07 January, 2008

A Refugee in Europe - a Video

This is a short film showing what really happened to me to become a political asylum seeker here. I omit some critical parts, yet it still looks good for understanding of the situation.

God bless people who are working with Jesus. Jesus is to save opressed people. Does God bless America? Some people gained money after they declared the Holy War against others... No one can serve two master, if they chose Geld, then keep away from using the name of God.
When I took intro to cultural anthropology, I learned that the real God for the US is money.. That is why WTC attack was shoking. If that is to a major church in the US, not so many people would care about it. Some one would say, "Let's build a new one, dude" and forget about the problem.

Probably Americans know what I mean about that Iraq oil thing. They now have to pay more for what they started, including the gas fee raise. If they believe in Jesus and then can put their hand on the Bible for testimony in the court, they would have more equality in the US and less crimes. Police is backing up the organized stalkers' crimes, so if we ban them, they won't commit crimes to other innocent individuals. That is how the police show off their importance in the community. Who was that nurse tried to kill her patients for her brave superman-like self satisfaction in England? Some professionals comitt crimes to gain their fames.