university seem working under different laws and regulations than what is written as rules for them. We do not have laws because some politicians and local authorities wants to keep their ascribed status secured, they try to live like above of the law.

10 January, 2008

Some easiest ways to claim someone to be a criminal or a terrorist:

  1. In a classroom, tell students to write about an essay with a topic, “What I want to do if I am a criminal” or “What I want to do if I am a terrorist”
  2. Become a criminal or terrorist first, and claim the person to be their allies in the crime group.
  3. Print a T-shirt with “I am a criminal” or “I am a terrorist” logo, then force the person to wear it.
  4. Ask al-Qaeda members or Mafia members to recruit the person.
  5. Ask the person to write a crime story and call police to investigate the writing.
  6. Ask the person to write an email to the Vice President of the United States exposing some sensitive information about their insiders.
  7. Write to the Vice President of the United States to tell the person is an enemy of the United States.
  8. Ask the person to write to the Vice President of the United States to criticize Bush administration.
  9. Ask the person to write to the Vice President of the United States to express how he or she hates the United States after 911.
  10. Ask the person to write to the Vice President of the United States to criticize how much money he earned from the War on Iraq.

The 7 easiest steps to conquer the United States or other big nations.

If Mr. Bill Gates was interested in taking nations in his hand, he probably made it done with other MNCs.

  1. Bribe the President or PM to be on your side.
  2. Bribe the Spreme Court judge to be on your side.
  3. Own your private mercenary legally.
  4. If you cannot own your mercenary, bribe the top people in the military and reinforcement to work for you.
  5. Claim the people against you as “terrorists” or “dissidents”
  6. Make laws to exercise the process on 5.
  7. Find someone else to blame of the process 1 to 6, in case someone figure out who took over the country.

Some reasons why the US government wants to keep contracts with Black River Company.

  1. They know US Army is not efficient enough as a mercenary than Black River solders.
  2. Because of the wages, good US solders moved to Black River Company.
  3. The US government does not want no more “US solders” dead in the war.
  4. The current president might be blackmailed by Eric Prince.
  5. The US government wants to grow new “axis of evil” on a new mercenary after they destroy Osama bin Ladin's private mercenary, al Qaeda.
  6. The US government thought private mercenary industry is new trend for their national economy and working on the investment.
  7. The US government needs to get contract with this American private mercenary to keep them busy while terrorists try to get contract with them to attack the United States.

09 January, 2008


集団ストーキングやgang stalkingという単語は、被害に遭っているときには目にしたのですが、実際冷静にそういった単語について解説をしてあるサイトの情報を調査するという時間はありませんでした。最初にgang stalkingが一種のpsychological abuseだと知ったのは、去年の9月頃で、ちょうどそのときにカウンセリングサービスのDr. Sivertsen代表に対して学生のやっていることに対しての抗議としてgroup stalkingという言葉を使って引用しました。まさかその後に学校と学生を守るためにFBIが関与して私を精神病院送りにするとは思いませんでしたが。


ドイツではドイツ軍がやっているみたいですね。一部はただアメリカ軍の姉妹軍隊として私の監視を手伝わされたのかもしれませんが。フランスではGendarmeが地方でもパリ内でも幅を利かせていました。イギリスでは軍隊は見かけませんでしたが、ストーカーはそれなりに出没していました。City Guardianの人たちとか。オランダでもストーカーは現れましたね。フランスからアムステルダムに向かったときはバスを利用したのですが、ベルギーから日本人の学生らしきカップルがバスに乗り込んできましたし。ドイツでも宿泊先のホステルで日本人男女4人組と中国人のグループを見かけました。ときどき、集団でユダヤ人らしき人たちが現れたりもするのですが、ストーキングを行っている一部のユダヤ人なのかもしれません。


Call for Urgent Resolution of Kenya Electoral Crisis

The below is the link to the petition site for Kenyan problem. Burma had something similar relatively new in my memory, but now is about this African country.


