16 January, 2008

Iran's wise choice – keeping away from globalism.

I have read this article, 10,000 Apply For A Job AT One New Wal-Mart!. When I took business class, I learned about how Walmart is succeeding in the global economy by out sorsing. Nowadays, outsourcing became very popular, and brought serious unemployment rate due to the cheap foreign labors and manufacturing costs. Globalism made everyone to get connected and it is true for merchandises. When we look our economy in micro level, we can see large companies taking over the small ones. It is just like animals do in the nature – small animal is eaten by the large one.

Before the 911, we have more chance to talk about the danger of out sourcing. I sometimes volunteered at U-CAN, the anti sweatshop NGO. These days, it seems no one really care about the issue of sweatshops nor child labors because on-going warfare is too much fore everyone.
Embargo is the only way to keep a country secure. Japan had few hundreds years of “Sakoku” period until the American ship came and forced to open its market for the world. When a country work on embargo to protect its own citizens, some one might call it as the dictatorship. I do not know about North Korea, as the citizens seem to have not even enough foods. Russia and Iran may be another examples. When we live in Western countries, we do not have a chance to see their products. Well, I might see salmon or other fish products from Russian property, but I am not sure. While big corporations like MNCs gets bigger and stronger, all the common folks lose private companies or shops.

When I took poli sci class, I learned about the alternative for the unemployment problem caused by the big corporations. You know what? The core problem is that the people producing goods cannot have chance to even own what they make for their lives. Commodity exchange is the old fashioned way of exchanging goods. Fishermen could exchange their fishes with farmers wheats. That was the basic trading system worked in human history. Of course, we cannot make high-tech stuffs which are not essential for our life just like how farmers cultivate veggies.

We have tons of exchange system to go through to make even a tiny cell phone. No one exchange raw materials with another raw materials. We need something stable for exchanging our goods. Native Americans used Wanpoons (small sea shells) for trade. Then minting coins made the coins for regular trade because the coins had values by its metal. Nowadays, currency got strange custom. The cheapest coin of the currency has the vest value in the ratio. For example, the 100 dollar bill is only made by a piece of paper but a penny do have some value from its copper made.

People are much concern about money than the quality of their lives. Food costs raised and Engels told us how to figure out our live quality from the food costs. If social security is functioning, then why people starve to death in Japan, or become homeless? Social security and social aids are the most important systems to be the citizens of democratic countries. Socialist and communist countries have said the same thing to promise their citizens. Do Arab nations still give free homes to the citizens? INGOs are offering foods to poor countries, but how many individuals in these countries get them in their hands? I bet Cuba is still giving good health care for Cubans according to Michael Moore.

Gang stalkers are working to create homeless. I had to ran away from my apartment in San Jose leaving my properties. I bet the stalkers got my stuffs as my “mind controlled” mother often mention my stuffs and suggested me that the apartment manager to handle everything. She told me that before I went back. Sociologists may studied homeless, but the reality is that the homeless are claimed to mentally ill and became homeless due to the illness. Well, the SJSJ IPS people talked about me as “crazy,” and I was getting A... yeah, the because of the harassment in the classroom and professors love-triangle stuff, I received something else. Everyone around the person start gaslighting and if the person get confused, then that person may be claimed as a mentally ill. This is the reality. Because of the gang stalkers, no one cares about another stranger. This is the attitude that large companies want people to have. They want us to be self-centered and worry about own life.

While the top CEOs and government officials get advantages from MNCs and their global networks. People at the bottom are often ignored. Because of the globalism, now the line is at the middle class. Russian president is wise enough to find a new president who is more likely to keep the Western bribing issue away from the Russian citizens. They already have inside problem in several areas, and it could get worse if the head of the country is not strict about. No more gas line explosion.. I hope..

Americans get cowards. Staying on line quietly is a type of herd mind. 10,000 people were just standing and waiting on line? Come on, they could do something better than that!!! 10,000 people with “WE WANT JOBS!!!” placards could give them real jobs! 10,000 unemployed unhappy citizens protesting must be impressive for the US congress and mass media. 10,000 people is too much for the law enforcement to send them to local jails. Definitely, the government would consider to create a job opportunity than build a new prison with 10,000 prisoner capacity. Under the Bush Administration, I bet the US Army recruiters love to talk to these eligible citizens to give jobs abroad.