03 January, 2008

What makes it as a previlage to be a Catholic?

I think the benefit of being Catholic is to fight against religious rights and for the poor and oppressed in the society. The Catholics have been doing so for milleniums. We have martyrs and sants who died for their faiths as our role models. During WWII, Catholics decidents were also targeted for the HOLOCAUST according to the book of Marshal Thomas.

I have been saved by the Virgin Mary, and I am trying to do what is good for the teaching of the Jesus Christ and his mother. They do not like to see their churches are used for something disgraceful.

I am working on my way of protesting against Christian, especially Catholic, religious righgts violations. Just like the religious people during the war time, or from the fascist/communist countries, I became a refugee and live in exile from my own country. What keeps myself confidence is my faith in Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

By the way, Swiss perps now learned how to carry Snowboards. I was worrying that the edges may hurt someone or something. It was funny they did not know until I mentioned about it...