To: Leaders of PNU and ODM
CALL FOR URGENT RESOLUTION OF KENYA ELECTORAL CRISIS We the undersigned call on the ODM and PNU leaders to urgently seek a resolution to the current electoral crisis in the country and restore peace and harmony in the country through leadership. We express our concern at the deteriorating situation in Kenya following what has been widely acknowledged as an impressive election turn-out. We commend the Kenyan people for their dignity and courage but also express our condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives and to the many who have been injured in the course of needless violence over the last few days. This is a time for Kenyans to be patient, dignified and to look for solutions that are in the best interest of the majority. We regret the chaos which has caused loss of life, destruction of property and general unrest in the country. The contested outcome has marred the prospects of democracy and peace not only in Kenya but also in Africa. The cloud which hangs over the conclusion of one of the most fiercely-fought elections in Kenya’s history is regrettable. We believe that peace should be regained as a matter of urgency so that a free and fair outcome can be reached. We believe that this is not the time for provocative actions, but a time for demonstrating leadership through bringing the contending partners to the table. This crisis can be resolved by the players in disagreement using conciliation and arbitration mechanisms as a matter of urgency to plan a peaceful resolution of the crisis. If necessary, this could be done with the involvement of others such as the African Union and others, such as those who acted as election observers. We urge the contending leaders to act within the spirit of democracy and seek to heal the wounds that have been opened by recent events and to do so in transparent ways. We are aware of the betrayal that many may feel in what they consider to be an electoral injustice. We ask them to engage in the process by seeking explanation and accountability and to be guided by their own sense of civic responsibility. We call on the PNU and ODM leaders to seek conciliation and resolution of the current crisis for the sake of the country. We call for mechanisms for mediation and conciliation to be put in place urgently to give voice to all grievances that have arisen from the present situation in which there can be no winners, only losers. We welcome the mediation processes that have been initiated We call for an immediate ending of violence by the security forces and all other parties. Whilst we recognize that the security forces have a role to play in maintaining peace and order, we condemn the disproportionate and excessive use of force by the security forces against unarmed civilians that has been manifest over the last few days. We call for an independent transparent review of the whole electoral process and its outcomes so as to resolve any differences between contesting parties. This should include reviewing the results of the election and all reported irregularities, especially those related to the disparities in the tallying of the final results. We call for a swift formation of an independent and credible Judicial Commission of Enquiry by endorsing the call by the Electoral Commissioners who have called for one. We urge the international community to be patient pending the outcome of such a proposed review process. As it is Kenyans who have to live with the consequences of a Mwai Kibaki or Raila Odinga government, the international community can only follow the recommendations of an independent review before declaring the elections free and fair. We call on those who wish to see a peaceful democratic Kenya, especially in the African Union, to support initiatives that can bring this crisis to a swift conclusion by facilitating dialogue and reconciliation. We are deeply concerned by the gagging of the media, especially as this has only fueled suspicion and encouraged speculation in an already highly volatile situation. Freedom of expression has been one of our greatest democratic prizes won by Kenyans during the last few years and we cannot afford to go backwards. We call for an immediate and unconditional lifting of the reporting ban so as to ensure that Kenyans are able to keep abreast of what is happening. We commend the Kenyan press for the work they have done to keep information flowing. It is precisely in the time of crisis that a free and independent media is essential to ensure a democracy that is based on information not speculation. We urge the international media community to support the Kenyan press during this time and continue promoting the right for a free and independent press especially during such a period. We call on all peace loving people to join us in calling for a swift conclusion to the crisis so that Kenya can return to normality and people can continue their lives without fear and anxiety.
The Undersigned

Gaslighting back to the gang stalkers.

I don't know about the stalkers in other countries. Since I live with them, I started to gaslight them back by hinting what they did in the past for anchoring, provoking humiliation, etc. What I figured out is that males are very weak for verbal debates. Well, here are the characteristics and responses of gang stalkers I received after my gaslighting. There may be some gender difference for the result. Since children is not my field of study and not really into child psychology nor anything, I do not have anything. (I know about Little Albert and Turkana Boy – but my knowledge about kids are very limited and not really into them at all) Since gang stalking is a social problem, I am studying this phenomenon as that is the only available thing around me to study besides German and reading books. I don't know why anthropology students are working for this social problem and none of anthropologists care about the problem. It's like the truth about the homeless. In sociology study, people became homeless because of their psychological problem which caused them unable to keep standard of their life, financial problem, disaster. Reality is that Uncle Sam did not like them and wanted to take their property away for the use of MIB.

Male perps responses after gaslighting back:
1. He asks TI to shut up, or try to ask not to talk about it.
2. He tries to change the topic or mislead the talk.
3. He ignores the conversation and leave the room.
4. He rarely look for another perp for help except a perp who often work with him.
5. If he knows what anchoring or street theater he was working, he might just continue his part.
6. He might get angry and start shouting something new. But he cannot communicate logically.
7. He leaves the place, but someone else may show flustration as a group reaction.
8. If his friend is targeted for gaslighting, he might talk with the targeted perp to make sure him.
9. If his friend is targeted for gaslighting, he might confront the TI to start accusing him or her for something else.
10. If his friend is targeted for gaslighting, he might show his support on his friend by body language.

Female perps responses after gaslighting back:
1. She tries to cut down the conversation.
2. She utterly change the topic of conversation. It migtht be related with gender-specific cultural aspect.
3. She ignores the conversation and leave the room.
4. She often looks for help from other female perps and tries to work in groups. This might be gender specific characteristic.
5. If she knows what anchoring or street theater she is working, she just tries to continue her job.
6. She rarely gets angry. Instead, she might show her confusion on her face.
7. She leaves the place to get comforted by other female perps.
8. If her friend is targeted for gaslighting, she might talk with the targeted perp for comforting.
9. If her friend is targeted for gaslighting, she might confront the TI to solve the problem.
10. If her firend is targeted for gaslighting, she might show her body language to help the situation.

08 January, 2008

Some Internet connection problem.

I figured out my website is unavailable and FEDAME site is also not viewable. I heard some victims talking about my website is sometimes down. This time, I figured out what they are talking. Well, I have some account avairable, yet because of Euro Registry did not give me the account information, I cannot use it.
Well, this would be the best time to activate my www.anthro-ethica.net account.

Let's see how things will be.

Social Science and Social Influence

When I was studying social science disciple classes including anthropology ones, I did not mention how the books and thoughts are partial of the whole knowledge studied by the governments. It is like, we have seen the issue before somewhere like in entertainment industries and enjoyed them as a good imagination for some fun.
When I was a kid, I used to love horror and action movies. I was a big fun of SFX horror stuffs and was collecting horror movie leaflets and other stuffs to know about the technologies. One of the Indiana Jones' huge cliff background was drawn by a Japanese artist. The doggy-monster transforming stuff in “The Thing” was actually a type of robot. Yeah, I was studying these things when I was a kid..
After I experienced kidnapping attempt by the SJSU people and the imprisonment meeting with CIA people, I got completely different opinion about what I have studied in social science and what we watch as entertainment for horror and action movies. We well know about MIB because it is a famous movie name. We have bunch of JFK films and books about the FBI involvement. Then, thinking about “The X-files” and “24,” I got the best conclusion. They let us know the truth in the form of entertainment or at least with some tast of fiction. This type of exposure is often used in academic and mass media also. What the common folks do not get is the reality behind the article or the story. Do you know why Foreign Affair Magazine is important and a “must-read” for political scientists? It contains the future aim and aspect of American foreign policy. It also shows who is related with who and the writers political interests.
When I look back what I studied in each of social science field, I figured out the reality behind of these disciples. Psychology did not studied people with the guarantee for informed consent, but rather exploited the prisoners and patients. Dr. Cameron is one of the guy I am talking about here. Then we think about Anthropology, what do we have for black anthropology? CIA working with natives for future recruitments? How about that famous Yanomami scandal? While I was imprisoned in El Camino Hospital, they did pretty much human experiments. How about my DNA samples they secretly kept for some US interest purpose? Are they making clone people like I saw in some of later X-file episodes? If the real MIB are the hired informants of the government and able to change their identities for security purpose, what they are doing in our society must give some significant social impacts. However, none of social scientists ever studied about MIB. Dr. Chomsky reminded me the reality behind of gang stalking. Gee, if I knew what he was planning to write for his latest book, I would have write a better letter to him... It was cool receiving replies from such a famous and someone I really admire ones' works. (In Dr. Gonzalez's Anth 131, I made a poster about Dr. Chomsky's Lingusitcs works. If they did not throw my poster away, it should be in WSQ4 or back storing room.. They probably destroyed everything as well as the stuffs in my Pavona Apartment though.) Anthropologists talking about McCarthyism and FBI investigation? That's how they explain what really happened to them and everything was now under control by them.
Then, who is really talking about the truth of our society? We must have some regulations for trustworthy resources. If we could know the writers' MACH-IV test results, we might get better understanding of their articles and thesis. I think MACH-IV will work pretty well for intellectuals' obsession for their own profits more than ethics. Good thing AAA does not have ethical codes for anthropologists.

07 January, 2008

A Refugee in Europe - a Video

This is a short film showing what really happened to me to become a political asylum seeker here. I omit some critical parts, yet it still looks good for understanding of the situation.

God bless people who are working with Jesus. Jesus is to save opressed people. Does God bless America? Some people gained money after they declared the Holy War against others... No one can serve two master, if they chose Geld, then keep away from using the name of God.
When I took intro to cultural anthropology, I learned that the real God for the US is money.. That is why WTC attack was shoking. If that is to a major church in the US, not so many people would care about it. Some one would say, "Let's build a new one, dude" and forget about the problem.

Probably Americans know what I mean about that Iraq oil thing. They now have to pay more for what they started, including the gas fee raise. If they believe in Jesus and then can put their hand on the Bible for testimony in the court, they would have more equality in the US and less crimes. Police is backing up the organized stalkers' crimes, so if we ban them, they won't commit crimes to other innocent individuals. That is how the police show off their importance in the community. Who was that nurse tried to kill her patients for her brave superman-like self satisfaction in England? Some professionals comitt crimes to gain their fames.

03 January, 2008

What makes it as a previlage to be a Catholic?

I think the benefit of being Catholic is to fight against religious rights and for the poor and oppressed in the society. The Catholics have been doing so for milleniums. We have martyrs and sants who died for their faiths as our role models. During WWII, Catholics decidents were also targeted for the HOLOCAUST according to the book of Marshal Thomas.

I have been saved by the Virgin Mary, and I am trying to do what is good for the teaching of the Jesus Christ and his mother. They do not like to see their churches are used for something disgraceful.

I am working on my way of protesting against Christian, especially Catholic, religious righgts violations. Just like the religious people during the war time, or from the fascist/communist countries, I became a refugee and live in exile from my own country. What keeps myself confidence is my faith in Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

By the way, Swiss perps now learned how to carry Snowboards. I was worrying that the edges may hurt someone or something. It was funny they did not know until I mentioned about it...

02 January, 2008

Prosit Neujahr!!

Today is for the Virgin Mary. Probably Japanese folks pay visit to the local Shinto shrines. Since I was converted to Christianity, I stopped doing so. I was living in the US for a while, and I did not have much opportunity for that. But I did not do it last year while I was in Japan.

It is so amazing that I ended up living in the center of the Europe. How could I predict this happen? What I learned was the warning from Virgin Mary last year and memorize rosary prayer in Latin. It saved me. It kept me sane as “voice to skull” could not work effectively while I was praying rosary. It's pretty cool to experience miracles and get enough satisfaction that the enemies of religious people are going to hell after their death. People may conquer the secret of brain works, but they cannot study beyond death. Science maybe a devil's work. The secret of creation is God's ability as it is written in the Bible. No human being can able to create another Earth or change a metal to a gold nugget.

I still have problem memorising latin rosary prayer. I know this is what I must have done for this year. The Virgin Mary told me to memorise them so I do not have to look up some words in the piece of paper.

I must overcome the seven deadly sins. I have been quite lazy these days. Now I have a life like St. Clara, and have enough time to study what I want to study. There are some on-line colleges to take Bible study courses, I might have chance to check out some, even though the gang stalkers are preventing me to get information from the on-line universities.

St. John of the Cross taught me how to stay with Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Now what I have to do is to keep my faith out of deception.